Jan 8, 2009

2008 - Wrapped up !

This post might end up looking like an excerpt from my personal diary (not that I have one!), but there is nothing wrong in sharing it here; after all, what are blogs for ! LOL !
Emotionally and physically, it has been a taxing and stressful year, but in terms of relationships, opportunities, recognitions and self-realizations, 2008 is one year that I would cherish forever.

January – The first day of 2008 was spent with my parents, after so many years. I started speaking to a wonderful person called Reeta and it was friendship at the first call. Today, she is one of my best friends who had contributed a lot to my overall success in 2008. Rejoined my Gym after recovering from a ligament tear (Dec ’07 on my left leg).

FebruaryThe A.R.Rahman concert and the subsequent visit to his residence. Got introduced to the blogosphere through Poonam after she’d left a comment for one of my movie review.

March – Stopped going to the gym because of a sprain in the wrong place. LOL. My best friend, Anitha was blessed with a baby girl- Kaira.
April – My sister in law delivered a baby girl- Dhwani that made it an auspicious day for me to upload my songs in V-Lokam. Bro flew down before the delivery and we had some great time together. Attended another A.R.Rahman concert. Rejoined the same gym but had to discontinue it in 4 days because of another ligament tear, this time on the right leg. Also discontinued the root canal, which was in the second stage.
May – The pain from my foot and also from my tooth because of the discontinued root canal made it a very painful month. My ex roomie Sujith got married and attended his wedding limping all the way.

June – Health was falling in place and was getting ready to settle down to normalcy when my laptop got screwed big time. That’s when I realized that I am terribly alone and handicapped without Lappie, also the first time I realized the pain of staying all-alone. Became an active member of the blogosphere with a lot of good unseen friends.

July – Lappie worked according to its own whims and fancies. Put on extra weight after the two month rest. Started my GM diet once again since I was advised to stay away from even a Gyms sign board. the Raagamalika audition happened on the last day of my diet. Got selected and went through for 8 rounds. Anithas visit along with Kaira made it one memorable month.

August – My cousin and my best pal in the family, Sandeep got married. A family reunion after so many years and all of us had incredible fun during those days. Lappie continued giving me troubles.

September – I quit on my old lappie and finally got a new one. A get together with some of my best friends after 4 years at my place. We sure had fun ! LOL. Towards the end of the month, I got infected with viral conjunctivitis.

October – The infection in my eye got so severe that I lost the vision of my right eye temporarily. Got appointed as one of the nomination scrutinizers of Poonams Avant Garde Bloggie Awards. Attended a Chennai Bloggers meet thanks to Nikhil (and he couldn’t make his presence because he forgot to book his tickets!) and I must admit I made some real good friends. Raagamalika started airing on Jaya TV every Sunday. After months of persuasion, I finally agreed for marriage and my bro took the pains of creating an ID in a matrimonial website. Knew about a wonderful human being - Sangeetha and her blog through Verbivorehere.
November – Colleagues at work insisted me to start GM diet again along with them; they quit in 2 days while I completed it for some other reasons. Chennai suffered 3 days of continuous heavy rain that made water enter my apartment. Left my keys with the watchman, and fled to Blore to meet Sangeetha (Ahem! Ahem!) when water in the apartment rose upto my ankle.

December – Got back from the trip and was in a state of shock when I entered the apartment. Furnitures, bed, clothes and shoes, the electronic items, everything was sabotaged as water inside the apartment (according to sources) rose until my hip level. Underwent a phase wise disaster management for two weeks to set the apartment back to normal. My sis Ramya and her husband came over to stay for three days and we had a rollicking time together. Meanwhile, annual day celebrations at office made me write my first script for a 10 minute shoot. My first contribution towards our country - The silent protest.

………and towards the end of the year…aaaaah well, I am no longer single !!!

Update before publishing the post : It was in the papers yesterday (7th Jan) about that conjunctivitis I had. Man ! No wonder blood oozed out from my right eye and left my cornea injured. Read more about it here.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Seems like on roller coaster ride! Well, thats exactly what life is like!

Glad to know that things are better! Hope that they turn out even better than what was during the previous year!

Many congratulations on not being single anymore!

I'll have the luxury of being a bachelor hopefully until the end of this year! So, I'm living it up ;)

Nautankey said...

Teh first half,with all the tears and root canals sounds like a painful one but then ahemm the later part :) we will discuss in meetings :P

Wish i cud remember all the things happened over last year,but after 4rounds of vodka forgot them all on new year's eve :).

Hopefully more ahemm ahemms this year and less pains n disasters :)... cheers

soneeta said...

so.to sum it all up
the whole year was all about ur lappy,diet,gym.....dtz all.

i think going to gym is not written in your horoscope,so u better not try for it any more.

and finally d best part...."u r no longer single"
wow...yeeeppppiiiieeee....gr8..i am so happy for u...congratulations..
so,ur going to b'lore ws a very good thng...who cares about the disaster wht happened in ur house for rain then..

Reema said...


Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

I should say, at the end of it, it was a fulfilling year for you... :)
isn't it?
nice post there! though it was personal, enjoyed every part of it.... keep it up! :D

Smita said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this, but u're another great loss to the singles club following Nikhil. :P however, when are the wedding bells goin to ring, big boy?

PS : The babies are real cute! pinch them very lightly on the cheek on my behalf. :)

Bedazzled said...

i wish u could remember everything that happened last year .. very eventful year !!!.. cheers to u r new "not-single" status .. hee hee

Oxy said...

Hey Boy, That was quickie of last year... Glad to read ur mini-diary..;)

And when's the D-Day boi? Hope everything is going smooth..

