May 1, 2009

Geet.....Geetham....SANGEETHAM (Part 3)

This is the third and final installment of my never ending tag on melodious songs.

Part 1 - Geet (Hindi)
Part 2 – Geetham (Tamil)

Part 3 – Sangeetham - Malayalam

Criteria – Under-rated melodies from movies that starred Jayaram.

1) Nee Kaanumo - Irattakutikalude Achan

2) Swantham Nizhalumaayi - Ayalathey Adheham

3) Neer Mizhi Peeliyil - Vachanam

4) Saarangi Maaril - Paavakoothu

5) Paalazhi Theeram - Utthaman

6) Mounam Swaramaayi - Aayushkaalam

7) Puliyila Karayolam - Jaadakam

8) Saandramaam Sandhya - Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakaalathu

9) Ponnin Vala Kilukki - Njangal Santhushtaraanu

10) Chandana Thennalai - Sharjah to Sharjah

The other five that couldn’t make it to the above list (the songs are linked to the respective respective you-tube videos) :

1) Panchami Thingal - Friends

2) Marakkumo - Karunyam

3) Mayilaadum Kunnin Mel - Naadan Pennum Naatu Pramaaniyum

4) Chumbana Pookondu - Bandhukkal Shatrukkal

5) Eden Thaazhvarayil - Kuruppinte Kanakku Pushtakam

Note : Song selection is based on how under-rated these songs are and not their quality.

Jayaram is one of the finest actors we have today in the Indian film industry. This would be a tall claim for many, but that’s only because he is a highly under utilized actor, barring a few movies like Keli, Chitrashalabam, Karunyam, Shesham and Theerthadanam. He doesn’t have many awards to his credit, nor does he have any a huge stardom in Kerala, but he is one actor who has the ability to consistently lure the family audience to the theatres. A personal favourite of late directors like Padmarajan, Bharathan and actor Kamal Hassan, Jayaram has also been able to prove his mettle in Tamil movies like Tenali (won the Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Actor), Priyanka and Gokulam. He was going through a rough phase in his career from 2004 till about mid last year. (Infact, the whole Malayalam film industry is right now going through one of its worst phases with half baked scripts and poor characterizations.) But Verude oru bharya (2008) and his recent Bhagyadevatha resurrected his position once more in the industry. He had a humble beginning, struggled a lot in the industry which was and is still dominated by the two M’s, and captured their market for a brief period (1996 – 2004), but success never went over his head; he is still the same old humble and adorable person. Elephants are a craze for him and he also plays the Chenda (kerala drums) as a hobby and has given several public performances. Check out this exclusive video where he plays it along with Sivamani. Awesome !!!

Jayaram has always been my favourite; but really don’t know since when. I have seen almost all his movies and I have missed quite a few only after I had shifted to Chennai. I usually refer him as “Enikku Janikaadhey Poya Ammaavan” (a uncle who wasn’t born for me). His style of acting is very natural and his ability to sink into the given character that families could easily relate to could be the reason for his tag - ‘Kudumba Sadassugalude Ishta Naayakan’ (favourite hero of the families). I had seen him personally once during a college cultural meet and he even posed for a quick snap. Last year, I had a brief conversation with him over the phone for about 30 secs, all thanks to my friend Reeta and her dad. I take this opportunity to wish my favourite actor all the best and to provide the Kerala audience with many more good movies.


Ordinary Guy said...

yes agree man, he is a fine actor... under rated but very good.... he managed to keep his own in an era dominated by the M's ......

ONe song with I hoped would enter the list is Confusion... :P LOL.. it is a stupid song but I love it!!!

great list man, this is the first time, i listened to many of them... :) Thanks!!! and I love the chenda as well!!!!

Destination Infinity said...

He was so good in Tenali, that I am till date not able to decide whose performance was better in that movie - Kamal or Jayaram. He is spontaneous and uses his innocently childish personality to his credit! I will listen to some of the songs now.

Destination Infinity

Smita said...

Good good, very good!!!

Ashwathy said...

finally this one's been put up! and unlike ur last two lists i know all the songs :-) love all of 'em... some of them because the songs/picturisation are lovely, and the rest just because jayaram is in them!

oh u managed to find the video of him with sivamani? nice :D its a classic!!

and i'm amused to find that i'm not the only one who shares the 'ammavan' feeling for him :D seriously!! believe it or not! this is freaky lol

Indyeah said...

