Aug 8, 2008

Part 1 - They shot me !!!

I got shot; nearly 24 times and that too in three days; 21st, 23rd and 24th of July this year.

Life was pretty normal for me until July 6th. I never knew there would be a lot of unpredictable twists and turns awaiting me. I tried my best to come out of the situation; I could not. Even without my knowledge, I became a part of it. Everyone whom I knew promised that they would pray for me. I was helpless; my only wish was not to let anyone down. Wait, let me get into the flashback mode now and split the incidents; day wise (that would bring in a lot more clarity and also increase my number of posts !)

Day One – July 6th

I was at my friend and sister, Priyas place in the morning and she had asked me to get ready for an audition for Raagamaalika; a song based show that Jaya TV (Tamil channel) had been airing continuously for the last 6 years. For people who don’t know, Raagamaalika is not the typical reality show that comes on every channel these days. It’s a very serious show and the results are only based on the judges decision and not on votes. I was actually disinterested, as I have never sung for any competitions and was not sure if I could take rejections in the right spirit. Moreover, it’s one show where musical training is a must, which I do not have of any kind. But I couldn’t stand her persuasion; and together we left for the audition. There were almost 1000 of them there and that sight itself sent shivers down my spine. Approached a lady and got hold of the registration form. The only easy portions to fill up were my name and address. The rest were questions like “how many years of musical training do you have” and “mention other competitions/prizes/certifications” and I still had no idea what I was doing amongst those people; my ‘competitors’! I told Priya that if we leave now, we still have a chance to get away without getting humiliated. She grrr-ed at me and snatched the registration form from my trembling hands to fill it herself. After filling up the form, all that we were supposed to do was wait until they called my number - 649. Till the last moment, I wasn’t sure about the song that I should sing. I had a couple of them in my mind, finally 5 mins. before entering the audition room, narrowed down my choices to Shakthi Kodu and gave my best effort during the audition. Thankfully, there werent any cameras to shoot the audition. That would have made me even more tensed. They made me render only 4 lines and said that the results would be out by 4pm the same day.

Priya alone was anxiously for the results as I had lost all hope. At about 4.30, there was a huge crowd near the gate; boy oh boy, the results are out. I sat on my bike itself and made Priya go up to the gate and check. In less than two minutes, she ran towards me shouting “U r through ! U r through!” That was one of the biggest surprises in my life. I mean, there were people who were trained for years and I was one person who had been trained only by myself in various bathrooms. How could I? Or rather how could they? She came back with the second auditions’ criteria - learn one classical / semi classical song and 5 other songs from movies that released before 1990. The second audition was scheduled at 2pm the next day and that’s like only half a day left (subtracting 7 hrs of sleep and the 3 hrs which I was supposed to spend at Love story 2050 that night). Though I am aware of songs that released before 1990, I wasn’t sure how I would learn them and then render it in such a short time. To top it all, the classical/semi classical; how am I going to escape from that one now? For crying out loud, I have never been trained in any kind of music at alllllllll !!!!!

Trailer for next week- July 7th; the second audition :
Me : I am afraid, I am not well versed in any Tamil song that released before 1990, I need to look at the lyrics to sing.
Judge : Why do you have answers for all the questions that I ask (grunts) ??


Anonymous said...

Trained in various bathrooms ??? :O lol ..
congratz dude..
its just ur time i guess.. i wont be surprised u win the competition some how ..everything 's coming ur way ..
keep updating... :)
good luck ..

Poonam Sharma said...

Congratulations, blogmate! You are on a roll. Met your God and now in singing competition :)

Post the second part soon, waiting! :)

Hope you go long way!

Anonymous said...

Y did you decide to post it in parts...? see, now i'm left waiting!

Oxymoronic said...

Boy, Way to go... I wish to see you rather hear you singing for main stream and hopefully ARR would have composed it.. All my wishes with you.

S said...

Waiting for Part 2 and U have such a great voice and u sing so well just believe in yourself :D

Congrats :) and come out with Part 2 soon :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Arvind :

Thanks a lot. Seriously yes, in various bathrooms!!! :D

winning...hmmm...that would also appear in the future posts.Thanks a lot.

@ Poonam :

Thanks a lot, blogmate. Planning to post one every week so that by the time it ends, the show would start airing. Thanks a lot again.

@ Harsha :

hehehe..Sorry man. but check what I have written for Poonam...thats y!!! Thanks a lot.

@ Oxy :

Thats my dream too. Thanks a lot Oxy boy.

@ S :

Thanks a lot S. Will post it next week.

Reets said...

Good to see ur talent going places... Really wanna see ya make it big in music sometime soon, cos i feel u have the potential for it. I guess this was just the right opportunity which came ur way! Eagerly awaiting the sequels to ur shootings!!

Priya said...

deiii... part one was fun 2 read..
I still remember dat day...It was more fun to be der wid u, listen to ur song, 2 c ur name on the board..I would say d winning was wat u deserved vim bar..:-)..

my sister priya vidamata la.. trying to impress girls huh !!!!

soneeta said...

sounds very filmy but gr8.waiting for the next part.though i havent heard u singing any classical/semi classical song bt u r really good wth d others n i knw u will b good at classical luck.

vimmuuu said...

@ Reets :
What took you so long to comment ? Thanks a lot for the encouragement.

@ Priya :
At last, your comment ! Glad to see you here. It was indeed fun, but from now on, you would have to read, cuz u werent there. and the mention of sister, yes, it was for people to realise that I am still single. hehehehe!

@ Soneeta :
Filmy ? does it sound like that ? hmmm...anyway, thanks. I did learn the classical song, but they didnt ask me to sing :)

Sujith Krishnan said...

Da... neeyo? Classicalo... aa bathroomil kidannu kaarunnathinaano nee 'classical' ennu perittirikkunnathu? Eda classical enthanennu ariyanamenkil aadhyam india enthanennu nee ariyanam. Rimi Tomye polulla rakshasikal paadi nadakkunnathalla classical... athu manasilaakkanulla sense venam, sensibility venam, sensitivity venam... pinne oralpam kalabodham venam! Just december that!

vimmuuu said...

@ Sujith :

Gedhi kettaal puli pullum thinnum, I had to learn a classical song and im actually well versed in that particular song now.