Aug 30, 2008

Part 4 - They shot me !!!

After the meeting on 14th, I was totally puzzled. I didn’t know where to start, how to select the three songs for each decade, how to learn them, etc. Called up my dad immediately for help; he suggested a few songs and singers from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Man, its all karma-phala; There was a time when I used to pester my dad to switch channels when he played the oldest of Tamil songs. And now I literally heard him grinning from the other end !!! Got hold of a couple of Cd’s from the nearest Music World; but honestly, I had no clue what I was buying. Most of the songs from the 40’s sounded similar, classical oriented and men sounding like women because of the high-pitch.

It took me three days to finalise the songs and three days to learn them. For 40’s and 50’s, I just had one song in mind. I was comfortable with the songs from 80’s onwards, as I learned a couple of them in the second audition, and for 90’s and 2000’s, I knew more than what was needed. Reached the venue, Sudhakar was already there and also a girl named Aishwarya. Dear old Sb was seated near some huge speakers and next to her was another lady (lets call her Um).

The practice session began. First Aishwarya went and then Sudhakar; poor guy had to change most of the songs that he had chosen. That’s when I knew that it was more of a song selection process than a practice session. Sb selected the songs and Um wrote them down (should be for the orchestration. Obviously, even they need practice!) In the meanwhile, the rest of the contestants filled the room; Rajeshwari (already met in the last meeting), Gayathri and Vikram. The six of us came face to face for the first time.
I was next. Took my songs list and stood in front of the two assessors.

Sb : How was the last week for you?
Me :It was good. Had to listen to a lot of new songs, I mean old songs that were new to me.

Sb : Ok, what have you selected for the intro round?
Me : Kumaari from Anniyan

Sb : No, that isn’t good, that is more of a comical song, whats the other one you have in mind?
Me : I had Sahara Pookal, but (turning to where Aishwarya was seated) she already sang it.

Sb: you have to come up another song.
Me : Hmm…

Sb : For 40’s?
Me : Thyagaraja Bhaagavathars’ Naatiya Kalaye (I sang it when she asked me to)

Sb: Havnt heard this before. Are you sure you are going to sing this well, I guess, it’s a tough song.
I nodded yes.

Got the song approved for 50’s; Paatu Paadava from Then nilavu

Sb : 60’s?
Me : Ullathil nalla ullam from Karnan

Sb : No, change the song (with a stern face, as if that song offended her)
Me : But I know that very well, I sing it well too and that’s the only song I know from 60’s.

Sb :
Theres no way that you can sing that song…..No one
can…after Seerkazhi Govindarajan, there has been no one alive to sing the way he sang that particular song.

Me : But give me a chance atleast ?

Sb : NO and that’s final !!!
Me Grrrrrr…ing (inside)

Got the songs approved for 70’s and 80’s which were Paadumbothu naan from Netru indru naalai and Pani vizhum from Ninaivellam Nithya respectively.

Sb : 90’s ?
Me : En Kadhale from Duet

Sb : change! someone from the first batch had already sang it.
Me : Ok, then, Kayyil midakkum from Ratchagan

Sb (this time she smiled) : No one tries that song in a competition, are you sure you can do it well?
Me : Yes

Sb : 2000’s ?
Me : Shakthi Kodu from Baba (the one I sang for the first audition)

Sb : No, it isn’t even a song, change ! ( I wanted to ask her, if that’s the case, how come you selected me?)

Me: Vellai Pookal from Kannathil Muthamittaal (sang and approved)
Sb :
Ok. Practice well, and get back to me before you leave for today with the intro and 60’s song.

I immediately rang up my friends for help on the intro song and finalized on Kadhal vaithu from Deepavali. Personally, I wasn’t happy with this selection. I was totally put off when she remarked about my 60’s song. I was confident and this lady wasn’t letting me try it even once. Though I had a buffer for the 60’s round (and I didn’t tell her that), I desperately wanted to sing the one I selected. I heard Gayathri, Rajeshwari and Vikram sing as I waited in the hall to give Sb my final list.

They literally shocked me with their talent; especially Vikram. They were all trained and sang like real professionals. Infact, all 5 of them were trained and I was the odd person. That’s when I realized the seriousness of the show. For them, this is a part of their ambition, their career, their dream! Though I am mad about music, I never had it as my priority; never wanted to establish a career for myself in playback singing because of various other reasons. I had no intentions to win; my only aim was just to be a part of the show and do my best. Millions are going to watch this on TV; and I didn’t want anyone to have a bad opinion on my performance. Moreover, out of the other 988 participants, who got rejected, atleast 60% of them would have been trained for years to get an opportunity like this. It was more of a responsibility for me now. I just cannot let anyone down; my family and friends, the Raagamaalika crew, or even the 988 other participants!!!

Next : Part 5 – they finally shot me !!!

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rakesh said...

grr..tht lady is getting on my nerves now!! Who the FISH is she?

soneeta said... thn u realised d seriousness of the show.well,though it includes a lot of desire,dreams,passion,talent,practices,training of many it also includes luck.u hv got talent n a little bit of gd luck too.n u deserve i right?

Smita said...

Thsi lady is limits. I mean until n unless it is tried how can se slam it....aarrggh!!!

