Feb 22, 2009

Part 1 - The Stars Scream Awards (Winners)

Disclaimer : This is just a work of fiction. The author had fun with the celebrities and the bloggers equally (most of the bloggers attributes mentioned here are related to their posts) and if you find anything offensive here, I apologise on behalf of him. Inspite of the apology, if you still want to hunt him down, I will help you.
Ho, Whaaaat a night !!!

Bangalore had never witnessed such a star packed award night ever. Unfortunately, the night didn’t end happily as it was expected. Stars literally screamed the hearts out and had to run for their life.

The celebrities from different film industries had a green carpet welcome. They were kind enough to participate in the Stars Scream awards, even though the whole nation was waiting with bated breath for the Oscar results. All that glittered in the auditorium were not only celebrities this time, we had bloggers too from different parts of the world. V-lokam is thankful to all the bloggers who made it a memorable night with their presence.

Kareenas ‘Chaliya Chaliya’ performance kick started the night. Towards the end of the dance, she fell unconscious and collapsed on the stage. Since Saif was abroad shooting for his home production, Shahid had to rush her to a nearby hospital. Pradeep went along with Shahid because he wanted to show off his new tattoo to Kareena. Kareena could not attend the function since then and was admitted for dehydration; effects of being size zero.

What happened after that shocked the entire film industry! Sajjid Khan and Ashutosh Gowarikar walked hand in hand onto the stage to host the show. Together they created a laugh riot on stage, every time Sajjid cracked a joke, Ashutosh would shut him up and continue from where he stopped. Performances from celebrities like Bipasha, Priyanka, Katrina Kaif, Amisha Patel, Salman Khan, Akshay, and Hrithik ended up as mere gap fillers and weren’t entertaining enough. Amitabh Bachchan gave away the Life time achievement awards to Tusshar Kapoor and Rakhi Sawant. Both the stars looked pleased, as they had never won an award before. Rakhi as usual did a mistake by delivering an acceptance speech in English. Reema got up every now and then to correct her grammar and pronunciation. This irked Oxy who is a die hard fan of Rakhi which resulted in a war of words between Oxy and Reema. It was at this time Hrithik gave his performance on stage which went on unnoticed. Verbivorehere was seen sulking because her favorite star was dancing like a worm and none were interested.

There were a couple of disinterested bloggers too. IHM was busy writing as many as three posts on Womans Day and she wanted to publish all of them on the 8th of March. Su and Pavan (Anniyan) were busy with their respective laptops trying to figure out new scripts and languages. Vinay, who arrived after a lot of persuasion, appeared completely lost and was in a different world altogether. Sanjay Dutt when asked to give away the Worst Actress award to Minisha Lamba for Kidnap, claimed once again how women should include their husbands name as their last name. He also went ahead and demanded Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to remove the ‘Rai’ from her name which according to him is a clear sign of disrespect to the Bachchan family. Sanju Babas statement was counter argued by Abhisheik asking him to mind his own business when he was on stage along with Aishwarya to present the Worst Cameo award to mom, Jaya Bachchan. Amar Singh had to interfere and clear the whole confusion. Poonam, who was least bothered about such politics, wanted to know if she could interview some the celebrity bloggers present, but since there were so many stars who had their own blog now, she didn’t know with whom to start from. Vinod was seen running behind celebrities too; he wanted them to read his script especially the recent one on the eunuch ghost. Oorja, meanwhile, with her obsessive compulsive disorder for cleanliness created headache for all those incharge of hospitality. A couple of celebrities were also shouted at for littering !

Anil Kapoor who had two nominations couldn’t make it up for the event. He had sent an apology mail through his brother Sanjay Kapoor asking the makers to pass on the awards to Sanjay if at all he wins. He also apologized for not being a part of it because he is supposed to jump like a small kid if Danny Boyle announces his name on winning the Oscar. The best and the most heart whelming acceptance speech was delivered by Harman when he received the Worst Debut award from Rakesh Roshan. He began his speech thanking his dad for all the efforts and hard work put in the movie and concluded saying that this recognition is infact for the man who brought him into this world and for making him the person that he is today. Harry who was a part of the audience applauded while Roshan Sr. left the stage moist eyed !
More to come, please stay browsed to V-lokam.............


Reema said...

"Abhisheik asking him to mind his own business "

Its Abhishek

"if she could interview some the celebrity bloggers present"

some of the

:D :D Have to live up to my reputation.

Nice post!! :D waiting for next part.

Vinz aka Vinu said...


Yeah, though after lots of persuasion i did come for the awards only to witness the golden moment of Tushar accepting the life time awards..!! Good for him..!!


Indyeah said...

Nice award ceremony!:D a rather interesting one:D

Rakesh said...

ohhhh now i get it!!!

no wonder he looks like hrithik roshan!!!


Varun said...

Please fit me in with Sonam Kapoor or Mahie Gill if at all she makes an appearance in the second part :)

Awesome post buddy! I am glad I came back :D

myheadtrip said...

My! My!! What imagination!!! :)

Ajit said...

hahahahaha :) good one mate...

