Jun 25, 2009


Danganakka….. Dadakkanakkaa…..Danganakka Dadakkanakkaa…..Danganakka Dadakkanakka.......

Whats the dance for??? You guys didn’t know??? Ohhh…my post Sillyday !!! ....

Edited to add (after Indyeah enlightened with her comments in this post) :

Yup, I got a mail from Blogadda on Tuesday saying that it has been selected for their Tangy Tuesday picks ! Thanks Blogadda, you have no idea how much it means to me. This is the first time a post in V-Lokam has been recognized by an external source. My brother did mention in the comments that Sillyday was the best post I had written till date, but never knew it would be picked up this way. Yeyyyyy !!! So Sillyday wasn’t that silly after all. And that too a post on my miseries being selected on a day that I always thought was unlucky for me - Tuesday !!!

And it was selected along with a wonderful post by Revs on her father. You should all check it out to see how beautifully she articulated the whole thing. Im glad to have already known her. Like how you mentioned in the comments Revs, Hi- Five !

I wanted to share this to you all yesterday, but thought would do it a little differently. So here they are, the elements that made up my saturday silly !!

The tap where me and Jill went to ‘fetch’ water. It would have been nice if I had asked Jill to model for this snap along with a bucket, na? LOL

Heres the Tshirt I wore inside out. Its tough to find the right side, isn’t it? That’s what happened to me. And heres the public restroom where I entered to get 'redressed' :D

Now, that’s the turning (near the auto) where the nice cop caught me as I was nearing the gas station.

And yeah, what many of you had asked - my debit card (darkened a few numbers; I know there are a couple of evil ones here. LOL)

The shortcut with the traffic jam and the place where we took shelter when it rained.

The U-turn where my bike ran out of gas.

The theatre...

And finally, my friend and the supporting actor, Selva- the banana guy !!!

Ok, thats it with Sillyday. Moving onto my next post --- Mobstory !


Ashwathy said...

LOL.... u r post-high (similar to alcohol-high and sugar-high) :D
ini descrbe cheyyan enthenkilum baakiyundo?? LOL
ithu organise cheyyan tanne eduthu kaanum kure samayam... what efforts LOL
congrats once again tho! :-)

Reema said...

congrats!! but tell me how did u manage to get ur debit card torn into two pieces with straight borders?

Ordinary Guy said...

Congrats!!!!!!! :P kollam mashe.... now I can relate to story with photos./..... hehahahahahahahahaha

indyeahforever said...

LOL!!I saw the title and was all prepared to see a tribal dance by you:D:D

ah!NOW the pics come out!:P:P
and yeah that was some post!:D

Now I will go and read Revs post

indyeahforever said...

You silly!put a link to your blogadda post selection!:P:P

Vee said...

Yen Ra Rascal, Ibbaddi Irrikinga? I am Nalla... For me Tamil, Pes Tariyada, kunjum kunjum piriyum...

Haha, After learning Kannada I am trying my hands on Tamil... ;)

CONGRATS HERO... You were picked, chalo, I feel I have been picked.. Blogging has been worth..... You are rocking in all spheres... TV, Blog world, amongst friend toh always.... WAY TO GO

Revs said...

:) You 'silly' guy (pun intended). Thank you so much for all those words about my post Vimal :) I am humbled. In all honesty,this was the only post that I've completed in less than an hour. I usually take a lot of time to finish a post,but with this one it just came gushing.And in a weird way,I feel a bit lightened.I miss him, yeah. But I've never been verbal about that face ever.Now I did.And it has made so much of a difference :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Ashwathy :

LOL @ Post-High. Ya, I guess I am. Thanks.

Yeah, honestly, a lot of efforts went in taking the snaps. The lighting, the location, time. LOL, I speak like some B grade movies director !

@ Reema :

Thanks. LOL, what observation, but they arent straight borders. Click on the pic to see an enlarged version. Probably, it got bent in my wallet itself, which I never noticed and the stress/strain would have been too much for the poor card to handle that it said "enough is enough" ! Who know?LOL

@ OG :

LOL, visually rich you mean, huh?

@ Indyeah :

LOL, I did dance after I read their mail. OG style :D

Thanks. I wanted you all to know the inside story also. You know, like the making.LOL

and billy, thanks for pointing it out. I put the link now ;P

@ Oxy Boyy :

Yennappa, tamizh nalla kathukittiya??? LOL. Please dont tamil anymore. :D

and thats some sweet comments from you Boyyy. Were you high today? Just waiting for Smita to see this sweet comment of yours. I am sure she will have something to say.

