Jun 19, 2009

MAID for each other !!!

The below conversation happened a few days ago between me and an innocent soul in my office (whose only mistake in life was to have a seat near me) !!


Where you going?

He : To Bangalore.

Didn’t you just return from Bangalore, dropping your wife at Cochin ?

He: Yeah, I need to meet my maid.

LOL ! You a fan of Shiney ???

He : Oh shut up !

Whats your maids name?

He : Neela !

Neeeeelaa ???? Blue ??? ROFL !!!

He: What? My wife wanted me to go meet her.



Now, theres a reason behind publishing this 55-er. I never wanted to; I was provoked !!!

I couldn’t control my laughter after that conversation and the poor guy begged me not to let the whole world know about it with my laughter. Who wouldn’t want to have some harmless fun in office! I didn’t take heed to any of his request and I waited for him to take his usual coffee break. Man, you should have seen his face 5 mins after his entry into the room. It would be an understatement if I said he needed a towel to cover his face at that time; the bugger needed something like a curtain to wrap himself up !

But the idiot actually took revenge on me today by circulating a joke (an email forward) to a small group of ours in the office by including my name in it. I did warn him; I told him that he would be ripped apart through my blog if he clicked the sent button. Well, some people just don’t listen !!! He clicked the sent button and I would be click on the publish button very soon. LOL.

Psst Psst…..I am sure he would come up with something else to defame me. I already have a plan if he does so, I would send this link to all his orkut friends mentioning who the colleague is !! How mean, huh ??? Buhahahhahahahahaha.

Now shhhhh……………let me have some fun !!!


Ordinary Guy said...

ROFL!!!! nee para vechan expert annallo!!! for other people :P

kollam aliya, ingane thane vennam :P

Badz said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :-P

You're evil Vimmuuuu. ;-)

Smita said...

Liked your idea of revenge that exactly what i would have done :D but tell me why is he going to meet a maid? Anyways at the end of your post i was wondering who is madder You or him and trust me you win hands down.

Bedazzled said...

i wouldnt want to antagonize u !!! ;-) .. why would he wanna go and meet the maid? and why wold the wife want him to meet the maid ?? crazy !

soneeta said...

so itz a war game now..."u do it,ill also do it".

good..have fun.we r just getting some intresting thngs in ur blog.

now i wonder y u dont have a maid??

Ashwathy said...

LOL blog-ilum aareyum veruthe vidaruthu... officilum aareyum veruthe vidaruthu tta!! :P

ithrayeum paarayum bomb-um missile-um oppikkan ariyaam le? to be fair to the other guy, u were the one who started it! and now that he has started his revenge... I'd like to see where this ends up.. ithippozhengum theeran pokunnilla magane! :P

all said and done, that 55-er was ROFL worthy :D :D and what a timing for this guy to say it! if he'd said it even 1 week before, it wudnt be this funny!! talk about irony!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

hahaha...u wicked man!!!:D
"What...u a fan of Shiney"...
poor guy:)..u should have clicked his picture as well:D

vishesh said...

poor fellow... :P

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Lol! With all this bai-sexual Shiney stuff all over the media, this friend of urs has a lot to lose ;)

hitchwriter said...

me asks :

but why was he going to meet the maid ??

partywithneha said...

hehehe..... vimmuuu you are nasty! I like that :D

And why was he gonna meet the maid??!!

Solilo said...


Going all the way to B'lore to meet a maid?! :D :D

Smitha said...

You wicked wicked boy!!!

But seriously - why is he going all the way to Bangalore to meet this maid? Poor guy - his fate, that his maid meeting plans have come right around Shiney's minutes of fame :)

I am sure they might have dropped the idea altogether after what you did :)

Rakesh said...

whaaat a supporting wife!!
and hey.. will u tell ur friend to fwd tht mail to me? buhahaha

Sakhi said...

ROFL... :D :D Bechara!!

Anu Russell said...

I wud not want to sit next to you...then i wud have to shut up...for the amount of clumsies i do I will feature in ur blog everyday...

eye-in-sty-in said...


