Feb 25, 2009

Final Part - The Stars Scream Award (Winners)

...........Continued from Part 1

Aamir Khan, who craves for only attention these days, deliberately came in during the middle of the show. When enquired about his presence at an award function, he said he no longer believed in the Oscars since his TZP was left out and also mentioned that he’d come as a blogger and not as anyone from the film industry ! He made himself comfortable in the first row where the bloggers sat. Aaaaarti, who had stepped out for a while, returned and requested him to move from her seat(seat no.10). The insulted Khan refused to move and both the A’s argued until Archana(AV), intervened and confused them by relating their argument with theories of Physics.

Speaking of A's, Apars son ‘A’ was approached by Amol Gupte for his remake of TZP, this time according to his whims and fancies. The confirmation is yet to come from the mother though.

Another surprise that came up during the show was when SRK was asked to present the award for the Worst Actor to current arch rival Salman. Both the Khans weren’t looking at each other, yet a plastic smile was seen on both the faces. The whole auditoriums attention turned to Smita who was weeping as soon as Salmans name was declared. She couldn’t bear the sight of Salman receiving the worst actor trophy and left the auditorium immediately. Salman with his usual wits declared during his acceptance speech that it was SRK who deserved the award for his awful performance in RNBDJ and requested SRK to share the award along with him. The shameless person that SRK is, agreed, and remarked that since he wouldn’t be receiving any of the awards this year, he would only be obliged to share this award with Salman. Meanwhile, Varun, in the absence of Salman, was trying to woo Katrina by singing his version of ‘zara zara touch me, touch me’. Both Salman and Varun were missing in the auditorium after sometime. Rakesh, a new blogger and winner of the Best Mallu Wins post in V-lokam, felt so disgusted when his favorite star SRK, agreed to share the award with Salman. He started booing at the producers of the awards and also stated its stage management to increase the TV ratings. Rakesh was later thrown out of the auditorium when he went to the extent to throwing rotten eggs at the producers.

Yash Raj Films won the award for The Worst Production House and Rani Mukherjee was called on stage to give away the trophy to Aditya Chopra. But before even Adi could finish his acceptance speech, a group of men wearing pink chaddis barged into the auditorium asking the event managers to stop the show. Such award ceremonies, according to them, are not a part of the Indian culture and even if celebrities are to be felicitated, it should be done with shawls and gold coins instead of trophies and cups. The securities tried their best to evacuate the hooligans but they just went haywire inside the auditorium trying to attack the celebrities and bloggers. However, this time, the pink chaddi gundaas were at the receiving end. The celebrities as usual hid themselves and chose to stay away from all the trouble. But the bloggers had no second thoughts on keeping calm and released all their suppressed frustrations on the Sene waalas. All the exit doors were locked and the moral policing gundaas were attacked till they cried for mercy. The police force intervened and brought the situation under control in sometime. The award ceremony thus ended on a sad note for the producers as they incurred heavy losses.

Later that evening, the entire film industry and bloggers had discussions together and took a vow to expel such anti-social criminals from our country for good !

Ho, Whaaaat a night !!!

Bloggers who couldn’t turn up :

Vishesh – His mom didn’t let him go!
Solilo - She was held up at the immigration in the airport because she couldn’t produce a proof for her Spanish name.
Nikhil – Said he doesn’t like Bollywood !
Rekha – Below 18 years were not allowed.
Bhargavi – Above 70 years were not allowed !
Kanagu – He planned with his friends to come who later on ditched him.
Nimmy – She burnt her cake and was at home preparing another one.
Rakesh Vanamali – He was not allowed to take his camera and he didn’t want to enter without it.
Praveen – Iron Maiden had a concert on the same day and he didn’t want to miss it.
Aparna – Said her sun signs and moon signs collided with her comet signs and wasn’t supposed to travel.
Amit – Got lost in Manchester while taking snaps. Wasn’t reachable.
Sakhi – She had a cocktail of sambar and coke the previous night that upset her stomach.
Arvind – New job, no leave !
Chiranjib – He kept arguing with a cab guy just outside the auditorium since he was particular about every penny.
Ajit – Couldn’t find a matching lungi for his blazer !
Priya – Was too busy making comebacks !
Rads – Her smart kids locked her at home.
Nova - She declined the invitation saying she would go only for Filmfare awards since Filmfare is her favourite magazine.
Remya – Misplaced her jewellery and thus missed her flight.
Alice – Didn’t know the route from Wonderland to Bangalore.
Ambili – Arrived after everyone packed up!

