Jun 26, 2009


MJ, We love you !!!!!!!

Its a sad sad day; a big loss to the world of music and also for his innumerable fans like me.

But MJ, You are not alone
For We are here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in our heart
But MJ, you are not alone !!!

Your soul would, for sure, Rest in Peace ! Take care MJ.

Jun 25, 2009


Danganakka….. Dadakkanakkaa…..Danganakka Dadakkanakkaa…..Danganakka Dadakkanakka.......

Whats the dance for??? You guys didn’t know??? Ohhh…my post Sillyday !!! ....

Edited to add (after Indyeah enlightened with her comments in this post) :

Yup, I got a mail from Blogadda on Tuesday saying that it has been selected for their Tangy Tuesday picks ! Thanks Blogadda, you have no idea how much it means to me. This is the first time a post in V-Lokam has been recognized by an external source. My brother did mention in the comments that Sillyday was the best post I had written till date, but never knew it would be picked up this way. Yeyyyyy !!! So Sillyday wasn’t that silly after all. And that too a post on my miseries being selected on a day that I always thought was unlucky for me - Tuesday !!!

And it was selected along with a wonderful post by Revs on her father. You should all check it out to see how beautifully she articulated the whole thing. Im glad to have already known her. Like how you mentioned in the comments Revs, Hi- Five !

I wanted to share this to you all yesterday, but thought would do it a little differently. So here they are, the elements that made up my saturday silly !!

The tap where me and Jill went to ‘fetch’ water. It would have been nice if I had asked Jill to model for this snap along with a bucket, na? LOL

Heres the Tshirt I wore inside out. Its tough to find the right side, isn’t it? That’s what happened to me. And heres the public restroom where I entered to get 'redressed' :D

Now, that’s the turning (near the auto) where the nice cop caught me as I was nearing the gas station.

And yeah, what many of you had asked - my debit card (darkened a few numbers; I know there are a couple of evil ones here. LOL)

The shortcut with the traffic jam and the place where we took shelter when it rained.

The U-turn where my bike ran out of gas.

The theatre...

And finally, my friend and the supporting actor, Selva- the banana guy !!!

Ok, thats it with Sillyday. Moving onto my next post --- Mobstory !

Jun 21, 2009

Sillyday !!!

Warning : Long post !

It cant get worser than this. My Friday went just fine; infact it was perfect, and I was looking forward to a real cool weekend. But fate had something else in their departmental store for me. Can so many silly incidents happen to a single person? and on the same day ? Well…..

My saturday starts :

(( Yawwwnnnn ))

Opened my eyes and started moving slowly to the hall to get the newspaper. There wasn’t any. I thought to myself if it was any public holiday ! Anyway, natures calling and that’s more important. I left my thoughts at the door and got into the bathroom. I have this habit of washing my face before starting any of my bathroom chores and I am glad that I developed one. There was no water !!!!! Good gracious, what if I had sat and……ohh, never mind ! I called up my watchman and he said water would come only the next day (that’s today) and suggested me to adjust with whatever thats available from the tap outside, the one which provides bore water. As if I had a choice !! Ohh gaawd, I hate going outside without brushing my teeth !! I took two buckets along with me and my hands were just on the door to open it when the bell suddenly rang. Man, wouldn’t that scare anyone or what !!! It was the watchmans wife who had come to inform me that there wouldn’t water supply for the entire day. ((Oh yeah, thanks for the early notice, what do you think I am doing with these empty buckets near the door))

She offered me help with one of those and together, Jack(ass) and Jill went outside to fetch two buckets of water. I didn’t want to come out again and so filled both the buckets till the brim. While walking back, I challenged myself not to spill even one drop from the bucket that I was carrying and I managed to do so until……!!! The bucket that I was holding had a weak and rusted handle. It just came off during the transit; the bucket landed on the floor, fell to its right and should I say more? Jill who was walking beside me got her legs washed for free, and yeah, part of her dress too. I grinned showing my entire set of teeth (not brushed yet) with an ‘oops’ expression on my face.

Three hours later

It was lunch time already and I was too lazy to go out. I put on my fav orange Tshirt, a dirty jean and started walking to the restaurant. I must have walked for 10 mins; it was so hot and I started sweating real bad. I adjusted the collar to feel comfortable and walked ahead for a few more mins. Wait a minute, why was my collar inside out ?? I looked onto my body. OMG, the collar is inside out because I am frigging wearing the Tshirt inside out !!!! I pinched myself to see if it was a dream; such silly situations appear only in my dreams !!! I didn’t know what to do; how can I go all the way back like this? And how can I even move forward ? Literally stuck!! I knew there was a public toilet a further down. Covered the label that’s behind the T shirt and got into the toilet in an awkward manner that actually deserved all the stares I was already receiving. I thought to myself, this is not Saturday, this is Sillyday !!!

