Feb 9, 2009

Awards, Badges, ARRahman and some nonsense !

Who doesnt like appreciations and recognitions? We all do, and even if we dont deserve them, we accept it wholeheartedly. LOL. Didnt Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya and Vivek accept the Padma Shri awards without shame? Didnt Saif Ali Khan accept the National Award for Best Actor for his so called 'realistic' acting in Hum Tum ? Well, we dont deserve certain awards/recognitions and certain awards/recognitions dont deserve us too. I really dont know how many of these awards in the sidebar here actually deserve to be there but I am thankful to all the fellow bloggers for keeping me in mind while distributing these awards.

...and now its my turn to pass these over to the rest of the blogosphere. These awards which are in the move for quite sometime now would have already reached some of you. The worst part is I have no clue on the bloggers who are already recipients of these awards. Therefore, I sincerely request those who havent received these awards to feel free and accept them on behalf of me and V-Lokam. Also please follow the blog rules by passing these awards on. (Some of these are infact not awards as such, but yeah, whatever !!)

Since we are already at these award declarations and thankyous, I thought I will share this thankyou speech of Rakesh after winning the Best Mallu Wins contest :

" Thanx a lot for ur love n support ppl!GOD BLESS U ALL!
I would like to dedicate this award to the my late goat who was brutally murdered during the making of this translation.He was indeed ,one great tasty living thing.I should have warned him before he began writing abt the cross n other religious stuff! Too bad he is gone now...this award is for u goatie!! sob sob
and dude..phewwww..thnk god...i was really scared tht the 1st prize would be the CD of ur chaiyya chaiiya song!!hehe..Anway,i hope i will be getting tht purse in the middle ,which has ur money n UR credit card in it!And will i be getting the ice creams too??...well u see.i am one of those weird ppl who doesnt use a wallet.i wish to walk freely without the burden of extra weight..i dont like carrying wallets coz it affects my aerodynamics.So i will just keep ur money and credit card. hehe..once again THANKUUU V-LOKAM & Vimal bhai!! "

You could display the below badges in your blog but only if you really believe in them.

Let me finish this post by sharing you the picture of the Oscar nominees this year. This is perhaps the first time I am excited about the Oscars; no, this IS the first time. It would be a proud moment for each one of us when the firangs call out 'A.R.Rahman' on Feb 22nd.

Right click on the image and save it for a better view. I have circled ARR in the picture.

PS : The makers of Stars Scream Awards have been approached by the Oscar committee asking them to postpone their award declaration ceremony by a week. The Oscar team feels that the Stars Scream Awards, hosted by V-Lokam on the 21st of Feb this year, is going to steal their thunder ! According to reliable sources, the talks are still going on and I personally dont see the producers of Stars Screen Awards agreeing to the conditions of the Oscars !


Reema said...

congrats!! Umm start scream awards and oscars ..LOL

Anonymous said...

congratz man .... :)
We bloggers should register in guiness book of world records for getting most number of award :)

Reets said...

Hmmmm..Feels nice to see v lokam winning so many blog awards;)Keep up the good work!

Oxy said...

Boi, u know na that ARR will be opening the ceremony along with Sukhwinder... The duo will play their hit song Jai Ho!!! This is huge man.. first time that two indians and a hindi number will open the ceremony. Of course, the movie is not Indian but it's our people there doing the honors.. I guess U wud have read this on PFC already.

And for the awards..so many of them... I accept and pass it here itself.. hehee...

Btw, that acceptance speech by Rakesh was killer..

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

Please take your awards. and why you lol-ing at star scream awards? LOL.

@ Arvind :

Please take your awards. I know!!!

@ Reets :

Welcome back to V-lokam. Thanks Reets.

@ Oxy :

Please take your awards.
Yeah, I knew it. The news already was out in orkut and the likes before it came in PFC. Awesome, na? I just hope Sukhwinder doesnt do his usual aweful improvisations, something ARR once admitted that even he is scared of. LOL. Cant wait !!

Anonymous said...

its raining awards!! i havent even learnt to design my blog to put them up ;P

Anonymous said...

Star Scream stealing the thunder! :)
Rakesh: nice acceptance speech...poor goat!
Congrats on your awards and whatever ;)

vishesh said...

this is a comment :P

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

You have been tagged :D

Smita said...

What is the date of Scream awards???

Announce it soon man :)

Anonymous said...

:) lol..your thank you speech is interesting..

I had to bang my head against the wall after reading Rakesh's speech..lol..

Anonymous said...

congrats vimmu

Solilo said...

Congratulations Vimal!

So what's the result of Scream Awards? Who all are performing? Is it a red carpet event? Let us know in advance. Have some shopping to do :))

vimmuuu said...

@ verbivorehere :

Please take your awards. What are you waiting for??

@ Apar :

Please take your awards.Yeah, whatever !

@ Vishesh :

Please take your awards.and this is a reply to that comment.

@ Chiranjib :

Please take your awards.Thanks for tagging, but I already did that.

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

Please take your awards.The dates are already announced, na?Feb 21st.

@ Nimmy :

Please take your awards.Are you alright now? LOL.

@ Remya :

Please take your awards.Long time. Thanks.

@ Solilo :

Please take your awards.LOL, lets see.

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Many Congratulations Bro! U deserve every single one of them, for being the vivacious, vibrant and ever so sincere blogger who reflects his thoughts so apt, in both words and actions! A kind that is very rare to find!

And lets hope that ARR gets a few academies too! ;)



Rakesh Vanamali said...

I forgot to comment on Rakesh's acceptance speech. In one word I will say "awe-fantastic-some."

Anonymous said...

hey congrats..
India is getting the recognition it deserves.

Anonymous said...

You deseved it Vimal :)
And songratz man

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks a lot. I have never been appreciated to this extent.

Jai Ho to A.R.R. !

@ Oorjas :

Yes, finally :D

@ Kanagu :

Thanks man !

amit said...

I am sure Rehman is going to win. I just know it. :)

And Congrats!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Amit :

Yeah, he should !!

Thanks! Please take away your awards too!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Good one...

complete reflection of what one has deep within inside(expecting alot) but says "lets see, the worthy one takes the award home".

good one