The Star Scream Awards - Results

WORST FILM - Drona WORST DIRECTOR - Subhash Ghai (Yuvvraaj) WORST ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE (MALE) - Salman Khan (God Tussi Great Ho, Yuvvraaj)
WORST ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE (FEMALE) - Amisha Patel (Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic)
WORST DEBUT - Harman Baweja (Love Story 2050)
WORST CAMEO - Jaya Bachchan (Drona)
WORST SCREENPLAY - Vijay Kumar Acharya (Tashan)

For those who came in late, please find the nominations here.

(Thanks a lot, everyone, for being sportive (anticipatory bail, you see!). I am sure the non bloggers would have felt a little bad (or relieved); dont worry, the next time I will have a dig at you people too)

Feb 22, 2009

Part 1 - The Stars Scream Awards (Winners)

Disclaimer : This is just a work of fiction. The author had fun with the celebrities and the bloggers equally (most of the bloggers attributes mentioned here are related to their posts) and if you find anything offensive here, I apologise on behalf of him. Inspite of the apology, if you still want to hunt him down, I will help you.
Ho, Whaaaat a night !!!

Bangalore had never witnessed such a star packed award night ever. Unfortunately, the night didn’t end happily as it was expected. Stars literally screamed the hearts out and had to run for their life.

The celebrities from different film industries had a green carpet welcome. They were kind enough to participate in the Stars Scream awards, even though the whole nation was waiting with bated breath for the Oscar results. All that glittered in the auditorium were not only celebrities this time, we had bloggers too from different parts of the world. V-lokam is thankful to all the bloggers who made it a memorable night with their presence.

Kareenas ‘Chaliya Chaliya’ performance kick started the night. Towards the end of the dance, she fell unconscious and collapsed on the stage. Since Saif was abroad shooting for his home production, Shahid had to rush her to a nearby hospital. Pradeep went along with Shahid because he wanted to show off his new tattoo to Kareena. Kareena could not attend the function since then and was admitted for dehydration; effects of being size zero.

What happened after that shocked the entire film industry! Sajjid Khan and Ashutosh Gowarikar walked hand in hand onto the stage to host the show. Together they created a laugh riot on stage, every time Sajjid cracked a joke, Ashutosh would shut him up and continue from where he stopped. Performances from celebrities like Bipasha, Priyanka, Katrina Kaif, Amisha Patel, Salman Khan, Akshay, and Hrithik ended up as mere gap fillers and weren’t entertaining enough. Amitabh Bachchan gave away the Life time achievement awards to Tusshar Kapoor and Rakhi Sawant. Both the stars looked pleased, as they had never won an award before. Rakhi as usual did a mistake by delivering an acceptance speech in English. Reema got up every now and then to correct her grammar and pronunciation. This irked Oxy who is a die hard fan of Rakhi which resulted in a war of words between Oxy and Reema. It was at this time Hrithik gave his performance on stage which went on unnoticed. Verbivorehere was seen sulking because her favorite star was dancing like a worm and none were interested.

