Aug 22, 2008

Part 3 (b) - They shot me !!!

continued from Part 3(a)

I went to that office of theirs the next day at 3. 30pm itself. Two of the contestants came in later and three of us waited in the hall. I met them; Sudhakar and Rajeswari. That same judge (who auditioned us for the first and second rounds) walked in from a nearby room and sat in front of us. Let me call her Sb from now on and she also happens to be the director (andthe producer too, I guess) of the show. Without taking much of anyones time, she began :
" 12 of them were selected from the 1000 ones who attended the first
The shooting for the first batch, 6 of them, is currently going on and
for your batch, the rest 6, the shooting would be on 21st, 23rd and 24th. There
would be 9 rounds till the finals; so it is necessary that everyone learns 9
different songs.
Round 1 : Introduction round- any famous melodious song
released after 2005.
Round 2 – 8 : Songs from each decade starting from 1940’s till 2000.
Round 9 : Duet round.
The song for the introduction round should be finalized now. Three songs from each decade should be chosen, studied and there would be a practice session on 19th, which would also decide the final song for you to render. Is everything clear? The song for the duet round will be communicated only at the end of the second day of shooting.
Each round is one episode and all the nine episodes would be shot in 3 days.
So 3 different sets of dresses are to be carried each day. Lunch and
breakfast would be provided at the studio. Is everything clear? "

First things first, I got excited when she said I am one of the 12 selected from the 1000 participants. But when she started explaining the rounds, I began to breathe heavily. And this time the first word I muttered was “ Whaaaaat!!” I had no idea of songs that released before 90’s and I made a fool out of myself in the second audition. Now, 40’s, 50’s, 60s’….aaaaaAAAAHHH! This is insane. How am I ever going to do this? As far as I know, most of the songs in the 40’s and 50’s were highly classical oriented, predominantly sang by the legend Shri Thyagaraja Bhaagavathar. Is there a way out now?? Help….somebody…..anybody !!!!

Trailer for next week – the practice on 19th July
Sb :
Theres no way that you can sing that song…..No one can…after Seerkazhi Govindarajan, there has been no one alive to sing the way he sang that particular song……..
Me : But give me a chance atleast ?
Sb : NO and that’s final !!!

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AV said...

u have a gr8 blog too..
n gosh! this is like reading a novel n without an ending, its bound to drive ne1 nuts! so atb for ur finals n do post d ending!:D

soneeta said...

Man..y dont u go n join Ekta kapoor's Balaji production.people like u r very much in need thr.
nw no more suspence n let us knw wht happened n whn can we see u on tv.

Reema said...

Aww dont worry! all the best and keep us posted on ur progress.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was waiting for you to post the continuation. Now I am waiting again. Come on! Don't keep us waiting. I am going nuts in with all this suspense. :)

Smita said...

Kewl!!! Now am waiting for the next aprt and am sure that u wud have performed brilliantly...

I wish I too get a chance to appear on TV but only on 10 Ka Dum, I wanna be near Sallu u see ;-)

vimmuuu said...

@ AV :

Thanks. I would love to. But now Im kinda liking this suspense creation (Psst increases my number of posts, u see :D )

@ Soneeta :

Are you kidding ? Go to Ekta and do what ? make a soap named " Kahaani Khatam nahi hoga" ???...and regarding the suspense, check my reply for AV.

@ Reema :

Thaankksss ! Sure, I will keep it 'posted' :D

@ Indiapavan :

Its coming buddy. My plan is to keep this posted by the time it comes on TV; so that people could relate.

@ Smita :

Hmmm...thanks for the encouragement.

I guess you are a gr8 fan of Sallu.
If Im not wrong, u did see him too, na?

Oxy said...

Vimmuuu boy,

How long??? tell me how long u gonna test my patience?... N u also did not answer about the show timings...

vimmuuu said...

hehehe...the show airs at 9 am only on sundays in jaya tv..but mine hasnt started yet, probably ;will begin once i stop this series :)

Anonymous said...

haa!!!!! all the best ! im reading this they shot me part for the first time *grin*
hmm nice to know u got selected n congrats !
keep posting ur updates n let us know when ur show will be aired... :)

Anonymous said...

oh first time some one i know would be appearing in TV // i will not miss it..
do remind me once before they telecast it :)
best of luck...

vimmuuu said...

@ Allirekha & Arvind : :

Thanks a lot.Will surely let everyone know through V-Lokam itself.

Shocked! said...

Somebody Stop this Guy!!!!!

Poonam said...

Vimal, you must be really good. 12 out of 1000.

Hitler did manage to sound the talent, but then did she let you sing the song you wanted? Jaldi post karo.

vimmuuu said...

@ Shocked :

Yaa....somebaaaady, staaaap me!!!!

@ Poonam : did give a nice name to her! I still hope she doesnt read all this !!!