Jan 31, 2009

Nominations for The Best Mallu Wins - Part 2

The second part of the Best Mallu Wins Contest :

Verbivorehere :

This Post seems to be too disoriented

As 2007 is about to wind, I felt a small brain. In 2008, in this small world of mine, why don't I write a post in my mother language. And that too without using English words.
I knew then only that it would be difficult because I think and work in English. I use my Mother's Language only when I'm with my dear ones. And me, I just don't know to write in my own language at all. If my memory is correct, it was in 10th std that I've written like this before.

So this year is going to be over, still (settling in the past with six), I'm not getting any topic to write. Pathetic right? "Then why did you start this item" will be the question of the majority. What to do. If I (get down and turn) I wont leave without finishing it. Then I thought, (beatings now) who is going to read this even if I (write &Banyan tree). In this world of mine, mallus (with shield) are less. The rest if they start reading this, will think I have serious disease with my head. Or they will think that some disastrous germ is trapped & lying in this world of mine. I just cant think "it's grass" no matter what others thought. Now here I have some (storeys & value) I can't lose and drink it.

As before like needle begging), I just loitered here and there thinking what to write. I'm not able to reach or catch. If I thought to write about the current status of our country, and that too in malayalam, it will be a knock the brain. After a much mixing of poison I thought of playing this game. It will be like building a work for all mallus here. All this, just like this, without missing a dot or a dash, without losing out in the meaning of the words translating is(not a coin matter). It must be their fate that this year should end like this (LOL).

Rakesh :

"this postman is cutting mutton[our poor goat] near the lake!!!"

After 2007 while I was drinking kanji,i had a small brain. In 2008 one of my daughters in the world decided to write a love letter in my country language to the post man. My uncle walks with a goat without using an auto. I felt like nature calling me[shitting]. Coz if I feel I do it with my uncle. I use my country language only near a closed nest or maybe in the closet!. If I am a man I can tell bad words to my close ones and also I will gave seven sacrifices to a judo master named arin.

I had a short term memory loss before. I wrote on a pole where a dog was in the loo near my door step singing a song “zhannoo.. shanoo..nanena”I tried to kill hanuman in kollam after 6 am… then kungu panda alias dangan [younger brother of dingan] tried to find a kitty seven times.

Shit near the alley! Thn why is the cops questioning the Arabic and Chinese and the man frm pala simply. Wht will I do? I went into 1 underground and lighted a Chaala[fish]..the poor goat saw the fire and now he wont leave it.Then I thought I write abt idiyappam[beating cake]..i have to feed 6 mouths. One malayalee kameena stole my locket. His friends beat me up near a pillar. my head feels so bad and I think I have a dust particle in my round eyes.
It seems tht there was some dangerous virus reproducing inside my locket..now they r thinking abt kidnapping me..

Whtever the 6 ppl think abt me..i gave grass to the tired garuda bird. I have a nice blue villa..and I wont allow my goat to drink and throw up in my house.I was in Mumbai, begging and selling needles near a pole, I used to write on the walls roaming here n there. No one is touching me.

We have an internet problem..our goat knows how to write in Malayalam. He wrote abt the cross. Now he is in trouble. After I lost many visas. I decided to take a bath after a long time.
All the malyalis got infected by the virus. Now all r sick and mad. Thn this happened near a pole..a big spotted cheetah demaded us to know the meaning. We fried him added some tar and put him in a jar bottle and sold him for a few pennies. Lets shout “eeeee” this year and sing near thane and this year might end if they r okay with idiot [ohh rakky laughing near the hill]

{in pic - The poet is drunk[wheel] and is in critical condition! }

Phew !!!!

Jan 30, 2009

Nominations for The Best Mallu Wins - Part 1

This is the first part of the nominations that were received for The Best Mallu Wins- a literal translation contest initiated on 28th Dec 2008 here in V-Lokam.

There would be a delay in declaring the result as against the scheduled date of Jan 31st. The gifts are finalised and the winner gets a...ahhaa...not now, wait till the 4th of Feb.