There were a couple of disinterested bloggers too. IHM was busy writing as many as three posts on Womans Day and she wanted to publish all of them on the 8th of March. Su and Pavan (Anniyan) were busy with their respective laptops trying to figure out new scripts and languages. Vinay, who arrived after a lot of persuasion, appeared completely lost and was in a different world altogether. Sanjay Dutt when asked to give away the Worst Actress award to Minisha Lamba for Kidnap, claimed once again how women should include their husbands name as their last name. He also went ahead and demanded Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to remove the ‘Rai’ from her name which according to him is a clear sign of disrespect to the Bachchan family. Sanju Babas statement was counter argued by Abhisheik asking him to mind his own business when he was on stage along with Aishwarya to present the Worst Cameo award to mom, Jaya Bachchan. Amar Singh had to interfere and clear the whole confusion. Poonam, who was least bothered about such politics, wanted to know if she could interview some the celebrity bloggers present, but since there were so many stars who had their own blog now, she didn’t know with whom to start from. Vinod was seen running behind celebrities too; he wanted them to read his script especially the recent one on the eunuch ghost. Oorja, meanwhile, with her obsessive compulsive disorder for cleanliness created headache for all those incharge of hospitality. A couple of celebrities were also shouted at for littering !

Anil Kapoor who had two nominations couldn’t make it up for the event. He had sent an apology mail through his brother Sanjay Kapoor asking the makers to pass on the awards to Sanjay if at all he wins. He also apologized for not being a part of it because he is supposed to jump like a small kid if Danny Boyle announces his name on winning the Oscar. The best and the most heart whelming acceptance speech was delivered by Harman when he received the Worst Debut award from Rakesh Roshan. He began his speech thanking his dad for all the efforts and hard work put in the movie and concluded saying that this recognition is infact for the man who brought him into this world and for making him the person that he is today. Harry who was a part of the audience applauded while Roshan Sr. left the stage moist eyed !
More to come, please stay browsed to V-lokam.............

Feb 17, 2009

Song : Ellaapugazhum ; Movie : Azhagiya Tamizh Magan (Tamil - 2007)

Updated after complaints : For some reason, the player doesnt work in this particular blog template. It worked when uploaded and I suppose some of them could listen to it also. I never had a problem all these months in uploading my songs here, Sigh!!! Rough time it is !
However, it works perfectly in V-mphony, the other blog that I exclusively use for uploading songs. The link is provided, request you to listen it from there until I correct this issue. Regret for inconvenience.

This is one of A.R.Rahmans most under rated song, thanks to the lead actor and the movie!!! Great music, awesome rendition, hard hitting lyrics, excellent choreography, yet the song didnt make waves among the music lovers as expected. If you listen carefully, the first two lines (not the chorus bit) of the song slighlty resembles the beginning interlude of the Golden Globe winner 'Jai Ho' song. Like all A.R.R songs, even this song would take its own sweet time to grow on you, and once it does, I am sure you would remain hooked to it for a while.

I take this opportunity to wish A.R.R. all the best for the Oscars and this rendition of mine is dedicated to him for making each of us proud. People who understand tamil would know the reason why I dedicated this particular song. Going by the lyrics, there just cant be another perfect song from the A.R.R stable itself to wish him all the best. My tamilian friends, it would be great if one of you could translate (Nautankey, not again, huh?) this song and leave it as a comment for the rest of them to understand.

Alternate link to the song in V-mphony :

Trivia :

In terms of high pitch notes, this is my toughest song till date. Towards the end of the song, it goes to a screeching high note that I lost my voice for a couple of days(am not kidding!). I still wonder how A.R.R sang it with such grace, kudos to him ! This, again, is one of my first few attempts at recording and after this song, I had'nt strained my voice with such risks until Chaiyya Chaiyya came up.

(Though 'Chale Chalo' from Lagaan was my initial choice to upload, I went ahead with this since it has been so long since I uploaded a Tamil song)

To listen in a better way :

  • Please wait till the entire song streams.
  • Try using a headset/earphone for the overall sound clarity.

You could find the lyrics to this song here.

Feb 15, 2009

Hate is too big a word while Love is too small !

People, this post will go nowhere, its supposed to be this way, completely haywire. In case you expect a beginning and an end, I am sorry.
.......….and yeah, don’t expect anything in the body too !

