Apr 15, 2009

GEET…..Geetham…..Sangeetham (Part 1)

Nimmy tagged me long long ago to list down 10 melodious /soulful songs from any two languages. Since I grew up watching Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam movies, it would be unfair if I listed down songs from just two languages. This tag, to avoid the length, is therefore presented as three different posts; Geet - Hindi songs, Geetham- Tamil songs and Sangeetham - Malayalam songs (Perhaps, for the first time in the history of tags. LOL). And moreover. it would be difficult to comprehend 10 +5 songs from each language if put all together.

The rule as mentioned above was to come up with 10 melodious tracks, but as far as I am concerned, that’s next to impossible. Considering the fact that we have had movies and songs right from the 40’s, how is it even possible to pick just 10 favourite ones? So, I have made a slight change in the tag in terms of specifications/ criteria and these specifications differ in each language too.

Btw, since the tag is modified a little for my convenience, I am NOT TAGGING anyone this time. But whoever wants to try it, can adhere to the original rule and you are most welcome to try this version of the tag too.

Part 1 – Geet – Hindi

Criteria --- Rare, unheard, and underrated melodies from 1994 till date. (Please excuse me, some of them here are so rare that they do not even have a proper you-tube video)

1) Chandni roop ki – Dus (1997 –unreleased) - Shankar Ehsaan Loy

2) Resham jaisi – Ek Tha Dil Ek Thi Dhadkan (1999 - unreleased) – Anand Raj Anand

3) Dhimee dhimee – 1947 Earth –A.R.Rahman

4) Door kahin - Zubeida – A.R.Rahman

5) Mujhse naaraaz – Papa Kehte Hain – Rajesh Roshan

6) Tum ho meri nigaahon pe – Kabhi Na Kabhi – A.R.Rahman

7) Kehte hain jisko – Grahan – Karthik Raja

8) Bol Sajni – Doli Saja Ke Rakhna – A.R.Rahman

9) Ankhon mein raho – Company – Sandeep Chowta

10) Apni zulfein – Tajmahal (2005) - Naushad

The other five that couldn’t make it to the above list (the songs are linked to the respective you-tube videos) :

Waada raha – Khakhee – Ram Sampat

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna – The legend of Bhagat Singh – A.R.Rahman

Aate aate – Chori chori – Sajid Wajid

Na kajre ki dhaar – Mohra – Viju Shah

Jadoo bhari – Dastak – Rajesh Roshan

I am sure there are many more such rare gems and it will be great if you could recollect some of them from any period and mention it over here in the comments section.

PS : Please drop in a mail if you require any of the songs mentioned above.


Archana said...

These are beautiful! Good Taste Vimmuuu...

Vee said...

U r a fanatic... a riot... Man, those are awesome.. Thanks for re-introducing me to that Grahan song... I mean, I get all charged up-worked up-heated-up when I hear that lovely song.. I had totally forgotten till I read it here...U know na.. some good songs just get missed...

Vee said...

I am totally speechless at your choices...

I haven't heard Chandni Roop Ki, but rest all are like awesome.... Dus was not released.... but u sure Ek Tha Dil Ek Thi Dhadkan to was unreleased??? I can hum the title song like I heard it yesterday only.

Aankhon me raho would be my next pick after 'Kehte Hain Jisko'... That movie Company was a winner, songs, cinematography, story, performances, screenplay, everything was fucking damn awesome.

And the other five which could not make in to top 10 are justifiable.. I wont rate that Waada song too high.. Only Jadoo Bhari stands out and that too a bit. Gosh, I remember Mukul and Sush in that song like hell.

Awesome post and yes a one of its kind.... kinda treat for us movie lovers.. u shud write more on them songs....

waiting for Geetham and Sangeetham now.. though I know Sangeetham would go beyond my comprehension but hoping to catch one or two from Geetham series..


Bedazzled said...

i didnt know grahan was by karthik raje.. thats the only song ive heard .. listening to all others.. thanx !

sonee said...

really unheard..but gr8.downloaded all of thm and listening to it all day...thnks

sonee said...

u knw wht...u should just put the complete list of ur fav songs.dt will really help us a lot!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Archana :

Thanks. More to come.

@ Oxy boyy :

LOL @ the fanatic.

Grahan is still a class apart, na? Each of these song here has a story behind it for me and thats the reason, I remember them so well. For example, Chandni Roop ki is a superb melody and I kept listening to it over and over again while I was admitted in a hospital. Its just not possible to forget that short hospital life and this song played a very important role.

A complete post on such rare gems is actually a good idea. But its tough finding links for those songs. But I will surely try.

@ Bhargavi :

Karthik Raja won the R.D.Burman award for best musician from Asha Bhosle during the Filmfares that year for Grahan. According to me, his melodies are good, but his choice of movies were pathetic and that should be the reason for his downfall.

@ Sonee :

As mentioned above, a complete list of such songs is a great idea. Let me see how feasible it is. I would youtube or atleast some kind of links to those songs,na?

allirekha said...

most of these r unheard but they are beautiful...!! :)
Waiting for the sangeetham :)

Solilo said...

Vimmu, Your choices are totally different. Liked some and some not so much.

Ordinary Guy said...

great list aliyaa :) now waiting for geetham and sangeetham!!! :)

sangeethame amara sallapame... :)

Reema said...

Wonderful choices!! Thanks for sharing. very different ones..no repeat from others' posts. Nice.

verbivorehere said...

ive bookmarked ths page and downloading the songs one by one :) does that say pretty much abt the post? :)

Smita said...

For a change your list has songs which I have not only heard of of but loved them as well.

I had loved all the songs from movie Dus I even have it's audio cassette....

Besides that 5th, 7th & 8th are the ones which I have loved...

