Jun 10, 2009

Current Favs : May - June

Its been a while since I came out with this series; the last one was somewhere in March. It should be because of the strike in the hindi film industry which eventually stopped all the music releases. But then, I should have realised about the releases in the other industry as well and published a list. ((Sigh, who am I sounding so apologetic to ??? ))

There are no Hindi film songs in this list yet, but with the number of movies that are lined up for release, I guess this series would pop up every fortnight.

1. Oye Oye from Oye (Telugu) - Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja (for those who didnt know, the actress in this movie is the 'Anjali' girl, Shamilee and is paired opposite Siddharth, of Boys and RDB)

2. Kannil Theriyum from Angadi Theru (Tamil) - Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar

3. Koode Varuviyaa from Valmiki (Tamil) - Music : Ilayaraja

4. Nila Nee Vaanam from Pokkisham (Tamil) - Music : Sabesh Murali

5. Aedo Saigirai from Vaamanan (Tamil) - Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

6. Nee Dhaaney from Sarvvam (Tamil) - Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

7. Paadi Kaadal from Modhi Vilayaadu (Tamil) - Music : Lez and Hari (Colonial Cousins)

8. Thotaal Pookkum from Moz n Cat (Malayalam) - Music : Ousepachan

9. Kannil Dhaagam from Achamundu Achamundu (Tamil) - Music : Karthik Raja

10. Oru Vetkam Varude from Pasanga (Tamil) - Music : James Vasanthan


Rakesh said...

dude!! siddharth of rdb,boys and bommarillu fame!!dont forget bommarillu man! hehe...and thnx a lot for making me listen to oyy!I am addicted to the title track now!

Anonymous said...

no hindi songs ??

and i cant understand either tamil or malyalam... plus i need to sing along... i m a tansen.. not a kansen... lol


Smita said...

I came here so happy n excited that finally something besides him n her confusion to yahan language barrier a gaya!!!

Man r u hatching a conspiracy against me???

Or you don't want me to comment here???

Bolo bolo tell tell

Anu Russell said...

i really need to update myself with some nice tamil songs...the only one i listen to now is nakka mukka...thanks to my daughter who loves it and wants me to sing it to her with my goram voice too...

thanks for hte list...

Ordinary Guy said...

I am seriously outdated now....

lemee listen to all of these :P

Ashwathy said...

Likewise (agreeing to OG's comment)
I need to update myself too! :P hopelessly behind now!

Vee said...

I like Daddy Mummy from Dhaam Dhoom.. u got lyrics then pls send me.. I also like Dheemthanakka one.. ;)

Veena Chech said...

@Vee..Daddy Mummy from Dham Dhoom?? I thought both the songs which u have mentioned from Villu..Is it not?? or have I lost?? .

Pixie said...

No Hindi or Kannada songs?!

Me don't understand all 3 languages mentioned here!!!

But, Tamil movies' music is always fun to listen to!

Remya said...

isnt it sad that only very fewwwww mallu songs are good nowadays :(

Ordinary Guy said...

I have just heard 5 and 6 from this list.....

great songs....
all songs from sarvam are good :P

Anonymous said...

dont know what to comment as I dont know these songs :(

The last southern songs i heard were from Bomarillu. Loved them.and lovely movie.

Badz said...

LoL! Don't understand any of the songs BUT a good choice. (i just listen to the music. ;-) )

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

whoops...i would no nothing in this list...
but oye does interest me..the anjali girl was too cute...and i think Sidharth is totally delish...
so i guess i better watch this one:)

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

Ur welcome dude. I knew you would love those songs. Now, Im addicted to Seheri.

@ Dhiren :

No Hindi songs re. What to do? The only album thats released is Paying Guest and thats not worth mentioning. LOL @ kansen.

@ Smitha :

LOL, why do I wont need you to comment here? You are one of my fav bloggers. Happy?

@ Anu :

Naakka Mukka, LOL, its been a year since that released. I never had a fascination towards that song but loved it while watching the movie. btw, you sing??

vimmuuu said...

@ OG :

Hmm..do listen if you get time.

@ Ashwathy :

I agree on the 'hopeless'. LOL.

@ Vee:

Please check the comment thats below urs. Both the songs are from Villu.

@ Veenachechi :

LOL, you are on the right track.

Anu Russell said...

really? is it that old? i am antique...

and hell no...i cannot sing to save my life...although my daughter has no choice :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Pixie :

Kannada songs have not been in my list ever. Though, I loved the songs of Mungaru Male. You could find the version of the title track which I have sung, in my blog itself under 'My versions'.