Feb 14th is one day which I will remember forever; especially this years’. I made a couple cry; no, I made them weep. He searched for his lungis end to wipe his tears while she found resort on the pillow; for a solid 2 and a half hours. I had no regrets making my parents weep on a day when they are supposed to be only loved. And partly responsible for this is Aamir Khan. I made them watch one of his movies. No, not Mann or Mela and for those who couldn’t tolerate Ghajini, its not that either. They were a little hesitant initially to watch a Hindi flick, because according to my dad, Hindi movies doesn’t reflect the common man problems and is filled with flashy songs, foreign locales, item numbers and dakkooos !! So I literally made them watch Taare Zameen Par, and now thanks to Aamir, I could convince my dad to watch some of the best Hindi movies that were released recently.

I normally don’t celebrate Feb 14th. Not because it’s a day named after some saint and that I don’t believe in it. And also not because I was expecting pink chaddis to reach my apartment. My mom was born 54 years ago on this day and on this particular day I have always given priority only to my mom that no other woman can take that place even in the future. I don’t get involved in any of the valentine day activities, though I have never gifted my mom anything on her birthday all these years (hiding my face!). This year when I really wanted to, she wasn’t ready to accept asking me not to spend !!! Mothers, I say !!! All I could do was take them out for a wonderful dinner along with her relatives (yeah, they happen to be my relatives too !). and to further satisfy my quench, I took all of them to a mushy Tamil movie (Abhiyum Naanum) today. Well, once again, they weeped and were happy ! LOL.

Btw, I just wanted a couple of you to know that Valentines Day isn’t celebrated among lovers alone. Its just a day to show your love, and it could be to your brother, sister, mom, dad, grandparents, best friend, neighbour (of course, not his wife !) anyone ! Some of you might find it incestuous or weird, but to me its not. “Its all about loving your family”(quoted by Karan Johar). I had received a card long ago from my brother and there are hundreds of them available on net and probably the hallmark / archie store next to you. Search in the net and you will know more !

There is nothing wrong in expressing love through cards, gifts or even through gestures. I have no idea how to and I can’t. It doesn’t mean my heart is made up of any hard metal, I express what I feel for others by giving them small surprises, by making them cheerful, being with them even if they don’t need, by not giving up on them and by not letting them down, given any circumstance. I give all attention that I can, but when people demand attention that is beyond my capacity, it suffocates me. And in my struggle to breathe, they start judging and arriving at their own conclusions of what I feel for them. Further attempts to suffocate me in terms of self pitying or attention seeking are nothing but torture! I do have emotions, but demanding sympathy with an over dose of emotions is equal to tormenting me. Believe me, self pitying is an art; only few can master it and if tried on vulnerable people, it is sure to work wonders! LOL. Such acts when exhibited publicly are even big a turn off. Feelings, expressions, love, or, whatever they name it, are supposed to be within oneself or within a closed circle. Letting others know that one is hurt or obsessed with tinges of sadism is cheap and only relates to the emotional stability that one has.

On the other hand, hating a person for me is tough; unless provoked to an extent that I begin hating my own existence. I try my best not to, but at times, I am left with no choice. Also, don’t we hate and hurt certain people only because we love them more ???

Hate, according to me, is too big a word while Love is too small a word to express !!!

This post actually came up when people started questioning about my blog activities. They wanted to comment on some post that is not related to awards and tags ! LOL. I rarely write anything serious here, and thats because I dont know how to be that way. I know my limitations pretty well :D My posts and the comments that I leave in your blogs are more or less casual. Well, when you are not in your senses, you lose your humor and tend to incline towards philosophy !! and thats what happened to this post. Frankly speaking, I am using this space and my time to have some fun. and I must admit, in the process, I have learned a lot too. I would love to learn more, so all you fellow bloggers out there, keep blogging !!! LOL !

Pic courtesy Google and some Hugh !

PS : I did warn you about the structure of the post, didnt I ?

