Jan 1, 2009

My first BISEXUAL song: Chaiyya Chaiyya; Movie: Dil Se (1998)

Yup, you read it right; my first bisexual song. Ok, now for the clarification, its not exactly a duet; the female version in the song is again my voice. I have not used any ‘technology’ here for the voice, its just plain mimicry. The only technique used here is the interlapping of male and female voice (multi track recording). Both the versions were sung and recorded on two different tracks at separate hours of the day. The female version was sung in the afternoon and the male version at 3 in the morning. After rendering the female version, my voice got strained like crazy and that, I knew, would make it a little difficult to attempt the high pitch notes that come in the male version. So left my lappie switched on for the whole evening (the track alignment could change if it was switched off) and went for work, came back at 3am and sang the male version. I was initially a little skeptical to try the rendition at those unearthly hours, but the excitement in me to come up with the final output didn’t listen to all that. My neighbours, I am sure, would have tried hunting me down that morning. And now its your turn, O fellow bloggers !

Trivia :

It was the songs of Dil Se that gave ARR the first international opportunity in the form of ‘Bombay Dreams’, a musical produced by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sir Andrew heard A R Rahman's score for Dil Se and so impressed was he with Chaiyya chaiyya -- the song, the choreography, the visualisation -- for the composer, it was love at first sound. Chaiyya Chaiyya later on became a part of the Bombay Dreams album along with a few rehashed songs from Taal. The album topped the international charts and broke a few international records too. Ever since then, there has been no looking back for ARRs fame internationally. It could be old news, but for the 2009 Golden Globe Awards, ARR has been nominated under the ‘Best Original Score’ category for the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I just hope my God wins and make each one of us proud.

To listen in a better way :

  • Please wait till the entire song streams.
  • Try using a headset/earphone for the overall sound clarity.


vishesh said...

the song is neither opening in chrome nor in firefox...


Indian Home Maker said...

After giving us such an exciting story of your first bisexual song - the song isn't playing at all :(

I reloaded the page, then I left the page undisturbed for a while but nothing worked ... is this that new application by Blogger? I saw in Blogger Buzz how we can add music to our blog ... I have been wanting to do that for a while.

In the meantime, Aapko naye saal ki haardik shubhkamnayein :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh and IHM :

It should work now. Some problem with the player and my blog theme. But the other songs which were uploaded are working fine. You could find them under the tab 'My version' just below the blog header.

@ IHM :

Its not an application from blogger. I havnt checked that out. I have been using two third party tools. You know what, I will write a post on it soon and be a little helpful to you all in this new year :)

Bedazzled said...

the title was a googly .. caught me !!!not able to listen to it .. dunno what the problem is.. have a grreeeat 2009!!

Anonymous said...

it is not playing even now. Instead email it to me. I'l download into my comp like I've done 'Mungaru Malhe' :)
Happy New Year! :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Bedazzled and Harsha :

Dont tell me !! I changed the player after vishesh and IHM commmented. Its playing for me here. booohoooooo !!!!!!!! keep trying pls.

Anonymous said...

Will give you an honest feed back when I meet or talk to you :) but the player works fine :D

Varun said...

Your bisexual song is ek dum jhakkas :). I had a senior in college who used to sing like this.

I did not face any problem playing it.

Happy New Year!!

Rakesh said...

i think i should not comment

Bedazzled said...

cool da ..i have always listened to u sing soft and melodious numbers .. i must say i was surprised at the deep timbre and even slightly nasal twang in the male voice .. female voice , well,we'll take it offline .. but i think soft, soulful numbers suit u more..no , dat doesn't mean that i didn't like this ..it just means that i have heard better ;-)

soneeta said...

hmmm...good song n well rendered.
female part ws not completly like a female voice though...i thnk u got stuck in between..
somewhere between a male n female(hehehe) ;)
overall itz gr8

Poonam Sharma said...

I may not pay attention to music, but I will listen to your song. I can't listen to it at work, but I will listen at home.

Aparna Gonibeed said...