@ Revs :

Seriously Revs, that post deserves much more appreciation than what it currently got. I would rate it anytime better than many of the father posts I have read. After reading it, I couldnt say anything. Totally speechless, you must have got that from my comments itself. The best dedication your dad can ever receive. May his soul rest in peace!

eye-in-sty-in said...

why is selva wearing a wig n glasses :D

eye-in-sty-in said...

Congrats!! did u use ur card so much, it cracked under the pressure?

Just call me 'A' said...

yahooo...congrats....btw, where you riding the bike or taking pics :). no wonder the cop caught you ;)

when I read the title..I thought this time..it's a video of you dancing :)......

Solilo said...

One Govinda style dance coming up.

Dhak dhina din dhak dina din
Dinchak Dinchak Dinchak....

Danks for the photums.

Pixie said...


The post sure does deserve special mention!! :)


HDFC debit cards are precarious! :D
The t-shirt?! It's Orange! Teehee!

What kind of dance are you doing?

Tribal mixed with OG's brand of dancing?!!!

Rakesh said...

Congrats bro!I can see more Cowabunga awards coming ur way in the near future!

u wont believe this but a terminator frm the future just came yesterday and told me abt this!

btw The only thing tht was missing was tht picture of ur

"entire set of teeth (not brushed yet) smile with an ‘oops’ expression on ur face"

hehe danganaka yabdaba dabadooo!!

Smita said...

Do I need to say you are crazy???
I mean seriously!!!!
U went back to capture all the moments???

Congrats for the listing in Blogadda :-) that crazy post deserved it :-)

But isn't it fun to talk about all fun things happening in our life??? Tell Tell!!!!

Bedazzled said...

Yay !! sooper ... treat treat treat... dey vetti fella .. photographing yall the blaces on da silly day ..maybe u shud have more silly days !! hee hee kidding .. atleast endings of silly days !

Reets said...

Hmmmm.. Well Done.. So for once tuesday is not as bad as it usually is.. V lokam deserved recognition way back, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER..Really appreciate the efforts u wud have taken in taking pictures of those memorable places which made ur SIlly Day "Silly", Nice pose by Selva too.....;)Getting ur debit card into 2 pieces seems like a tough task... This post is SILLY DAY 's sequel with all pictorial representations.... hmmm good!!AS i always says V LOKAM rocks....Hip Hip Hurray...Three cheers for V lokam;)

Sakhi said...

Sahi hai! :D Congrats too! :)

Sriju said...

Dear Vimmmuu (V-Lokam),
Congrats ! you deserve it in all respects. Take care and keep going ..

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

congratulations ....u so totally deserve it after a day of madness:)

great stuff man!!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

oops..forgot to mention about the pics...
they were an eye candy:)
enjoyed going through them and imagining your expressions as u were in those situations on the fateful day:)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wow! Many congrats Vimmuuu! Good going!


Varunavi said...

Congrats.By reading the title i thought some tamil song ;)

I appreciate ur patience of going to all the places and taking snaps :)

lifeismystery said...

OMG! u went back and took all the pics of the places!

Smitha said...

First of all - Congratulations for the Tangy Tuesday pick! I think most of your posts deserve some honour or the other - they are fantastic!

And the pics!! Oh You sure deserve another award for taking all this pics :) Revisiting the scene(s) of the crime, are you :)And I still can't figure out how you managed to break your credit card so beautifully :)

hitchwriter said...

dhin chak dhin chak dhin chak dhin.. !!!!

lol I thought you were ddoing some post on some dance...seriously !!!!!!

Congrats dude !!!!! so one or the other from our blog samaj just makes it eh !!!!

cooool...... !!!!!

and boss... that t-shirt ... first i thought it was some lungi ! lol... !!! ha ha ha

you actually put all the pics... lol... now lets see what rev's got... !!

I was one of the dark ones.. !

Crafty Shines said...

n HUGS!!!!!
n a Cup Full of Coffeeee!!!!

so silly day was ur best post??? i am glad i landed first time on that post!!!!

yes! u shud have asked Jill to pose! ROFL! :D :D

now i agree its tough to tell the right side of that tee! :P
so why bother changing....no one will notice!!! :P

arrreee! Vimmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
my debit card broke like that only! and even mine was the HDFC easyshop Debit card! same to same.....

hmpf...so much money they take n give us sidey quality plastic (lets blame them for this, okie?)

that is a very misleading title there...i thot there's be a pic of u doing some dance step....where is it??? eh???? tellllllll

*crafty checks coffee meter...still high*

awaiting mob story! :D

hitchwriter said...

you seriously need to think about WP !!!!!! seriously !

Praveen said...

congrats...In fact I saw this yesterday from a twitter link...:D
silly boy..rock on ;)

vimmuuu said...

@ E.I.S.I. :

LOL @ the dig at the wig !

and regarding the card, I guess it broke because I was rarely using it.LOL

@ A :

LOL, the pictures were taken yesterday for this post and I went walking to all those places !LOL !