:D I donmt understand a word of the songs so will go with good and good :)

Vinz aka Vinu said...

Yup..All are underrated songs...
There was one music program in Kairali tv where they used to air good quality songs from the 90's..i used watch it passionately since it used to air this kinda underrated good quality songs.. :)

regarding Jayaram, nothing more to add than u said... A great actor..!!


Reets said...

Hi... Well this was more of a post which shows ur true love for ammaman. ....He was really too good in Teanali or be it Pirivom sandhipom or even one movie with geethu mohandas, kinda forgot the name where he plays a mentally challenged prisoner. Jayaram is a person with an amazing sense of humour and his acting is often underrated. I simply loved his acting even in the latest one - Bhagyadevtaa. Do try seeing it sooner or later. Thanks for mentioning my name and about ur thanks to achan will pass it on...

Solilo said...

I have heard 2 & 8.

I liked Jayaram in 'Keli'.

Smitha said...

Nice Selection! You must have a huge selection to be able to come up wuth so many under-rated melodies! Jayaram is definitely a good actor.. though I am a Mohanlal fan :)

Rakesh said...

WOW nice songs!
i liked the last video..tht was awesome!
do u remeber there was this another stage show where jayaram and kamal hassan performed with a little drummer kid called siddharth at one AIDS awareness concert hosted by Richard gere.Tht was soo awesome man!
i tried searching for tht video everywhere,but couldnt find it! :(

Anyway..u never told me tht u had spoken to jayaram!!

hey wait a sec!! kamal hassan is a gud freind of his, right??
And now tht u know jayaram... err..could me do me a favor and hitch me up with shruthi hassan?? hehe

Ordinary Guy said...

and you and aswathy related?? related..... :)
common ammavan.... LOL

Ashwathy said...

@Ordinary Guy

ok so maybe we're long lost brother-sister pair at the kumbh mela :D hehehe

Rakesh said...

so how did u recognise vimal bhai after such a long time?
ohh!! by seein his tattoo na??

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit :

I lovve Confusion song. It was my dialer tone for an year or so.LOL. and yes, its a wonderful song., Amazing fusion of western and indian classical!

Glad to know that you liked it.

@ Destination Infinity :

Exactly. Imagine in a same movie with Kamal Hassan, some one else winning the national award for the best actor! Let me know once you have heard them. Btw, are you from Kerala?or from TN ?

@ Smita :

LOL, I know you havnt listened to even one of them !!

@ Ashwathy :

Its always nice to meet another Jayaram fan !

LOL, now that 'ammaavan feeling' is the talk of the post !!

vimmuuu said...

@ Indyeah :

LOL. Btw, have you noticed, this could be your shortest comment ever !!

@ Vinu :

Yeah, I used to watch that too. and the songs from the 90s are the ones our generation keep close to heart !

@ Reets :

That movie with Geethu is Shesham. Going to watch Bhagyadevata this weekend. Yeeyyyy!!

@ Solilo :

Yeah, he was too good in Keli!

@ Smita :

Ya, thats true. I have a huge collection. About 13 GB songs alone in my lappie.LOL.

I used to like Mohanlal till movies like Aaram Tampuran happened.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

Ya, that was awesome too. Even I couldnt find it anywhere.

Dude, I thought we had a deal. I woo Shruti and you get her sis !!!

@ Ajit again :

LOL, you heard her!!

@ Ashwathy again :

Seriously???? and I dont remember???

@ Rakesh again :

Sigh ! My tattoo wasnt there when I was supposed to have been lost in kumbh mela !!!

remabh said...

the first song... tooo good... it just gives me a "thengal" in heart...

Rakesh said...

but now we know how to find u incase u get lost! buhahaha!

but seriously they should try out some GPS tracking devices for children during kumbh mela! :P

Anonymous said...

Jeyaram to me is a very good comedy actor... But when it comes to expresions, like SRK, he too has a bunch of limited set of expressions that gets repeated in all his movies - and in that sense he gets a lil boring. I would give around 5/10 for him!

verbivorehere said...

hey neermizhi peeliyil is my all time fav..theres anthr fav..which im SURPRISED is not in ths nt getting it..:( its one lullaby which Jayaram (bus conductor) sings for Baby Shamili..btw loved ths list too

Ashwathy said...


most of ur posts have some central focal point in ur comments that lead it completely elsewhere. glad to have been the one to start it this time :D hehe

Ashwathy said...

LOL @ Rakesh for the GPS tracking device! actually an idea worth considering... :P

amit said...

