May 28, 2009

Seven wonders ---- Reloaded

Post published on Oct 8th 2008

wonder what would Maneka Gandhi do when her house is filled with cockroaches, rats and worms ?

1) Buy another house

2) Call the pest control

3) Live with those creatures (well, arent those animals too????)

wonder where would Saif Ali Khan be today if Dil Chahta Hain never happened ?

1) With Amrita Singh still enjoying the glory of Yeh Dillagi and Main Khiladi Tu Anari.

2) Doing item numbers and participating in reality shows like Big Boss.

3) Waiting for Salman Khan to re-introduce him.

wonder why do certain words carry silent alphabets (for example, p in pneumonia, t in listen. aah well, there are so many !) ???

1) English is a Zfunny language

2) People who coined them included their name initials

3) They actually arent silent, we are too lazy to pronounce the words with an extra alphabet.

wonder when would people find a cure for A.I.D.S. ?

1) Never

2) The sadistic Germans had already found it out in 1940's during the world war (Even Fanta was created in 1940 by the Germans) and they just wont reveal it.

3) A.I.D.S. who ???

wonder whom would Aiswarya Rai be dating now if she hadnt married Abhishek Bachchan?

1) Imran Khan

2) Himesh Reshammiya

3) Amitabh Bachchan

wonder if dinosaurs existed during Ramayana and Mahabharata?

1) No, they knew what was coming and so committed mass suicide.

2) The dinosaurs got misinterpreted as demons and rakshasas as centuries passed by.

3) They would have, if Michael Crichton tried his hands at the epics.

wonder how people would treat this post?

1) Crap, nonsense, waste of time

2) People read anything as long as it is in a blog.

3) See you in the comments section, yeyy!!

May 25, 2009

Start… Action… Cut ! - Bollywood --- Reloaded

Post published on May 16th 2008. and the kollywood version mentioned at the end is still pending ! Sigh !!! Will surely do once I am back.

How difficult would it be for some of the stars from tinsel town to go against the odds and perform roles that they havent tried yet? and would it be possible for us to accept them in their new avatar?

Well, here are certain characters that I would want to see some of todays lead actors in Bollywood perform(I am not taking the actresses into consideration here, ‘cause not most of the time we get to see a heroine-centric subject in our movies. Moreover, most of todays heroines are busy getting themselves into a bikini!).

To begin with, how about SRK as a cop? I guess, he played a cop just once in 1, 2 ka 4(sans uniform) and there were also a couple of other movies where he appeared in the uniform. But we have never seen King Khan wearing the Khakhee ‘vardi’ yet. A sleek, stylish hardcore action movie along with SRKs high energy, attitude and newly toned body, would be something to look out for.

Aamir Perfectionist Khan as a serial killer. No sad past, no flashbacks, no spiteful revenge; the character is bad and he is bad for no reason. We missed seeing him in Darr and we hardly got to watch a negative Aamir in Fanaa and Earth. For a person who hasn’t tried his skills yet in a full fledged negative role, this would surely be a challenge.

Salman Khan in a lead role based on the cartoon series Johnny Bravo. I cant imagine any other actor in Bollywood today for this role. For those who do not have an idea on the cartoon, Johnny Bravo is a handsome dim-witted narcissict who is always a failure with women. And of course, this role would be in complete contrast to Salmans repetitive appearances as a love guru in No entry, Jaaneman and Partner.

Hrithik Roshan in a slightly off beat movie playing the role of a prisoner who had been sentenced to life time imprisonment. Roshan Jr. mite not be having a flair towards comedy roles, but if given a role that has the scope for him to perform emotionally or frustrated, he does with élan. And btw its high time he shed his good looks and did powerful roles.

If there is one actor who has improved a lot in terms of his dialogue delivery and comic timing over the years, its none other than our King Kumar. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Akshay enact a hilarious alcoholic criminal lawyer on screen? Some one who gets drunk all the time(not inside the court, of course) and lands up in trouble. Since Akki is being so repetitive these days, it would be a pleasure watching him in the courts trial room making use of his usual wits, charm and one liners to win the legal proceedings. Oh oh, and how can I forget that famous gum exhibiting grin of his!!!

Saif Ali Khan as a young educated politician who aims at reforming the country(inspired by Rahul Gandhi ??). A character that has only good intentions but uses his shrewdness to win over his contemporaries. It’s always a revelation to watch Saif perform meaningful roles, a natural actor that he is, and I am sure he would do complete justice to this role.

