Jun 1, 2009

My back !!!!

Ooopps, I am back !!!

But where is everyone? Hello?? Is anybody home???? Yooohooooooo.........somebody, anybody .....Sigh ! nobody !!!

(Speaking to myself -- Gosh ! Nobody even cares !!!! I was away for hardly a month and it looks like everyones already celebrated my funeral ! Gotta visit everyones blog and tell a Hi, only then will people know that I once existed !!)

Moral of the story : Never ever take a break from blogging !



Ashwathy said...

a lesson well-learnt, my friend :D
and this is what happens when u schedule reloaded posts in ur absence! :P

and btw before i forget....welcome back!! :-) lol

Anonymous said...

welcome back.. :)

came jumping and hopping to welcome you.. you are very much alive and kicking in the blog world... get back to blogging now.
looking forward to your writes.. :)

Badz said...

We weren't expecting you back so soon. ;-) :-P

amit said...

Welcome back!! So how was the trip?

Vee said...

Welcome Back!!!

Stop that nonsense and share the details.. yeah, I mean the dirty ones.. ;)

Ordinary Guy said...

welcome back!!!!!!! hope you enjoyed your trip!!!!!

Amal Bose said...

im new here..
but anyway welcome back. :-)

Smita said...

Back? Already? Sigh! And stop sulking & guit the nautankey! Lets come straight to the point. Maal laaye ho?

Chiranjib said...

hellllooooooooooo... :D

kanagu said...

aavo... aavo... :)
welcome back :)

Reema said...

We were right here waiting for u!! ;)

sakhi said...

hey didn't know that you were away!! :P :P No, no.. its not coz of youbut coz i ws away too!! hee..hee.. :)

Welcome back! :)

soneeta said...

yeeppiii....u r back
now we dont have to read the "reloaded" posts...(i dont thnk ne1 ws reading it also)

put somethng new soon n show ur pics too

Solilo said...

YAY! my trick worked.

Now that you have learned the lesson, here I am to welcome you. Missed you my friend.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Welcome back Vimmuuu! Great picture!

Indyeah said...

I care !I care! :P

welcome back!:)))

new post quick!

no reloaded versions ...new ones!:P:P

Anonymous said...

well since i came in late... i didnt mind the reloaded ones.. !!

and now that your back to commenting it should be more fun !!

high fives !!

Veena Chech.. said...

Hello dear..welcome back!! Shall i expect some new posts on uer experience back in Europe :)??

Veena Chech.. said...

BTW..looks like (in the snap)early morning..beside a lake..whats the matter, finding the right place??hahahaha ;)??

Anonymous said...


Smitha said...

I am very very angry at you!!! You told me you would tell me when you came to the UK - and you never did!!!!

AV said...

hiya fella!! so wat were we supposed to hav celebrated neways? ur secret wedding anniversary?!? ;D
unmaya sollu.. engiya alaipayude style la poi comedy keemedy pannidaliye?

neways.. how was ur trip? hope u had loads of fun!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Ashwathy :

Oh thanks ! Im yet to take my revenge on you !!! :D

@ Kajal :

Thanks. You made me smile with that jumping and hopping of yours :D

@ Badz :

LOL. and y is that so??? :D Btw, do you have a blog???

@ Amit :

Thanks. It was nice, more like a dream now.

@ Vee:

errr...unfortunately, booyyy, no dirty ones!

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit :

Ho aliyaaa, onnum parayanda. It was nice !!!

@ Amal :

Heyy, our names rhyme. LOL

Anyway, welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for welcoming me too. See ya around.

@ Smita :

Maal ??? You sound like a smuggler, not like a hmm..errr...what do u do for a living??? :D

@ Chiranjib :

Yes, how can I help you? :D

@ Kanagu :

Aagaya, aagaya ! LOL

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

Awwwww...that was sooo sweeet !

@ Sakhi :

Now you know !! LOL !

