Aug 26, 2008

Small is Beautiful - 3

I know I am really late with this section and, now, this would turn out to be more like a DVD / pirated DVD review. I kept delaying this because I somehow missed Sarkar Raj and Bhootnath at the big screen, but thanks to torrents and DVDs, I finally got to watch them(and I regret). S.i.B – 4, the next section with the latest movies will follow this in a couple of days (yet to catch up Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Dasavataram (10 avatars)Tamil
1 legendary actor donning 10 different roles on the lines of chaos theory and butterfly effect. Kamal Haasan did go a little overboard with the effects and the roles, but managed to pull off a never-before-experience movie. The only disappointment was Asins irritating dialogue delivery and the music by Himesh. Recommended for Kamals fans and also for people who wishes to watch something different in Tamil cinemas. 3.5 / 5

Mere Baap Pehle Aap (My father, first you) - Hindi
A pathetic remake of a Malayalam superhit - ‘Ishtam’. Just like title, the movie was pretty long and equally slow. Akshay over acted while Paresh Rawal underplayed the character. Shobhana, Om Puri and Naseeruddin were wasted. The only person worth watching was the heroine, Genelia. Avoidable. 2 / 5

De Taali ( Hi-five)Hindi
‘Theres something about Riteish’, otherwise this would have been another crap in the name of comedy. The first half was watchable, but the melodrama and the david dhawan type of climax spoiled the second half, making it difficult to sit through. Avoidable 2 / 5

Bhootnath (Ghost-Nath)Hindi
Casper meets Baghban ! Director Vivek Sharma joins two different stories and gives the viewer a ridiculous drama. The ghost roams around in designer suits and cries through out in the second half. Amitabh Bachchan as the ghost was good, but Juhi was under utilized and could have avoided characters like that of Rajpal Yadav. Avoidable. 2 / 5

Aamir (Leader)Hindi
After watching the movie, I wasnt sure if I liked it or not. The movie doesnt stay with you that long after leaving the hall. Though it had a couple of gripping sequences, it dragged at times with repetitive scenes. Of course, a good attempt at something different but somehow, somewhere the script just fell flat. Its like they just had the beginning and ending of the movie in mind and the scenes in the middle were simply forced in. Watchable. 3 / 5

Sarkar Raj (Sarkar Rules)Hindi
You have to use your head to watch this movie; the camera moves to and fro like a swing, up and down, sideways and then up again, making us tilt our head to watch it properly. Now, I don’t know if this is what RGV claims as technology !!! The plot was a very normal one that used to appear in the late 70’s and 80’s flicks. The male Bachchans were good, but Aishwarya as usual was boring. I didn’t quite understand her character too. An absurd sequel to the memorable Sarkar. Avoidable. 2 /5

Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic ( A little Love, a little magic)Hindi
This should have been a perfect kids movie if not for Amishas bare act. The movie is good at parts, but somehow loses its momentum in the second half and ends terribly. Fortunately, none of the emotions drag, they were kept subtle and the gags were short enough to enjoy. The music disappoints, except for the 'Pyar ke liye' song that comes in the background. Could be watched at your home with kids on a dull weekend, but please fast forward ‘Lazy Lamhe’. 2.5 / 5

Love story 2050Hindi
The worst movie to have ever released in Bollywood this year, easily. Harman has done his best to imitate Hrithik. Nothing less than torture. 1/ 5 ( 1 for the hard work behind the special ffects)

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (U either knowor u don’t)Hindi
The weakest movie to have come from Aamir Khan productions. The story offers nothing new, but the presentation takes the cake. The movie infact was boring at certain places and the much talked about climax was a let down. The movie worked only here and there for me; but as a whole, a disappointment. All the songs except 'Kahin to' were forced in the movie was looking very odd. The entire cast performed well, the one liners were pretty good and the music and BGM was outstanding. Oooooook 2.5 / 5


ramya said...

"Bachna Ae Haseeno" character sketch:
RANBIR - "Dude, sporting a goof-ball expression throughout the movie is not comedy!"
MINISHA - Ok, so who sent her a memo that Preity Zinta is retiring?
BIPASHA - Paisa Vasool!!
DEEPIKA - Awww...isnt that sweet!Doing a completely wasted and miniscule role just to appease your boyfriend!!tsk..tsk...

P.S:Brother dont Bother!!!!!

soneeta said...