...out of context but ‘actors’ like Tusshar Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Dino Moreo, Upen Patel – please stay away from the industry! ASAP !!!

PS : I will be coming out with my version of Kollywood as well. Stay

PS 2 : A very similar but elaborate take on SRK had appeared in on 28th May 2008; ie. after this post of mine.

Coincidence or ......???????

May 21, 2009

I killed him !!! –--- Reloaded

Post published on May 31st 2008.

Yes, I had to do it. I would have spared him if I had a choice.

It all began on a very hot and sultry night; about three weeks back. I was trying to catch up some sleep that day, inspite of the heat when all of a sudden, I started hearing a wierd noise. A noise which was like piercing a thousand spears right into my eardrum. I tried to figure it out where it came from but was in vain. This happened all the following nights and one day I actually got to see him. Unfortunately, I didnt have the energy to approach him at that time and to my bad luck, he never appeared in front of me since then. He kept driving me nuts each day. If only he had the guts to do, whatever that he does, in front of me! Why me, why does he have to torture me of all people and even if he wanted to, why doesnt he pick up someone of his own size? All these thoughts kept coming, on and forth, in my mind. My search began for the answers and it seems, this is what he does to attract females. One hell of an annoying pervert; showing off at the expense of my sleep ! Thats it. I couldnt hold it any longer.

I kept waiting for a right opportunity to finish him once and for all. The day-May 30th, at 3 in the morning, when he usually gets busy with his showing off activities, I started searching for him. Somehow, he knew of my plans and began to make his moves. He fled, I chased and it continued for a while. The place slowly started becoming a mess, furnitures were moved here and there. I wasnt bothered at all. My only aim was to eliminate him. His pleading never reached my ears, and as if I cared! He must have realised his mistake and must have also knew that his end wasnt too far. He stopped moving and I finally managed to corner him. I moved towards him with my swollen eyes. I had been deprived of sleep for the last two weeks and there he is, in front of me, the reason for my zombie look. Only then it clicked me that in my anxiety to finish him, I forgot to get hold of any kind of weapon. Cant kill him with my hands; it was next to impossible and moreover, I didnt want any kind of stain on my body. I slowly retreated with the fear that he might escape once again and this time for good. Well, to my surprise, he did not move at all till I got what I wanted. Perhaps, he was too tired and was waiting for his death. He stood still as if everything was over. Now, I felt bad for him and thought of forgiving him. I decided to give him another chance and to take up the issue with him later during the day. But wait, he started moving. He scared me by moving frantically in circles. What a mind reader! I realised, this could probably be his way of striking an attack; an attack all of a sudden!!! He leaped towards me with his full vigour, I took out my weapon and fired at him; all at the same time(it would have been a great slow motion sequence in a movie). Eveything happened at the blink of an eyelid. Phoooooooooooooosh!

He fell on the floor with a last minute struggle for life. I had no regrets. I decided to let him go, but he provocated me. I had to suffocate him to death. I could not sleep after that too. It was not because of the guilt. His death happened to be in my room and his spirit could be still roaming around, who knows; it was not a natural death, right? I blocked all possible ways for his family to come and visit, what if they wanted to take a revenge on me. I buried him the same day in the nearby compound so that none of the scavangers can approach him.

It was just today that I came to know about his identity. They call him Linnaeus a.k.a. Achetus Domesticus and he hails from the Gryllidae family.

May his soul rest in peace !!

