May 7, 2009

The big B !

Ok, now this is going to be tough !

(Clearing throat) People, I know this whole break from blogging has become a trend these days. And unfortunately, now its my turn. I will be away from mobiles, computers and internet from 9th and will be back only by the 1st of June, which also means I would be away from all my favourite blogs (thank goodness, huh?). It’s a small trip to Europe to meet my brother and best friend that I had been planning since Feb. I haven’t revealed it to many because its just today that everything got materialized.

I am going to miss all your posts and most importantly I would miss leaving my stupid and pure nonsense comments for all those posts. Speaking of comments, guess what, quite recently, I had been banned twice by a fellow blogger because of my comments. LOL. And what more? Another blogger called me mad and she officially declared me as the Bad Boy of Blogosphere. Now I know how Salman would have felt when he was called – The Bad Boy of Bollywood ! LOL.

Jokes apart, I take this opportunity to apologize to everyone here for all my insane comments. But let me make it very clear; that doesn’t mean I will be decent in the future. LOL. This is just temporary. (You know, like how some of those idiots go and confess in churches, pray in temples and return to their anti social activities )

People, I will be back !!! Buhahahhahahahahhahaha (Evil laugh) !!!!!

But you know what, technically speaking, none of you are going to miss me! Oh yeah! I am not going to spare any of you in my absence. LOL. I had scheduled some of my older posts (with a tag Reloaded) to appear right from 9th till I return to regular blogging. By this way, I can still be around you all in some way or the other and also, those poor forgotten posts would receive few comments. (you guys would comment, na? LOL )

Take care you guys. I am really going to miss being around. Bye ! (searching for a hanky)

Check out Joey in this video. That’s how excited I am.



PS : The bloggers who had banned and who had given me titles are still good friends of mine. And for people who misunderstood that, I just have three words – L.O.L. !!!


The Pink Orchid said...

have a happy journey and loads of fun.. :)

Vee said...

Sob Sob, Come Back Soon...:(:(

Indyeah said...

trend?What trend?:P:P
Enjoy yourself!!!

And yeah will miss your comments even the nonsense ones :D

Take care:)))
ROFL@searching for a hanky:D
*imagining Vimmuu searching for one*

Vinz aka Vinu said...

oh ..
have a great trip..
i think Europe got gud internet connectivity..


take care mate..

Anu Russell said...

have fun...enjoy and be safe :)

Badz said...

Yes. Have a great trip. And Europe does have great internet link BUT I guess you will not get time. Too busy sight seeing. ;-)

Praddy said...

hey thats cool man..have fun :)

Ordinary Guy said...

enjay maadi!!!!!!!
and have a great trip

Aaarti said...

hahahhaa....sema post!!!

orre sorry and all that.. pfft!! :D

Hmmm..will we miss u? not really.. u gonna really be away that long--really?? u better not come back early okay!!! ..wowwieee..time to party and have some fun..hahaha.... buhaahahahaha indeed.....

Chiranjib said...


I did not understand the reason of prefixing the letter combination "bu" to your very famous laugh. Does it render that 'evil' disposition that you have forever wanted to achieve? :D
Jokes apart, enjoy your journey! Play safe! :D

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Have a wonderful trip and a great stay! Hoping to see some picture on your return! Take care Vimmuuu!

verbivorehere said...

by the way u introduced i thot u were going to some jungle "aadivaasis paradise!" whhhaatt europe nd u cannot connect to the world !! what pity :P safe journey for the rest of the passengers :P "paattu paadi pedippikkaruthu avare" :

Bedazzled said...

yay!!!! faarign trip .... ensoy !!! and stay safe !

eye-in-sty-in said...

enjoy the trip man... try to go for a football game if u can... ! U'll remember it for a long time.

oorjas said...

so u have scheduled posts.. won't let us enjoy a nice break from you..


have a safe trip..Enjoy.. and post a lot of snaps on return. :-)

Smita said...

"heaves a sigh of relief and thanks God." Incidents like these keep my faith in almighty intact. And btw don't come back without you know what, nahin to! And comment in your old posts? Nah! Take care though :-)

Solilo said...

"Speaking of comments, guess what, quite recently, I had been banned twice by a fellow blogger because of my comments. LOL" take names. :)) :)) :))

You know that London has internet connection, right? From the way you mentioned I thought you were going to Pluto. Helloooooooooooo!

Till June 1st....Aa ha! relief!

Nautankey said...

You ditched rebelz this time soon :( never forgiven

Veena Chech... said...

