Apr 18, 2009

The ‘tring tring’ that shook me !!!

It was 15 mins past six and me was rushing to office. On the way, me was supposed to collect a new mobile for my brother that was ordered a few days back. Me needed to give my mobile for repair too. For the last two weeks, it has been acting real funny and weird. The mobile goes to the headset mode on it’s own and a headset has to be connected each time me make or receive calls. That’s not it; the weirdest part is when the mobile is left for charging. The moment a charger is connected to the slot, a message appears on the screen “ Charging Alien Battery” !!!!

Now, without a phone, me would feel handicapped. So me decided to use the SIM in the new mob. Swiped my XXXXXXX bank credit card and left the place. The mobile looked cool; but me don’t like Nokia, me a big big fan of Sony Ericsson mobiles. Me walked towards my bike when suddenly, the mobile rang. It was the first call on the new phone and me was very excited. The incoming number was a landline and me had no clue who it was.

Caller : Sir, we are calling from XXXXXX bank.
Me : Ok.
Caller : Sir, did you just swipe your card for Rs. XYZ ?
Me: (Gulp) Yes.
Caller : Sir, did you swipe it at ZZZZZ Cellular Service?
Me : (Stopped walking and gulped even more now) . Yes yes. But what is this call regarding ?
Caller : We are just confirming Sir. This is to make sure that your card was with you.
Me : (Feeling delighted at the service). Oh thanks. Bye. (Smiling all the way back to my bike)
Caller : Have a nice day.

Me started my bike while humming a song with a colgate smile. (dumdi dum dumdi dum dumdi dum dumdi ….) Wait a minute ! Did someone just call and tell what me did with my card / money?? oooh nooo, !! Does this mean that my card is monitored, my transactions are recorded??? Whatever happened to the thing called privacy ????? Me have been using cards for a couple of years now and this happened for the first time. Tomorrow, when me buy undergarments or order porn over the net, do me have to go through a similar verification ??????? Me scared now !!!!!

Now, people, is this privacy violation or some sort of soooper customer service ?


Rakesh said...

wht happened to ur phone? i think its either an alien invasion or maybe SKYNET has taken over ur phone!!

ohh!!so u order porn over the net eh??
just pray tht they dont mail u the detailed printed reports to ur home!!

Anonymous said...

Caller : Sir, we are calling from XXXXXX bank. did you make an internet transaction for Rs. XYZ ?
Vimmuuu: (Gulp) Yes.
Caller : Sir, did you swipe it at ZZZZZ site for the purchase of "Dr.Do-me-a-little" ?

!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

LOL.I think so dude. I have always had this feeling that I was abducted by aliens once !

LOL, I cant believe you actually took that in the literal sense !!!

@ Archie :

ROFL. This is one of the funniest and best comment I have ever received !!!! I am worried about our privacy and you actually took that internet porn transaction seriously. LOL. I cant stop laughing at your comment!!! Dr. Do - me - a - little, huh ?

Ordinary Guy said...

LOL at rakesh's comment...
if they mail you detailed printout to your "permanent address"... kalli therrnu aliyaaaaa!!!!

Yes, "big brother" is everywhere... :) and yes, every single transaction or phone you make can be monitered!!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit :

LOL, if I take the word 'porn' off from there, what would you guys have commented? LOL

Seriously??? Isnt there a way to hide things anymore???

Ordinary Guy said...

nindae transactions complete black market akkiyal, there will not be any big brother!!! :)

Varun said...

This is a premium service some banks are offering free these days. It is for our good. They will not call you for all transactions though... These would be random calls. Enjoy and don't be scared. They are not the aliens who've taken control of your phone. :)

And I am a huge fan of Sony Ericsson too :).

Solilo said...

What is with me, me, me, me.

Caller: Saaaaaar, did you just swipe your card for Rs.------.

You: Yes.

Caller: Saaar, did you pick this, this and this movies from XXXX shop.

You: *looking here and there*

Caller: Saaar, can you please lend me thos XXX movies. *shy tone*

Sakhi said...

:D :D ROFL! "gain some, Lose some"

vishesh said...

