May 9, 2009

What if ?? (the question series ) --- Reloaded

Post published on Sep 1 2007

I really don’t know what made me come up with such a post. Probably, its because of my present state of mind.

What if ? - reflects a state of confusion of the human mind and one could derive a lot of answers from one such question. This question had made some of the great ones in the past to think hard, which had resulted in many of todays most important discoveries and inventions.
I myself have asked this question quite often and most of my answers still remain unanswered. More often than not, my questions were/are personal and most of them would have been to take an important decision in life. But whenever I had posed these questions, I had to undergo a lot of criticism with my conscious. One such question is about the way I am now. I know that I am not such a good person, but I am not that bad either. Well, What if this is not the way I am supposed to be? Could be because of the way I was brought up, or might be because of the education I have had. Though I have done by Masters in management, I keep thinking, What if I had a Hotel Management degree or a degree in B.Pharm or even a MBBS ? Life would have been totally different then, especially when taking into consideration the people I have with me today. What if I never converted my lifes’ acquaintances to the ‘best of’ friends that I have now? Its true that the people who are around me have influenced me both in my life and in my decisions to a great extent. But, What if some of the decisions that I had taken or what I would be taking on my own influence their life too-directly or indirectly? What if the good decision hurts them and then I regret taking the bad one? To think of it, I need not be this confused since it is my life, I need to live on my own and it is not certain that these people are going to be with me at every phase of my life. But again, What if I lose all those people, who had been there for me through out my life, by just taking a single decision? Well, it was these decisions at different phases that made me learn a lot of lessons in life – personally and professionally. I am trying my best to still learn, for it is these lessons that I consider as my experience in life today. What if I commit the same mistake inspite of those experiences? and What if, one day, I stopped having that urge to learn? My experiences has only led me in the right direction so far and made me realize about my priorities and responsibilities in life. ‘Stopping by woods on a snowy evening’ a poem written by Robert Frost has a line about responsibility that goes “I have promises to keep and Miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep”. All of us have come to this world with responsibilities to accomplish a particular task, a promise that we need to fulfill.What if I did accomplish my task and never came to know what it actually was? Or What if I bid farewell to the world without even fulfilling it?
This is what happens when my mind wanders. Though I dont want it to, my mind keeps seaching for answers which I know for sure would not be available. What if I kept searching for the answers when it is already within me? or What if I find the answer one day and its too late?


Rakesh said...

u sound like the old 'architect'guy frm matrix!!!

i will give the answer to ur "wht if?"

And the answer is "butterfly effect"

Evrything happens for a reason Bro.So dont bother!!

And dont argue with me on this..or i will start with terminators and time travel! :D

Anonymous said...

I dont know who wrote this line...

Once I make up my mind I am full of indecision... !

but its so so true.. and mostly when i have to ask a question to myself... I can never reply... coz this What if... is always killing me

Ashwathy said...

lol trust u to reschedule ur first reloaded post for the day immediately after u leave town!!

and i agree with Rakesh... dont worry too much about the what ifs.. u'll only end up confusing urself. everything happens for a reason...u'll come to know it sooner or later so dont break ur head trying to figure it out before its time is due. comprende?

let me leave u with a question:
"what if u had never written this post?" :-P lol

Ashwathy said...

LOL @ Rakesh for the time travel n terminator comment! :D

what if the terminator hadnt gone back in time? what if john connor hadnt sent his friend to save his mom? wud he have been born? what if his friend n his mom never hooked up together? what if ... oh never mind... u get the drift lol

Rakesh Vanamali said...

A thinking mind always encounters confusion, which is good and bad! Good because it offers a perspecctive difference and bad because it leads to chaotic thinking!

To aimply answer you question of what if, I will say that situations if not what have already happened will create strings in the cosmos!

Read the following:

Anyhow, things happen for a definite and accurate reason, the reason will generate experience and experience will serve as a strong focal memory and example to every action that we may intend to take in the future! Some of us realize this, yet some others do not!

My tip - dont really think too hard! I f******d up my system doing a lot of such thinking aided with some books on psychology, cosmos and the likes and trust me ---- life has never been the same!!!!