Goofy Mumma said...

Hey, came here via Indyeah. Very happy to see the 'No Criminals' logo on your blog. Keep the fire going.

Smita said...

ha ha ha hilarious :D

BTW U have used all real names :-O and made so many digs at Reema :P

Waiting for part II :D

Sakhi said...

:D :D That was too good!! LOL

Wht imagination you have!!

Waiting for Part II :)

verbivorehere said...

hello u forgt to add tht vimal frm V-lokam was running infront of every camera and giving a 'side pose' so much so tht apart frm these snaps..no celebrities were captured!
Hrithik's dance..dont even dare to touch tht topic! ;P

oorjas said...

oh any day.... i'll make the life miserable for all those who litter.. :-)

i second verbivohere about the snaps.

vishesh said...

ha i am left out of this! :D

praddy said...

lol enjoyed reading it

and..u forgot to mention..i was heart broken cos Ayesha Takia announced her marriage..despite me showing the tattoo :(

Bedazzled said...

hee hee .. good read ..u can become a page 3 reporter looking if u do get bored with u r job !

Vee said...

Hehehehehe..... Wo kehte hai na, pyaar andha hota hai. I do not see any fault in Rakhi... For me, she is beyond correct english, grammar, expected mannerisms n all that jazz.

Thanks for giving her the award Sir.

Reema, I am still peeved at you. Bhaavnao ko samjha karo. Rakhi ne aakhir tumhara kya bigada hai...??

Reets said...

Hmm...simply superb..the way things are going rakhi might end up getting padmashree also...heheh

Anonymous said...

For the attention of all mallus here - In case you have not seen the movie Red Chillies, be informed that Biju Menon is the villain :-D

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

Grrrr...I am honored!!

@ Vinu :

LOL, you came to watch Tusshar get the awards???

@ Indyeah :

Thanks, I just hope the second part is worth the wait :D

@ Rakesh :

You just got it now. You have to watch LS 2050 then buddy !

vimmuuu said...

@ Varun :

Everything is already written. Cant change anything now. LOL. Wait for your name !

@ Apar :

I hope you say the same thing when your name appears ! LOL.

@ Ajit :

Retain this smile when you read ur part too! :D

@ Goofy Mamma :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

The fires there, but a few like minded people !

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

Of course, arent they are real people, right?

Too many digs at Reema, thats not true. wait for your name ! :D

@ Sakhi :

Keep smiling, keep smiling. Dont curse me later !

@ Verbivorehere:

At last, a reply from a person who is hurt !! :D

@ Oorjas:

Dont even come anywhere near my home. LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

You arent totally buddy !

@ Praddy :

You and Ayesha???now, when did this happen???

@ Bhargavi :

I am already bored and yeah, thats a nice option for a career change. Create stories and make money !!!

@ Vee:

Pyar is not only anndha then, its deaf and dumb too!!! :D

I hope Reema reads your reply!

vimmuuu said...

@ Reets :

Now, why didnt I think of that !! LOL.

@ Anonymous :

The relation to this post??? Aaaaah..I shouldnt even replying to your comment. There will another war of words!!

Solilo said...

Ha..ha..Vimmu. Kalakki!

Indian Home Maker said...

LOl Vimmuuu :))

I thought I would comment on all the others who have blogged about the Oscars. And now you have shown us where to go to read these reviews and what to expect :)

I never made the connection between Aishwarya RAI Bachchan and Sanju baba's obsession with culturally-correct-surnames :) I am sure Amar Singh will need all his political skills here!!

Frankly, I wish it was Abhishek Bachchan and not Sanjay Dutta he had chosen, no wonder they are saying we should vote for young candidates!!

This was one hilarious post, more entertaining than the actual awards :)

Ashwathy said...

omg...howlarious!! thats a nice dash of creativity... adding fellow bloggers into the mix :D
waiting for the next part(s) !

Anonymous said...

Vimmuuu Mammuuu - Well... the relation is not with the post but with some potential mallu 'commentators' here :-D.

soneeta said...

we have got oscars....yyeeppieee
....it wont take much time to forget the stars scream awards.so,next time try to make it as big as oscars

worldthrumyeyes said...

hahahhahahaha!!!!! Hilarious!!! Loved it :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Solilo :

daaan q...now that the second part is up, dont kill me !!

@ IHM :

LOL. Hypocrites, I say, everyone.

Thanks, check out the second part too.

@ Ashwathy :

Iam glad you liked it. The second part is already up !

@ Soneeta :

LOL. Check out the second part, thats all I can say.

@ Nova :

Thanks. check out the second part.

kanaguonline said...

wow... great one Vimal... hilarious... I am LOL till the end of the post... the way you have absorbed all the bloggers is great.. off to the 2nd part...

amreekandesi said...

haha..very innovative!

vimmuuu said...

@ Kanagu :

LOL. Go ahead..go ahead..and im going away !!!

@ Amreekandesi :

:D Thanks

Sneha Divakar said...

he he he.. liked the part where praddy goes along to the hospital to show his tatoo :D