DASAVATARAM----i have already commented earlier
De taali---didnt feel like seeing
Bhoothnath---thought dt it it a movie for kids n didnt go for it
Aamir---desperately wanted to go bt missed it
SARKAR RAJ---Was advised nt to go for didnt go 4 it


Reets said...

Dasavatharam- Worthy enough to be watched just to see the legendin ten avathars.
De Taali, Bachna Ae haseeno seemed to be like the usual filmy masala so did not bother to watch.Wanted to catch Sarkar Raj as I have read ur review, decided against it...Heard Jaane tu ya jaane naa was "Niram" redefined.Love story 2050 lived up to my expectation of being the biggest flop..And by the way this time around there are 9 movies in ur "Small is Beautiful"Aint that 2 many!Buddy!!

Reema said...

Dasavataram : havent seen
Mere Baap Pehle Aap: Genelia worth watching??????? Yuck! she knows nothing except to roll eyes and speak Hindi as if chewing it.

De Taali only 10 mins is tolerable else total bakwaas.

Bhootnath Yawn.Totally avoidable.

Aamir: Good

Sarkar raj not seen
Love story not seen
TPTM Awful!!
Jaane Tu..: Tolerable..again Genelia sucks.

Anonymous said...

1 for the special effects of Love story... LOL ..!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Ramya :

LOL. how could I not bother when you have mentioned Bipasha as paisa vasool ?????

@ Soneeta :

So you only watched Dasa and JTYJN!!! you are safe!

@ Reets :

Its actually 17 and I had to cut it short so that small doesnt become long :) Will be posting the latest ones in another week. Please dont go by my opinion and decide, Im a person who didnt like Chak de as per the hype, but liked Partner !!!! Yes, JTYJN was more like Niram which infact was taken in Hindi; Riteish and Genelia (surprisingly) first movie; Tujhe Meri Kasam.

@ Reema : seem to be having a problem with Genelia. But I felt she was the only relief in the whole of MBPA. You are one of those luckiest souls who didnt have to go through LS 2050 !!!

@ Allirekha :

No, not for the special effects...the 'hard work' put behind the special effects...hehehe....


Varun said...

Nice Reviews. I liked Jaane tu Ya Jaane Na and Aamir. Like u said Genelia saved mere baap pehle aap

Varun said...

It sure is a co-incidence. The moment i clicked publish i saw your comment in my inbox... Great Na... Isi khushi mein I'll blog roll you :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Varun :

Welcome to V-lokam.


It sure is a coincidence.Adding you to my blogroll too.

Anonymous said...

well i have seen only 2 of the movies..
those are dasavatharam and jaane tu ya jaane na
and surprisingly we have completely different opinions about them ..
dasavatharam was par below expectation.. a movie just to occupy his 10 avatars and a total non sense in the name of chaos theory .. infact oly thing i liked was songs .. he he. .man we are such opposite perceptions..

and jaane tu ya jaane na was good..
3 hours of time pass ...awesome songs..
nice entertainment..

rakesh said...

hey vimal bhai! nice to see ur reviews again...
1) one of the best movies i saw this year..this movie made me think n wonder and i even came up with my own theory after seeing the movie several times..hehe...excellent acting and great effort by kamal!..i only liked the mukunda song n the intro song.. and i kinda liked asins irritating dialogues .. hehe..

2)Havent seen it yet...but will watch it for genelia!! i just saw bommarillu 2 days back and i loved her performance in tht!my latest celebrity crush since juhi chawla,manisha koirala,preity zinta,amisha patel,rani mukerjee,udita goswami..etc etc

3)Havent seen it yet...d'oh! i forgot to mention ayesha takia in tht list! hehe..


5)Will watch it whn it comes on TV!

6)I HATE THE BACHCHAN FAMILY! but RGV ROCKS!! still im not willing to take a risk watching this movie!

7)Fast forward Lazy lamhe??? r u out of ur mind???

8)I hate anu malik n priyanka chopra! i saw priyanka with her red hair ,holding a stupid looking teddy bear on her shoulder in one of the ths wht bollywood calls a "futuristic" look? IT WAS SO STUPID!frm the trailor itself i knew it will suck big time!

9)Another movie i enjoyed very much this year! it was so fun to was superb..genelia once again superb! And special round of applause for N.shah & the "Ranjhore brothers"! i never knew arbaaz khan could act! hehe...i also liked the
"chalte chalte" type ending.

well tht was my review on ur review..haha

rakesh said...

dude dont forget to watch "The Dark Knight" and "Tropic Thunder"!
watch and review it on ur blog soon if possible..the batman movie was awesome,so was tropic thunder with ben stiller, robert downey jr and Jack of the funniest movies i saw this year.

