May 15, 2009

Sorry my lord, I didn’t mean to harass her !!! ---- Reloaded

Post published on Oct 16 2008
Disclaimer : This is not any kind of chauvinist post and I don’t intend to offend anyone, rather take it in a light way. If you still feel that the post hurts, then I would request you to take a break or probably attend the Art of Living classes.

The above picture was taken from Alleppey-Bokharo Express.

It reads :

Harassing women passengers is a punishable offence.

Any obscene remarks, teasing, touching, stares, gestures, songs and unwanted attention are all forms of sexual violence, punishable by up to two years or a fine under section 354A, 509 and 294 under Indian Penal Code and section 145 and 152 of the Railways Act.

I happened to notice this information on my way back from the rest room; strategically placed inside the train, near the entrance. I don’t know how or why I missed this pin up before but it sure did make me think for a while about the privileges a woman enjoy. I mean, do we men have any act that is even remotely close to this??? Don’t women harass men at all? The stories would be less in number, but I am sure there are. And they claim men and women are equal. Hmmph!!! It is not that we men aren’t afraid of women. Sometimes, men are too scared to react or behave in front of a woman thinking of the consequences. There are certain women who are simply unpredictable and who get offended very easily and believe me, such women ARE dangerous. However well mannered the man is, our Indian law/society would not believe him even if the woman makes a false / misunderstood allegation. That’s not fair, is it?

I returned to my seat with those Acts, Penal Codes and the newly developed inequality feeling in my mind. There was a middle aged woman in the same compartment. Gawd, I have this habit of singing or humming constantly and now I do have to think twice before I could do so. I had to be sure that the song didn’t have bad lyrics, vulgar picturisation or an ill famed actress? Aargh!!! Or even an inappropriate situation to sing the song would be enough for me to taste the bitterness of trouble. What if she stares at me for no reason, I can’t even return the stare!! I was getting settled in my seat when my Aquafina bottle fell and landed up near her foot. Oooooops, I just harassed her; that was an unwanted attention !!!


Sakhi said...

Am i having hallucinations or you have actually posted this one earlier??

i have a feeling that i have read this one before!! :O :O

Rakesh said...

What will we do if women harass us??
Isn't there a law to protect us innocent men?

Women are especially dangerous when they attack in packs!Men are totally vulnerable under such circumstances!
Believe me i have witnessed such incidents before!It was horrible!!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I remember this from last year! I'm not sure if violence against men is highlighted as much as violence against women!

Not being biased!

Praveen said...

good point raised there..
lets start the fight for equal rights to men

oorjas said...

hmmmm.... there might not be any particular act for this but law should work both ways.

i don't have anything more to say.. i would have liked to put an LOL but who knows my LOL might be considered like 'harassing the feelings of the (male) post writer'..and i don't want risk that. :-)

Indyeah said...

Hellloooooooo :D

getting too over friendly was I? :D

vishesh said...


Indian Homemaker said...

Going to join an Art of Living Class ;)

Ann Dee said...

How are these codes made first of all? Isn't it saying something in itself - the very fact that the law book is full of pro-woman codes?
Guess, you guys should buck up and rush to the courts more often. Jaago Men Jaago!
On a serious note, I think laws like reserved seats for women in public transport should be abolished. Makes sense only for old or physically challenged and pregnant women. And that breed of hatti-katti women who fight for their ladies seats should get a good one for naari-andolan bullshit.
Like you men suffer because of few notorious ones of your breed, we are no different.. :(

kanagu said...

It happens vimal... we have to be over-cautious while doing simplest of things :( thats how the rule is