Pixie said...

LOL!!! Errr.. Vimmuu...why did he go to meet his maid?!

Anonymous said...


indyeahforever said...

you are EVIL! :D

PS:-remind me to stay in your err good books :P

writerzblock said...

Seriously! Why was he going to meet his maid? And btw, aren't you totally J? He's got both his wife AND his maid!

Lazarus Mario said...

Vimuuuu ,,,, on a jovial note its fine ,,,, but then its disheartening to know that you have made the privacy of that person public ,,, now the next time even if he is going to meet the maid as you claim ,, he would not tell you for sure ………

That rings a bell ,, I remember you telling me that you had a maid at your place and due to something she parted ways with you ……… ALARMING !!!!

Reema said...

seeing the mean side of u..

vimmuuu said...

@ OG :

yes, yes. Paara vekkunnadu njaan oru thozhilaakki maati ! LOL.

@ Badz :

I know. LOL.

@ Smita :

You would take revenge too ?? Its obviously me, who is madder. Havnt you known me yet ?? LOL.

@ Bhargavi :

I have no clue. I shouldnt be interfering in his private life. LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Soneeta :

What if I had a maid ??? LOL

@ Ashwathy :

Aareyum verude vidunna pazhakkam njangal errr...kudumbakkaarkkilla !! LOL

I was the one who started it alright. But he didnt have to provoke me later on. LOL.

I know, Shiney to the rescue :D

@ Richa :

Clicked his picture??? Now, whos mean ??? LOL !!!

@ Vishesh :

Who, me ??? LOL

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

He already lost his peace of mind with this post ! LOL

@ Dhiren :

No clue dude. His life is already complicated ! Why contribute more ? LOL.

@ Neha :

We shouldnt interfere in his maids private life, you see; so, I didnt ask him ! LOL

@ Solilo :

I knowww. Heights, right ?

vimmuuu said...

@ Smitha 2 :

LOL, i didnt ask him about his visit. His wife didnt know about this post yet. He must check his horoscopes very soon. LOL.

@ Rakesh :

You devil. you are the only person who asked for the forward !!! Will mail it you !

@ Sakhi :

You called Bechara me, right ?

@ Anu :

LOL, NOW people dont want to sit next to me !! :D

vimmuuu said...

@ E.I.S.I :


@ Pixie :

No idea. Probably, we should ask his wife for the real story ! LOL

@ Anonymous:

ROFL...no, not him. I mentioned 'innocent'. How can it be KK ? LOL.

@ Indyeah :

You better. Me and OG are already planning something!! Buhahahhahaha !!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Pal :

Hmmm...now why didnt I think of that ?? Lucky him ! Now, Im jealous. LOL.

@ Mario :

why do I need to know when he services his maid ?? LOL. and there is no issue of privacy here. I had just mentioned the maids name, right? :D and moreover, he asked for it. I warned him, he didnt bother to listen to me.

LOL, now where did you get this info. I never had a maid. Im scared of them !!!

@ Reema :

You are just seeing it now?? I have always been mean in the comments, right? LOL

kanagu said...

LOL Vimal :)

Badz said...

You and OG are planning something?? Sounds DANGERIOUS!! ;-)

Badz is on BEST BEHAVIOUR now! :-D

Chiranjib said...

good one :)

Vee said...

Everyone is having fun at the expense of MAID(s)....:)

amit said...

Did you *maid* this up?

vimmuuu said...

@ Kanagu :


@ Badz :

LOL. You all better be !!! Calling OG right away .....

@ Chiranjib :


@ Vee :

You dont want to ??? LOL.

@ Amit :

LOL, you should have seen that guys face when he knew about this post. :D

verbivorehere said...

LOL!! so much like you!! :P

Swaram said...

First time here n am confused. The man was gng to meet his maid?

And here I am waiting to take leave n go meet the family and I am saying no time. Shame on me :P

But seriously, what a timing for that man to go meet the maid ;)

And u don't want to get into his private life aa? If u do get to know, pls let me know y he was gng to meet the maid so that I can work in peace :P