Smita said...

Dasavataram - Not seen and no plans of watching it :)

Mere Baap Pehle Aap Still wondering why did i see it ;-)

De Taali Watched bits n pieces on cable and glad ki didn't see it in totality :D

Bhootnath Liked the 1st half rest all was too darn boring

Aamir Saw this & Sarakar Raj Back 2 back and loved both the movies

Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic The only good thing about the movie was Amisha Aunty :D

Love story 2050 Not plans of ever even catching a glimpse of it :D

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na loved it period!!!!

In few words our opinions differ :)

Oxy said...

I have seen all movies that you mentioned in this post here. And I do not see any reason why you should give 2 to MBPA, De-Tali, Bhootnath, TPTM.. and 2.5 to JTYJN.. U r being very generous here.. I would say 1 to all except Dasavatharam, Sarkar Raj, and Aamir... wud give 3 each to these three movies...

Smita said...


for making a word bold use these '' when begin the word and end it with ''

For italics use I instead of b.

But yes remove the ' (i have used as otherwise the sentence wud have come in bold) it shud be <>

vimmuuu said...

@ Arvind :

hmmm...a movies "beauty" lies in the eye of the beholder :) !!!

@ Rakesh :

Welcome back bro. Where were you? Udita Goswami, seriously ?????
SRK in Bhoothnath?? Was he even there?? hehehe...
You comment, I guess, is longer than my post :)

Btw, I already saw Dark Knight. Its a wonderful movie,no doubt, but Im not a big fan of Batman. and Joker was way tooo cool to even think about Batmans presence.

@ Smita :

Nope. Our opinions didnt differ on MBPA and Aamir. Btw thanks a lot :)

@ Oxy :

hehehe...not being generous yaar, the rest of them were crap, but in JTYJN, atleast the music and genelia would add it upto 2.5...but whats ur take on LS 2050 ?? dont tell me u liked it???

Anonymous said...

damn !!! i was expecting an argument :( ..
alas .. may be next time .. :)

Oxy said...

I think I told u somewhere that I hated LS2050.. It was a bad dream..

Sujith Krishnan said...

Dasavatharam was a pack of un-necessary hype combined with useless make up techniques and a big chaos - trying to explain chaos theory!!

I simply hate Deepika!!! I have always failed to understand whatz with her :-(

The rest I have no clues :-(

I saw Contract - CRAP!
I saw Mission Istanbul - Bigger CRAP!

I mean I just dont get it... How in the world do these buggers dare to fool the huge techie population in India by showing rocket science that, if deployed in reality, would have failed to even make a rocket prototype?

Dude, how do u anticipate the following to be?

> Hijack
> Phoonk

I guess you should also start giving your expectations about upcoming movies...

vimmuuu said...

@ Arvind :

After watching all the shit that came from Bollywood, I lost my power to argue.hehehe..maybe next time!!!

@ Oxy :

Yup, I remember reading it in your quickie.sorry.

@ Sujith :

Some like Dasa, some didnt like. There are a lot of inner meanings, hope you had understood them before arriving at your judgement.

How did a topic of Deepika come in???

Why do even watch movies like Contract and Mission Instanbul??hehehe. Phoonk has already released last week and is turning out to be a hit. No hopes on Hijack. Predicting a movies state is a nice idea, but a fellow blogger, Oxy, is already doing it.

You can catch it at

Sujith Krishnan said...

It is not about what Dasa TRIED to convey... it's about the presentation... Even I can go and make movies and say it has lots of inner meanings. Unless users are convinced of it and get to know them by watching it, it makes no sense to boast about the so called inner meanings. So my dear friend (eda panni) i insist on my point - the PRESENTATION of the film was too bad!

vimmuuu said...

@ Sujith :

There are many of them who have actually understood the inner meanings. According to me and many others, the presentation was also very clear.It is unfortunate that certain section of the viewers did not actually understand what Kamal Haasan meant. But I feel its ok, not all movies are understood by everyone, its not necessary too. 'No smoking' was one such, it was a wonderful movie but hard to understand and many rejected it saying it was nothing but nonsense.

I feel the only flaw with Dasa was that Kamal Haasan couldnt balance between the mass and the class and so ended up creating a mix for both.