Vinod a.k.a. Nautankey :

This post is going nowhere (directionless)

As 2007 was ending its near,my small brain gave an idea so dear. In 2008 in this small world of mine, I shud write something in my mother tongue and hopefully that shud be fine.I know it will be very tough,with me thinking n writing in english the going will be rough.

Only with close ones i speak in mothertongue,but want to write in my own language.if my guess is right,none has written like this before.

But settling in the past with six i havent got anything to write. Tough isnt it?. Wat to do if get into something I won't leave until i complete the task. Later thought who will read if i write like this? in this world of mine, amongst the ones i know number of mallus is pretty low.if other's see they will think there is some problem with my head,else will think some deadly virus has attacked my place.Whatever people ask I am not going to be bothered. I have my own place and stand and am not giving up.

As I thought before,I was thinking here and there abt wat to write.Havent got a single useful idea.If i write what is happening in our country that too in malyalam,it would be too silly.Then decided to play this game for once. Similiarly to this with valli and pulli,if the word's meanings are changed, you shud not blame me ok?. This is how this one year shud end,that is ur fate[Laughing out loud]

Nimmy :

Now that 2008 is nearing its end,a small idea strikes my mind(read demented mind) ..Why not make a post in my world(my world V-Lokam) where Malayalam words alone are used..Yup,not a single English word..Yeah,it doesn’t seem to be a great idea because all my thoughts and actions are usually deciphered in English.Malayalm is used when with dear and near ones alone..Adding to it,I haven’t written a word in Malayalam ever since I passed 10th Std.Nevermind,trying is worth it J

Year end would have been great if I had made a post on some thought,bad sadly,I have none.Isn’t that really sad? Many of you would be crippling your hands thinking why am I then doing this crap.Well,it is me,Vimmu..If I am upto something,I never set my foot back until and unless I finish it(Currently,my project is to make you go crazy with ym crazy mallu words)But then ,I have hardly any mallu friends in this V-lokam..The rest who would read this amy have an impression that there is something wrong with my grey cells or they may think my my lokam as infected bya contagious viral worms..Neverthless,it is not possible as to let go off all these concerns.Since I am now into the elite cless of bloggers,I don’t want to make a comeback to that old demented blogger .

As mentioned earlier,I have no idea of what and how to write..I tried walking ,jumping and then skipping,trying to make out some Bhavana(not the sexy Bhavan,but some creativity)..No way,nothing is popping out of my brain..It is very difficult to write about current affairs,that too in malayalam.After much brainstorming,I decided to stick on with this demented idea of making demented mallus in this V-lokam,more demented..Well,afterall,only smart mallus can translate this holy post,without any change in meaning( and intentions too) ..I wonder who many will make a choice to end their year,this demented way (**laughs the gabber singh way***)

Priya a.k.a Scorpria :

This article seems to be pretty screwed up!!!

As 2007 was ending getting sitting , I thought of a small brain...er er...brainwave. In 2008, in this small world of mine, in my mother tongue if I write one article then! Goat also, without using any english words. Sad was male, I knew then itself -- reason I think and act in english. Along with kith only I use my mother tongue. For me if male, in own language don't even know to write. If my memory correct if male, before Eid, I wrote in Malayalam when I was studying male in 10th !!
Like that, this year is going to end -- then also long back six calm down, one topic didnt get to write on. Sad alone, right? Why did the 'pin' begin to cope, milk their also question. Do what, if I decide to get out and turn on one, I won't leave till goat gets over. Then pin thought who will read even if I write? In my this one world, acquaintances less of Malayalees. Remaining people if they try to read Eid, will think my head has good disease, or in this world is lying trapped in some horrid cream. Six what thinking also grass male think sick. Here noe for me one floor and cost is there, goat throw drink I'm not ready.

Like I front needlepinch, thinking what to write I walked this-that way. One reach and hold not getting. About our native's current situation I write say, goat also in Malayalam, very intelligent-knee. Lots many poison-Death King later this one game I thought of playing. Here present every Malayalee one fever build like becomes. This all, like this, without leaving string and pulley, meaning of words without changing, do translate if I say change-reason?? This one year like this alone should end their all destiny (loudly laughing)!!!