May 18, 2009

Why..Why..But Why ???? (the question series) --- Reloaded

Post published on July 4th 2008

“ I entered the room and was asked to be seated. The room was well lit but was quite small; I never had an idea how a RJ room would be. It was my first interview after winning the film fare awards for my debut song. The RJs face looked very similar; oh good god, it’s my boss. What on earth is he doing here? I looked around and I was stuck in a room, which is similar to my office cubicle. He has got a smirk on his face. Out of the blue, he played the All India Radio music. He played it too loud, it was breaking my ear drums” Pooooooof. I hate that irritating music of All India Radio and that’s the reason I had kept it as the alarm tone in my mobile. Why do sequences in a dream appear with no correlation at times and why do dreams that conclude abruptly get linked with something that’s happening simultaneously in our conscious life? (The alarm that rang appeared as a song played by my boss in the dream). I opened my eyes and got hold of my mobile which was somewhere beneath my pillows. Gosh, its 4.05 pm and I am supposed to catch a train at 6.30 pm! (As if I didn’t know this would happen when I kept the alarm)
Hopped into a rick and asked him to take me to the station ASAP. The bugger went slow and stopped at the first gas station. I just don’t understand why these guys do this only in such emergency situations. We started moving again and got stuck in a huge traffic. The C.M. was on his way to meet his second wife who stayed somewhere closeby and the people who elected him were literally immobile on the roads. Mine was just a normal situation, but there could have been people who are desperate to reach somewhere. Why is this discrimination towards the public when India is supposedly a secular, democratic, republic and socialistic country? Though this has been the practice for ages, why isn’t there any politician or social reformer today to stop this from continuing? I stepped out of the rick to have a better view of the traffic and that’s when I noticed that the C.M.'s posters are all over the city. I asked the driver about this, he said that it’s the C.M.'s birthday and the entire city is filled with posters and banners of the C.M. Now isn’t that sick? Why isn’t the government spending all this for something useful? Why is it so important for people to celebrate an 80 year old C.M.'s birthday this way by polluting the city with his posters and creating such a havoc on the road?

After a long wait for about 20 mins, we started moving again. On the way, we experienced a similar stoppage, this time in form of a religious procession. Fortunately, unlike the earlier situation, this time the traffic officers had a voice in controlling the scenario. But why is there so much of exhibitionism in our country in the name of religion. If I am not wrong, according to the Indian Constitution, religious practices in the public are allowed as long as others don’t find it disturbing. For ‘gods’ sake, I was finding it disturbing, and I am sure most of them would be too. In this particular procession, there were people of all age groups, including children who should be less than 2 years old. I am sure the kids would be having no idea as to what was happening. Why is religion so important to people that they let their children suffer this way?

Finally, I made it on time, and I got into my coach. While I was making myself comfortable in the seat, an old Brahmin couple came in and got seated beside me. They were looking so cordial and during the journey, I had some pleasant conversations with the male member, while the lady preferred to keep quiet. My stomach started making noises by now and was waiting for the train to stop at a station to get dinner. The couple had already started having theirs which they had brought from their ‘aathu’(typical Brahmin slang meaning home). I got an egg biriyani and the moment I opened it, the lady opened her mouth. She asked me to go somewhere and have my food, as they weren’t comfortable eating along with me. I looked at them all puzzled; she then continued that it was the egg that she wasn’t comfortable with. I made up a sarcastic smile on my face and moved to the side seat turning my back to them with the intention of offending them. If these so called orthodox vegetarians can have milk which also comes from an animal, if they can wear silk clothes with the silk being extracted from worms, why on earth should they have a problem in a co-passenger having his dinner with egg?

I looked at my watch with my eyes still carrying the burden of sleep, its 6 am, I should be reaching any time now. But I wasn’t worried, it’s the last stop and even if I over slept, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Even then, I jumped down from my upper berth to be on my slippers to get fresh. The old Brahmins weren’t there anymore; instead I found a young couple. I tapped my head twice to check if it was a dream. Nope, I am in my senses. The guy was good-looking with sharp features, but the girl was just the opposite, I could not find her looking good in my eyes. If he looked like a Greek god, she looked like a descendant of the Amazon tribe. But oh yes, beauty lies in the eyes of the damn beholder! They were very much in ‘love’ in the train and were not ashamed of it too with their rom-’antics’. Good gracious, why is this feeling called ‘love’ so blind? As I moved towards the toilet, I found a crowd near the exit. It will take the train atleast 15 mins to reach the station and I have always wondered why people crowd at the exit when they clearly know that the train is approaching the final destination.

This is what happens when my mind wanders, I tend to question myself frequently. The answers could be silly and sometimes self explanatory. and there are days when I ask myself, " Why bother? Why do you even think of all this ? WhyWhy…But why? "

May 15, 2009

Sorry my lord, I didn’t mean to harass her !!! ---- Reloaded

Post published on Oct 16 2008
Disclaimer : This is not any kind of chauvinist post and I don’t intend to offend anyone, rather take it in a light way. If you still feel that the post hurts, then I would request you to take a break or probably attend the Art of Living classes.

The above picture was taken from Alleppey-Bokharo Express.

It reads :

Harassing women passengers is a punishable offence.

Any obscene remarks, teasing, touching, stares, gestures, songs and unwanted attention are all forms of sexual violence, punishable by up to two years or a fine under section 354A, 509 and 294 under Indian Penal Code and section 145 and 152 of the Railways Act.

