Apr 22, 2009

Disgusting, Stupid and Clumsy !!!

Those are not my adjectives, LOL ! Have a look at these short videos and I am sure you will have a great time !!!

1 ) Disgusting :
Thats the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi !!! How can any human being be this gross? LOL.

2) Stupid :
Im serious, these Americans are dumb !! How can anyone say that a triangle has four sides or the religion in Israel is Israeli ??? Check out this video which is an interview conducted by the CNN group with the Americans to test their general knowledge.

3) Clumsy :
One of the clumsiest man I have ever come across. Karaachi se log...LOL

At the end of this, I just have three words :

Courtesy : Reema for Video 1 and 3. Though I had seen them before, it was her forwards that inspired me to share these videos with all of you.


Rakesh said...

1)One thing is for sure man.No one is ever gonna die of hunger in Italy!

2)hahaha..this is one hilarious video man.Its 3 am here and i cant stop laughing.my neighbours might think tht i have lost my mind!

queen elizabeth's money!!

tht dude has only 1 kidney??poor fellow

mosque an animal..wtfish??? Thnk god he didnt say tht it was a female mosquito!!

star wars a true story!yeah terminator is also real!!

hiroshima n nagasaki r judo wrestlers?? haha..ya nagasaki was the one who acted in RNBJ..haha

3)If this guy can be a reporter..thn i definetly can be an astronaut in pakistan..

Bedazzled said...

Gosh !! what a riot ..2nd ones the best .. those morons !!!

Ordinary Guy said...

LOL aliyaaaaaaa

I have seen 1 and 2....

First time, I am seeing "Karachi ke Log".... :) classic video....

and what a reporter.....

Sakhi said...

:D :D LOL, truly, Mera Bharat Mahan! :)

Solilo said...

I have seen 1 and 3 but 2 Ha..ha..ha.. I am not surprised. Jay Leno used to show such namoonas everyday.

I didn't watch first video. Your title warned me. Gross!

That Karachi video I had first seen on Shekhar Kapur's blog and laughed for good 15 mins.

Varun said...

Hahaha... 3rd one's the best :D :D

Ashwathy said...

1st video:
ewwwww.....!!! no other word for comment! lol
and to think, they say every country deserves the leaders it gets... where does that leave Italians? lol

2nd video:
jesus frigging christ!! r u sure this video is authetic?? i cant believe ppl can be that dumb... looks definitely man-made if u know what i mean lol

3rd video:
hahaha... i was in complete splits.. this one totally takes the cake for the dumbest video!

Smitha said...

Oh my goodness!!! Vimmmuuu - I still can't stop laughing!! The video in the dumb US folks was the best!!!! 1 and 3, I had seen earlier - but 2 was - wow!!!
You know, I was asked by one of the US colleagues once, whether the Indian independance day was when we got Independance from Pakistan!!!! But after seeing this video - I guess she was very well aware in comparison :)

Praveen said...

that italian president video...ayyo...It makes me sick everytime I see that..
American dumbos...hehee...there's another famous one..is Hungary a country?..
and I am seriously thinking of becoming a journalist in Pak :P

Reema said...

:) That Karachi one is really funny. As for the 2nd one I often see such specimens on LOLA KUTTY IQ show on channel V. I get depressed by seeing such morons.

Aaarti said...

hey vetti officer..

How u doing??? yeppers, am backkkkkkkk

nice post, enjoyed the videos..2nd one was wacko...sema mentals pa!!;)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

India is the best indeed!

renaye said...

well... there are many people out there who r ignorant and don't care about what other people think because they always tell others "i do what i want" when other people tell them to change for the better.... or is just the society thinks it's better?


vishesh said...

:D lol :P (and lol is 3 words !)

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

LOL @ all your comments on the second video. and yeah, you could be anyone in pakistan, thats for sure !!

@ Bhargavi :

Yeah, those morons !!! There are more such videos, try searching for them!

@ Ajit :

Yeah, like how Abbas says it in Padayappa, Whaat a man !!!! LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Sakhi :


@ Solilo :

Oh, you should watch the first video. Its pretty adventurous ! LOL.

@ Varun :

LOL, did you look at his pant and belt ???

vimmuuu said...

@ Ashwathy :

LOL, actually, thats supposed to be an exclusive italian cuisine. Its called Nosachino !

the second video is authentic. There are a couple of more such videos, check it out in youtube. Let the search words be stupid americans.

and for the dumbest man too !! LOL.

@ Smitha :

I know. I wonder if they had done their primary classes even!

and LOL, did she actually say that??? and did you manage to correct her??? LOL

@ Praveen :

I know. Our politicians are better in that way. LOL. why a journalist? You could become almost anyone in Pakistan!

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

You get depressed seeing such people?? You kidding me, right? They dont deserve that reema. LOL

@ Aaarti :

Wooopiee....you are back !!! Missed your wacky comments too!

@ Rakesh 2 :


vimmuuu said...

@ Renaye :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comments.

Thats a nice thought. But would you please throw some light on how it is connected with this post !

@ Vishesh :

LOL, true ! I should have taken up that smiley tag of yours and included these video there.

soneeta said...

the karachi thng is new 4 me..
hehehe really funny,4 which channel is he working???

jaisa desh waise log

amit said...

I have read about the PM and so the first video was not much of a surprise.
The second one was a shock. I knew they were dumb, BUT THIS DUMB??? They have zero general knowledge.

Anonymous said...

OMG who are these people?

apt name for the post.

Indian Homemaker said...

First one is gross - although my entire family came running to see what's going on, on hearing my reaction after these three videos :))

Third one is funny,but I have seen it before on Aneela's blog :)

Ssecond one is the funniest... err where does Indian Home maker come from?

vimmuuu said...

@ Soneeta :

He says the name of the channel in the video itself. LOL.

@ Amit :

I know. A first grader in our country couldve answered some of the questions there. LOL.

@ Oorjas :

LOL. Those are some rare species !!!

@ IHM :

LOL, whaaaaat a video to watch with the entire family???

errr....Indian Home Maker comes from Home????...no...comes from maker ????

Smita said...

I have come here.

I have...

I have come here...

I have come here from, from, from..haan!! BLNM :D

Hilarious videos...in the terror ques these idiots were picking out countries as if choosing from a menu card :D

Ashwathy said...

Fresh news: Italiam PM Silvio Berlusconi's wife seeking divorce from her partner
I bet it's after seeing this video LOL!!