Hmm...I think they do it only for purchases over a certain amount(think it is 10,00 :) ) ...and well anyway all the transactions are recorded :P

Bedazzled said...

i have <<<<<< bank credit card too and i am delighted at their service ..having said that i also have a card with my previous employer and they make me run pillar to post.. as i struggle with cancellation of my card..i dont mind the financial voyeurism ! as long as i dont get charged for sneezing,my neighbour sneezing and sundry sneezing.

Reema said...

Due to theft cases nowadays they verify transactions for a certain amount.
Why on earth would u or anyone buy porn when its available free on net??? :/

AV said...

lol... well, if the person who called was a guy, then i dont think ne underwear or porn purchases shud be a problem.. i guess he wud understand..
n if it were a girl, even better!! she wud know tat u do wear undergarments n tat u r not a southindian 'fruit'!! :P so chill fella!!

amreekandesi said...

This monitoring is purportedly for your own safety.

The mobile phone purchase would have been a large transaction, so the credit card company called you to make sure that your card hasnt been stolen. In that case, they want to limit their/your liability because someone with your stolen card would go on a shopping binge.

A few years back when i was traveling across a few cities, and spending a lot on my card, several times i got such calls. They in fact disabled my card till i called them up to verify that these were all genuine transactions.

It's a pain, but really a proactive monitoring mechanism to limit damage in case of theft.

Vee said...

Ayyo, so simple.. DO not buy pron using card, use cash and as far as undergarments goes, tell me ur size, Me will send over.. Hahaha.. WICKED ME!!!

On serious note, send me your address so that Me can send undergarment.. Haha.... Me always wicked actually.

Vee said...

@Reema, FYI, Availability might be there on net freely, but when and in what circumstance people might need it, internet doesn't help much. I do not watch porn AT ALL and my frenz n my bro are amazed at that but I am saying it in practical way. How many have availability of net whenever they can wish compare to availability of other modes... talk sense and practicality yaar....

Nautankey said...

I too get calls like this but only if the transaction is 10k+ or in foreign currency..so guess they have some limits for this...And if ur one who is gonna buy undergarment or porn for 10k,you SHUD be monitored :P

Ashwathy said...

ROFL @ soulsez, solilo and nautankey

i m too busy laughing at everyone else's comments lol :-D this post is making the headlines for the wrong reasons!

as many pointed out before me, larger transactions have the banks verifying the same with with their customers. there r also sms based services for the same which automatically inform the a/c holder whenever a transaction takes place on his/her card. identity theft is big now and banks think it is better to go paranoid before than after... or rather, immediately after the transaction than never.

but having said that, i completely agree with nautankey's last comment :-D hehehe

P.S.: and whats with the continuous use of 'me' 'me' 'me'? the 'in' thing expression is 'meh' and it shows indifference lol :-P

kanagu said...

/*“ Charging Alien Battery” */


and me too a great lover of sony ericcson mobiles :)
its a super customer service.. in US its like this to ensure that transaction was made by the correct person.. be proud of it :)

Anonymous said...

ROTFL more on the comments than the post... :-)

amit said...

We have a healthy discussion over availability of porn on the net which ironically seems to be more interesting than the post! :P

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit :

LOL, nee paranja maadiri, jeevichu poyikootey dei !! :D

@ Varun :

Ya, I understand. But sometimes you have the feeling that someones spying around on you! LOL.

You a Sony fan too. Great !

@ Solilo :

Theres nothing with me. was getting tired to use 'I' and me was just replaced with 'I'. and I also thought that would make people forget about the mention of porn ! I failed. LOL.

LOL @ the role play. But let me complete it for you :

Caller: Saaar, can you please lend me thos XXX movies. *shy tone*

Me : Not even on my dead body !!! (sounding stern)

@ Sakhi :

LOL. I know what you were referring to !!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

Hmmm, but then they scared by their call !! It was like being spyed on !

@ Bhargavi :

I know. Cancellation of any card is a biggg headache.

@ Reema :

Ahem ! Ahem !! Mail me the websites !!!

@ AV:

Now, thats some logic. Thanks buddy !!! LOL

@ Amreekandesi :

Yeah, its true. But did they cancel your card without even informing you? Now, thats not being proactive, thats stupidity. All they should have done was to call you and enquire, right?