@ Remya :

Yes, yes. Mallu songs and movies are equally pathetic.

@ OG :

Yes, Sarvam has got some of the best songs of Yuvan. Which is your fav one?

@ Neha :

LOL, its ok. Once the hindi songs come out, you will have something to comment.

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz :

I know, Music has no boundaries and blah blah... :D Btw, whats your mother tongue? Kannada?

@ Richa :

Yeah, Im waiting for Oye too. But now that I have lost touch with the language, Im gonna have a hard time understanding. But who cares. Theres Shamilee and the songs are tooo good.

@ Anu :

LOL, it is. But the movies release got delayed and saw the light only by the end of last year.

Anu Russell said...

hehehe...oh...i used to watch all tamil movies at one time...now with little one i have lost track of them...today i was trying to watch pasanga during lunch time...felt like a kiddie movie...bore...

anyways how is ur singing career?

Gabru said...

Siddharth dear, now the barrier has been ended in the way of realising hindi movies, now you can listen new songs lk" dil ka kya pta,kab kis ka ho jaye"

vimmuuu said...

@ Anu :

Pasanga?? OMG, thats one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. You gotta watch it carefully. Each sequence is hilarious. By all probable means, I would be watching it again this weekend. Towards the end, it becomes bad, but again the final sequence is too good. (Ok, thats too much marketing for Pasanga)

Singing career? Theres no career as such. Planning to move in that direction? But how do you know that I sing?

vimmuuu said...

@ Gabru :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

Errr, honestly, I didnt get head or tail of what you meant. and Im not Siddharth.

Badz said...

LoL! Vimmuuu my first language is English BUT my mother tongue is gujrati (i can speak and understand it BUT can't read or write it. ;-) ). I also speak and understand hindi. Again can't read or write it. :-P

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz :

* Vimmuuu is totally confused and is planning to jump from the terrace *

Solilo said...

I have no clue about any of these songs.

Okay bye Vimmi.

Ordinary Guy said...

in sarvam,

my fav songs are katrukullae and Sutta Suriyane......

Badz said...

Vimmuuu. Hahahahahahahahahaha. :-P

kanagu said...

Good list bro... in angadi theru I liked other 2 songs... aval apadi onrum and kavithaigal pesum.. others i am yet to hear :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Are you into listening to instrumentals? If so, please lay your hands on the soundtracks of The Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer!

They can be heard off youtube too!

Do check them out! I'm tripping on them these days! :)

Anonymous said...

Vimu,check out Newyork songs(especially "Hai Junoon" by KK).Sagar alias jacky songs are also good.

vimmuuu said...

@ Solilo :

LOL, now that I had given you a clue, go ahead and listen :D

@ OG :

Oh, kaatrukulle is my fav too. Did you watch the movie yet ? I liked it, but somehow it earned bad reviews.

@ Badz:

Someone is so happy that I got confused. :D

@ Kanagu :

Yes, both the songs you mentioned are awesome. Aval appadi onrum is actually composed by Vijay Anthony.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

I listen to them when Im in that mood. Havnt listened to The Last Samurai. Will do it soon, probably today evening. Thanks for the info.

@ Anish Thomas :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

I had mentioned the songs of Sagar Alias Jacky in the previous series. But after watching the movie, I never went back to listen to them.LOL.

I heard New York songs yesterday soon after it was released. Liked two songs, Hai Junoon and Tune Jo Kaha (Mohit Chauhan) and I have been humming the latter from morning.

Badz said...

Vimmuuuu. My main (first) laungage is English.

I speak Gujrati at home with my parents and other "indian" family.
Gujrati is my mother tongue BUT only speak and understand it. I do not know how to read or write Gujrati.

I also can speak & understand Hindi BUT cannot read or write it.

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz :

LOL, I cant believe you are actually explaining. I was just kidding. But how do you understand malayalam ???

Ordinary Guy said...

aliya, badz does not understand a word of mallu....

she asked me for a translation...... :P which I gave her :P LOL
confuse avanda,......

Smitha said...

No clue of these songs :( Will come back and listen to them tomorrow - when I have more time to do timepass :)

vimmuuu said...

@ OG :

Ohhh, thats how ! I got scared you see ! That was the only language left to tell whatever I wanted to !

@ Smitha :

LOL, you have a schedule for time pass too???

Indyeah said...

What? Is this revenge coz I couldnt come back and comemnt on the old posts?:(((

I did understand one word though
Siddharth of RDB fame
I like him:)))))

but you did this on purpose no?:((
so I couldnt comment?! :P :P :P

please do a english/hindi song tag too :)))

Indyeah said...

