Feb 11, 2009

19 : 19

A new blog friend, Solilo, (the name is indeed a tongue twister) got me tagged last week with this unique question : picture meme.

How to and what to :

1. You are given a set of questions.
2. Google the image which best suits the answer and post a picture from first page of image search with minimal explanation.
3. After you finish tag 6 other blogger friends and let them know.

Here I go :

1.Your age on your next birthday

--- Sigh ! The person who created this tag is a sadist for sure.

2. A place you’d like to travel to

--- Sphinx…Pyramids…Mummies… Pharaohs….EGYPT it is….and how can i forget, Cleopatra too.

3. Your Favorite place

--- The place where my home is; Palakkad, Kerala.

4. Your favorite food/drink

--- Puttu Kadala (A kerala delicacy) / Orange juice.

5. Your favorite pet

--- Dogs.

6. Your favorite color combination

--- Red and Black. Dark and sexy !

7. Your favorite piece of clothing

--- Formal clothing for men, especially suits.

8. Your all time favorite song

--- Just not possible to arrive at one particular song.

9. Your favorite TV show

--- FRIENDS, anytime !

10. Full name of your significant other

---I am all by myself again, giving no more significance to 'others' !

11. The town in which you live

--- Chennai. I just cant get enough of this place.

12. Your screen name/nickname

--- Vimmuuu. This signature was created for V-lokam and I am glad to have found it when googled. For people wondering about the weird spelling, check it out here.

13. Your first job
--- Have always been in Sales, which people these days refer with a better term, Business Development. ( Yeyyy, I have always wanted to have such a photo in my blog !)

14. Your Dream Job
--- To be a playback singer; cant call it a job though.

15: Bad Habit you have

--- I trust people blindly and end up in trouble only because of that.

16. Your worst fear

--- “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” - Franklin D.Roosevelt

17. The one thing you would like to do before you die

--- Yeah, Live ! I feel some of us just exist in this world; I'd want to live my life atleast once before I leave.

8. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

--- Will not spend a penny from that! LOL. Deposit the cash in a bank, quit work, sit at home and enjoy the monthly interest.

19.Your favourite credo in life.

--- Be positive.
--- Be yourself.

--- Keep smiling.

Now for my revenge and this time I have decided to tag some of my new blog friends :

Remya, Chiranjib, Oorja, Amit, Archie, Praveen

All the best guys !

Pics courtesy Google


Reema said...

oooh I too have the dream of going to Egypt someday!

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

umm... this is tough... lemme try..

Praveen said...

puttu, kadala...yummy..

comment on living was cool:D..

suit...ayyee :P

anyway, I already did this tag

PS-28...kilavan aayallo...hahahhaha!
am another sadist here

Ajit said...

good one dude.....

yeah, i also wish i could visit egypt someday....

i love puttu kadala as well!!! and chennai is just briliiant.... :)
and so is palakkad.... :) from maternal side, I am from palakkad....

Solilo said...

28? Old I say very old. tsk..tsk :))

Egypt Yes!

Hmm..Was this tag a coming out thing? Why is there a guy's picture in significant other? :D

Palakkad? Beautiful! Puttum Kadala athum Black chana curry yum yumm....I want to fly to Kerala immediately.

Hope you become a playback singer one day and sing for A R Rehman and also attend Academy Awards with him.

Lovely tag! Thanks for doing it Vimal.

Poonam said...

Like yuo I too trust too mcu, I have paid huge price for it. I have bled profusely :(. But all that was in past, I am unlikely to make such mistakes again. Hopefully.

Red and black are combinations used in horror film credits. lol

And I notice you ahve used Edvard Much's painting Scream in your tag. :)

oorjas said...

well.. this is going to take some (read - a lot of) time...

you've already used some of the pictures which i needed..

i'll try... :-)

Bedazzled said...

wats puttu kadalai ? romba philosophy vaari thelikara !! :-)

vishesh said...

yes,I didn't get tagged! yupiee!

Rockus said...

28! Man, I thought I was ancient! I guess that would make you pre-historic! :P
Great tag. Did it myself.

kanaguonline said...

well done Vimal.. I liked this one..

Egypt.. me too love to go there.. :)

Reeta said...

Simply loved ur answers to Q 6,14-19. Really cool....Nice tag...

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :


@ Chiranjib :

Thanks for doing the tag !

@ Praveen :

U already did this tag ??? Oh crap !

Yeah ! you sadist !

@ Ajit :

I guess puttu kadala is our regional food then.

Where in palakkad?

vimmuuu said...

@ Solilo :

Yes, this tag was helping me communicate somthing here in the blogosphere! and that guy is me! I was depicting my lonliness.

Thanks a lot for the wishes.

It was my pleasure doing the tag !

@ Poonam :

I still bleed, thats the difference. I fail to learn from my mistakes !

