Apr 26, 2009

Gender Equality !

This is my attempt at that 55 -word fiction or something that has been around in the blogosphere these days. It was not a deliberate move, this, infact, is an excerpt from one of the my conversations with a friend (girl) and since then, wanted to write a post on it. Thought the 'under-lying' message would be better conveyed if its short rather than rambling about it :D
Tring Tring

He: Hello?
She : Hey DOG, where have you been?
He : Very much here, BITCH!

She : Disgusting fellow. Is this how you refer a woman?
He : Why ? Bitch is the female word for Dog! Refer me as a man, and I would reciprocate similarly. Gender Equality, ma’am!

She : Call me DOGESS, then !
He : Whaaaaaaaaa ?????



A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:
  • Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)
  • A setting, One or more characters, Some conflict, and A resolution.
    (Not limited to moral of the story)

Apr 22, 2009

Disgusting, Stupid and Clumsy !!!

Those are not my adjectives, LOL ! Have a look at these short videos and I am sure you will have a great time !!!

1 ) Disgusting :
Thats the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi !!! How can any human being be this gross? LOL.

2) Stupid :
Im serious, these Americans are dumb !! How can anyone say that a triangle has four sides or the religion in Israel is Israeli ??? Check out this video which is an interview conducted by the CNN group with the Americans to test their general knowledge.

3) Clumsy :
One of the clumsiest man I have ever come across. Karaachi se log...LOL

At the end of this, I just have three words :

Courtesy : Reema for Video 1 and 3. Though I had seen them before, it was her forwards that inspired me to share these videos with all of you.

Apr 20, 2009

Geet....GEETHAM.....Sangeetham (Part 2)

This is a tag and is Continued from Geet (Hindi) - Part 1

Part 2 – Geetham – Tamil

The criteria for Tamil songs – Melodies of Vidyasagar

1) Malarey Mounamey – Karna

2) Kanden Kanden – Madhurey

3) Sollitharavaa – Majaa

4) Athi Athikka – Aadi

5) Naan Varaindhu Vaitha – Jeyam Kondaan

6) Kaatrin Mozhi – Mozhi

7) Aasai Aasai – Dhool

8) Azhagoril – Thirumalai

9) Nee Katru – Nilave Vaa

10) Thaalaatum Katrae – Poovellaam Un Vaasam

The other five that couldn’t make it to the above list (the songs are linked to the respective respective you-tube videos) :

Vidyasagar, according to me, is one of the most underrated and under utilized music director in the Tamil industry. Malare Mounama (the first song in this post), was the first song of his that I heard and I developed an instant liking for his albums like Karna, Villadhi Villain and Aayudha Poojai. But my admiration towards this musical genius grew only after his success with Malayalam songs starting from ‘Azhagiya Raavanan’. He brings in the exact nativity required for the songs and its situation, especially in the melodies and I am sure many of the Malayalam speaking crowd here would agree with me. Though, he had won several awards and recognitions from the Malayalam industry, he had failed to create a similar impact with the Tamil crowd and that’s mainly because of his choice of movies. There are many more songs from this national award winning music director, but the above 15 are the top-of-the-mind favourite melodies and I would appreciate if any of you could mention a few others too.

Apr 18, 2009

The ‘tring tring’ that shook me !!!

It was 15 mins past six and me was rushing to office. On the way, me was supposed to collect a new mobile for my brother that was ordered a few days back. Me needed to give my mobile for repair too. For the last two weeks, it has been acting real funny and weird. The mobile goes to the headset mode on it’s own and a headset has to be connected each time me make or receive calls. That’s not it; the weirdest part is when the mobile is left for charging. The moment a charger is connected to the slot, a message appears on the screen “ Charging Alien Battery” !!!!

Now, without a phone, me would feel handicapped. So me decided to use the SIM in the new mob. Swiped my XXXXXXX bank credit card and left the place. The mobile looked cool; but me don’t like Nokia, me a big big fan of Sony Ericsson mobiles. Me walked towards my bike when suddenly, the mobile rang. It was the first call on the new phone and me was very excited. The incoming number was a landline and me had no clue who it was.

Caller : Sir, we are calling from XXXXXX bank.
Me : Ok.
Caller : Sir, did you just swipe your card for Rs. XYZ ?
Me: (Gulp) Yes.
Caller : Sir, did you swipe it at ZZZZZ Cellular Service?
Me : (Stopped walking and gulped even more now) . Yes yes. But what is this call regarding ?
Caller : We are just confirming Sir. This is to make sure that your card was with you.
Me : (Feeling delighted at the service). Oh thanks. Bye. (Smiling all the way back to my bike)
Caller : Have a nice day.