Badz confused you?:D:D
High five for BAdz!!!:D:D

OG has betrayed you Vimmuuu!!!
he told the enemy the secret :D

Badz good work;)))*thumbsup for Badz*

Badz said...

LoL! High Five Indyeah! :-)

Yes I am a smart ass to go ask OG to translate. ;-)

BUT it wasn't my orinally put it up on your (indyeah's) blog. Dhiren wanted a translation so I copied and pasted. ;-)

BUT OG is a sweetheart to translate for us. :-)

Badz said...

BUT Vimmuuu. I thought you were a fool that didn't understand english. So I had to put it down in simple works so you would understand. ;-) :-P

vimmuuu said...

@ Indyeah :

LOL, No revenge aunty. Im not responsible for the producers strike. LOL. and this is not a tag. I do this series every month !!

Actually OG didnt betray me. Check out his comment here. Ta-daa !!!! He was betraying you guys all the while !!! Ta-daa again !!!!

@ Badz :

LOL. Everyones becoming smart now !! I need to speak to OG in private and ask him to stop translating. But shucks, theres still that mad scientist who would help you in that !

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz :

Its the thought that counts !!! LOL

Ordinary Guy said...

aliya, no betrayal from me...

nammalle... oru team annae :P :P
edhu oru "pact" akkam..... :P
okay :P

vimmuuu said...

@ OG :

I know aliyaa...these wicked girls are trying to create a fight between us. LOL :D :D :D :D We should do something together and shock the guts out of them !!!

Badz said...

Hahahahahahaha! You boys had to team up aand make a pact.

Vimmuuu.... Are you really that afraid of us??

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz :

Honestly yes. Im afraid of the race called women !!! Heyy, Im a racist now !! Wooopieee !!!

Badz said...

Hahahahahahaha! :-P

Ramya said...

@ Badz
"BUT Vimmuuu. I thought you were a fool that didn't understand english.".... ROFL......

I dont know you but you are awesome!!!

@ Ashwathy
and Vimal was scared of just the two of us.seems like Badz is in our league as well!!!

@Vimal chetta
get your facts right...such remarks about women make you 'Sexist' not 'Racist'...we are not a different race altogether...lol!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ My evil sis aka Ramya :

Get all the folks you want to !! Will fite ya alone !

and i knows its 'sexist' ! I was just linking race and that particular statement ! you know, one of those jagadish type link ups ! never mind, if you had brains, you wouldve got it the first time itself ! LOL !

Btw, you are just waiting for someone to make fun of me to drop your comments, arent you?

Ramya said...

"I was just linking race and that particular statement ! you know, one of those jagadish type link ups !"

Again What...???!!
Urundu kallikyalle...

Geez...This time you really have lost the plot...

H'USE me...who u callin evil bro...u aint got a halo on yer head either...

Praddy said...

whoa..havent heard any of them..think im too out dated..will try checking out a few of them.

Smita said...


So sweet of u to say that (though the sweetness doesn't suit you ;-))

Ashwathy said...

ROFL!! i was wondering how this post got 54 comments - last time i logged in, it had some 32 comments or so. NOW I know LOL! the gender war has begun again!

I know! Just when I thot I'd take a break... someone else has taken over! Vimmuuu gets no rest at all, I tell you! LOL

"Aliya these wicked grils are trying to create a fight between us"
"Get all the folks you want to !! Will fite ya alone !"
I am reminded of the scene in Hitler where Jagadish dances in front of Mammootty's house saying: "maranam vare fight cheyyum!" LOL!!! :D

Abhishek said...

I dint know Oy music has released :)

Badz said...

@ Ramya:

Hahahahahahahaha! It's fun making of Vimmuuu. ;-)

@ Vimmuuu:

Sorry. :-(

amit said...

Oye! Add some Hindi songs or at least add videos of these songs so that I know what you are talking about! :P

Anonymous said...

I need to get the speakers on now...am so outdated when it comes to music...as everything else :-(

Ordinary Guy said...

aliya, I just checked song Oye:
the beat is a copy of this song:

it is different but the base is same :P

Bedazzled said...

as usual i dont know a single song u have mentioned !!!

gabru said...

Sorry vimmu if u couldn't understand. But don't very no need to understand it only enjoy without understan.

El Barto said...

Man! this gabru guy is hilarious! haha

Reeta said...

Guess u have decided 2 hv a common one for all the songs.. mebbe u cud just upload the link for these songs

Indyeah said...

I dspr for a day or two and you call me aunty again?:P:P:P

OG will betray you mark my word! :D...we are all forming plans to get him to come to our side
*evil plans*

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