Everything is fine, but like I mentioned above, its a feeling that you are being spyed on. LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Vee :

Thanks Vee, Me always knew that me could depend on you for the undergarments. Me will send my address in no time. LOL. Now, what are friends for, huh?

LOL, me cant believe you actually gave such an explanation to Reema.

@ Nautankey :

LOL. I didnt know about the cap. and why should I buy undergarments worth 10k+ ??? I should be superman, then. LOL.

@ Ashwathy :

I know. Most of the comments here are related to undergarments and porn. Sigh !!! Im just trying to make the blog a little more matured. LOL.

Ok, check my reply for Solilo for the usage of 'me'. Me was trying to make the post sound cuter. LOL.Thats a deadly combination. Mature and cuter !!! :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Kanagu :

Wow, another Sony fan !! Its three of us now. We should start a club !!!

It is a good service, but they could send a email or the sms would do. But someone calling and telling that you did 'this' sometime back is like being monitored ! LOL.

@ Oorjas :

LOL. Like Amit mentioned, people are more interested in something else. LOL.

@ Amit :

Yeah ! yeah ! how encouraging, huh ?

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Whoopsy! Alien batteries, shopping for porn, fellow bloggers sending you undies!!!! Wassup Vimmuuu? Seems a lots been happening while I was off, eh? ;)

Neways, thanks for your message on my holiday post! Hope you had a good time on Vishu!

soneeta said...

u and any electronics items never go well...coz u never keep thm properly.
alien battery...looks like the ET are finally getting thr signal.long back whn thy hd come down to earth one of thm ws left behind.thy will soon be coming to take him.thy have got connected wth d signal...

Anonymous said...

apparently some me has no clue about bank verification procedures..and rather than calling up customer care about the same..some me is more concerned about his "routine" of ordering porn movies ;P

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

LOL, It happened all of a sudden (ellaam valare pettannaayirunnu !!).

Thanks for the wishes. Vishu was so-so. Was at my Chennai residence all alone.

@ Soneeta :

I am glad you restricted your comments to the Alien charging. LOL.

@ Verbivorehere :

LOL. me didnt want to confirm my purchase. me never do that, this was someone calling and verifying out of the way. Now, when some stranger goes out of the way and help you, wont you think twice. LOL. and how did you know about my routine??? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yey! sony ericsson ftw! :)

and buying undergarments is no crime... NOT buying would be, if your pants fall off--you'd end up in jail :D :D

Smita said...

Which world do u live in???

These idiots are trying to help you...in a way they are keeping a tab that ur card is not being misused and this happens only if the transaction amount is high...

And nobody is gonna verfiy your undies purchase until and unless u buy a gold/ diamond studded one :D

Anonymous said...

To me, what you mentioned is an obselete thing - the bank calling up to check 'if your credit card is in the right hands' has been there for like ages. Google is now capable of monitoring 'what' u are doing 'when' and 'how' using the technology they have? So stop gulping - you, me or anyone for that matter doesnt have any control over our own lives anymore... Stay Happy! :-)

Indian Homemaker said...

First a very funny post and then absolutely out of this world comments.
It seems they noticed nothing else in the entire post!

I like Reema's advise.

vimmuuu said...

@ Priya :

LOL. I have enough of them.365 ones. happy??? LOL.

@ Smita :

Even if I buy a studded one, why should they be bothered??? LOL.

@ Anonymous :

I know. Life is just like being under some survellaince camera!!

@ IHM :

LOL, I know! A post written with good intentions being noticed for wrong reasons. and you second Reema? Read what I had replied for her. LOL.

Smitha said...

Vimmuuu!!! I can't believe that I missed out this post!! Can't stop laughing!!
Can you imagine what kind of fun Big Brother must be having? If I were one of those Customer Service Reps - I would make sure to call after one of your 'shady' purchases :) How I wish for a fun job like that :)

Smita said...

Because u dumbo, somebody might be misusing ur card :P

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita 2 :

LOL, Im glad that you arent of them whos spying on me !!! and how dare you call those purchases 'shady' ??? LOL

@ Smita :

LOL, but is there one like that????

sangeeta said...

well loved the comments a bit more than the post!!

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