Edvard who?? I googled it :D

@ Oorjas :

LOL, that means we have a couple of answers in common !

Please do !

@ Bedazzled :

Puttu Kadala is keralas regional food !!! When humor is lost, we tend to be philosophical. It doesnt suit me, does it?

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

You got tagged ! By Chiranjib !

@ Rockus :


Let me check your version !

@ Kanagu :

Thanks. cleopatra, huh?? :D

@ Reeta :

Thanks Reeta. 14-19 or 14 and 19 ?

Aaarti said...

Lovely tag... i did something similar earlier...except had to create like a mosaic of tiles with pictures from flickr!!! :)

Aaarti said...

oooh, and i had puttu kadalai curry in Ente keralam and enjoyed it!! :D

and i wanna visit Egypt too.. lets go!! nijamma? sharada madam went n came thanks to work!!:)

Oxy said...

I have been to ur home.. I mean Palakkad.. :):) Lovely place..

Will ya share ur monthly interest with me?

And I did not understand this 'I am all by myself' ...???

vimmuuu said...

@ Aaarti :

I have done that flickr one too. This has slightly different questions. Anyway, a tag is always fun!

Egypt? seriously?? and I thought we wouldnt be able to plan a Pondy trip !!

@ Oxy :

You have been to Palakkkad?? When?? why???

monthly interest...hmmm...do you want me to lie or be truthful :D

Oxxyyyy boyyyy...Im back to how I was before Dec.

myheadtrip said...

Enna ivlo philosopy?!?
Nicely done tag though...

Ajit said...

"Koduvayur" in palakkad.... what about u?

praddy said...

I can seriously say u have loads of patience and also you are totally vetti at work ;)

But a nice done tag mate!

Nautankey said...

For once i shud agree with prad..total vetti moneii..will fwd this post to ur boss :).. wel written one though,kinda J that I can never do this kind of one :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Apar :

Ippo konjam kaalam philosophy mattum daan varudu !! LOL

@ Ajit :

Manapullikavu. We are infact settled in Palakkad; not originally from palakkad though !

@ Praddy :

Recession time buddy. No work ! LOL.
Thanks. and dont give ideas to people like Nautankey !

@ Nautankey :

I thought we were on talking terms. Y would you do such a thing ???

Im sure this is another nautankey act of yours; you will do it better than me. you are just plain lazy to do a tag !

soneeta said...

U r gonna b 28.....HEHEHE

N formals..do u have one coz i hv never seen u in that(lol)

fear...i thought there will be a pic of some insect

Rekha said...

Hoiiii ..im alive!!!!

ur the appoopan of the blogosphere..hahaha!!!

n keep smiling!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

harshasrisri said...

thnx a lot! I'm spared I'm spared I'm spared!!! :D :P

I loved ur million dollar idea! mind if i borrow it? ;)

AV said...

hey! cool pics! :)

Oxy said...

I have been roaming and just landed there... haha.. I travel most of the times as U know I keep saying 'I am on Vacation' ... I travel alone and I wish to see whole India (not possible but I am trying)... I have been to 21 states so far now and Kerala (of course) was one of them... also saw backwaters of alleppey, Trivandrum, Cochin, Munnar etc etc...

Be TRUTHFUL there.. hehe..

Oh Man, When? Why? How? No, I won't ask all that....as whatever happens, happens for the best.. Welcome Back!!!

Smita said...

lol @ Business development...

I have quit making MIS am a buiness analyst now :D glorified Clerks...

Arrggh!!! I hate tags & I hate commenting on tags!!!

Good One!!!

Anirudh induchudan said...

good one..especially puttu and kadala...

Poonam said...

You have used Edward Munch's painting "The Scream" in your post. You didn't have to google, all you need to refer my this post:


vimmuuu said...

@ Soneeta :

Whats so funny about 28 ? Grrrr....

I dont wear formals when i dont go to office, thats y??

by insect, are u referring to my old post??? LOL

@ Rekha :

I know you are alive !! You come once in a while, comment and then abscond all of a sudden!!

and appoooppan?? athrakkum angudu vendaayirunnu !!!

Thanks and wish you a belated one! :D

@ Harsha :

You wouldnt be spared ! It will come to you very soon.

and the idea?? hmmm, only if you give me that million dollors! LOL.

@ AV:

Heyy,thanks !

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

All the best for your all India tour! you really like travelling and observing people, dont you ? and yeah, its better travelling alone. Less luggage, more comfort. LOL ! and tell me when you are visiting chennai and its nearby areas.

@ Smita :

U hate tags, huh? You have a lot of them to do maam!! and next time, I get a tag, you are my first victim!

@ Anirudh :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment!

Puttu and Kadala...titanic in your mouth, huh? LOL.

@ Poonam :

LOL. No wonder it looked familiar! I typed in fear and thats how I selected the painting! Thanks for pointing it out !