May 24, 2008

Old wine in a blue bottle ! (50th Post)

Its new and its all blue !

I have been searching for a while to change the template of this space. Moreover, there were people suggesting me to change it too because of the dark background. Unfortunately I wasnt too happy with the existing templates that blogger had. It was just yesterday that I was searching in google for tips to add tabs in the blog when I accidently bumped into a site which had this template. I have done a couple of HTML coding here and there to modify it to the way I wanted and now it goes with the name of the blog too. All I need to do now is add a couple of elements in the sidebars.

Please do send in ur comments and suggestions to make it look better (or to stop this blogging thing once and for all).


rakesh said...

yeah the blog looks cool now..and it matches ur shirt haha..
anyway dude try to add some cool buttons instead on the links..also try to include some animations
like some aliens,planets, or something like tht..hehe

rakesh said...

and ur v-mphony definitely needs a makeover!!

Poonam Sharma said...

hey, your site looks cool now. YOU can put recent comments widget in sidebar.

Poonam Sharma said...

Why don't you pimp your sidebar with some useful widgets like recent commentators, your top posts and other things.