Feb 11, 2009

19 : 19

A new blog friend, Solilo, (the name is indeed a tongue twister) got me tagged last week with this unique question : picture meme.

How to and what to :

1. You are given a set of questions.
2. Google the image which best suits the answer and post a picture from first page of image search with minimal explanation.
3. After you finish tag 6 other blogger friends and let them know.

Here I go :

1.Your age on your next birthday

--- Sigh ! The person who created this tag is a sadist for sure.

2. A place you’d like to travel to

--- Sphinx…Pyramids…Mummies… Pharaohs….EGYPT it is….and how can i forget, Cleopatra too.

3. Your Favorite place

--- The place where my home is; Palakkad, Kerala.

4. Your favorite food/drink

--- Puttu Kadala (A kerala delicacy) / Orange juice.

5. Your favorite pet

--- Dogs.

6. Your favorite color combination

--- Red and Black. Dark and sexy !

7. Your favorite piece of clothing

--- Formal clothing for men, especially suits.

8. Your all time favorite song

--- Just not possible to arrive at one particular song.

9. Your favorite TV show

--- FRIENDS, anytime !

10. Full name of your significant other

---I am all by myself again, giving no more significance to 'others' !

11. The town in which you live

--- Chennai. I just cant get enough of this place.

12. Your screen name/nickname

--- Vimmuuu. This signature was created for V-lokam and I am glad to have found it when googled. For people wondering about the weird spelling, check it out here.

13. Your first job
--- Have always been in Sales, which people these days refer with a better term, Business Development. ( Yeyyy, I have always wanted to have such a photo in my blog !)

14. Your Dream Job
--- To be a playback singer; cant call it a job though.

15: Bad Habit you have

--- I trust people blindly and end up in trouble only because of that.

16. Your worst fear

--- “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” - Franklin D.Roosevelt

17. The one thing you would like to do before you die

--- Yeah, Live ! I feel some of us just exist in this world; I'd want to live my life atleast once before I leave.

8. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

--- Will not spend a penny from that! LOL. Deposit the cash in a bank, quit work, sit at home and enjoy the monthly interest.

19.Your favourite credo in life.

--- Be positive.
--- Be yourself.

--- Keep smiling.

Now for my revenge and this time I have decided to tag some of my new blog friends :

Remya, Chiranjib, Oorja, Amit, Archie, Praveen

All the best guys !

Pics courtesy Google

Feb 9, 2009

Awards, Badges, ARRahman and some nonsense !

Who doesnt like appreciations and recognitions? We all do, and even if we dont deserve them, we accept it wholeheartedly. LOL. Didnt Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya and Vivek accept the Padma Shri awards without shame? Didnt Saif Ali Khan accept the National Award for Best Actor for his so called 'realistic' acting in Hum Tum ? Well, we dont deserve certain awards/recognitions and certain awards/recognitions dont deserve us too. I really dont know how many of these awards in the sidebar here actually deserve to be there but I am thankful to all the fellow bloggers for keeping me in mind while distributing these awards.

...and now its my turn to pass these over to the rest of the blogosphere. These awards which are in the move for quite sometime now would have already reached some of you. The worst part is I have no clue on the bloggers who are already recipients of these awards. Therefore, I sincerely request those who havent received these awards to feel free and accept them on behalf of me and V-Lokam. Also please follow the blog rules by passing these awards on. (Some of these are infact not awards as such, but yeah, whatever !!)

Since we are already at these award declarations and thankyous, I thought I will share this thankyou speech of Rakesh after winning the Best Mallu Wins contest :

" Thanx a lot for ur love n support ppl!GOD BLESS U ALL!
I would like to dedicate this award to the my late goat who was brutally murdered during the making of this translation.He was indeed ,one great tasty living thing.I should have warned him before he began writing abt the cross n other religious stuff! Too bad he is gone now...this award is for u goatie!! sob sob
and dude..phewwww..thnk god...i was really scared tht the 1st prize would be the CD of ur chaiyya chaiiya song!!hehe..Anway,i hope i will be getting tht purse in the middle ,which has ur money n UR credit card in it!And will i be getting the ice creams too??...well u see.i am one of those weird ppl who doesnt use a wallet.i wish to walk freely without the burden of extra weight..i dont like carrying wallets coz it affects my aerodynamics.So i will just keep ur money and credit card. hehe..once again THANKUUU V-LOKAM & Vimal bhai!! "

You could display the below badges in your blog but only if you really believe in them.

