May 9, 2008

Current Favs : Apr 4th - May 5th

The songs of the much hyped Dasavatharam sounds very similar to Himeshs' previous attempts in Hindi. A truly disappointing album. Hope the movie would highlight the songs. The other new entrants are Kuruvi, Dhaam Dhoom and Woodstock Villa.

1 Tashan Mein from Tashan (Hindi)
2 Pallaanadhu from Kuruvi (Tamil)
3 Aazhiyile from Dhaam Dhoom (Tamil)
4 Kadhal Sei from Aran En 305 il Kadavul (Tamil)
5 Yeh Pyaar Hai from Woodstock Villa (Hindi)
6 Mukunda from Dasavatharam (Tamil/Hindi)
7 Yengeyo Paartha Mayakkam from Yaaradi Nee Mohini (Tamil)
8 Ee Raavin from Mulla (Malayalam)
9 Dheere Dheere from Shaurya (Hindi)
10 Jogi Aaya from Black and White (Hindi)


Reets said...

Hi vimmuuu

Have not heard most of the songs in the top 10 , will ensure i listen to most of these!!Well In Dasavatharam only mukunda seems 2 b good!

rakesh said...

hey i have listened to dasavaratam album..i didnt expect much frm the music coz actually i knew frm the beginning tht something wrong was goin to happen whn kamal chose himesh reshammiya to handle the music....
i dint like most of the songs..except for the "mukunda" song..this song gave me the same good feeling like tht song frm swades "pal pal hai bhari"..this song is the best one in the album.simply superb!

And bhai,i did find some striking resemblance of tht song "ulaga nayagane" frm himeshs previous movie "aap ki khatir"..tht song called "i love u for wht u r" and also the beats of the song "Ai Meri Zohrajabeen"frm "phir hera pheri"

Anonymous said...


soneeta said...

Tashan tops d dt thr is something good in it.the only thing i liked in Tashan is those two lines which comes in d BG n also dis song.."Hoi apna jeena tho…jeenaaa…
Tashan mein tashan mein.."
n abt dasavataram...i still dont understand y kamal hassan picked himesh reshamia whn thr is everyone better thn him.thr must be some reason behind it.find out n let me knw.....