Oh....apologies for making a post size comment here! Have fun travelling dude.....! Cheers!

Rakesh said...

wow @ ashwathy!!
this is the first time i have ever come across a female Terminator fan!
Ya i agree with u on tht story..its pretty much a complicated story and whaaat a great movie!!

Well If Kyle reese didnt hook up with sarah connor,thn it would have been probably tht guy whom she was dating!
But wht to do..arnie blew his head off!So technically Kyle reese wasnt supposed to be johns father.

And wht if vimmuu didnt write this post??
Well the answer to tht is we wouldnt be able to comment on terminators here!! hehe

Terminator salvation hits theatres on May 21st!dont forget to watch it woohooo!!

Ashwathy said...


chalk up one for my tomboyish nature ONLY mentally tho :P hehe

I've always loved the Terminator series, but love the 2nd one particularly. looking forward to the 4th one... christian bale rocks! woohoo!

LOL ok let me stop before vimmuuu bans us both for diverting the topic!!

Aaarti said...

What if..

are questions i steer clear from!! no point.. cos whats gonna happen is gonna happen!! no point worrying/pondering

Go enjoy ur holiday... stop fretting!! :D

Yayyyyyyy..Vimmuuuu oorrukku poyittan... yayyyyyyyyyyyyy :P

Anand said...

U know, this world is 3 dimensional. 'What if' is of no use unless u r willing to gamble on precuious time. Besides, it just leads to negtivity cuz whenever u think of 'what if'...u always think of some nice and a better 'what if', isnt it?

How bout if we convert the 'what if' to 'what is' and further convert the 'what is' to 'now it's better' ? :-)
Nice post.

Vee said...

If Only.....

Solilo said...

Vimmu, Why such thoughts before going to Pluto?

No what ifs...

You quoted my fav. poet's lines.

amit said...

I think that "what if" always make life complicated.

vishesh said...

what if after all this we wake up wailing for our mom in our cradles?

Anonymous said...

now i know where i'll end up in 2-3 years.. as your post in 2007 is just as i am now. and the kind of posts i do.

what if.. you didn't reschedule this post. i wouldn't have known that what i must not do.. LOL

i'd like to steer the conversation form Terminator (which was great) to "Back to the future - series".. where the future changes according to the past events.. so we have our future in our hands...

"with(this)great power comes great responsibility" (spiderman-series).... use it wisely...!

i also agree with Rakesh on the 'butterfly effect' (was it in I AM LEGEND..?)

and whatever you have done was the purpose of YOU. you have done fine in life for yourself and others around you. so don't bother.

Rakesh said...

Cool Now lets divert the topic again to 'Back to the future'

Tht was one of the best Trilogies i have seen so far.Everytime i watch it feels like a brand new movie evnthough it was released in the 80s!

Butterfly effect is basically a set of random actions we do in the past leading to certain unexpected events in the future just like evry action has a reaction.Butterfly effect has been used in many english movies like "jurassic park","Frequency" and the latest indian version is "Dasavatharam". So u must watch dasavatharam!! :P

Apart frm tht Butterfly tattoo, I am not sure if butterfly effect was entirely there in "I am legend"
But ya maybe the scientists experimenting on viruses n thn producing untested drugs for curing cancer without properly studying abt the sideffects led to the Creation of tht killer virus which killed millions.
But the story Of "I am legend" is more thn tht.

U have to see the alternate ending of tht movie,to see wht a great story it is!I liked the alternate ending much better.

Ya i agree with u on abt our purpose in life.we shoudnt try or even think of changing our past or else we will just end up messing our future!

soneeta said...

too much of "what if,what if...."
what if u had not started this blog n instead open a coffee shop incourse of time which cld hv grown bigger n better(like ur blog nw) and wld hv overtaken CCD...
We wld hv got coffee for free...

Ashwathy said...

LOL @ soneeta
now you're talking!! :D

Archie said...

What if Chennai was as cool as Ooty?

Sorry man, It's a great post, unfortunately am just not able to get the weather out of my mind...