May 31, 2008

I killed him !!!

Yes, I had to do it. I would have spared him if I had a choice.

It all began on a very hot and sultry night; about three weeks back. I was trying to catch up some sleep that day, inspite of the heat when all of a sudden, I started hearing a wierd noise. A noise which was like piercing a thousand spears right into my eardrum. I tried to figure it out where it came from but was in vain. This happened all the following nights and one day I actually got to see him. Unfortunately, I didnt have the energy to approach him at that time and to my bad luck, he never appeared in front of me since then. He kept driving me nuts each day. If only he had the guts to do, whatever that he does, in front of me! Why me, why does he have to torture me of all people and even if he wanted to, why doesnt he pick up someone of his own size? All these thoughts kept coming, on and forth, in my mind. My search began for the answers and it seems, this is what he does to attract females. One hell of an annoying pervert; showing off at the expense of my sleep ! Thats it. I couldnt hold it any longer.

I kept waiting for a right opportunity to finish him once and for all. The day-May 30th, at 3 in the morning, when he usually gets busy with his showing off activities, I started searching for him. Somehow, he knew of my plans and began to make his moves. He fled, I chased and it continued for a while. The place slowly started becoming a mess, furnitures were moved here and there. I wasnt bothered at all. My only aim was to eliminate him. His pleading never reached my ears, and as if I cared! He must have realised his mistake and must have also knew that his end wasnt too far. He stopped moving and I finally managed to corner him. I moved towards him with my swollen eyes. I had been deprived of sleep for the last two weeks and there he is, in front of me, the reason for my zombie look. Only then it clicked me that in my anxiety to finish him, I forgot to get hold of any kind of weapon. Cant kill him with my hands; it was next to impossible and moreover, I didnt want any kind of stain on my body. I slowly retreated with the fear that he might escape once again and this time for good. Well, to my surprise, he did not move at all till I got what I wanted. Perhaps, he was too tired and was waiting for his death. He stood still as if everything was over. Now, I felt bad for him and thought of forgiving him. I decided to give him another chance and to take up the issue with him later during the day. But wait, he started moving. He scared me by moving frantically in circles. What a mind reader! I realised, this could probably be his way of striking an attack; an attack all of a sudden!!! He leaped towards me with his full vigour, I took out my weapon and fired at him; all at the same time(it would have been a great slow motion sequence in a movie). Eveything happened at the blink of an eyelid. Phoooooooooooooosh!

He fell on the floor with a last minute struggle for life. I had no regrets. I decided to let him go, but he provocated me. I had to suffocate him to death. I could not sleep after that too. It was not because of the guilt. His death happened to be in my room and his spirit could be still roaming around, who knows; it was not a natural death, right? I blocked all possible ways for his family to come and visit, what if they wanted to take a revenge on me. I buried him the same day in the nearby compound so that none of the scavangers can approach him.

It was just today that I came to know his identity. They call him Linnaeus a.k.a. Achetus Domesticus and he hails from the Gryllidae family.
May his soul rest in peace !!!

Update : Earlier titled -- "I am a murderer!" .The clarification is available in a post after this.

May 29, 2008

Current Favs : May 5th - May 29th

1 Jaane Tu Mera Kya from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Hindi)
2 Mehfuz from Aamir (Hindi)
3 Meherbaan from Ada (Hindi)
4 Maine Hawa Ke from Mere Baap Pehle Aap (Hindi)
5 Pyaar Ke Liye from Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (Hindi)
6 Manjil Kulikkum from Verudey oru Bhaarya (Malayalam)
7 Milo Na Milo from Love Story 2050 (Hindi)
8 Aazhiyile Mukkulikkum from Dhaam Dhoom (Tamil)
9 Kurai Onrum from Aran En 305 il Kadavul (Tamil)
10 Mukunda from Dasavatharam (Tamil/Hindi)

May 24, 2008

Old wine in a blue bottle ! (50th Post)

Its new and its all blue !

I have been searching for a while to change the template of this space. Moreover, there were people suggesting me to change it too because of the dark background. Unfortunately I wasnt too happy with the existing templates that blogger had. It was just yesterday that I was searching in google for tips to add tabs in the blog when I accidently bumped into a site which had this template. I have done a couple of HTML coding here and there to modify it to the way I wanted and now it goes with the name of the blog too. All I need to do now is add a couple of elements in the sidebars.

Please do send in ur comments and suggestions to make it look better (or to stop this blogging thing once and for all).

May 22, 2008

Song: Innale (Malayalam); Movie: Balettan (2003)

This is the first malayalam song that I had attempted through karaoke and also one among the very few malayalam songs that I have ever sung too. Its always been either Tamil or Hindi for me on stage or in public forums. But I got through my college audition only by singing a malayalam song; Marukkumo from the movie Karunyam.