(in pic -- V-world mischief stone)

PS : The second part of this post is scheduled to appear tomorrow on its own cuz I will be away from blogging until the 1st of Feb. There are a lot of posts for me to read and comment, will do that once I am back. Eskooose me pleeeessh.....

Jan 28, 2009


.........life is just like the pictures below :

You would not know what to do and.........

even if you do, you would not know the exact path to be taken !
(Pic taken on my way back home at 4-ish am near Valluvarkottam junction, Chennai )
Btw, I feel this post should've named "Most of the times" !!

Jan 23, 2009

The Stars - Scream Awards 2009

Oh well, its that time of the year to give away awards to the film fraternities of our good old Bollywood. Last year, V-lokam (Vlog then) hosted the prestigious Vilm Fair Awards, which was held at Chennai. But after a spat with the producer of the show and also due to recession, this year, V-Lokam decided to boycott Vilm Fair Awards and take up the hosting rights of another award night that is of a lesser budget - The Stars-Scream Awards 2009.

The Stars-Scream award, being held for the first time, is unique in its own way. Every year, we witness the best of Bollywood receiving awards at all the major award nights, while the worst come out disappointed and embarrassed. Stars-Scream awards aims at those dejected lot; they are awards presented to the under performers. After all, even they deserve an award for their ‘contribution’ to the industry. This initiative is a first of its kind for Bollywood and that’s one of the reasons for V-lokam to take it up. The Award ceremony will be conducted on the 21st of Feb 2009 at Bangalore.

Please find the nominations below :

Love story 2050
Golmaal Returns

Subhash Ghai (Yuvvraaj)
Rohit Shetty (Golmaal Returns)
Anees Bazmee (Singh is Kinng)
Sanjay Gadhvi (Kidnap)
Harry Baweja (Love Story 2050)

Salman Khan (God Tussi Great Ho, Yuvvraaj)
Shah Rukh Khan (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi)
Shahid Kapoor (Kismat Konnection)
Abhishek Bachchan (Drona)
Ajay Devgun (U, Me Aur Hum)

Rani Mukherjee (Thoda Pyar, Thoda Magic)
Kareena Kapoor (Tashan)
Minisha Lamba (Kidnap)
Priyanka Chopra (Love Story 2050)
Katrina Kaif (Singh is Kinng, Race, Yuvvraaj)

Bobby Deol (Dostana)
Zayed Khan (Yuvvraaj)
Sonu Sood (Jodha Akbar)
Anil Kapoor (Race)
Om Puri (Mere Baap Pehle Aap)

Sameera Reddy (Race)
Jiah Khan (Ghajini)
Amisha Patel (Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic)
Amrita Arora (Heroes, Hello, Golmaal Returns)
Ila Arun (Jodha Akbar)

Kay Kay Menon (Drona)
Anil Kapoor (Tashan)
Pradeep Rawat (Ghajini)
Akshay Khanna (Race)
Imran Khan (Kidnap)

Harman Baweja (Love Story 2050)
Harman Baweja (Love Story 2050)
Harman Baweja (Love Story 2050)
Harman Baweja (Love Story 2050)
Harman Baweja (Love Story 2050)

Shah Rukh Khan (Bhootnath)
Juhi Chawla (Kismat Konnection)
Jaya Bachchan (Drona)
Amitabh Bachchan (God Tussi Great Ho)
Salman Khan (Hello)

Aditya Chopra (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi)
Vijay Kumar Acharya (Tashan)
Harry Baweja (Love Story 2050)
Sanjay Chhel (Kismat Konnection)
Sachin Bhowmick, Kamlesh Pandey, Subhash Ghai (Yuvvraaj)

Yash Raj
Eros International

This year the readers of V-lokam play a vital role in deciding the winners. Your comments would help the judges finalise their decision. So go on….

PS : The nominations are based on only those movies that I’d watched last year.

