Mar 19, 2008

My Pregnant Girl Friend !!!

Today is her delivery !! And all I could do now is wish her all the best.

I still remember those early months of her pregnancy. Those hormone induced stress, depression, irritations, hypertensions and anxieties; gaaawd, I sure was afraid to even speak to her. There were a couple of instances, which I would not wish to forget for the years to come. One such revolved around a ‘Basundi’(for people who are not aware of what it is, Basundi is a milk sweet quite famous in South India). They say you should keep a pregnant woman happy all the time and so I asked her once as to what would be the one thing that she would long for. She has never had the habit of coming up with what she wants and so after a lot of persuasion, I finally got to make her heart open; all she wanted was a Basundi. I very well knew that it was her way of escaping from my ‘I-want-to-keep-you-happy’ pressure. But I was glad that I got an opportunity to see her smile, and I very well knew why she smiled too- it was a sign of contentment with whatever I gift her. The first time I went ahead to get it for her, it started raining heavily and I got stuck on the way with my vehicle. Believe me, it hadn’t rained in this part till then and that was supposed to be the years first showers. Got it postponed to another day; this time had all the necessary equipments to make sure I buy the sweet. I went to a couple of outlets nearby and to my surprise; none of them had a stock of it, even though I visited well before the peak hours. Since I was already running late to office, had to postpone it to another day. By now, it was starting to get embarrassing as I could not get even a sweet for her; and that too the only thing that she had asked for. The third time, I decided to get it from the first shop that I see on the way, successfully managed to get it from one of the best shops here. Well, it was at this time that fate played the dirtiest game. The moment I called her to inform that I am on the way with the sweet, she made me speechless with a shocking news. She had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the morning checkup and was not allowed to consume anything that increases the blood sugar(Gestational diabetes happens for the first time when a woman is pregnant and goes away when you have your baby) So much for her Basundi and my wish of seeing her happy !!!

I had met this person a couple of years before, during my post graduation. She was someone whom everyone in the class adored and whom everyone found a good friend in; even our seniors were impressed with the way she carried herself. Probably it is her humble and down to earth approach to life that makes her a darling wherever she goes. Chirpy, effervescent, mischievous; she was a mitochondrion in all sense. At the same time, she would care for anyone and everyone and is always there for you when you need her. Simply, a great human being! I really don’t know how and when, but even without my knowledge, she became an important part of my life too. She had influenced me in many ways (she still does!) and I am indebted to her for the rest of my life for not giving up on me all these while.

She is Anitha; my best friend there ever is and my best friend there ever will be. She is married to the equally charming and friendly Dr. Navin after seeing each other for almost 6 years before marriage. Coming from two different backgrounds, they surpassed all the initial family hiccups and made their love story end in a happy note. Together they make such a sweet couple and are so made for each other. The kid is going to be one lucky fella on gods green earth with such blessed parents. I take this opportunity to wish this happy family a very bright and prosperous future.


Reets said...

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This one was really nice... I guess its Direct Dil Se. I guess u both are very lucky to have befriended each other. Cheers to ur friendship. May ur friendship be of the kind that lasts forever.

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Must say that you write very catchy headlines for your posts. :)

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Really nice one and a very nice blog...I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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