Waiting for the finale :)

Sujith Krishnan said...

So much from what I have known you, so much from what I have ibserved in you, you do not lack talent, you do not lack the will to work either... what you lack is confidence... I was so happy that you finally took a strong step towards going ahead and participating in such a program. I would say give a shot to all such programs.. As you would have already realized, it's not about winning, it's about participating. I'm sure you even have the capability to come out with your own album. Do it buddy! I know of people who have wasted time, money and effort trying to master various musical instruments and stuff coz of initial desire and then leaving it half way through due to lack of willingness to work hard. You are definitely not one of them. You are blessed with good voice and good sense of music. So Just Do It!

Oxy said...

Super.. Congrats... It's not easy to be the odd one and be amongst top 6. And it isn't just luck. U must be good that is why you are there.. Keep up the spirit and Keep rocking boy!!!

Varun said...

Am glad that you are now serious about the whole show. All the best dude. Am sure you'll come up trumps. And that lady... wow!! knows her job well... :)

arvind1187 said...

dude.... ur [posts are getting quite interesting ...want more and more :D
who is this SB ?? i never watch thse shows so dont have any idea..
she is really annoying

Reets said...

Well... If i can get to Meet Sb One All That I wud wanna ask her is-What's her problem in life adn why is she trying to act smart when she isn't that smart??? I have always heard ur singing and really admired it, guess Sb Has this major problem of accepting that ur really good. Some people have this strange sadistic attitude of trying to put down the people who are really good. For me its really a dream come true when u are going to come in this show and am eagerly counting the days. Guess this is just the beginning. U really deserve to reach places. It's not due to luck that u reached the top 6 its really ur talent and I want u to realise that. Ur really good, the problem is that ur not realising that. Its not the classical training or practice that matters at times, its the passion and commitment in anything in life that takes a person forward.. Cheers!!

alphabetworld said...

would love tu hear yu sing sometime...what time will these shows be aired?

Ramya said...

Thanks Reets and u r spot on!
I know who this Sb is,someone who is nowhere close to being successful but like u said has serious insecurities with other people doing good.
And u r also right about Vimal giving undue credit to his "LUCK".He is talented but is in constant denial!!The only luck he has had so far is that he has a sis like me;)

AV said...

u still wanna maintain the suspense dont u??atb for ur finals!

Shaila Bajpai said...

Nice Blog

Swati said...

Yh nice blog

Reets said...

Yeah Ramya, i totally agree with u!

vimmuuu said...

@ Everyone :

Extremely sorry for the late reply.

@ Rakesh :

Hehehe...wait, let the entire show get aired and then will reveal the identity.

@ Soneeta :

Hmm...true. Thanks a lot.

@ Smita :

I know, but what to do. Its her show! Im planning to post the finale in two parts; so much to write, u see !

@ Sujith :

Oh my god, such a long comment, and in this way from you. It should be raining in sahara desert when you wrote this, hehehe...jus kidding....thanks a lot. We should work together one day and the album is my all time dream,I recently finished my 18th composition too.

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Thanks a lot buddy.

@ Varun :

Hehehe...she sure does !!!Thanks man !

@ Arvind :

You will never know who SB is when you watch the show. Will reveal her identity after all the episodes are aired.hehehe. Thanks entertainer !

@ Reets :

Woah Woah Woah, someones turning from Mother Teresa to Jhansi Rani. Its ok, her attitude actually made me perform better for the shows. Who knows, that would have been her intention also! Thanks a lot for all the encouraging words!

@ Alphabet world :

Gayikeyy...thanks. You can listen to my songs through this blog itself. Or through V-mphony which is blog exclusively for my songs. There is a link to V-mphony here in V-lokam. Its aired on Sundays at 9 am in Jaya Tv.

vimmuuu said...

@ Ramya :

Hehehe, Gaawwd, I hope she doesnt read all this.

@ AV :

No, the suspense is already out, na? Another two more post and soon you could see me on air!

@ Shaila :

Welcome to V-Lokam.Thanks and do keep visiting.

@ Swati :

Welcome to V-Lokam.Thanks and do keep visiting.

@ Reets :

"The only luck he has had so far is that he has a sis like me;)"...are you agreeing to this??hehehe...It should be the other way !!!

alphabetworld said...

waiting for Sunday...
9am? or 9pm?

Poonam said...

You have got quite a talent to run an 1000-episode soap. You certainly know how to build up suspense and then stop at opportune moment. Phir kya hua???

I am dying to know, blogmate. Post soon.

vimmuuu said...

@ alphabet world :

Its at 9 am.But Iam still not sure from when its gonna start!

@ Poonam :

Hehehe, thanks blogmate, lemme approach Ekkkta. Will post it soon.

indiapavan said...

SHOOT ME!!! I am not able to take this suspense! Get on with it!

vimmuuu said...

@ Indiapavan :

Hehehe...theres only one more post on it; but probably in two parts!!

Manish said...

Hi, Interesting posts.... will be waiting for the final one. Btw, what time & which channel is the show aired? Though I don't understand Tamil, I'd like to see you perform.

vimmuuu said...

@ Manish :

Thanks a lot.

Its going to aired from 28th in Jaya TV; sundays at 9 am, the shows name is Raagamalika !