Jan 20, 2009

When you are not single you :

  • lose all the time and freedom that you once enjoyed !
  • are forced to change your orkut status and also unjoin all the ‘single’ communities!
  • are supposed to act exceptionally decent and friendly in public !
  • have to listen to “ when are we getting married” more than thrice a day. and the couples who have been married for more than a year, I really pity you guys. Oooops, gals too !
  • would be a victim of those filmy dialogues like “you don’t have time for me and all that you care is for your friends !”(please refer point number 1; you don’t have time for yourself yet you get blamed for not spending time. I mean, theres only 24 hrs in a day)
  • don’t get to eat everything and anything that you like !
  • have to find replies for annoying questions like, “who was on the call”, “where does all your money go”, “why is your friend (of the opposite sex) asking me too many questions”, “ do you even know what time it is”, “you drink???”, “oh, you don’t drink???”, “who is more important, yourself or me?”
  • have to answer mushy questions like, “do you remember the day we met”, “ do you still remember that stranger with the green shirt who was sitting beside us when we were having sipping coffee?”, “ do you remember we had water from this place?”, “don’t you think our love is divine?”, “ don’t you think our kids will be cute?”,"do you remember what we did on Feb 31st, 1.04 pm". Aaaaaarghhhh !!!
  • have to think twice to sport a beard ! (she might consider its sexy as long as its just a stuble but friends and relatives think you are ditched) This is applicable only to the male community unless…….
  • have to nod your head even if you disagree or do not understand a bit of what your counterpart is telling !
  • have to search for explanations (and it better be good ones) when you want to be friendly with a new person (obviously, of the opposite sex)!
  • would end up listening statements that freak you out - “There were/are so many behind me. You are lucky ‘cuz I chose you”, “You have changed so much”, “Our apartment will have this color and these type of furnitures”, “you are a hopeless romantic” !
  • have to attend calls in your deepest of sleep too.
  • would have to share your food, especially ice-creams.
  • have to get ready lying to friends and families.
Oh nooo, these arent any tips, I am just opening my mind a little too much. This, my friends, is called inviting trouble. LOL. These experiences did teach me a lot, but the sad part is that there isn’t an opportunity again for me to apply whatever I have learned. I am no pundit yet, but yes, I am getting there !!!

Disclaimer : A sage appeared in my dream and asked me to write this post. I am innocent and I have nothing to do with any of the above points.

PS: And yes, taking my present status into consideration, I am nominating this post for Poonams Avant Garde Bloggie Awards 2009 under "Most Courageous Post" !!

Jan 10, 2009

Scariest movie part 8 !!!

Peoplessss, the below video was shot inside our office for our 2008 annual day celebrations.

Directed by: KK (Krishna Kumar)
Story & Screenplay, SFX by : Vimmuuu (oh, that’s me !)
Editing, Cinematography by : VJ (Vijay Shankar)


A ghost 'accidently' enters the sales floor of Synaptris at 12 am during the quarter end. The US sales force which works during the night hours, commonly referred as the ‘Graveyard Shift’ were the only people left in the building. Little did she know that the sales force is even scarier than her likes during the quarter-end because of the sales pressure. The ghost experiences a tough time trying to scare them, but all her efforts go in vain. She gets fed up, frustrated and bored, and begins to leave when she suddenly realizes something !

It is a 09. 31 video and could be viewed by any age group as it does not have obscenity in any form. The end credits would help you understand the cast and crew.

***Spoilers ahead ***

Now few words from me as the scriptwriter (Man! Am I enjoying this or what ???) :

Its my first attempt at 'physical' scripting (in 3hrs flat :D). So please, don’t look for logic. It’s as nonsensical as a David Dhawan or a Priyadarshan movie. The histrionics you watch in the video is just a replica of what we actually do during our office timings. A couple of scenes had to be altered taking the actors image and situation into consideration. For example, the video starts with the ghost entering the gate when the security enquires about the ID card and later on the ghost takes the lift to reach us. And the scene involving me was supposed to be entirely different; I would be opening my blog and compelling the ghost to go through my latest post. But according to the director, that would spoil my image and so the next best characteristic of mine was shot. The video was supposed to end with the wallpaper scene “When in doubt, just sell”, but we extended it a little bit from there to....ummm…to…aaah! don’t ask me, ask the director !!!

Please drop in your comments about the video.

Jan 8, 2009

2008 - Wrapped up !