I happened to notice this information on my way back from the rest room; strategically placed inside the train, near the entrance. I don’t know how or why I missed this pin up before but it sure did make me think for a while about the privileges a woman enjoy. I mean, do we men have any act that is even remotely close to this??? Don’t women harass men at all? The stories would be less in number, but I am sure there are. And they claim men and women are equal. Hmmph!!! It is not that we men aren’t afraid of women. Sometimes, men are too scared to react or behave in front of a woman thinking of the consequences. There are certain women who are simply unpredictable and who get offended very easily and believe me, such women ARE dangerous. However well mannered the man is, our Indian law/society would not believe him even if the woman makes a false / misunderstood allegation. That’s not fair, is it?

I returned to my seat with those Acts, Penal Codes and the newly developed inequality feeling in my mind. There was a middle aged woman in the same compartment. Gawd, I have this habit of singing or humming constantly and now I do have to think twice before I could do so. I had to be sure that the song didn’t have bad lyrics, vulgar picturisation or an ill famed actress? Aargh!!! Or even an inappropriate situation to sing the song would be enough for me to taste the bitterness of trouble. What if she stares at me for no reason, I can’t even return the stare!! I was getting settled in my seat when my Aquafina bottle fell and landed up near her foot. Oooooops, I just harassed her; that was an unwanted attention !!!

May 12, 2009

When did … (the question series) ---- Reloaded

Post published on Nov 8th 2007

Grown up- A fully developed person from maturity onward. Atleast that’s the meaning, I found in the dictionary. It’s something everybody would have their own opinion on, but I don’t think there is a proper definition to this. Some say they had become grown ups at an early stage in their life because of their responsibilities and blah bhah and some like me, regardless of the age and the wrinkles, say they are 18 till they die. When asked, most of the male species come up with their age while the female species ask a question back with a displeasing smile” Don’t u think it is inappropriate to ask a girl her age?” Please note that the usage ‘girl’ itself is misleading. But nowadays, even the guys have adopted a safety step. Like their female counterparts, even they retaliate - “ How much do you think I look?” and their answer on the age would be based on that. But we all have to admit the fact that, this fear of growing old creeps into every human mind year after year.

So when would have been our first realization about our growing up? During our school days, we used to crib a lot about our teachers and exams and wished to be like our fathers -going to work, earning money and spending it on what we like. Situations don’t change in the later part of our life too, teachers take the form of bosses and the exams become our appraisals. And as we grow up, we end up spending lesser and lesser each day with a justification that the economy is down, prices have shot up and the standard of living has increased. Little did we know during then, that age is going to let you down physically and emotionally once you know that you are growing up. Like all the other guys, I first realized it during my high school and since everything was new, I was too excited to be a part of the growing up band. I had no clue about the consequences of growing up then. At a later stage, I had to speak to my parents about something special, and I knew there would be a lot of hiccups, but the only thing that ran to my mind was “So what, I am a grown up now and I shouldn’t be afraid to express whats in my mind.”. Slowly, responsibilities stood in front of me too with open arms and I had no other way than to put them on my shoulders and walk forward. Well, I guess I never grew up till I realized what I need to do in life. Parallel to this whole growing up syndrome, we even tend to look mature and old. However, in my case, till about a year back, people kept asking me the college I was in or the post graduation course I am doing, which made me feel a lot happier. I used to get elevated with joy seeing a weird expression after I tell them that I am working. “So what if I am growing up, people still think that I am young.”—I gradually became a narcissist spending too much of my time in front of the mirror.

But every good thing needs to have an end. Things changed all of a sudden (I donno y and how)and the kids in the neighbourhood now call me ‘uncle’. The word ‘uncle’ hit my ego so badly on the very first day itself and they still do it inspite of repeatedly reminding them to call me ‘anna’(which btw means brother). Each time they do it, it gets onto my nerves --“Uncle, could you get us that ball? Uncle, could you park your bike here? Uncle….?Uncle…?Uncle…”. Aaargh, I hate kids when they don’t listen. All I asked them was to call me with a simpler word which would make me happy. But who am I kidding? Of course, I am getting old each day and gone are the days when nature used to help me hide my age. Guess what, I avoid attending marriages these days just because I hate answering, “When’s yours?” and then I keep mumbling, “Why do they keep asking this to me and when exactly did I grow so old to get married?”.

This is what happens when my mind wanders and often I don’t get satisfied with the answers I arrive at. Well, its not a big deal if I am growing old. Atleast I am younger to my bro and a lot younger to my dad. To quote a dialogue from the FRIENDS series, “Thirty is not that old an age. Do you know how old the earth is?” We all would have wished for more birthdays in our childhood before blowing the candles on the cake; probably if I had wished less, I wouldn’t have grownup so fast !!!

