Mar 28, 2008

Prelude to “ This is how I heard them! ”

If 2007 witnessed some bizarre incidents like the Kenyan Air Crash or the assassin of Benazir Bhutto, 2008 is all set for one such.

I am going to upload songs rendered in my voice here !!

Yes. It’s going to happen very soon under the title “This is how I heard them !”. I was actually in search of a perfect day to upload. Thought of initially doing it on my mom’s bday (Feb 14th), but then things weren’t quite ready at that time. The next best date would have been my Bday (Apr 4th ), but that wouldn’t have looked good. As of now, I have finalized it on the day my sis-in-law delivers. Moreover, the kids name is quite related to ‘sound’ and so there cannot be a better day than that.

I still remember the first time I recorded my voice; in 1989. My dads’ youngest brother had once come home and my brother and me were asked to sing. Suddenly from nowhere he had an idea to record them too. God knows why he did that! While I attempted “Paadam pootha kaalam” from Chitram, my brother sang “Shyaamaambaram” from Artham (both malayalam movie songs).

To be frank and not being modest or humble here, I am not that great a singer to upload my songs publicly here. I am not even trained in music. But yes, I have never been asked to shut up when I start singing. My singing experiences are limited to college functions and also when people ask me to when in public forums. This idea of uploading had struck me once when I was googling the lyrics of a particular song. I started it off as an interest, which gradually became a hobby and now it’s more like a routine.

The songs are 90% with karaoke that too created and edited by me with the help of a software. The quality of the music behind depends a lot on how good the vocals are cut from the song. I could not find any karaoke songs on the net except for a few. In case, any one of you comes across a site, which offers free karaoke songs, do let me know by posting a comment here or emailing it to the address mentioned at the end of the page.

Now regarding the frequency, I am planning to upload one song each week; but then again, it’s a plan. But I am sure, atleast every fortnight there would be one. It is going to be a mixture of Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. I am still thinking if I should key in the lyrics of the respective song that I upload or should it be a small trivia; something about the original song and why I chose to sing it.

Anyway, all the best! Don’t tell that I didn’t warn you guys before!


Reets said...


Eagerly awaiting the day when the songs would be uploaded and I am pretty sure that u wud do a good job....I am sure ur gonna rock wid ur songs !!.. Bonne chance!

rakesh said...

are u sure u wanna do this bro?? hehe

rakesh said...

since u have made up ur mind..can i ask u something? can we ask for song requests also??

i request and u sing..buhahaha