@ Solilo :

LOL, you too, huh? Well, Dinchak to you too !!!

@ Pixie :

LOL, thanks !!! Im getting accolades for my miseries !!

whats wrong in an orange Tee?? LOL

yeah, that was a special fusion dance!

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

LOL, You are so obsessed with my unbrushed teeth !!! Next time we meet, you get to see that. Ok ???

and a what came from where????? LOL. Ninte dehathendaa terminator inte predam koodiyittundo?? LOL

@ Smita :

You are asking me if I was crazy ? YOU? YOU are asking me??? LOL Think about it. We are in the same boat !!!

@ Bhargavi :

LOL, I did go to all those places to click snaps.

ending of silly days???...now, thats what is kidding !! :D

@ Reets :

Wowowowooowie !!! Thanks for all the nice words. Feels sooo good. yeah for once, tuesday was being nice to me. Lets see, how the rest of them are. LOL.
That was Selvas pose for someone else. I just borrowed it here for the post. I had to literally walk to all those places to click the pictures. Yeyy, Hip! Hip ! Hurray !!

vimmuuu said...

@ Sakhi :

:D Thankss !

@ Sriju :

Thanks da. and thanks for mentioning V-Lokam when congratulating. You are the first person who asked me to start a blog, remember???

@ Richa :

Thanks a lot. I wanted you all to know where all those disasters happened; now you relate to it better. LOL.

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks a tonne !!

vimmuuu said...

@ Varunavi :

LOL a simbu song,right? Thanks !!!

@ Mystery :

Thanks. yes, I did. I walked to all those places, infact ! :D

@ Smitha :

Thanks a lot for the words.

I had to go to all the crime spots so that you would know what I went through. LOL. we are all partners in crime, right?

vimmuuu said...

@ Dhiren :

A post on my dance?? Who do you think I am ? OG ???? LOL !!!

Yeah, we are being recognised. First it was dowry for you and now this for me. All are miseries are getting recognised. LOL.

you called my orange Tee a lungi ???? Grrrr....you arent a girl, na? So you are pardoned !! LOL !

and yes buddy, Im thinking of moving to wordpress seriously now !

@ Crafty :

Thanks !
and Thanks !
and Thanks !
but no thanks! I dont drink tea or coffee! Juices would do!! :D

Yeah, I should have asked her to pose. Im sure her hubby, my watchman wouldnt have had a problem with that. LOL

LOL, thats true about the Tee! But theres that label behind, right? What do I do with that?? LOL

Yours too???? People who kept asking me how I managed to break it beautifully, I have a competitor in this too. LOL. Im glad yours broke ! Its tough being alone in this silly world.LOL

@ Praveen :

LOL, thanks Praveen. So you saw some Danganakka on twitter??? LOL yeah, silly me !!!

Ordinary Guy said...

yes aliyaaaaaaaaa, please join us at WP..... it is much better, I tell you

Imp's Mom said...

looking at the title, thought I'd get to see a dhinchak dance video :P

Congrats!!! its always fun to relate to posts with pics esp them funny ones ....

how on earth did u manage to break ur debit card this way?

AV said...

omg!! u actually made it into another post!!! but heyy.. as i said b4, congratsss!! n orange t-shirt?? seriously, i don think ne one wud hav noticed if it was inside-out!! :P
n cool deal on d debit card!! ippidi illa use pannanum!! :D

Varun said...

Too good! Amazing! Congratulations!

You went to all those places again just to capture them and post it here!?

Wow! You are one dedicated blogger and definitely worthy enough to be picked up by blog adda.

amit said...

Congratulations!!! Thats cool!

Swaram said...

Wow! Congrats Vimmuuu. I am in the company of mighty famous people. Yahoo! I can't get my feet on the ground today. And trust u to do this! Pics of each one of them ... preserve them for posterity ;)

And really, what the blog-world does to us. We see everything in a different light.

And I wanna see Jill pose too :)

verbivorehere said...

hey congrats and a small thanks :P i once gt such a mail and dnt realize wht it was all abt :P

kanagu said...

Congrats dude.. your post deserved it :)

vishesh said...

lol :D

Oorja said...

now i can almost picturise all the events..


indianhomemaker said...

Read the post! Loved the post

And you deserve it the recognition!!!


Destination Infinity said...

Congrats, and is the full name of your friend Selva Ganesh?

Destination Infinity

Ann Dee said...

Congrats! Let me see how silly your Sillyday was..

Destin said...

I worked with Selva Ganesh for one month in Siemens, that's how I know him. You can ask him if he knows Kollu Rajesh. I wanted to scrap this in the Orkut, but it doesn't allow me to scrap in your scrap book!

Destination Infinity