May 9, 2009

What if ?? (the question series ) --- Reloaded

Post published on Sep 1 2007

I really don’t know what made me come up with such a post. Probably, its because of my present state of mind.

What if ? - reflects a state of confusion of the human mind and one could derive a lot of answers from one such question. This question had made some of the great ones in the past to think hard, which had resulted in many of todays most important discoveries and inventions.
I myself have asked this question quite often and most of my answers still remain unanswered. More often than not, my questions were/are personal and most of them would have been to take an important decision in life. But whenever I had posed these questions, I had to undergo a lot of criticism with my conscious. One such question is about the way I am now. I know that I am not such a good person, but I am not that bad either. Well, What if this is not the way I am supposed to be? Could be because of the way I was brought up, or might be because of the education I have had. Though I have done by Masters in management, I keep thinking, What if I had a Hotel Management degree or a degree in B.Pharm or even a MBBS ? Life would have been totally different then, especially when taking into consideration the people I have with me today. What if I never converted my lifes’ acquaintances to the ‘best of’ friends that I have now? Its true that the people who are around me have influenced me both in my life and in my decisions to a great extent. But, What if some of the decisions that I had taken or what I would be taking on my own influence their life too-directly or indirectly? What if the good decision hurts them and then I regret taking the bad one? To think of it, I need not be this confused since it is my life, I need to live on my own and it is not certain that these people are going to be with me at every phase of my life. But again, What if I lose all those people, who had been there for me through out my life, by just taking a single decision? Well, it was these decisions at different phases that made me learn a lot of lessons in life – personally and professionally. I am trying my best to still learn, for it is these lessons that I consider as my experience in life today. What if I commit the same mistake inspite of those experiences? and What if, one day, I stopped having that urge to learn? My experiences has only led me in the right direction so far and made me realize about my priorities and responsibilities in life. ‘Stopping by woods on a snowy evening’ a poem written by Robert Frost has a line about responsibility that goes “I have promises to keep and Miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep”. All of us have come to this world with responsibilities to accomplish a particular task, a promise that we need to fulfill.What if I did accomplish my task and never came to know what it actually was? Or What if I bid farewell to the world without even fulfilling it?
This is what happens when my mind wanders. Though I dont want it to, my mind keeps seaching for answers which I know for sure would not be available. What if I kept searching for the answers when it is already within me? or What if I find the answer one day and its too late?

May 7, 2009

The big B !

Ok, now this is going to be tough !

(Clearing throat) People, I know this whole break from blogging has become a trend these days. And unfortunately, now its my turn. I will be away from mobiles, computers and internet from 9th and will be back only by the 1st of June, which also means I would be away from all my favourite blogs (thank goodness, huh?). It’s a small trip to Europe to meet my brother and best friend that I had been planning since Feb. I haven’t revealed it to many because its just today that everything got materialized.

I am going to miss all your posts and most importantly I would miss leaving my stupid and pure nonsense comments for all those posts. Speaking of comments, guess what, quite recently, I had been banned twice by a fellow blogger because of my comments. LOL. And what more? Another blogger called me mad and she officially declared me as the Bad Boy of Blogosphere. Now I know how Salman would have felt when he was called – The Bad Boy of Bollywood ! LOL.

Jokes apart, I take this opportunity to apologize to everyone here for all my insane comments. But let me make it very clear; that doesn’t mean I will be decent in the future. LOL. This is just temporary. (You know, like how some of those idiots go and confess in churches, pray in temples and return to their anti social activities )

People, I will be back !!! Buhahahhahahahahhahaha (Evil laugh) !!!!!

But you know what, technically speaking, none of you are going to miss me! Oh yeah! I am not going to spare any of you in my absence. LOL. I had scheduled some of my older posts (with a tag Reloaded) to appear right from 9th till I return to regular blogging. By this way, I can still be around you all in some way or the other and also, those poor forgotten posts would receive few comments. (you guys would comment, na? LOL )

Take care you guys. I am really going to miss being around. Bye ! (searching for a hanky)

Check out Joey in this video. That’s how excited I am.



PS : The bloggers who had banned and who had given me titles are still good friends of mine. And for people who misunderstood that, I just have three words – L.O.L. !!!

May 5, 2009

Understanding Women !!!

