Mar 5, 2008

My Live-in Relationships.

Finally !!!
Earlier titled as “The People with whom I shared my room”, this post has been in the writing stage for a very long time. To be precise from October; ever since the last person with whom I used to share my apartment left me and went. Sob Sob ….(Gawd! I sounding like Karan Johar now?)
After describing about my family members, the next perfect set of people for me to describe would be the ones with whom I stayed with after leaving home. And yes, fortunately or unfortunately, they were all guys(don’t know if I should be sighing or smiling now !).
I have made this post as saccharine sweet as possible. Not that these guys were best in conduct or not that I was too dumb to realize their nature. It is just that for me the positives always overshadow the negatives. Honestly, I have never had a tiff with any of them, but yes, I did raise my voice a couple of times. Guys, in case, you are reading this, I sincerely apologise to each one of you for my misbehavior.

So here goes….let me introduce them to you first -----

From extreme left, Mathew, Vinod , Me and Sujith

Vinod – Period of stay : June 2001 – March 2003
The most brilliant and studious person among my roomies. Btw, he is still into something related with studies and it wudnt be a surprise if he would turn out to be the next Abdul Kalam. I know him from my graduation days and he has been this very same down-to- earth person from then. Probably it would be this quality of his that has made him popular among us. He is a moving google map of chennai, he can direct you to any remote area in Chennai. Today, if I dont get lost in the roads of Chennai, its only because of this guy. He cannot stand seeing anyone in trouble and I suppose he has got the longest of the helping hands with him. A person with a solution to any problem, however big it is, he would not move an inch even if an atom bomb got dropped near him. He would casually say, “So what, it’s jus a bomb, its not that the sky has fallen down.” But even if the sky falls down, he would come up with some other excuse to stand still. With him there is no moment for sadness or confusion. A hard worker, he does part time work along with his studies and research (even today) and has appeared in the newspapers and also in Zee News for the same. I am proud to have been his roomie once. (As mentioned above, this post was written long ago, now Vinod is employed and he has started his career)

Sujith – Period of stay : November 2004 – May 2006; November 2006 - November 2007
A true Casanova in all senses; he attracts the opposite gender like a magnet. I used to wonder with envy how he does it with ease convincing so many girls to be his friend. The best part is that he would remember even the minutest of things each one of them said. Phew! What a man! He was a junior of mine during my post graduation, though elder than me. We began our conversations in a rather funny way and we would still think about it and laugh our hearts out. Flashback : sujith was about to join college and somehow during his interview at Chennai, he managed to get my mob number. He smsed me asking a favour . I dint have a clue who it was and so I casually replied, “Hi. How r u? Who r u ?” Even after that, we never spoke much but we used to express our hi-byes. Our conversations later on began with exchanging songs and then one fine day turned into roomies. We started living together when both of us were going through the worst of times in our respective lives. That I guess made us gel with each other so well. The best financial controller among my roomies, he must have already saved for a generation now. He knows where, when, how and what to spend and makes sure he saves double the amount he spends. He is also the cleanliest and the most systematic person among my roomies. He is a very good companion who loves to live in his own world most of the time. He might not be good at giving you a solution for any of your problems but I can guarantee he would be there for you to listen to you whenever you want him to. I can never ask for a much better roomie.(Again, a news; this guy is getting engaged on 22nd of this month)

Mathew – Period of stay: October 2005 – May 2006
He is the most casual, fun loving and spent thrift among my roomies. A sainik school product, during our college days, his main aim was to be a part of the Indian Army. Fate had something else for him, infact something better, I should say. Our friendship also dates back to our college and infact Mathew, Vinod and I were classmates. He was my chemistry tutor and during those days, I would use only his notes for the exams. We were referred as “Bermuda Bros” during the later part of our college and have even acted in a hindi play together. He is a born actor, singer, dancer, and a charmer. Even though he is a lot vibrant, he is totally a no nonsense type. My stay with him was for only for a brief period; 6 months and we had the some of the best time ever. It was Sujith, Mathew, and me who was living together and it was an experience staying with this two completely opposite personalities. A total movie and music freak, one could expect him at the theatre that screens even the worst movie. Mathew is also a good cook but doesn’t go by the conventional methods of cooking and always gives us a surprise when he comes out of the kitchen. He is married now and is expecting another member in his life very soon. I am sure his family is very lucky, as I personally know well how good a caretaker he is. I regret not being his roomie for a longer period.

Apart from these people, I also had an opportunity to stay with three others during my brief stay in Dubai. Sreenath, Gowtham and Zakir; all four of us lived together in a small dingy room. But I must admit, I had so much of fun staying with these people. It would be inappropriate to include Sreenath here in my roomies list as he is much more than a mere friend to me. Not much to write about Gowtham and Zakir as I could hardly understand them.

Now I don’t think I would have another roommate as it is time for me to move on with a life mate. And I just hope I don’t miss these guys anymore, hehehe !!!


Anonymous said...

amongst your friends, this guy Sujith sounds more interesting... Wanna hear more about him.. ahem ahem...

Poonam Sharma said...

Must say you are surrounded by great friends..

Hey, I have a suggestion. It is eye-straining to read white text on black background. Especially when content is interesting and of prime importance. Changing the theme would be a good idea. :)

vimmuuu said...

Arent u the guy who used to call sujith during his stay in Chennai???LOL.

Poonam :
Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Gosh, I really must have made a lot of sore eyes !!! LOL!
I chose this template as Black is my fav color and the rest of them look so ordinary. Moreover, I had to do a lot of HTML coding in the template to have this three columnar look. But your opinion is taken into consideration and will be changing the template/theme as soon as I get hold of a good one.

Mathew said...

hey, this is Susan(whom u had rejected for Mathew), just tell me one thing apart frm Gulab Jamun what else has he made for u still waiting for the muhurat!!!