Jan 30, 2009

Nominations for The Best Mallu Wins - Part 1

This is the first part of the nominations that were received for The Best Mallu Wins- a literal translation contest initiated on 28th Dec 2008 here in V-Lokam.

There would be a delay in declaring the result as against the scheduled date of Jan 31st. The gifts are finalised and the winner gets a...ahhaa...not now, wait till the 4th of Feb.

Vinod a.k.a. Nautankey :

This post is going nowhere (directionless)

As 2007 was ending its near,my small brain gave an idea so dear. In 2008 in this small world of mine, I shud write something in my mother tongue and hopefully that shud be fine.I know it will be very tough,with me thinking n writing in english the going will be rough.

Only with close ones i speak in mothertongue,but want to write in my own language.if my guess is right,none has written like this before.

But settling in the past with six i havent got anything to write. Tough isnt it?. Wat to do if get into something I won't leave until i complete the task. Later thought who will read if i write like this? in this world of mine, amongst the ones i know number of mallus is pretty low.if other's see they will think there is some problem with my head,else will think some deadly virus has attacked my place.Whatever people ask I am not going to be bothered. I have my own place and stand and am not giving up.

As I thought before,I was thinking here and there abt wat to write.Havent got a single useful idea.If i write what is happening in our country that too in malyalam,it would be too silly.Then decided to play this game for once. Similiarly to this with valli and pulli,if the word's meanings are changed, you shud not blame me ok?. This is how this one year shud end,that is ur fate[Laughing out loud]

Nimmy :

Now that 2008 is nearing its end,a small idea strikes my mind(read demented mind) ..Why not make a post in my world(my world V-Lokam) where Malayalam words alone are used..Yup,not a single English word..Yeah,it doesn’t seem to be a great idea because all my thoughts and actions are usually deciphered in English.Malayalm is used when with dear and near ones alone..Adding to it,I haven’t written a word in Malayalam ever since I passed 10th Std.Nevermind,trying is worth it J

Year end would have been great if I had made a post on some thought,bad sadly,I have none.Isn’t that really sad? Many of you would be crippling your hands thinking why am I then doing this crap.Well,it is me,Vimmu..If I am upto something,I never set my foot back until and unless I finish it(Currently,my project is to make you go crazy with ym crazy mallu words)But then ,I have hardly any mallu friends in this V-lokam..The rest who would read this amy have an impression that there is something wrong with my grey cells or they may think my my lokam as infected bya contagious viral worms..Neverthless,it is not possible as to let go off all these concerns.Since I am now into the elite cless of bloggers,I don’t want to make a comeback to that old demented blogger .

As mentioned earlier,I have no idea of what and how to write..I tried walking ,jumping and then skipping,trying to make out some Bhavana(not the sexy Bhavan,but some creativity)..No way,nothing is popping out of my brain..It is very difficult to write about current affairs,that too in malayalam.After much brainstorming,I decided to stick on with this demented idea of making demented mallus in this V-lokam,more demented..Well,afterall,only smart mallus can translate this holy post,without any change in meaning( and intentions too) ..I wonder who many will make a choice to end their year,this demented way (**laughs the gabber singh way***)

Priya a.k.a Scorpria :

This article seems to be pretty screwed up!!!

As 2007 was ending getting sitting , I thought of a small brain...er er...brainwave. In 2008, in this small world of mine, in my mother tongue if I write one article then! Goat also, without using any english words. Sad was male, I knew then itself -- reason I think and act in english. Along with kith only I use my mother tongue. For me if male, in own language don't even know to write. If my memory correct if male, before Eid, I wrote in Malayalam when I was studying male in 10th !!
Like that, this year is going to end -- then also long back six calm down, one topic didnt get to write on. Sad alone, right? Why did the 'pin' begin to cope, milk their also question. Do what, if I decide to get out and turn on one, I won't leave till goat gets over. Then pin thought who will read even if I write? In my this one world, acquaintances less of Malayalees. Remaining people if they try to read Eid, will think my head has good disease, or in this world is lying trapped in some horrid cream. Six what thinking also grass male think sick. Here noe for me one floor and cost is there, goat throw drink I'm not ready.

Like I front needlepinch, thinking what to write I walked this-that way. One reach and hold not getting. About our native's current situation I write say, goat also in Malayalam, very intelligent-knee. Lots many poison-Death King later this one game I thought of playing. Here present every Malayalee one fever build like becomes. This all, like this, without leaving string and pulley, meaning of words without changing, do translate if I say change-reason?? This one year like this alone should end their all destiny (loudly laughing)!!!

(in pic -- V-world mischief stone)

PS : The second part of this post is scheduled to appear tomorrow on its own cuz I will be away from blogging until the 1st of Feb. There are a lot of posts for me to read and comment, will do that once I am back. Eskooose me pleeeessh.....


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I missed out sending my piece! Anyhow.....I'm curious to know who clinched it!

Solilo said...

When I first saw that post, I started writing the translation but forgot about it.

Just remembered seeing this. Oh! missed my chance. So who won?

And what's the prize? One day with Achu Ammavan?

Veena Chech said...

oops i missed it...can I still participate. I was on holiday!! in December hence not regular user here..anyways if I can then here is my translation..my malayalam is no better than uers I guess..hehehe glad that its written in english :)..easy to translate!!

2007 finishing, I one small brain feel. 2008 my this small my this small world my mother tongue one article write (uhh!!).That also english words not even using. Difficult I that time itself felt, because I think and act in English. Close people only my mother tongue use. Myself my own language not even little write don't know. I remember if correct, before this like this written tenth studying.

Like that this year coming to an end, still damn one topic not get write. Difficult alone, right? Then why this damn thing started other people question. What to do, I once get down going, that finish will not leave. Then thought now if write who read? I this one world, know people malayali little. Other peope this read start my head good disease exists think, otherwise my this world some dangerous worm birth given think. Whoever whatever think grass it is think not well. Here now for myself one standard price is there, that drop jump I not ready .

I before warned like, what write think there here walked. One reach catch not got. Our village now condition thing write tell, that also in Malayalam, very difficult. Very much make big afterwards this one game play think. Over here all malayali one job given like become. This all like this, string tamarind without leaving, words meaning different not making translate do I say some small job?? This one year like this alone finish their fate (loudly laughinf) !!!

Ahh..I made it..oru valli pulli vidaamdey translate cheydu!! Took 30 mints off my day..

Reema said...

come back soon!

Anonymous said...

:) If you don't give me the prize,i will smack you ..lol..Jk..all posts,except mine. are cool..

amit said...

Scorpria's post is completely haywire!!! LOL!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

I was infact waiting for your version. Its ok.

@ Solilo :

Are you kidding? A day with Achu Ammavan is like 3rd degree punishment ! LOL. Sad that I couldnt read your version.

@ Veena chechi :

Iam really sorry, but the nominations are closed and also because I had already arrived at the winners. Iam really sorry for taking all that time of yours for this nonsense.

@ Reema :

LOL, I am back !

@ Nimmy :

All the entries are cool, according to me. But there can be only one winner, right ?

@ Amit :

LOL, yup, just like her !

Veena chech said...

its always a pleasure..:)