Poonam Sharma said...

Ahem, ahem..

I am interested to know more about this part. :)

and this year has been mixed, you got thru raagamallika but you had ligament tears that can be painful. Was it due to exercise?

Otherday I did 30 sit ups while reading a book, I had ligament strain, thankfully no tear. Had hard time even walking for three days! :(

AV said...

the 'no longer single' finally comes out huh?!? :P congratss!

n btw, hope u r not planning on trying out gym again in d new year too?!? lol!

Sangeetha Janachandran said...
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Aparna said...

I wish I could remember what happened month-wise last year!! Ahem Ahem eh! You are going to be creamed in the next meeting :)
Wishing you less disasters & more ahems this year :D

Sangeetha Janachandran said...

Awesome round up :) wish the entire life could be capsuled like this for the generations to come :) lol

Also CONGRATULATIONS!!! Losing singledom :) :) the feeling is mutual:)

Stay blessed Vims :)

Your AHEM :) LOL

vishesh said...

you are no more single?And no invitation also? er..ops... :P

Anonymous said...

Ahem! Ahem!
you are no more single!!ha! dats gud to hear!
n 2 babies looks really cute!

Rakesh said...

ahem ahem!!

oye oye u r the macho man yaara!!

Praveen said...

what an year:D
marriages,gym,muscle sprains,floods,concerts...
and the end...PERPERFECT

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

Yup, thats how life is. Heyy, you committed too? so, marriage by the end of this year, huh? congrats !!

@ Vinod :

More ahems ahems this year??? I dont encourage polygamy dude !!!

@ Soneeta :

Well, planning to rejoin another gym this year, lets see :D and thanks !

@ Reema and Smita :

Hmmmmmmmmm !!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Chiranjib :

It was buddy, a great year indeed. Thanks a lot.

@ Harsha :

The engagement, wedding date etc is yet to be decided.

Will do the pinching, but should I pinch the third baby too :p

@ Bhargavi :

you could, and for that you should stop drinking ! Thanks paati.

@ Oxy boy:

Im missing your posts maaan !! Whats taking you so long? everythings moving smooth, inshallah !

vimmuuu said...

@ Poonam :

Ahem! Ahem! sure, next time we meet in chat, you are sure to know !

and the ligament tear, you really need to know? Not here, once again, in the chat, ok? I wouldnt mind a fracture, becuz the fractured part woulnt pain once healed. But ligaments are seriously a pain in the ...er...ligament :D

@ AV:

yup, the cat is finally out of the bag. Yeah, planning to join a gym pretty soon.

@ Apar:

I thought the creaming was already over the last time !! booohooo!!!!
and you too wishing for more ahems??? I dont encourage polygamy akkaaaa!!!

@ Sangeetha :

......and silence prevailed :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

Im still in the not-single stage, not in the inviting stage yet ! LOL !

@ Rekha :

Ahem ! Ahem ! yup, I guess, thats how they call it ! The respective mothers would be reading this and they are going to be happy :)

@ Rakesh :

Ahem ! Ahem ! Sigh !!!!! LOL !

@ Praveen :

Thanks man ! you sounded like a cat with the perperfect. LOL !

Oxy said...

Updated My Boy!!!!

Smita said...



Nautankey said...

By more ahemm ahemm i meant more romantic and good moments..not more partners.Gosh!! with the person responsible being around this blog ur acting like this..imagine if there is no one watching...enda guruvayurappa.

Veena Chech said...

Ah..Finally from the horses mouth!!..So finally u agree that u are no longer single..I have my guesses..but will like to know who is girl :)??..Have u thought of the BIG day yet?? Anyways all the very BEST...

Varun said...

Oh! Sangeetha!! Congratulations... Like I said in my comments on your last post, you've definitely become wise :)

See, you've even agreed to get married :D

Bedazzled said...

apar .. u do know what creaming means no ??!! .. hee hee .. yeah , i know i shud quit drinking ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have come a complete circle in '08!!

Congrats dude! When do we get to torture her with our jokes?!

Anonymous said...

:) nice wrap up....

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to you too !!!

@ Nautankey :

Shhhhhh...now dont reveal all those!!!

@ Veenachechi :

Thanks chechi.Dates arent planned yet. Do you wanna know who the person is? Read all the comments here closely. Its so damn self explanatory. LOL.

@ Varun :

Yeah! Life took a hair pin curve man !!!

@ Bhargavi :

So that wasnt creaming, huh ??? Good god !!!

@ Aparna/Calvin :

torture???? You would? seriously??? please any time. go ahead. all permission granted !!

Smita said...


BTW this was one of your sweetest post with all the masala needed for a movie ;-)

Anonymous said...

Whoa !!! i just realised that i really have no idea how the last year flew by :( ..

amit said...

That was a very "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham" year!! :)
and Congratulations!!!! That's great news. When is the D day?

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

Gee thanks. After all the hmmmming up, you finally spoke. LOL.

@ Arvind :

Sigh ! How many times do I have to tell you guys? STOP DRINKING! :D

@ Amit :

Yes it was, thanks. Nothing on that is decided yet. It will appear here and theres an invitation to all !

vimmuuu said...

@ Remya :

Ooops, I missed your comment. sorrry. Thanks !

Priya said...

hey derz ntg atall...really that made u remember me for any month last year.. suprising..hmmm....nice recap anyway..
watz ur latest song on ur blog...

Nimmy said...

:) Great way to start a new year..

Are you fine now?How is your eye?

Sorry i didn't get time to make the mallu post :(

kanagu said...

thats nice.. wish your married life will be better than your single life and your photo sitting in chair reminds me of one of college friend :)