Aug 1, 2008

Current Favs : July 1st - Aug 1st

1 Ele Neram from Sakkarakatti (Tamil)
Kangal Irandaal from Subramaniapuram (Tamil)
Singh is Kinng (Snoop Dog version) from Singh is Kinng (Hindi)
4 Cheeky Cheeky from Saroja (Tamil)
5 Pichle Saat Dinon (Live version) from Rock On (Hindi)
Naan Varaindhu Vaitha from Jayam Konden (Tamil)
Kahin To Hogi from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Hindi)
8 Mehfuz from Aamir (Hindi)
9 Om Zaarare from Kuselan (Tamil)
10 Aksar from Hijack (Hindi)


Oxymoronic said...

I can contribute only towards Hindi ones. Rock On sucked for me big time. I am not able to tolerate Farhan's voice. Singh is Kinng is a trash yaar , the song which u mentioned is just ok but the other one Bhootni Ke is loud n noisy. Aah, Kahin toh hogi wo is an absolutely amazing song. I listen to it daily whilst lying on bed before I sleep. Hijack I downloaded (yet to hear).

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Rock on for me was a slow poison. Infact, I am a person who hates Rock songs; soft and hard. Singh is Kinng is actually bad but I liked both the version of the title song. Hijack is stale, same old stuff. But I suggest you to listen to Sakkarakatti; its ARRahmans, another youthful track like JTYJN.and thers two songs adapted from Meenaxi too.

soneeta said...

i saw ur list of current fav n downloaded singh is king n Rock on.well,while hearing Rock On i kept on waiting when d good part of it will start.but the song ended n i ws nt able to understand nethng.hwcome it is on ur list whn u hate made me thnk whr i downloaded d wrong song or did d website provide somethng i hd to download it again bt it ws still d same.....well,somethng different frm u this time bt nt so gd.
n wht is dt singh is king trying to sing....can u plz explain

arvind1187 said...

kahin toh abhi woh is a good song..
but i like kabhi kabhi aditi more..was searching for that song in ur list. .coud'nt find it //

vimmuuu said...

@ Soneeta :

As I mentioned in my previous comment, Rock on was a slow poison. Initially it didnt appeal to me as well, but then, I started liking it. and yes, I am allergic to Rock music in general, but the songs of Rock on, I would categorise more as Desi Rock.
and you didnt like Singh is Kinng, Snoop Dog version, i thought it was too cool.

@ Arvind :

Kabhi Kabhi was a song that caught me instantly, but somehow it didnt linger on to me much. Whereas, Kahin to has been on my lips ever since I gave a lot of repeated listenings to it. Its the most romantic song to have come in atleast a decade.

mindflirting said...

Wow -i love mehfuz a lot..btw how are the songs of rock on ? Has Farhan Akhtar sung well?

soneeta said...

hey....talking about Rock on,i first didnt like d song at thn thr are some crazy people around me who are mad abt rock music.they said dt Rock on songs are good...i tried listerning with all my effort and after doing so for almost 4-5 times i felt dt thr is something good in it.this is a special type of song.this is d song u can yell on top of ur voice whn u r thr alone in ur house or in ur bathroom.u can also scream loud this song whn u r happy or whn u r on a long drive on ur really goes with d mood....specially d "pichle saath dino main"....try it

Sujith Krishnan said...

The song got a flash once our dear PM won the no-confidence motion. In a way, Mr.Manmohan got a good blow up on this song. Otherwise this song sucked the hell outta everyone... or rather most!

Sujith Krishnan said...

And bugger... When is your article on your marriage coming out? Sick to see you enjoying the un-married life!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Mindflirting :

Sorry to have missed this comment of yours. I personally liked two songs of Rock on so much, Pichle saat dinon and Tumhari Meri baatein. Mehfuz is simply awesome, isnt it?

@ Soneeta :

Dint I tell you its a slow poison ? listen to Tumhari Meri Baatein, its a nice melodious song, will take some time to get on to u, but that too is addictive.

@ Sujith :

Which song are you referring to ? and I enjoy this life, so dont have any hopes !!!