Aug 16, 2008

....that 14 year old girl.

I had no idea what ‘writers block’ was until I tried this post. I had thought of several ways of putting this across, but each time I start, I end up going nowhere. Probably, it is tough to write about someone very close. But I have written about my family and also about my best friend and why is it that I haven’t experienced the same so called block then (Wait, I am deviating from what I am supposed to write once again!)

Well, I guess the reason could be because Ramya is my family and also my friend. We got close during one of her vacations at my place when she was 14 year old . Till then, we knew each other’s existence as first cousins. Moreover, I have always thought of her as an over smart complaint box who behaves most of the time like an absolute pest and wasn’t interested in talking to her whenever we used to meet. But that particular vacation changed everything for both of us. I never knew what it would be like to have a Sister. She was the only child for her parents and she was also looking up to us (me and my bro) as her own siblings. The term ‘cousin’ was not applicable for us anymore; we used to behave like children who shared the same parents.

We used to do masti, sing songs (our fav being Ey,Kya bolti tu), fight with each other, nag each other and be each others emotional punching bag all the time. Together we were a terror and created havoc at home (Btw, her favorite time pass was to clean my comb every time she visited and I don’t even have to ask her to do it). Later on, it turned out to be that we started staying in the same city and we were more than happy for each other.

Ramya is more than a sister to me. She is someone who tolerated all my craziness, spoke for me and against all those who criticise me, defended all my antics, someone who would burst out in tears even if anything silly happened to me!!! How I wish I get hold of a time machine now !

Fortunately or unfortunately, things are not the same now for both of us; cant blame anyone. Priorities have changed; everyone needs to move on with his or her own life. Though miles apart, I am sure both of us would be there for each other forever. But there are times when I wish if my mobile screen could flash “ Pengalooty* calling” along with that special ringtone, for I really miss that 14 year old girl who wept with joy when I sang :

Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hain,
Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hain,
Saari umar hamein sang rehna hain………………….

* Pengalooty – little sister

This was how she looked like during that vacation; inspired from Kajol of KKHH (she never agrees and tells its vice versa). This picture was infact sketched and signed by that 14 year old girl herself!

Happy Rakhsha Bandhan Day, Ramya !!!


Reema said...

Thats one of my favorite songs. Thanks for having me on ur blog roll. I have added u too on mine. :)

P.S. I use this id to comment on blog spot but u know where to find me i.e. Wordpress

soneeta said...

hey...i m all alone hr in chennai n nw missing all my brothers ;(

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful! Nice post dude. Melted my heart like butter. Adding you to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post!

I have a lovely bro...and 2 lovely 'cousins' who graduated to 'brothers' since as long as i can remember...
its a lovely feeling!!

way to go@ get bac in touch wid ramya...i'm sure she's wishing fr th same!

Oxymoronic said...

Aaila, Kya likha hai...:)Hope u get that call from lil sis... I sincerely wish that... Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, without a doubt, the sweetest post I've read in all my 5 years of blogging! Hands down, you win! :)
Absolutely lovely... It made me think back to my days as a stupid kid where all cousins used to get together and harass each other! Hehehe... Oh, those were the days, man! :)
Life isn't fair many a time... People we care for and people we love move away from us, but remember that in our hearts, we'll always be closest... Wish pengalooty (did I get the spelling right?) a very happy raksha bandhan from me too! :)
Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

hmm nice post re!
It makes me feel sad! im missing my chettan now!! :(
who was the only one for me to play wid in my childhood
n who comes once in year! whom is never ever a cousin to me but my own ettan!

happy raksha bandhan!

Diya said...

Well reading ur article I get reminded of this "Distance of some persons may disturb u a lot, but it tells u how much they are close to ur heart" I guess some relationships are for lifelong and even if we are not in touch with that person or we dont meet them that love and affection which is so strong and deep ,still remains.Priorities do change as one of my rakhi bro did the same. Have not been in touch wid him since sometime. Hoping that U both get back in touch soon!!!My best wishes for that and Ramya...ur damn lucky to have such a bro!

RAMYA said...

Before Vimal even thinks of taking credit for all your comments for this post,i would like to bring it to the readers notice that this post is an act of plagiarism.
This is a complete copy+paste of an email i sent Vimal.That goose...!!!!
But nevertheless THANK YOU...