This post might end up looking like an excerpt from my personal diary (not that I have one!), but there is nothing wrong in sharing it here; after all, what are blogs for ! LOL !
Emotionally and physically, it has been a taxing and stressful year, but in terms of relationships, opportunities, recognitions and self-realizations, 2008 is one year that I would cherish forever.

January – The first day of 2008 was spent with my parents, after so many years. I started speaking to a wonderful person called Reeta and it was friendship at the first call. Today, she is one of my best friends who had contributed a lot to my overall success in 2008. Rejoined my Gym after recovering from a ligament tear (Dec ’07 on my left leg).

FebruaryThe A.R.Rahman concert and the subsequent visit to his residence. Got introduced to the blogosphere through Poonam after she’d left a comment for one of my movie review.

March – Stopped going to the gym because of a sprain in the wrong place. LOL. My best friend, Anitha was blessed with a baby girl- Kaira.
April – My sister in law delivered a baby girl- Dhwani that made it an auspicious day for me to upload my songs in V-Lokam. Bro flew down before the delivery and we had some great time together. Attended another A.R.Rahman concert. Rejoined the same gym but had to discontinue it in 4 days because of another ligament tear, this time on the right leg. Also discontinued the root canal, which was in the second stage.
May – The pain from my foot and also from my tooth because of the discontinued root canal made it a very painful month. My ex roomie Sujith got married and attended his wedding limping all the way.

June – Health was falling in place and was getting ready to settle down to normalcy when my laptop got screwed big time. That’s when I realized that I am terribly alone and handicapped without Lappie, also the first time I realized the pain of staying all-alone. Became an active member of the blogosphere with a lot of good unseen friends.

July – Lappie worked according to its own whims and fancies. Put on extra weight after the two month rest. Started my GM diet once again since I was advised to stay away from even a Gyms sign board. the Raagamalika audition happened on the last day of my diet. Got selected and went through for 8 rounds. Anithas visit along with Kaira made it one memorable month.

August – My cousin and my best pal in the family, Sandeep got married. A family reunion after so many years and all of us had incredible fun during those days. Lappie continued giving me troubles.

September – I quit on my old lappie and finally got a new one. A get together with some of my best friends after 4 years at my place. We sure had fun ! LOL. Towards the end of the month, I got infected with viral conjunctivitis.

October – The infection in my eye got so severe that I lost the vision of my right eye temporarily. Got appointed as one of the nomination scrutinizers of Poonams Avant Garde Bloggie Awards. Attended a Chennai Bloggers meet thanks to Nikhil (and he couldn’t make his presence because he forgot to book his tickets!) and I must admit I made some real good friends. Raagamalika started airing on Jaya TV every Sunday. After months of persuasion, I finally agreed for marriage and my bro took the pains of creating an ID in a matrimonial website. Knew about a wonderful human being - Sangeetha and her blog through Verbivorehere.
November – Colleagues at work insisted me to start GM diet again along with them; they quit in 2 days while I completed it for some other reasons. Chennai suffered 3 days of continuous heavy rain that made water enter my apartment. Left my keys with the watchman, and fled to Blore to meet Sangeetha (Ahem! Ahem!) when water in the apartment rose upto my ankle.

December – Got back from the trip and was in a state of shock when I entered the apartment. Furnitures, bed, clothes and shoes, the electronic items, everything was sabotaged as water inside the apartment (according to sources) rose until my hip level. Underwent a phase wise disaster management for two weeks to set the apartment back to normal. My sis Ramya and her husband came over to stay for three days and we had a rollicking time together. Meanwhile, annual day celebrations at office made me write my first script for a 10 minute shoot. My first contribution towards our country - The silent protest.

………and towards the end of the year…aaaaah well, I am no longer single !!!

Update before publishing the post : It was in the papers yesterday (7th Jan) about that conjunctivitis I had. Man ! No wonder blood oozed out from my right eye and left my cornea injured. Read more about it here.

Jan 5, 2009

Now you'll all know what happened last year.....

I was already preparing a detailed 2008 review to publish it here when Poonam had tagged me for this meme. This tag would, perhaps, be a prelude to whatever I am going to write in my next post. And for the same reason, I had to deliberately omit a couple of questions from the original meme to avoid repetitions. I am not tagging anyone in specific, but it would be great if some of you could take it up yourself .

