Apr 26, 2009

Gender Equality !

This is my attempt at that 55 -word fiction or something that has been around in the blogosphere these days. It was not a deliberate move, this, infact, is an excerpt from one of the my conversations with a friend (girl) and since then, wanted to write a post on it. Thought the 'under-lying' message would be better conveyed if its short rather than rambling about it :D
Tring Tring

He: Hello?
She : Hey DOG, where have you been?
He : Very much here, BITCH!

She : Disgusting fellow. Is this how you refer a woman?
He : Why ? Bitch is the female word for Dog! Refer me as a man, and I would reciprocate similarly. Gender Equality, ma’am!

She : Call me DOGESS, then !
He : Whaaaaaaaaa ?????



A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:
  • Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)
  • A setting, One or more characters, Some conflict, and A resolution.
    (Not limited to moral of the story)


Vinz aka Vinu said...


Aaarti said...


is this ur chatto with ur roomie??;)

Praveen said...

dogess :P...that sounds respectable
and 55 words...message conveyed;)

Archie said...

WDF! If someone calls u 'dog' and the person ain't an african-american low-hip-pant-wearing, got-the-bling-on types... Then it's fair u call them a bitch.

[Russell Peter's Style] Now, if it's an asian, calling you "dog"... Then call them a racist ba****d and punch em in the face.

Sigh! You've got a lot to learn!

oorjas said...

Dogess..! you came up with that..?

Reema said...


Bedazzled said...


vishesh said...

hmm...well only a dog knows another dog...ha well true what you say :)

amit said...

very intriguing!

Destination Infinity said...

Never knew that bitch was a female dog!

So, at last this tag has a non-fiction version also!

Destination Infinity

Ordinary Guy said...

:) LOL..... so Dawg, what was the inspiration to do this....??? :P :P

Ashwathy said...

To each his own I guess...
Or HER own as in this case... :-D

kanaguonline said...


Solilo said...

Ha..ha..ha...BTW who is this friend who calls you DAWG? Is she Raapchick? :)))

verbivorehere said...

aaahem!!! no comments ;P

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Whoa!!!! I mean oh! Not to be interpreted as a bark! ;)

Rashmi said...

lol :-)...

Mad Blogger said...

what is a dogess??? :))

vimmuuu said...

@ Vinu :

:) to you too.

@ Aaarti :

LOL, No. But I know what you mean !!!

@ Praveen :

LOL. Thank god, you got the message !!!

@ Archie :

Errr....I still have to learn ??

@ Oorjas :

Nope. She did !

@ Reema :

You mean, nonsense ???

vimmuuu said...

@ Bhargavi :

LOL to you too.

@ Vishesh :

Very true.

Wait a minute, did you just call me a dog???? :D

@ Amit :

Isnt it?? I know !!! If only, there was a solution to this !!! :D

@ Destination Infinity :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

This was a tag????? I didnt know it. I just took it up after reading a lot of them. and seriously, you didnt know about the bitch thingy ??

@ Ajit :

So, you didnt read the first part of the post?? LOL

@ Ashwathy :


vimmuuu said...

@ Kanagu :

LOL to you too :D

@ Solilo :

LOL, there are a couple of them. and no, they are normal human beings. LOL.

@ Verbivorehere :

Aaahhem !! I know, it was too hard a post to comprehend !!!

@ Rakesh 2 :

LOL. I didnt !!!

@ Rashmi :

lol to you too :D

@ Mad Blogger :

Welcome to V-lokam and thanks for dropping your comment.

She!! she asked me to call her that way, na?

Btw, Im sure you have a better name. LOL.

Vee said...

I go with Bitch, so what would u reply if a guy says dog.. 'same to u' ....??? :):)

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy:

Boyyyyy....you are back !!!

LOL, guys dont use such words normally, na? They abuse with much more dignified words. LOL.

Rakesh said...

This is so racist!!How can u be so atrocious towards dogs??they r mans best friend for gods sake!

Y do ppl swear by calling each other dog ,bitch na ll???
Y do u have to use the dogs name to swear? its like insulting those poor creatures na?

Humans r soo bad!!
have u ever heard a dog swearing like

"U bldy son of a human!!"???

Show some respect to dogs!

Ordinary Guy said...

I did read the first part and that is why I exactly asked :P :P :P

Varun said...

DOGESS... hahaha :)

Sakhi said...

:D :D What equality! :)

Reets said...

Really Cool...Amazing sense of humour...Dogesss seems pretty cool!!!

Smita said...

lol, u already know my view on this so why shud I repeat it here??? :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

LOL, Im sorry I hurt the dog community ! Im ashamed of myself now !! :D

@ Ajit :

Aliyaa, that particular call. That was the inspiration.

@ Varun :


@ Sakhi :

I know. on a lighter note, its time the men woke up from the inequalities. LOL.

@ Reets :

Seriously??? You found Dogess cool !! you know what you should all do, send a letter to someone whos incharge of all these words, LOL and get it changed ! Get your plight noticed. and of course, that would be a publicity for my blog too :D

@ Smita :

LOL, so that others could also read what you feel! sigh !!!

Badz said...


Even though i'm a girl,and a lot of women are going to get angry with for saying this, but I agree with you. If woman call you dog, then you call her a bitch. I'd personnally would prefer to be dogess. It sounds nicer. ;-)

Smita said...


And why shud others know what I feel?

Anonymous said...

Da.... WHAT???

amreekandesi said...


Interesting stuff!

Anonymous said...

I still think it is fair enuf to refer a bitch as "dogess"...as in Tiger/ Tigress, Lion/ Lioness or even better Tom/ Queen(Cat)....

aliceinneverland said...

wtf is this?!?!?!

Viviiiiii said...

loved it .. they want equality and wen we respect tat .. they don seem to like it .. hehehehehe .. how rude !!

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

You are one understanding girl! LOL! Yeah, Dogess always sounds nicer !

@ Smita :

Sigh !! Dont bother !!

@ Anonymous 1 :

Whaaaat what??

@ Amreekandesi :

LOL. Glad you took it that way !

@ Anonymous 2 :

Check my comment to Reeta. Send a petition to that someone to change the word !

@ Alice :

This is what happens when you are in wonderland ! Come out, face the reality ! LOL!

@ Vivek :

Bang on! You just came up with the underlying message !!

Indian Homemaker said...

“You man!!”

“Me a man?! You’ve seen me bully a female? Ever? …You woman then!”

“I don’t shriek at the sight of a frightened little mouse!!!”

“Would I kill baby seals for skin…?”

“Would I ever wear that skin!?”

Both looking sheepish:

“We are fighting like humans!”



hitchwriter said...

never knew bitch was such a serious term, just read IHM's post and came here... gee...

but in anycase like rakesh says above the dogs have every right to feel offended... we humans are the worst race... !

Indian Homemaker said...

This 55er gave me the idea of writing a post on why women find being called a Bitch offensive, while they think being called a dogess is alright, do take a look.

vimmuuu said...

@ Indyeah :

LOL, that was funny. and Im honored for a post to get inspired by you.

@ Dhiren :

Dude, now you know its a serious term. Dont you even use it with dogs !! LOL