Kudos to you that u ere able to dig them out of your memory, main to bhool jaaon :))

BTW It was a tag and I commented properly. Your turn now :D

Ashwathy said...

nice... u've picked up some gems out of nowhere... especially some of the most inconspicuous ones...
keep 'em coming :-)

Thinker said...

Dude you rock man :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Allirekha :

The criteria for Sangeetham is something that you can guess ! LOL !

@ Solilo :

Glad you listened to all of them.

@ Ajit :

lavan Paadi, njaan paadu pedum !! LOL. Btw, do you sing???

@ Reema :

Thanks. Glad you listened to all of them.

vimmuuu said...

@ Verbivorehere :

Woaaah !!! Thanks a lot. Do drop in your comment once you are done listening.

@ Smita :

Thats great. I had the cassette of Dus too. But it got affected by some of kind of fungus. Even today, when I go to music world or planet m, I search for Dus CDs, they are no where to be found.
Its even difficult to them from the net.

Yeyyyy...you finally commented for a tag. White crows will not start flying upside down in Sahara desert !!!! :D

@ Ashwathy :

So, did you listen to them???

@ Thinker :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

Ashwathy said...

u're aware of my reliable reliance rite? and u're still asking me if i listened to all of them? lol...

kanagu said...

never heard any of the vimal... will download and listen once I reach my home :)

Smitha said...

Wow, Vimmuuu, You sure have a collection!!
Liked most of them!

Varun said...

Awesome collection that! I love that Grahan song. I would have probably added 'Chod aaye hum wo galiyan' from Maachis to your list.

vimmuuu said...

@ Ashwathy :

Oh yes, the reliable reliance !!! So did you ?? LOL.

@ Kanagu :

Will be posting the tamil version of this. and Iam sure you would have heard them all. Where are you now?

@ Smitha :

Thanks :D

@ Varun :

I feel Chappa Chappa was a rather famous song, but yes, paani paani re from the same movie is underrated. Its a lovely composition.

Rakesh said...

sorry for being late to comment..i was busy saving the world.ya i have heard most of the songs over here expect for tht anand raj anad song and tht mohra song.A few of the songs here r my favs too. so here goes my opinion on each song.

1)Its good.i remembr this song very well coz it sounded like water dripping
3)peaceful song
4)not my fav
5)wow i had almost forgotten this song.sonu nigam is the dude.wht a voice!...btw dont u think anupam kher is looking kinda creepy here.
7)WOW this song transported me back to 8 th grade.i didnt know kathik raja was the music director.i thought it was a AR rahman song.
btw who's tht hot chick?
8)this is one of my fav sonu nigam songs.again this took me back to 10th grade.i also like the other songs in the album.And akshay khanna was so cool n 'hairy' back then na.i was a great fan of his back then..poor fellow
9)not my fav.. but i liked the khallas song..hehe
10)hariharans voice is magical...even this boring song sounded good coz of his voice.
11) eww baad
12) one of my favs
13)not my fav
14) eww sunil shetty eww
15)nice..but the video killed the song.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

Yeah, I did read about you saving the world !!! You finally learned how to control...(ok, kept my mouth shut!)

U liked the hairy khanna??????EWWWWWWWW....

LOL @ 14. But the songs in his movies were all good.

amit said...

Those were some beautiful songs, especially the first one. I don't know if many people have heard that song as the movie never got released. I remember when the cassette came in the market, I bought it for the "Suno gaur se" song, but when I heard "Chandani roop ki", I was hooked.
Thanks for reviving the old memories!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Amit :

Im glad I could do that. Thanks.

kanagu said...

I am in Chennai only... My home is far away that I cant travel daily.. so staying with my friends :)

Ordinary Guy said...

i am a bathroom singer!!!! :)

Sriju said...

Vim dear, sorry I missed ths segment as the alert was buried between the forwards. Ok..

Awesome selection...I recall how much we loved these gems in our UG days. I wonder how you missed

Na vo inkaar- from first Akshykhanna movie-Himalayaputra)

Indyeah said...

loved the list:) really different :)
loved some of the songs you are right it is a rare kinda list :)

poeticrust said...

hi.. just read ur post thru passion for cinema.. & gus wat.. we totally hv same taste... i luv all these songs nd they r always in my i pod.. except tht dus sng ..cz i hvnt heard it b4..cool..
some additions
bawara mann - hazaron khwaisien aisi
aanewala pal + title track -tere dar per sanam
hum yahan ..tum yahan- zakham
maine dil se kaha-rog

vimmuuu said...

@ Kanagu :


@ Ajit :

Me too. an over exposed, over hyped bathroom singer ! LOL !

@ Sreeju :

Those were the days. You buy almost all the cassettes and I reproduce them using my player. LOL.

Na woh inkar is an awesome composition and believe me, it was in my initial list. But I somehow feel these are more underrated than them.

@ Indyeah :

Glad you loved them.

@ Poeticrust :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

Wow, those are some songs. I hadnt listened to the songs from Rog and Tere dar par sanam. Thanks for bringing it into notice.

Shruthi said...

Good list! specially Aankhon mein raho (such an under rated singer she is innit?), Bole Sajni, Zubeidaa and Kehte hain jisko. Wonderful songs. There is this other one from the movie Is raat ki subah nahin. I think its chup tum raho sung by Chitra. A very nice song. Maybe I can find it on youtube. Thanks for listing out these songs :)

btw got here from Swaram's blog. Keep writing!

Destination Infinity said...

The second song was quite good, and first time I am listening to it! The voice of the singer in that song from Company was also nice. The first song was quite different. Bol sajni is one of my favourites too... I have already seen the malayalam tag, but will look at the tamil one too now.

Destination Infinity