Believe me, this 55 word thingy is a boon. This is the second one in two weeks. LOL. I wanted to post about this incident when it actually happened with me last year. I repeat, it actually happened with me. One of my old friends suddenly appeared online in yahoo messenger and I initiated a conversation. Found it too small to publish then and now with this new blessing in disguise, it has become easier to convey such messages in a short and simple way.


‘She’ appears online.

He : Helllllllloooooooooooo !!

She : Helllloooo???? why don’t you just say a ‘Hi’ ???

He : What is the difference? It means the same even on Pluto.

She: Don’t you try being over friendly with me !!!!

He : Whaaaaa ????

‘She’ goes offline immediately !

‘He’ laughs & sends offline : GO TO HELL. IT IS A BETTER PLACE TO ROT.


The inspiration for this 55-er fiction is Archanas latest post and the above was first written as a comment for that post of hers.

PS : I wanted to write this for the previous 55 -er too. All that you find here has to be taken lightly. I have no grudge against any one or any gender. And if anyone finds these posts offensive or rude, please come back after installing the latest version of Sense of Humour in your system :D

Pic courtesy : Cartoonstock

May 1, 2009

Geet.....Geetham....SANGEETHAM (Part 3)

This is the third and final installment of my never ending tag on melodious songs.

Part 1 - Geet (Hindi)
Part 2 – Geetham (Tamil)

Part 3 – Sangeetham - Malayalam

Criteria – Under-rated melodies from movies that starred Jayaram.

1) Nee Kaanumo - Irattakutikalude Achan

2) Swantham Nizhalumaayi - Ayalathey Adheham

3) Neer Mizhi Peeliyil - Vachanam

4) Saarangi Maaril - Paavakoothu

5) Paalazhi Theeram - Utthaman

6) Mounam Swaramaayi - Aayushkaalam

7) Puliyila Karayolam - Jaadakam

8) Saandramaam Sandhya - Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakaalathu

9) Ponnin Vala Kilukki - Njangal Santhushtaraanu

10) Chandana Thennalai - Sharjah to Sharjah

The other five that couldn’t make it to the above list (the songs are linked to the respective respective you-tube videos) :

1) Panchami Thingal - Friends

2) Marakkumo - Karunyam

3) Mayilaadum Kunnin Mel - Naadan Pennum Naatu Pramaaniyum

4) Chumbana Pookondu - Bandhukkal Shatrukkal

5) Eden Thaazhvarayil - Kuruppinte Kanakku Pushtakam

Note : Song selection is based on how under-rated these songs are and not their quality.

Jayaram is one of the finest actors we have today in the Indian film industry. This would be a tall claim for many, but that’s only because he is a highly under utilized actor, barring a few movies like Keli, Chitrashalabam, Karunyam, Shesham and Theerthadanam. He doesn’t have many awards to his credit, nor does he have any a huge stardom in Kerala, but he is one actor who has the ability to consistently lure the family audience to the theatres. A personal favourite of late directors like Padmarajan, Bharathan and actor Kamal Hassan, Jayaram has also been able to prove his mettle in Tamil movies like Tenali (won the Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Actor), Priyanka and Gokulam. He was going through a rough phase in his career from 2004 till about mid last year. (Infact, the whole Malayalam film industry is right now going through one of its worst phases with half baked scripts and poor characterizations.) But Verude oru bharya (2008) and his recent Bhagyadevatha resurrected his position once more in the industry. He had a humble beginning, struggled a lot in the industry which was and is still dominated by the two M’s, and captured their market for a brief period (1996 – 2004), but success never went over his head; he is still the same old humble and adorable person. Elephants are a craze for him and he also plays the Chenda (kerala drums) as a hobby and has given several public performances. Check out this exclusive video where he plays it along with Sivamani. Awesome !!!

Jayaram has always been my favourite; but really don’t know since when. I have seen almost all his movies and I have missed quite a few only after I had shifted to Chennai. I usually refer him as “Enikku Janikaadhey Poya Ammaavan” (a uncle who wasn’t born for me). His style of acting is very natural and his ability to sink into the given character that families could easily relate to could be the reason for his tag - ‘Kudumba Sadassugalude Ishta Naayakan’ (favourite hero of the families). I had seen him personally once during a college cultural meet and he even posed for a quick snap. Last year, I had a brief conversation with him over the phone for about 30 secs, all thanks to my friend Reeta and her dad. I take this opportunity to wish my favourite actor all the best and to provide the Kerala audience with many more good movies.