Me started my bike while humming a song with a colgate smile. (dumdi dum dumdi dum dumdi dum dumdi ….) Wait a minute ! Did someone just call and tell what me did with my card / money?? oooh nooo, !! Does this mean that my card is monitored, my transactions are recorded??? Whatever happened to the thing called privacy ????? Me have been using cards for a couple of years now and this happened for the first time. Tomorrow, when me buy undergarments or order porn over the net, do me have to go through a similar verification ??????? Me scared now !!!!!

Now, people, is this privacy violation or some sort of soooper customer service ?

Apr 15, 2009

GEET…..Geetham…..Sangeetham (Part 1)

Nimmy tagged me long long ago to list down 10 melodious /soulful songs from any two languages. Since I grew up watching Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam movies, it would be unfair if I listed down songs from just two languages. This tag, to avoid the length, is therefore presented as three different posts; Geet - Hindi songs, Geetham- Tamil songs and Sangeetham - Malayalam songs (Perhaps, for the first time in the history of tags. LOL). And moreover. it would be difficult to comprehend 10 +5 songs from each language if put all together.

The rule as mentioned above was to come up with 10 melodious tracks, but as far as I am concerned, that’s next to impossible. Considering the fact that we have had movies and songs right from the 40’s, how is it even possible to pick just 10 favourite ones? So, I have made a slight change in the tag in terms of specifications/ criteria and these specifications differ in each language too.

Btw, since the tag is modified a little for my convenience, I am NOT TAGGING anyone this time. But whoever wants to try it, can adhere to the original rule and you are most welcome to try this version of the tag too.

Part 1 – Geet – Hindi

Criteria --- Rare, unheard, and underrated melodies from 1994 till date. (Please excuse me, some of them here are so rare that they do not even have a proper you-tube video)

1) Chandni roop ki – Dus (1997 –unreleased) - Shankar Ehsaan Loy

2) Resham jaisi – Ek Tha Dil Ek Thi Dhadkan (1999 - unreleased) – Anand Raj Anand

3) Dhimee dhimee – 1947 Earth –A.R.Rahman

4) Door kahin - Zubeida – A.R.Rahman

5) Mujhse naaraaz – Papa Kehte Hain – Rajesh Roshan

6) Tum ho meri nigaahon pe – Kabhi Na Kabhi – A.R.Rahman

7) Kehte hain jisko – Grahan – Karthik Raja

8) Bol Sajni – Doli Saja Ke Rakhna – A.R.Rahman

9) Ankhon mein raho – Company – Sandeep Chowta

10) Apni zulfein – Tajmahal (2005) - Naushad

The other five that couldn’t make it to the above list (the songs are linked to the respective you-tube videos) :

Waada raha – Khakhee – Ram Sampat

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna – The legend of Bhagat Singh – A.R.Rahman

Aate aate – Chori chori – Sajid Wajid

Na kajre ki dhaar – Mohra – Viju Shah

Jadoo bhari – Dastak – Rajesh Roshan

I am sure there are many more such rare gems and it will be great if you could recollect some of them from any period and mention it over here in the comments section.

PS : Please drop in a mail if you require any of the songs mentioned above.

Apr 6, 2009

Your chance to win ! Hurry up !!! Hurry up !!!

As the awards come to a close, we thank everyone who has helped us make this endeavor a success. To give back to our readers, we have come up with another contest. All you have to do is to guess who will be the winner in the following six categories. The Categories are:

1. Best Film
2. Best Director
3. Best Actor (Male)
4. Best Actor (Female)
5. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)
6. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)

You can CLICK HERE to see the nominees.

The first two winners will get DVDs of a Hollywood Classic along with a classic from Hindi Cinema. The 3rd prize is a signed copy of the recently launched – “Happionaire’s Cash The Crash” by Yogesh Chabria.

The goodies don’t end here. We have 4th & 5th prizes as well !!!.

These winners will gets copies of Invest The Happionaire Way (ITHW). If requested the Hindi version of ITHW is also available.

A few rules:
1. Members of MM team can not participate.
2.Only one guess per category allowed.
3. In case, no one gets all guesses right, the prize belongs to the one who gets most of the guesses correct.
4. In case of a tie, a tie- breaker will be arranged as per the discretion of MM team
5. The contest is open till 8th April midnight.

The results for The MovieManiax Awards ‘08 initially were to be be declared on 7th April but it has been postponed to 9th April, giving you two more days to loot the prizes.

Go on guess the winner and take away your prize. Best of luck!

P.S. A very Special thanks to Yogesh Chabria for sponsoring the books. The DVDs will be sponsored by Vee.

(Kanagu, let me help you this time - 6th post. LOL)

Apr 4, 2009

Evolution !!!

and I turn 28 today !!!