@ Soneeta :

Yeah, I know. No one was reading them. hehehe

@ Solilo :

You played a trick ??? Grrrr....

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks Rakesh. See ya around.

vimmuuu said...

@ Indyeah :

LOL, thanks for the care. But you commented in some saying you would come back and comment. did you actually come back or did I miss out those comments??

@ Dhiren :

High fives buddy. I know, there are a couple of them to teach a few lessons here. LOL. We would be on the same side. what say ?

@ Veenachechi :

LOL. Yes I was. Of all the places in India, I had to go to London and find the spot for that!!!

@ Anonymous :

:) to you too.

@ Smitha :

Ok, confession already over. LOL.

@ AV :

LOL. Do you think I can have all that secretly? and even if I had planned a secret wedding, it would appear as a post in my desperation to keep the blog updated. LOL.

The trip was only fun ! :D

Praveen said...

welcome back :P
so u r not dead yet!

Anu Russell said...

already over? your vacation? that must be bad eh? i want to goooooooo on a long vacation!!!

Smita said...

I make money out of threatening people and holding them onto some ransom. Satisfied? Ab bataao maal laye ya nahin.

Anonymous said...

what... all these days of fun and you got 1 photo that too with your back facing the cam.. very bad...

post details... with lots of snaps...

oh btw welcome back.. :-)

Ashwathy said...

LOL @ Smita

dont try diverting the topic with her... she means business as far as the goodies are concerned LOL

btw yes, i m reading and waiting for that revenge. edayalum oru divasam sambhavikkum... might as well get it over with sooner the better. but dont forget i will have defence mechanisms in place :P

vimmuuu said...

@ Praveen :

LOL, No im not !!! So you celebrated it anyway, huh?

@ Anu :

Hmmm..yeah, I didnt want it to end. It was more like a dream !!

@ Smita :

Oh my !! What are you doin in the blogs then?? :D

@ Oorjas :

LOL, there are a lot of them with my backs. sure will post them soon.

@ Ashwathy :

What do you have against me ???? LOL

anita said...

who clicked this pic???????

Ashwathy said...

who me? *innocent look* why do u ask???

Indyeah said...

oh!I did try and will try again..but blogspot gave me so much trouble one day thaT I gave up for good

(psst one more reason to shift to WP) :D

will comment on them all:))
just dont blame me if it doesnt happen:P:P

Indian Home Maker said...

Welcome back Vimmuuu!! I was busy at the Art of Living class recommended by you.
You were missed. ( All these Yoohoos, and sighing, and talking of celebrations while you were away are wasted on those who regularly read your scheduled posts while you weren't around)

vimmuuu said...

@ Anita :

Heyyyy, it was taken by a wonderful person. Oh, It was shot by you !!! :D

@ Ashwathy :

Dont innocent-ify yourself too much ! I have just begun !! Buhahahahhahaaha!!!

@ Indyeah :

LOL, I wont. I was jus kidding. Im having a plan to move to wordpress. Lets see if it will work out !

@ IHM :

LOL, so you were one of them who got offended by those posts ??? Oooopsie !

I know, those yoohooos werent meant for you ! You are a sweet one who always had time for V-Lokam!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Bloghopped from Kajal's....Welcome back:)...and yeah..off to readin some of ur previous works:)

Smita said...

Oye!!! seedhe-2 batao maal laaye ya nahin!!!! Nahin to main batati hoon main yahan kya kar rahi hoon...

vimmuuu said...

@ Santa..Fanta :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for welcoming me back. and one more thanks for going through my previous tortures ! :D

@ Smita :

abe bacche ki jaan lega kya??? :D

Anonymous said...

Are you peeing into the lake?


Anonymous said...

Am glad u finally got married...i just cannot put my feelings in words...

Reeta said...

Welcome back...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Never! I know people celebrated one whole month of mourning for my, in all-black :D Hope they dont think its my ghost :D