A few hours later in the evening

You guys remember that my mobile that had some weird problems, right? Well, I got it back in the same weird condition after two months of sony ericcsons excellent service. I decided to go ahead and buy a new one. I made sure everything is right in my dressing and was on my way to the mobile store. My bike desperately needed fuel and was taking my turn towards a gas station when a traffic cop waved his hands and ordered me to stop. He took me aside and asked me to show him the bikes papers. I mumbled “Why me” and gave it to him stating that everything is perfect. But I was totally wrong !!  The insurance of my bike had expired on 31st May itself and he pointed out that if this is what I meant by ‘perfect’. I lied to him that I was out of the country and just returned that morning. While explaining  lying, I received a call from home. I told him that my moms calling me to check if I had reached India and picked up the call.

Mom : Listen, I need you to check this girls profile in that matrimonial site of yours and tell me……
Me : Ma, Ma,…..not now!

Mom : Why ? Where are you?

Now, I cant tell my mom about my current situation, can I ? So I lied once again !!

Me : I am at…errr… at the barber shop, Ma.

(The cop smiles listening to that )

Mom : When have you started getting haircuts on the roadside? I can hear the noise of vehicles and that too very loud.
Me : Ma, please, I will give you a call in sometime. Bye.

I cut the call and pleaded the cop to leave me and assured him that I would get it insured on Monday itself. To my surprise, the nice guy let me go and I tell you friends, that was the only one good thing that happened to me yesterday. I left from the place directly to the mobile store without filling in fuel.

At the mobile store, I took out my wallet to make the payment and guess what I saw ! My debit card, broken into two pieces !!!!! Dont ask me guys, I seriously dont know how it happened ! Its Sillyday !!! I had to make the payment then by my credit card with a 2 % extra charge ! But thankfully, no funny calls from the bank !

One and a half hours later

Bought a new mobile (not yet opened), and decided to visit a friend who stayed close to the mobile store. It had been a while since I met him, sat at his home for sometime and was simultaneously checking mails (OG, that’s when I replied for your mail). We planned for a movie and proceeded towards the theatre to get the tickets. Since we were running out of time, we took a shortcut! Now, can you imagine a traffic jam in a short cut? Well, that’s what happened. We turned back and approached the main road. You guys wont believe this, out of nowhere, it started pouring cats and dogs  elephants and giraffes; it hadn’t even drizzled as a sort of warning. And you know how the weather of Chennai is – hot, hotter, hottest! Rain at this time of the year is like heights ! Somehow both of us managed to get a shelter and stood there for sometime (Ashwathy, that’s when you had called). The intensity of the rain decreased; we started our bikes and reached the main road. You know how the roads are when it rains, right? Insanely wet, people panicking in their respective vehicles because of the rain (I always wonder why people sitting in cars used to panic, Bahh!), people walking on the roads in a weird way to avoid stepping on dirty water, and all that which ultimately leads to a traffic congestion.

We moved in snails pace and when my bike reached a U-turn, it stopped. Honestly, that’s a very very very bad place for a vehicle to stop, isn’t it? Especially, when it rains and when you have a lot of people honking behind you! I kicked, kicked and kicked, but in vain; it just wouldn’t start. Pushed it to the side and started kicking again and that’s when it struck me. My bike had successfully run out of gas!! Yeah, that’s right!! Called my friend who already went a little ahead and explained to him the situation. 15 mins later he reached there with a bottle of petrol mentioning that I am the sickest person ever ! I grinned once again, like how I did in the morning ! We just had 15 mins for the movie to start and had time left only for a light dinner. There were only two small restaurants next to the theatre; we went in, but the kitchen was closed at both the eatouts. Sigh ! So no proper food also !!! My friend is very particular about his food and wouldn’t have any of those snacks that were available inside the theatre for dinner. He bought few bananas for himself and I decided to have those theatre snacks. “If it wasn’t for your stupid bike, I could have had a heavy dinner”; that’s how his face looked like when he was peeling those bananas.

We parked our bikes and got inside the theatre.

Peace at last! Just when I thought that nothing could go wrong anymore, I felt a vibration in my pocket.

((( HOME calling )))

Ohhhhhhhh nooooo !!! I didn’t call her back !!

Jun 19, 2009

MAID for each other !!!

The below conversation happened a few days ago between me and an innocent soul in my office (whose only mistake in life was to have a seat near me) !!


Where you going?

He : To Bangalore.

Didn’t you just return from Bangalore, dropping your wife at Cochin ?

He: Yeah, I need to meet my maid.

LOL ! You a fan of Shiney ???

He : Oh shut up !

Whats your maids name?

He : Neela !

Neeeeelaa ???? Blue ??? ROFL !!!

He: What? My wife wanted me to go meet her.



Now, theres a reason behind publishing this 55-er. I never wanted to; I was provoked !!!