Hi..I know its longs since I have commented anything uer blog :).Anyways have a nice time and enjoy uer trip. By any chance do u have plans to visit UK?? If so please let me know, I can then give you my contact details..we could probably catch up here :)..
Have a great time..will wait for a new Topic on uer trip in this space after uer visit!!Take care..

Archie said...

Lolz! Hey safe trip!

By the way ppl would block YOU from blogs? They are that touche? lol!

I thought you were still behind me in the 'Mean' -o- Meter!

Anyways, I'll have one word lesser than you for the prim-proper-goody-teo-shoe types!

Just realised am down one nocturnal buddy... Oh shit! (are u gonna block me for swearing in ur blog?) lol!

vishesh said...

who banned u? have fun...i will comment , if you promise to read all my posts till date(ya the 700 something :P )

Destination Infinity said...

@Vishesh: 700 posts????

@Vimuu: Some time back some one else said that they were taking a bog lbreak as they were shifting the house. Now you - on a vacation. I am also thinking of either shifting my house or going for a vacation (even if I don't want to) just to take a break from blogging!! Man, this is addictive :-) Enjoy.

Destination Infinity

Remya said...

Have a safe journey :)

Rashmi said...

Have a nice trip :-)

I m sure u will not be able to completely keep urself off from blogs..anyways europe do have internet connection

Rakesh said...

Dude ..if u get lost in london..
Walk ON the map!!
also dont forget to buy tht long British flag hat thingy! hehe

Its LONDON baby!! woohoo!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Kajal :

Thanks :D

@ Vee :

Sob Sob, I will. Miss ya Boyy !!

@ Indyeah :

Thanks. and will miss being on the receiving end also after my comment. LOL. and yeah, also thanks for imagining.

@ Vinu :

LOL, I know. But I would be constantly travelling and would be hardly checking my mails even. Smaaart baay !!

@ Anu :

Thanks a lot.

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz:

Yup, would be busy sight seeing and bird watching ! LOL.

@ Praddy :

Thanks man !

@ Ajit :

Thanks machoo!!

@ Aaarti :

LOL. Every vimal has his day ! ooops, every Aaarti has her day !!! :D

@ Chiranjib :

LOL, Thats how evil people laugh !! Buhahahhahahaaha !!! Thanks.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks. Will take pictures. But not as good as you ! :D

@ Verbivorehere :

LOL, that was sweet of you to be considerate towards my fellow passengers ! Point noted. I will sing loudly and make sure we have an emergency landing !!!

@ Bhargavi :

Yesh yesh, faarin trip..Thanks !

@ EISI :

Thanks man. Im not into sports at all. But would there be good cheerleaders ??? LOL.

@ Oorjas :

LOL, How can I survive without torturing you all !! Thanks !!

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

ROFL. I didnt see that coming !!!
Tit for tat, huh ?

@ Solilo :

Oh, I thought I wasnt supposed to take names. LOL.

My flight to Pluto got cancelled; so I changed my plan!

Yeah, but only till June 1st. Buhahahhahaaha!!

@ Vinod :

Whaaaat ??? when is ur next play?? U didnt even tell me !!!!

@ Veena chechi :

Yup, Im visiting UK for 4 days. Will mail you my plans. Hope to meet ya there!

@ Archie :

Thanksss !

Nahhh, How can I block my midnight buddy ! and btw, Im mean to everyone, mean by origin !

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

Are you kidding me????? LOL

@ Destination Infinity :

LOL. Thats what I meant by that trend !! Its become the blogospheres fashion statement - I will be on a break ! LOL.

@ Remya :

Thanks !

@ Rashmi :

I know. Let me see how things work out !

@ Rakesh :

Wooohooo. LONDON BABY !

If those things are available there, believe me, I will get them !!!


AV said...

sniff sniff... damn.. d tissues r over!!

Indian Homemaker said...

Vimmuu your first comments on my blog had totally confused me (is he upset I did not respond to his comment:(...) but now I think you are probably the funniest, (also the craziest) commenter in the blogosphere :) Will miss your comments, and my family will miss my sudden bursts of laughter upon reading your err funny comments :)

And the idea of reposting your older posts is brilliant!! I look forward to reading them!

Enjoy your break :)

amit said...

But where in Europe???????
Gave a great time and enjoy yourself!

Reema said...

Will miss u! come back soon! and Enjoy!

myheadtrip said...

You?! mean?!?! Am I missing something here?!
Have a great trip!