Apr 20, 2009

Geet....GEETHAM.....Sangeetham (Part 2)

This is a tag and is Continued from Geet (Hindi) - Part 1

Part 2 – Geetham – Tamil

The criteria for Tamil songs – Melodies of Vidyasagar

1) Malarey Mounamey – Karna

2) Kanden Kanden – Madhurey

3) Sollitharavaa – Majaa

4) Athi Athikka – Aadi

5) Naan Varaindhu Vaitha – Jeyam Kondaan

6) Kaatrin Mozhi – Mozhi

7) Aasai Aasai – Dhool

8) Azhagoril – Thirumalai

9) Nee Katru – Nilave Vaa

10) Thaalaatum Katrae – Poovellaam Un Vaasam

The other five that couldn’t make it to the above list (the songs are linked to the respective respective you-tube videos) :

Vidyasagar, according to me, is one of the most underrated and under utilized music director in the Tamil industry. Malare Mounama (the first song in this post), was the first song of his that I heard and I developed an instant liking for his albums like Karna, Villadhi Villain and Aayudha Poojai. But my admiration towards this musical genius grew only after his success with Malayalam songs starting from ‘Azhagiya Raavanan’. He brings in the exact nativity required for the songs and its situation, especially in the melodies and I am sure many of the Malayalam speaking crowd here would agree with me. Though, he had won several awards and recognitions from the Malayalam industry, he had failed to create a similar impact with the Tamil crowd and that’s mainly because of his choice of movies. There are many more songs from this national award winning music director, but the above 15 are the top-of-the-mind favourite melodies and I would appreciate if any of you could mention a few others too.


Smita said...


Smita said...

Errr!!! I have no knowledge about these songs but since i have come I will say something...


Ordinary Guy said...

Another great collection dude....
yes, he truly is under rated... I love so many of his songs!! now waiting for nammade malayalam!!!

Varun said...

I like Vennilavae from Minsara Kanavu and few others from Bombay, Kakha Kakha and Roja...

Vee said...

No clue whatsoever, might have heard one or two but can't make out if it's written in English... but yeah what Varun told I know that..

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

LOL. Thanks. that was something !!!

@ Ajit :

Thanks man. Malayalam will be a shocker for you. LOL.

@ Varun :

Good songs, no doubt. but none of them are Vidyasagars songs.

@ Vee :

Does this mean that I win our small bet ??????

Selva said...

So it is good that someone is still hearing Vidyasagar.....though ARR,Yuvan is topping the list (Tamil industry) Vidyasagar deserves a unique place...as you rightly quoted he has miserably failed in selecting a good banner and ended up with poor promos,recognition....am sure he is still not too late to get recognised....and it depends on how choosy is he in picking the right project ???

Bedazzled said...

sooper selection of songs .. i agree with u that vidyasagar is highly underrated music director in tamil industry! ..malare is also one of my alltime favs

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Since my trip to Ooty, I've been humming tunes from Mauna raagam and some real chic 80s tamil flicks!!!!!

What was that flick wer Maddy adopts a girl whose originally from Sri Lanka? Theres a superb masterpiece of a song in there......Oru Daivam Thandha Poove......

Btw - I'm using this space as a soundboard to Vee! I'm unable to access his space for a long time now......the firewall cuts me off.......I wonder why!!

verbivorehere said...

vellai pookal is nt ur fav? i love tht! i love nilaa kaaigirathu too..will listen to ths lot frm home..im sure il bookmark ths page too ;P

vimmuuu said...

@ Selva :

Exactly. He should start choosing bigger banners to work with. His recent 'Mahesh, Saranya matrum palar' was a superb album, but hardly anyone knows about it.

@ Bhargavi :

Yeah, its a mystery why though. His songs are all time hits, yet he is underrated.

@ Rakesh 2:

That was Kannathil Muthamittaal, Mani Rathnam - A.R.Rahman combos masterpiece.

Vee is unreachable???seriously???

@ Verbivorehere :

Vellai pookkal is my fav and so is nila kaigiradu. But they are A.R.Rs and not Vidyasagars, na? I have mentioned only melodies of Vidyasagar.

Solilo said...

Have no clue about any. The last Tamil movie I saw was I guess 'Autograph'.

Sriju said...

Lovely selection bro,great to know that you still carry the same appetite for under rated gems.

kanagu said...

wow.. great list bro... me too like his music much.. but off late he is not in great touch.. still he has produced gem of the songs.. :)

don't you like 'Malai kaatru'from Vedham film... that's a very nice song.. :)

Ordinary Guy said...

and my is mallayalam going to be a shocker????
is your taste that wierd?

vimmuuu said...

@ Solilo :

Hmmmm...but some of the songs mentioned here had their release before Autograph !

@ Sriju :

Daaa, your first comment here, le? Thankss. Ee paatugal nammal enganey marakkum. Did you check out the hindi songs??? Wait for the Malayalam songs, da.

@ Kanagu :

I wouldnt agree. I liked Abhiyum Naanum, Mahesh, Saranya matrum palar, Arai en 305il Kadavul and also Raman Thediya Seethai and I still believe these songs didnt make it to the limelight because of the movies.

@ Ajit :

LOL. Illa, illa. Its songs from my fav actors movies. adukondaa!

amit said...

I love the 3rd one. Of all the Tamil songs I have heard, this one has always been a favorite.

Nautankey said...

I felt like how smita-ji felt :D.. As such me not a big fan of vidyasagar,accepted he has given some really awesome n evergreen numbers but at times he sounds too jaded. Especially when he tries the fast beat songs..I go like yawwwwn have heard this bfore kinds[eg:gilli,kuruvi]. Guess a music director shud be able to establish himself in all genres, vidyasagar has a long way to go.

oorjas said...

love the selection.. great songs.

i have almost lost touch with the tamil songs i guess.

vimmuuu said...

@ Amit :

I know, this has been one of my all time favs too.

@ Vinod :

Theres only horror and rock genre that Vidyaji hasnt tried yet, according to my knowledge that is. And these genres havnt been tried by ARR himself too. And everyone has got their own style. Can we expect a Mukkaala or a Loose Control from Ilayaraja?

@ Oorjas :

and why would you want to do that? There are a lot of sites to listen to songs online, if TV is the problem.

Reets said...

Nice ones.... The coincidence is that most of the songs u have mentioned herein happen to be my favourites too!!!Stop copying me....heheheh