Let me finish this post by sharing you the picture of the Oscar nominees this year. This is perhaps the first time I am excited about the Oscars; no, this IS the first time. It would be a proud moment for each one of us when the firangs call out 'A.R.Rahman' on Feb 22nd.

Right click on the image and save it for a better view. I have circled ARR in the picture.

PS : The makers of Stars Scream Awards have been approached by the Oscar committee asking them to postpone their award declaration ceremony by a week. The Oscar team feels that the Stars Scream Awards, hosted by V-Lokam on the 21st of Feb this year, is going to steal their thunder ! According to reliable sources, the talks are still going on and I personally dont see the producers of Stars Screen Awards agreeing to the conditions of the Oscars !

Feb 4, 2009

The Best Mallu Wins - Results

Its time for the much awaited (bah..!) results for the Best Mallu Wins contest. The winner receives one of the wallet that’s in the picture below :
There’s something for the others too for their participation. It’s a gift voucher from Baskin Robbins worth Rs.100. Thanks a lot guys.
And the winner is Rakesh, for his complete nonsensical translation. It is nowhere related to what I meant in the actual post. Rakesh as far as I know is a complete weirdo and is one of the few SRK fans still alive. He has been a regular commentor here right from the beginning and has just started blogging too. And I don’t know if I should feel happy or ashamed to tell this, but he says I am his inspiration. Now, that’s the second person to get inspired from V-lokam ! They would have thought, “if this guy can, then why not me , huh?”

Ok, guys, now all that I need is your postal address, and so request you to send it to vimmuuu@gmail.com at the earliest for shipment.

Below is the award winning post and the way it was translated. Non-mallus, you aint gonna enjoy this, I am sorry.

"this postman is cutting mutton[our poor goat] near the lake!!!"
Ee lekhanam oru lekku ketta mattaaa !!!