I couldn’t control my laughter after that conversation and the poor guy begged me not to let the whole world know about it with my laughter. Who wouldn’t want to have some harmless fun in office! I didn’t take heed to any of his request and I waited for him to take his usual coffee break. Man, you should have seen his face 5 mins after his entry into the room. It would be an understatement if I said he needed a towel to cover his face at that time; the bugger needed something like a curtain to wrap himself up !

But the idiot actually took revenge on me today by circulating a joke (an email forward) to a small group of ours in the office by including my name in it. I did warn him; I told him that he would be ripped apart through my blog if he clicked the sent button. Well, some people just don’t listen !!! He clicked the sent button and I would be click on the publish button very soon. LOL.

Psst Psst…..I am sure he would come up with something else to defame me. I already have a plan if he does so, I would send this link to all his orkut friends mentioning who the colleague is !! How mean, huh ??? Buhahahhahahahahaha.

Now shhhhh……………let me have some fun !!!

Jun 14, 2009

Song : Main Yahaan Hoon; Movie : Veer-Zaara (2004)

Yeyyy, my voice is out again and that too after a looong time. The previous one was an ARR song dedictaed to him and wishing him all the best for the Oscars. And guess what, ARR finished his acceptance speech at the Oscars with the first line of that same song that I had uploaded. Now, how cool is that !!

This time, its a new music player, powered by Muziboo. The previous one, at times, failed to appear in the post and also had issues in streaming. The best part of this player is that there is a direct download link in the player itself - a green icon pointing downwards. Please let me know if there are any diffuculties in listening to it (apart from my voice that is. LOL)

The lyrics could be found here.

Trivia :

This is one of my all time favourite song and I could keep listening to it on and on. Amazing composition and its not limited to this song alone; the entire soundtrack was magical ! These gems were originally composed by Late Madan Mohan long ago and were left untouched until his son Sanjeev Kohli revised them for this movie after Yash chopra persuaded him to. I happened to listen to an interview of Sanjeev Kohli on radio a few years back, where in he gave details on how each song in Veer-Zaara was recreated from his dads archive. He also revealed something very interesting : The song 'Dil dhoondtha, hai phir wohi, fursat ki' from the film Mausam was initially tuned with one of the songs of this movie "Tere liye, hum hain jiye". Try singing the song from Mausam now with the tunes of 'Tere Liye', you will know what I mean !

To listen in a better way :
  • Please wait till the entire song streams.
  • Try using a headset/earphone for the overall sound clarity.

Jun 10, 2009

Current Favs : May - June

Its been a while since I came out with this series; the last one was somewhere in March. It should be because of the strike in the hindi film industry which eventually stopped all the music releases. But then, I should have realised about the releases in the other industry as well and published a list. ((Sigh, who am I sounding so apologetic to ??? ))

There are no Hindi film songs in this list yet, but with the number of movies that are lined up for release, I guess this series would pop up every fortnight.

1. Oye Oye from Oye (Telugu) - Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja (for those who didnt know, the actress in this movie is the 'Anjali' girl, Shamilee and is paired opposite Siddharth, of Boys and RDB)

2. Kannil Theriyum from Angadi Theru (Tamil) - Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar

3. Koode Varuviyaa from Valmiki (Tamil) - Music : Ilayaraja

4. Nila Nee Vaanam from Pokkisham (Tamil) - Music : Sabesh Murali

5. Aedo Saigirai from Vaamanan (Tamil) - Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

6. Nee Dhaaney from Sarvvam (Tamil) - Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

7. Paadi Kaadal from Modhi Vilayaadu (Tamil) - Music : Lez and Hari (Colonial Cousins)

8. Thotaal Pookkum from Moz n Cat (Malayalam) - Music : Ousepachan

9. Kannil Dhaagam from Achamundu Achamundu (Tamil) - Music : Karthik Raja

10. Oru Vetkam Varude from Pasanga (Tamil) - Music : James Vasanthan

Jun 2, 2009

OOooooooooohhhh NO !!!

I had to post this 55 –er before I attempt a write up on my trip. Its something that happened immediately after my return.


Maa, How do I call some girl just like that and ask her to meet ?
Don’t tell me you never did that before !!

Ok Maa, what if I dont like her?
And what if she doesnt like you ?


Dials her number

((( Jaadoo hain nashhha hain, madhoshiyaaaaaan…..)))

Me to myself : OOooooooooohhhh NO !!!


I was wondering how the girl would have felt if she had tried calling me instead and listened to my dialer tone. LOL.

Ohh btw, mines the instrumental version of Kal Ho Na Ho’s title track !

Jun 1, 2009

My back !!!!

Ooopps, I am back !!!

But where is everyone? Hello?? Is anybody home???? Yooohooooooo.........somebody, anybody .....Sigh ! nobody !!!

(Speaking to myself -- Gosh ! Nobody even cares !!!! I was away for hardly a month and it looks like everyones already celebrated my funeral ! Gotta visit everyones blog and tell a Hi, only then will people know that I once existed !!)

Moral of the story : Never ever take a break from blogging !