I was smiling right through the song.. i keep imagining you adoring a choli for the female version, and had me in splits for a while.. At office, everyone wants to listen to it now!

I think its an interesting piece, no doubt!!!

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

Am a stranger to your blog...
but you write well...
and sing as well..
hehe.. nice.. :)
Carry on!

Reeta said...

well this is a nice effort and as usual u did ur best... waiting to hear more from u vimmuuuu!

vimmuuu said...

@ Apar :

Now that you had given your honest opinion to me over gtalk, why dont you put it here? Let the others see that too !

@ Varun :

Thanks and wish you the same too man.

I guess I should meet your senior :D

@ Rakesh :

Err...and why is it so? C'mon, be a sport and out with all the bashings !!

vimmuuu said...

@ Bhargavi :

Thanks paati for the feedback. Even I feel so that my voice suits more melodious and meloncholy songs. Its just an attempt of having fun.

Please post in your comments about the female voice too!

@ Soneeta :

Yup, somewhere in between, LOL.

@ Poonam :

Please do and come back with the hammer ! :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Aparna :

Thanks Calvin. I thought women were hard to understand and please, but Man, they are hard to mimick as well !! LOL. Thanks a lot for sharing this in your office.

@ Chiranjib :

Welcome to V-Lokam. You are not a stranger anymore. Keep visiting. Thanks for providing the link to your blog. I will be visiting soon. Thanks for all the kind words.

@ Reets :

After a long time, huh? I hope you did your exams well ! Thanks Reets for the words.

Btw, vimmuuu has only 3 u's. Its double 'm', triple 'u' ! LOL.

Rakesh said...

ok u asked for it!!...

im having nightmares after i heard this song!!

if u do a song like this again next time..i will throw my computer outside thru the window!!

[just being a sport..hehe]

theSaintlySinner said...

The male rendition was one of the best I've heard you sing !!

Indian Home Maker said...

Finally it played yesterday!
When my kids heard the song play they did not even realise it was not the original!
I am amazed ... brilliant.

Reema said...

I didnt check whether its playing or not as I have heard it already. The female voice is distinctly sounding false :) as if u r pinching ur nose and singing. Also ur pronunciation of Chaiyya is wrong.

Anonymous said...

as reema said ur pronunciation is wrong for the chaiyan ...
apart from that song was good ..
U almost sounded like the lady who sung the original song :)
keep posting dude

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

Err...actually I did. But not a female voice, I had to mimick another voice in a song thats sung by two guys ! Now, be a sport and throw the computer. Go ahead, go ahead ! LOL.

@ SaintlySinner (my bro) :

Thankssssssssssss a lotttt !!!!! Thats after a very long time V-lokam is receiving your comments.

@ IHM :

Thanks for trying it again. Thanks for the kind words too. Btw, how old are your kids? Dont let them listen to this when they grow older !LOL !

@ Reema :

Pinching my nose? I do that only when I drink milk !!! Point noted for the Chaiyya word. Infact, for my Chalak Chalak song posted some months back, my sis Ramya also commented similarly for the word Chalak. I guess, I have a problem/confusion with the letter 'Cha' ! Thanks for pointing it out.

@ Arvind :

Thanks man. point noted, read my reply for Reemas comment. I sounded like Sapna Awasthi, thanks man!

Rakesh Vanamali said...


My apologies for the late comment!
The male version takes the cake!

I urge that you MUST opt for music as a career, part-time @least!

Quite often we are much caught up with a job which does not do justice to our elements of passion!

And many congratulations on meeting up with ur God! U must have felt sky high!



Veena Chech said...

hello dear..after a long time :)..Good effort. But frankly..I like uer (male :)) voice than the female one..But good effort!! U have sung the male bits very well!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

No problem. Better late than never. Thanks Rakesh.

Sometimes I do feel the same. and sometimes Iam confused, to chase my dreams or to stick onto what I am currently doing now just because this is how most of us is.

Thanks again. I knew whats it to be on cloud 9 that day.

@ Veenachechi :

Yeyyyyy...your back ! Thanks chechi. the female version was just a try at something different. I dont think I will ever do that again. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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