Jan 28, 2009


.........life is just like the pictures below :

You would not know what to do and.........

even if you do, you would not know the exact path to be taken !
(Pic taken on my way back home at 4-ish am near Valluvarkottam junction, Chennai )
Btw, I feel this post should've named "Most of the times" !!


Ajit said...

brilliant.... :P
i would go one step furthur..
it is more like "always" for me....

Reema said...


Praddy said...

hehe and best part is..this junction has a traffic camera too..I wonder .. vehicles from which direction will be booked for breaking the signal :P ??

soneeta said...

life is not always like that.it only happens sometimes....just like those lights which function properly for the whole day and the at one point of time at night when they realise that no one needs them,they just don't know what to do ...and so go for rest.but again the very next day when there is someone who need them they work the right way.....

dtz what exactly happens with us too,we dont know what to do when we feel that we are not needed nemore,but when u realise that there is someone who loves u n who need u ,u r back on track....

(phewwww..too much of philosophy)

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

wow... very thoughtful! :D

Aaarti said...

Yikes!!! talk about Crazinessss and then they talk about citizens not following traffic rules.... :D

Sahaja said...

True...very true!
but on a not-so-serious note, the first thing I felt is use a navigator yaar [tom tom :P ]....these westerners would def do that i feel ;)

vishesh said...

lol :P

AV said...

well, my life is presently like this. no confusion. no nothing! just darkness, just blankness.

Solilo said...

Vim, That was a good one and true most of the times.

Aparna said...

Good one. I would say that life for me is kinda always like this! :)

Anonymous said...

Or, "It happens only in India..."

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I completely agree......most often than not, one faces many a challenging situation such as this....... which is where experience and gut play a decisive role.......

Rakesh said...

oh noo!! The evil machines r here!!!
now they have taken over our traffic system!!

see..they r trying to tell us something here...

and in the 2nd pic i think the robots r just having some fun..they r singing dude in their own freaky way!!
"STOP..Left leg aage aage..right leg..come lets dance ve!!"

Sangeetha Janachandran said...

Follow your heart :) and the rest will be taken care of... And always for me is has been like this ...I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be... So just make go on :) you are very much on track..its all in your mind :)

Nimmy said...

Please pick your award :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey..jst to let u knw ..i can read beyond the pics! perhaps im no one to...but still..

Anonymous said...

when I'd been to Chennai last October, I stayed near Valluvarkottam itself. on the road adjacent to some studio called four frames or something! don remember the name properly! :P

Anonymous said...

thoughtful post but i cant stop laughing .. :P

amit said...

Be optimistic!! atleast the yellow light was not working to confuse you more!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit :

LOL, you know what, for me too. Always !

@ Reema :


@ Praddy :

Is it? I didnt notice the camera. The signal works this way only during those eerie hours. Otherwise, its perfectly fine.

@ Soneeta :

YAAAA, too much of philosophy ! and that too from you !! Gawwwdddd !!!

@ Chirnanjib :

Ya, the smiley at the end of your comment showed how thoughtful the post is. LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Aaarti :

I know !! and they blame women to be bad on roads too. LOL.

@ Sahaja :

A navigator?? That would make me look like Columbus on the roads.

@ Vishesh :

:D LOL !

@ AV :

Miss confusion, I knew it !!!

@ Solilo :

Thanks. It is, right? I knew it !

vimmuuu said...

@ Apar :

Hmmm. Dont worry, It will be just fine !

@ Nikhil :


@ Rakesh 2 :

Very true.

@ Rakesh :

Ohhh gaaad ! Not again !!

@ Sangeetha :

Hmmm. I would prefer listening to my head rather than my heart !

vimmuuu said...

@ Nimmy :

An award???? Thankkkksss !

@ Kanagu :

Sireengey Sireengey ! LOL

@ Verbivorehere :

Tussi great ho !

@ Harsha :

No idea :P

@ Arvind :

Keep laughing ! You will arrive at this junction once !

@ Amit :

LOL. I wouldve killed myself then !