Yes i did call and wish him.Coz even if he is a CAD he is still my brother and i love him to death.He was,he is and will be one of the most important person in my life.

Also thanks for encouraging my bro and his talents.He deserves all this and more.. (earth calling calling vimal !!!!!)
Yes Diya i know i am lucky...i do count my blessings.

P.S:I am a very protective sister. Any unsavoury comments against vimal will be dealt in the most strictest fashion...Thank You.

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

Welcome to V-Lokam. Thanks and yup, I know where to find you :)

@ Soneeta :

Didnt you do anything for Rakhi ???

@ Indiapavan :

Welcome to V-Lokam.
Thanks man! Adding you too now !

@ Alphabetworld :

Welcome to V-Lokam.
Thanks. and she did get back after reading this post and look at her new way of irritating me !!! Some people never change, huh?

@ Oxy boy :

Thanks man. I did get her call.

@ Nikhil :

Welcome to V-Lokam.
Thanks a lot man. Seriously, those were the days!!! She has already read this post(I am the one whos late to read the comments), so your wishes have gone directly to her.

@ Allirekha :

Welcome to V-Lokam.
Thanks. I am sure your bro must also be feeling the same. Dont worry and happy raksha bandhan day to u too.

@ Diya :

Welcome to V-Lokam.
Thanks a lot.She did call and I hope your bro too calls you very soon.

@ now Ramya :

Thanks for commenting here with your real identity. Guys and Girls, she is the 'Morenita' who comments in my blog and she thought I wont figure it out. you lill devil !!!

and what is this new way of picking a fight? You are accusing me of plagiarism; how dare you ??? Well, your email mite have inspired me to get this post done ( and you very well know the reasons for the inspiration, you jerk !) , but people, it isnt a copy paste at all. she is trying to defame me. She has done it in the past and shes upto it again!!!Aaaargh, I just wish I could lay my hands on your neck now!

Btw, whats CAD ???

Donno what to tell now, but I am glad I did this post. I feel I have got everything once again!! Thanks a lot di.

RAMYA said...

"inspired???" thats what Anu Malik says when he steals....!!!!!

I have been requested(read:begged,implored)to let u all know this is Vimals Original(??) piece of writing and he hasnt bribed me a sum of 100 bucks (stingy!!) to write this....

FYI: Cad=A lowbred, presuming person; a mean, vulgar fellow...bwahahhahahaahahhahah

P.S:Transfer it to my account ASAP.

Poonam Sharma said...

Well Ramya is right, thats what anu malik says when he copies lol

But that said, I recognize the emotions in the post. :) Nice way to subtly berate your sister.

You know now I can see Vimmuu signature but previously I swear it was not there. It was simply posted by vimmuu.

See if you can see my email address in this comment in admin.

vimmuuu said...

@ Ramya :

How? How ? How are you making all these?? I knew you were good at cooking, but even with stories???
Well, people here know about my originality. So no ones gonna believe u my sister!!!

@ Poonam :

Dont believe that pest. Shes at it again - Irritating !!! Btw, your email id still comes as Its ok, you could drop in a email directly to my email :)

Sujith Krishnan said...

All Indians are my brothers and their sisters! :-P

vimmuuu said...

@ Sujith :

and your wife is from Italy????

Sujith Krishnan said...

No From Edappal... I am talking about Indians :-P

Sujith Krishnan said...

da... chilarokke chennail thanichaanathre... brothersine okke MISS cheyyunnu thre... oru brotherine kittan vendi ulla oru manassu nee kaanunnille? onnu try cheyyada :-D

theSaintlySinner said...

Been watching too many 80s flicks, eh?

Ramya said...

80's flick?!
yep valuing relationships is sooooo....... out of fashion these days!!!!!!!!!!!

vimmuuu said...

@thesaintlysinner :

Why do u think so? 'Paasamalar' released in the 60's, Aniyathipravu in 90's and Samudram in 2000's..hehehe...

@ Ramya :

Ahem! Ahem !

Anonymous said...

I too long for a sister man. i have only one first cousin who was the only one in the whole of my generation for 16 years. now, another sister was born as my first cousin when i was 19 years old... hope she doesn't call me "Uncle" when she grows up... :|

vimmuuu said...

@ Harsha :

Well, that happened to me at a recent wedding, when one of the kids called me vimal uncle !!! It is really embarassing :D

theSaintlySinner said...