Mar 25, 2008

Being weird is fun; especially at the movies!

I was tagged into this topic by a new found “blogmate” Poonam. I don’t know if this is the first time such a phrase is used, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? Found this particular topic a lot interesting and so decided to go ahead and post a similar one from my end too.

I have been a movie and music maniac ever since I know myself and I had a supportive family too; something like what one would find in the old hindi tele series “Filmi Chakkar”.

Going to a theatre was very rare during my early days; but we’d managed to watch almost all the releases, however crap they were, through the now extinct VCR. Then, there was a brief period when I had to get permission for any movie I watch. This was the period when I missed a lot of movies. But ever since I started living on my own, I have been a regular visitor to the theatres, CD libraries and torrent sites : )

Below are some of the odd things I do before, during and after watching a movie.

1. The cast and crew of the movie do make a difference before I make my decision. A big star cast doesn’t attract me though, because I feel that a big star cast means a weak story line with more of emphasis on each characters.

2. I also make my decisions based on how good the songs are. According to me, movies without a good soundtrack have seldom tasted success. Yes, there are rare cases too, for example, movies like Papa Kehte hain and Saawariya had outstanding music, but they were nothing but crap. And in some cases, the movie complements the songs too. For instance, the songs of the Munnabhai series, Chak de, Chennai 28 or even Chotta Mumbai appealed to me only until I got to see them.

3. I usually go for a movie all alone. Well, that’s not something that I wish for though. It’s that my taste of movies are a little hatke at times and none of my friends would ever want to take a risk. And moreover, a companion is not a requisite for me at the movies; for me its almost like being with a stranger once the movie starts.

4. Though I wish to watch movies first day first show, it rarely happens. But I make sure I read atleast one review of the movie before getting to watch it. That way, I could be on a safer side. Unfortunately off late, the reviews floating in the net seems a lot manipulated (OSO, Jodha Akbar, No Smoking, Sivaji, Ammuvaagiya Naan).

5. I prefer watching a movie right from the moment they screen the censor cert. In case I miss the initial portions, I make it a point to either download or rent a pirated version of the movie. Also, I wish to get up only after the final credits roll; but sometimes I get such irritating companions who would want to be the first person to get out of the hall.

6. While watching, I hate getting interrupted. And I get furious when people move here and there blocking my view. I would sit still in the hall unless the movie itself makes me restless (quite recently Welcome, Jodha Akbar and Bheema).

7. I do like the occasional hooting or whistling whenever the movie demands. That’s one reason why I like watching the movies that stars Rajnikanth; the adrenaline reaches an unexplainable level when all of them in the hall applause or whistle at a compelling scene or dialogue. And when there is a sudden power shortage, I make it a point to join along with my fellow hooters.

8. I love watching the videsi animation flicks and also the movies related to cartoons/comic books; brings out the kid in me. I personally consider myself to be one the biggest fan of Spiderman and once I had no other option but to watch Spideman 2 in Telugu. Man! it was hilarious to hear Spiderman utter “Theeeskko”(which means take that) whenever he shoots his web. I have never watched a horror movie all these 26 years (oh god! Did I jus reveal my age here?) and never will too. Can you believe, I once watched a scene in Zee Horror Show (while surfing the channels), didn’t sleep and didn’t let my parents sleep for over 2 days!!! (guys, that happened long long ago!)

9. I do a lot of word-of-mouth advertisement on how the movie is; positive or negative campaign, depending on how the experience was.

10. Discussing with those who have already seen the movie. I also try and read most of the reviews that are available over the net after watching the movie. And ever since I started blogging, I try commenting; either in my blog or in my blogmates’ (not again!).


Poonam Sharma said...

Yeah, blogmate is nice term. :)

There was a phase in my life too, when I would watch any movie, good, bad, ugly at theater. I dint write that so clearly in my blog, didn't want my parents to fret about it now. Sudden lease of freedom, so I would watch every movie at hall. Can you believe it I watched movies like Khoobsoorat, Shool as well at theatre. If there was no company, I would happily go alone. :)

I also campaign for a movie, good or bad, depending upon experience. Hate it when people block my view. Sometimes some bulky people have a sit in front of me. Get theatre guys to change my seat. And finally, I understand you want not want to like horror movies, but how can you be scared watching Zee horror show, it was I think Zee comedy show. You should have tried watching it with sound off. Obsolete sound effects it had. :)

Reets said...

Hi Vimmuuu,

This one was good... It also reflects how interested u r when u go in for watching a movie and the passion u have towards watching films and putting in ur valuable reviews on the blogs.. which saves many of us from watching disastrous movies.

vimmuuu said...

Thanks blogmate!I guess, I am not the only one who is weird at the movies.But Khoobsoorat...seriously??..I cudnt stand it even on Set MAX.
People used to refer it to Zee Comedy Show.But that day, as i'd mentioned, I was surfing the channels, stopped by at ZTv and happend to see a long haired woman making a long speech turning its back to the screen.All of a sudden she turned and I got one of the biggest shocks with that grotesque face all closeup. I was a small inquisitive kid and was expecting to see a beautiful lass when this happend. After that atleast for a week, I moved all the shampoo and oil bottles which had long haired women to another place.Brrr......

Glad that you make your decisions based on reviews.But like i mentioned, reviews can be deceiving too.For example,last year, some of them didnt like Partner, but I did.Some of them liked OSO, and I didnt. U never know.

Poonam Sharma said...

Corrected version of last comment. Delete the last one please.

You have raised eyes at Khoobsurat! Arre, you still have listen to the complete list. :)

Hello Brother and all other Salman Khan movies where he wore yellow, pink, purple, orange denims. In fact, I watched all movies that were released during that time. If others refused to watch that movie, I went alone. :)

vimmuuu said...

@ poonam
Hello Brother??...aaaaaaaaaarggghh!!!
I wont call that as the worst movie, but the most irritating movie ever!! did u???
Dont tell me u have watched those mindless govinda comedies like Hadh Kardi Aapne..gawd!!!

But what to do?Again, im like that.If i feel to watch a movie, and if no one accompanies, i go ahead. why shud i lose all the fun being wid myself.LOL!!!

sonee said...

someone like me.i too get glu'd to my seat while watching a movie and love to watch it right from the censor board certificate till it writes 'the end'. ;)
n why is vimmuuu so attracted to spiderman???????????????

Poonam Sharma said...

@Vimal: Nahi, I missed Had Kar Di Aapne. Perhaps it was released earlier. :P

Anonymous said...

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