This particular song is from the Mohanlal starrer Balettan which infact was a comeback movie for him. After a series of his one man show movies that were disasters at the box office, this movie catapulted his superstar status once again. While watching this movie, during the interval, I heard someone in the crowd yelling, " Lalettan is back" in malayalam and to my surprise it was my very own maternal uncle !

To listen in a better way :

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May 16, 2008

Start.... Action....Cut !!! -- Bollywood

How difficult would it be for some of the stars from tinsel town to go against the odds and perform roles that they havent tried yet? and would it be possible for us to accept them in their new avatar?

Well, here are certain characters that I would want to see some of todays lead actors in Bollywood perform(I am not taking the actresses into consideration here, ‘cause not most of the time we get to see a heroine-centric subject in our movies. Moreover, most of todays heroines are busy getting themselves into a bikini!).

To begin with, how about SRK as a cop? I guess, he played a cop just once in 1, 2 ka 4(sans uniform) and there were also a couple of other movies where he appeared in the uniform. But we have never seen King Khan wearing the Khakhee ‘vardi’ yet. A sleek, stylish hardcore action movie along with SRKs high energy, attitude and newly toned body, would be something to look out for.

Aamir Perfectionist Khan as a serial killer. No sad past, no flashbacks, no spiteful revenge; the character is bad and he is bad for no reason. We missed seeing him in Darr and we hardly got to watch a negative Aamir in Fanaa and Earth. For a person who hasn’t tried his skills yet in a full fledged negative role, this would surely be a challenge.

Salman Khan in a lead role based on the cartoon series Johnny Bravo. I cant imagine any other actor in Bollywood today for this role. For those who do not have an idea on the cartoon, Johnny Bravo is a handsome dim-witted narcissict who is always a failure with women. And of course, this role would be in complete contrast to Salmans repetitive appearances as a love guru in No entry, Jaaneman and Partner.

Hrithik Roshan in a slightly off beat movie playing the role of a prisoner who had been sentenced to life time imprisonment. Roshan Jr. mite not be having a flair towards comedy roles, but if given a role that has the scope for him to perform emotionally or frustrated, he does with élan. And btw its high time he shed his good looks and did powerful roles.

If there is one actor who has improved a lot in terms of his dialogue delivery and comic timing over the years, its none other than our King Kumar. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Akshay enact a hilarious alcoholic criminal lawyer on screen? Some one who gets drunk all the time(not inside the court, of course) and lands up in trouble. Since Akki is being so repetitive these days, it would be a pleasure watching him in the courts trial room making use of his usual wits, charm and one liners to win the legal proceedings. Oh oh, and how can I forget that famous gum exhibiting grin of his!!!

Saif Ali Khan as a young educated politician who aims at reforming the country(inspired by Rahul Gandhi ??). A character that has only good intentions but uses his shrewdness to win over his contemporaries. It’s always a revelation to watch Saif perform meaningful roles, a natural actor that he is, and I am sure he would do complete justice to this role.

...out of context but ‘actors’ like Tusshar Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Dino Moreo, Upen Patel – please stay away from the industry! ASAP !!!

PS : I will be coming out with my version of Kollywood as well. Stay

May 9, 2008

Current Favs : Apr 4th - May 5th

The songs of the much hyped Dasavatharam sounds very similar to Himeshs' previous attempts in Hindi. A truly disappointing album. Hope the movie would highlight the songs. The other new entrants are Kuruvi, Dhaam Dhoom and Woodstock Villa.

1 Tashan Mein from Tashan (Hindi)
2 Pallaanadhu from Kuruvi (Tamil)
3 Aazhiyile from Dhaam Dhoom (Tamil)
4 Kadhal Sei from Aran En 305 il Kadavul (Tamil)
5 Yeh Pyaar Hai from Woodstock Villa (Hindi)
6 Mukunda from Dasavatharam (Tamil/Hindi)
7 Yengeyo Paartha Mayakkam from Yaaradi Nee Mohini (Tamil)
8 Ee Raavin from Mulla (Malayalam)
9 Dheere Dheere from Shaurya (Hindi)
10 Jogi Aaya from Black and White (Hindi)

May 1, 2008

Song : Ey chilippi (Telugu); Movie: Gharshana (2004)

This song is originally sung by Srinivas and is from the Telugu movie Gharshana that starred Venkatesh and Asin. Its a remake of the Tamil Hit " Khakka Khakka" and music director Harris Jeyaraj had retained all the songs from the original except this one.

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Trivia :

Harris Jeyaraj had reused the song in a Tamil movie "Thotti Jaya" later on. The film flopped and so the song never got noticed too. Moreover, the Tamil version was a duet and according to me wasnt that impressive as the Telugu one.

To listen in a better way :

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