I liked the third one even though I didn't understand a word! :)

oorjas said...

no clue of the songs..

but i do like Jayaram. i've seen couple of his tamil movies (i think he's just done a couple of those) so that means i have seen 'em all :-)

he is good actor. especially in comic roles. i remember his scenes with Kaunda-mani in a movie where he plays the driver('Periya veetu mapillai'-is it?) and of course Tenali.

Ashwathy said...

I had completely forgotten about that video. Man, that ws totally awesome. I remember it... but haven't been able to find it anywhere myself either :-( Bummer!

You mean the one from the film Pookalam Varavayi that goes 'Etho varmukilin'... yep really sweet song. Shamili looks like an angel in it.. :-)

Jayaram's done quite a few Tamil films but not all of them have been noticed. Thenali was among his most famous ones. He also went on to do Panchatantiram with Kamal Hassan (again) as well as his recent spate of character roles in Dhaam Dhoom, Aegan, Saroja, Panchamirtham etc. He used to work as a solo hero in the early nineties for some films as well - altho perhaps not as successful - and his pairing with Khushboo gelled well.

I am not sure of this one but 'Periya Veetu Maippilai' sounds like a remake of the Malayalam hit 'Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava'. Is Devayani his heroine in it? Then that's the one.

Vee said...

So an end eh?

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Theres a slow track in the movie Kashmiram, which I adore! Its awesome....U must have heard it!

And yes, I echo your thoughts on Jayaram..... an actor par excellence!

vimmuuu said...

@ Remya :

I know, such a touching song that went unnoticed.

@ Rakesh :

LOL, how do you come with such weird devices all the time ??

@ Anonymous :

First of all its not Jeyaram. Its Jayaram.

Im sure you have seen only his comedy movies for you to arrive at this judgement. Its true that he has done many stereotypical movies. that doesnt mean he is an actor with limited expressions. I would suggest you to watch some his non comedy movies Shesham, Theerthadanam, Keli, etc and then come back with your opinion.

The Malayalam movie watching crowd has never accepted any actor who has 'limited expressions'. Time and again, its been proved that bad actors cant survive in this industry. (for example, Shankar, Kunchako boban, Jayasurya, etc ) and my friend, this is the 20th year for Jayaram in the industry and that too a successful year.

vimmuuu said...

@ Verbivorehere :

Etho Varmukilin is no doubt an excellent song, but somehow it wudnt appear in the rare melodious songs for me. Thats one song venugopal (the actual singer) attempts in all his stage shows and even contestants in most of the reality shows sing this song.

@ Ashwathy :

LOL, your welcome ! You are a true Jayaram fan like me. Im sure you would have been restless replying to some of the comments here since you didnt see me replying. Btw, with all this enthusiasm, I now doubt if you are Jayarams wife Parvathy (her real name is Ashwathy)

@ Amit :

Dude, did you listen to it before or just now ? WOW !


vimmuuu said...

@ Oorjas :

Like what Ashwathy mentioned, there are so many Jayaram movies. But I presume only a few have been able to make the cash registers at the box office ringing.

@ Vee:

Yeah, finally. But Im planning to come up with such series from now on. LOL.

@ Rakesh 2 :

Oh, thats another wonderful song. Its Novumida nenjil

Rakesh said...

@Anonymous dude

Now that you have replied to all of your comments its time for me to take on the anonymous guy!buhaha

NOT cool to take on SRK man!!
He is only guy who has at least some expressions in his face!

He is way better than the current new gen of bollywood.Nowadays some 'actors' have to show their butt to express themselves!!

Anyway its not fair to judge an actor just by seeing only a few movies of them.Just coz he has done many good romantic movies you just cant stamp him with a particular image.

why do we have to compare his characters from his previous movies?Every movie is different,so is the character.You cant expect him to change his style of acting.My friend have you seen his 'swades','Dil se','kabhi ha kabhi na','Hey Ram','Anjaam'etc. If not i recommend u seem them.

All i want to say is that every actor has his own unique style of acting.That's what makes them special from the rest!

He wouldn't be the King khan of bollywood if he was boring, would he?


Rakesh said...

@ vimal bhai
Since u r the long lost brother of ashwthy and now tht ashwathy is Jayarams wife.Thn tht would make Jayaram ur Aliyan right? hehe

Ashwathy said...

ROFL @ Rakesh :D adu kalakki!

mone vimale...kai vittu poyi! lol...