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before?
Spent a lot of time with myself !

2. Did you keep up your 2008 resolutions, and will you make more for 2009?
I had taken 3 resolutions –
Avoid aerated drinks for a year.
Purchase a plot / apartment.
Reduce my anger.
And I could keep up only the first one. The rest are carried forward to this year along with the resolution of attending a music class.

3. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
Peace of mind.

4. Did anyone close to you give birth?
It was raining babies in 2008. LOL.
My brother was blessed with a baby girl and so was my best friend Anitha.
To name a few of my other friends who had kids - Mathew, Sudha, Madhu, Mithun.

5. What dates from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why:
Feb 9th ; When I met my God - A.R.Rahman.

6. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Initiated a peace protest in Chennai.
Participated till the 8th round of a song based TV show - Raagamalika

7. What was your biggest failure?
In being misunderstood by my family and the closest of friends.

8. Did you suffer illness or injury?
A ligament tear in April and a conjunctivitis that left my cornea damaged during Sep - Oct.

9. What was the best thing you bought?
My Provogue floaters !

10. Where did most of your money go?
As usual, to Airtel !!!

11.What song will always remind you of 2008?
Shakti Kodu - Baba (2002 – Tamil) and Maaeri – Euphoria (2000 – Hindi); the songs that got me through the audition of Raagamalika.

12.What do you wish you’d done more of?
Take care of my health.

13. What do you wish you’d done less of?
Going out of the way to help others !

14. How would you sum up your 2008 in one word?

15. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
My forefathers !

16. What was the best book you read?
LG TV Manual (Whaat ?? that was in the form of a book!!)

17. What was your favorite TV program?
Raagamalika (this was expected, wasn’t it?)

18. What was your greatest musical discovery?
If practiced well, I could render a semi classical song too.

19. What was your favorite film of this year?
Thirakadha (Malayalam)
Subramaniapuram (Tamil)
A Wednesday (Hindi)
KungFu Panda (English)

20. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you ?
The first time when I turned 27 (lol!), I was at work and no one even knew about it. 

21. What kept you sane?
Blogging and Music

22. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Always A.R.R.

23. Whom did you miss?
My brother.

24. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008:
When you are in deep shit, zip your mouth !
Never get yourself involved in a lot of activities at the same time.
Prioritize the people in your life before they end up sitting on your head and start counting fleas !

Jan 1, 2009

My first BISEXUAL song: Chaiyya Chaiyya; Movie: Dil Se (1998)

Yup, you read it right; my first bisexual song. Ok, now for the clarification, its not exactly a duet; the female version in the song is again my voice. I have not used any ‘technology’ here for the voice, its just plain mimicry. The only technique used here is the interlapping of male and female voice (multi track recording). Both the versions were sung and recorded on two different tracks at separate hours of the day. The female version was sung in the afternoon and the male version at 3 in the morning. After rendering the female version, my voice got strained like crazy and that, I knew, would make it a little difficult to attempt the high pitch notes that come in the male version. So left my lappie switched on for the whole evening (the track alignment could change if it was switched off) and went for work, came back at 3am and sang the male version. I was initially a little skeptical to try the rendition at those unearthly hours, but the excitement in me to come up with the final output didn’t listen to all that. My neighbours, I am sure, would have tried hunting me down that morning. And now its your turn, O fellow bloggers !

Trivia :

It was the songs of Dil Se that gave ARR the first international opportunity in the form of ‘Bombay Dreams’, a musical produced by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sir Andrew heard A R Rahman's score for Dil Se and so impressed was he with Chaiyya chaiyya -- the song, the choreography, the visualisation -- for the composer, it was love at first sound. Chaiyya Chaiyya later on became a part of the Bombay Dreams album along with a few rehashed songs from Taal. The album topped the international charts and broke a few international records too. Ever since then, there has been no looking back for ARRs fame internationally. It could be old news, but for the 2009 Golden Globe Awards, ARR has been nominated under the ‘Best Original Score’ category for the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I just hope my God wins and make each one of us proud.

To listen in a better way :

  • Please wait till the entire song streams.
  • Try using a headset/earphone for the overall sound clarity.