Randaayirathi ezhu kazhinju kondirikkumbol, enikku oru cheriya budhi thonni.
After 2007 while I was drinking kanji,i had a small brain
Randaayirathi ettilu ente ee kochu lokathilu ente maathrubaashayil oru lekhanam ezhudiyaalo ennu.
In 2008 one of my daughters in the world decided to write a love letter in my country language to the post man.
Adum aangaleya vaakkugal ottum upayogikaande !
My uncle walks with a goat without using an auto.
Kashtamaanennu enikku appazhey thonni, kaaranam njaan chindikkunnadum pravarthikkunnadum aangaleyathilaanu.
I felt like nature calling me[shitting], Coz if I feel I do it with my uncle
Uttavaurde koode maathramaanu ente maathrubaashayude prayogam.
I use my country language only near a closed nest or maybe in the closet!
Enikkaanengil swantham baashayil theerey ezhudaanum arinjooda.
if I am a man I can tell bad words to my close ones and also I will gave seven sacrifices to a judo master named arin
Ente orma sheriyaanengil, idinu munpe idu pole ezhudiyadu paththilu padikkumbozhaanennaa.
I had a short term memory loss before.. I wrote on a pole where a dog was in the loo near my door step singing a song “zhannoo.. shanoo..nanena”
Anganey ikkollam kazhiyaaraayi, enaalum pandaaradangan oru vishayavum kittiyilla ezhudaan.
I tried to kill hanuman in kollam after 6 am… then kungu panda alias dangan [younger brother of dingan] tried to find a kitty seven times.
Kashtam thane, alley? Pinnendinaa ee koppu aarambichennaavum palavarudeyum
Shit near the alley! Thn why is the cops questioning the Arabic and Chinese and the man frm pala simply
Endaa cheyya, njaan onnilu irangi thirichaal, adu poorthiyaakkaande vidoola.
Wht will I do? I went into 1 underground and lighted a Chaala[fish]..the poor goat saw the fire and now he wont leave it..
Pinne vichaarichoo idippo ezhudiyaalum aaraa vaayikkyaa?
Thn I thought I write abt idiyappam[beating cake]..i have to feed 6 mouths
Ente ee oru lokathilu, parichayam ullavaril malayaligal kammiya.
One malayalee kameena stole my locket
Baakiyullavaru idu vaaayikkaan thuninjaal ente thalakku nalla asugam undennu karudum,
His friends beat me up near a pillar.my head feels so bad and I think I have a dust particle in my round eyes.
allengil ente ee lokathil edo maaragamaaya krimi pettu kidappundennu vichaarikkum.
It seems tht there was some dangerous virus reproducing inside my locket..now they r thinking abt kidnapping me..
Aaru endu vichaarichaalum pullaanennu karudaanum vayya.
Whtever the 6 ppl think abt me..i gave grass to the tired garuda bird.
Ivide ippo enikkaayittu oru nilayum vilayum undu, adu kalanju kudikaan njaan thayyarumalla.
I have a nice blue villa..and I wont allow my goat to drink and throw up in my house.
Njaan munbe soochipicha pole, endaa ezhudaa ennu aalochichu angudum ingudum nadannu.
I was in Mumbai, begging and selling needles near a pole, I used to write on the walls roaming here n there.
Oru ethum pidiyum kittunilla.
No one is touching me.
Nammude naatile ippozhathey sthithiye kurichu ezhudaa ennu paranjaal, adum malayalathilu, bayankara budhimuttaa.
We have an internet problem..our goat knows how to write in Malayalam..he wrote abt the cross..now he is in trouble
Kore ere vishakalanathinu sheshamaanu ee oru kali kalikkaam ennu vichaarichey.
After I lost many visas..i decided to take a bath after a long time.
Ivide ulla ellaa malayaligalkkum oru pani paninja maadiriyum aavum.
All the malyalis got infected by the virus.. now all r sick and mad
Idokke idey pole, valli pulli vidaandey, vaakugalude artham vethyaasam varuthaadey tharjama cheyya ennu paranjaa chillarakaaryaaa??
Thn this happened near a pole..a big spotted cheetah demaded us to know the meaning..we fried him added some tar and put him in a jar bottle and sold him for a few pennies.
Ee oru varsham inganey thanne avasaanikkanamennaavum avarude okke vidhi(orakkeychirikkunnu)!!!
Lets shout “eeeee” this year and sing near thane and this year might end if they r okay with idiot [ohh rakky laughing near the hill]

V-loka vikrithikal (in pic)
The poet is drunk[wheel] and is in critical condition! (veelo 'ka vi' krithikal)

Feb 2, 2009

Current Favs : Jan 01 - Feb 02

  1. Dev. D -the whole album (Hindi)Music : Amit Trivedi
  2. Dil Gira Kahin Par Daffatan from Delhi 6 (Hindi)Music : A.R.Rahman
  3. Sapnon Se Bhara Naina from Luck By Chance (Hindi)Music : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
  4. Mausam and Escape from Slumdog Millionaire (English)Music : A.R.Rahman
  5. Oiyaayiyaay from Ayan (Tamil)Music : Harris Jayaraj
  6. Melle Oorndhu Oorndhu from Nandalala (Tamil)Music : Ilayaraja
  7. Tere Naina from CC2C (Hindi)Music : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
  8. Megam Pole from Aanandha Thaandavam (Tamil)Music : G.V.Prakash
  9. Khudaaya Khair from Billu Barber (Hindi)Music : Pritam
  10. Kaise Mujhe Tum from Ghajini (Hindi)Music : A.R.Rahman