Feb 22, 2008

Vilm-Fair Awards 2007 - Winners

Last Friday, South India had witnessed one of the best celebrity nights in the recent times. The Vilm-Fair awards, after a lot of controversy ever since it inception, were finally declared. Award functions are always sad towards the end since another such grand and memorable event would happen only next year and also because some of the celebrities walk out dejected and disappointed. It is not possible to keep everyone in the industry happy and so we wish all the ‘hims or hers’ a better luck next time.
It is still a mystery to the entire film industry as to why the Awards were postponed to another week. Some say it is because of the release of Jodha Akbar on the same day as the big stars would not be able to make it up for the function. There are also rumors that the judges took their own sweet time in arriving at the results. However bad the reason is, the Vilm Fair Award nite was one great experience.

The venue, Karuppuswamy Art Academy at Chennai had a seating capacity of 2000 and it was a visual treat to the eyes to see most of the celebrities together in the black auditorium. For the first time ever in the history of Bollywood, the celebrities in the industry had flown down to a South Indian state for an award function. Prominent celebrities from the South had also accompanied their counterparts from the North and made the function a memorable one.

We had the happy (and gay) Karan Johar and the sulky (literally) Ekta Kapoor hosting the function initially. Both of them turned over dramatic (like their movies and soaps) and soon began to converse between themselves. This went on for sometime and the viewers were getting restless and some of them started booing too. This probably ‘hurt’ Karan and Ekta who suddenly started weeping on stage. All then the rest of us could hear was certain words that started with their trademark “K” along with their mourning. Karans best ‘friend’ Shah Rukh had to come on stage; pacify them and had to get them seated with the viewers. The event managers were looking baffled at what was going on and then out of nowhere the Hollywood Celebrity Richard Gere and our own Shilpa Shetty volunteered to host the rest of the event. Mr.Gere and Ms.Shetty took this as an opportunity to justify their actions that they exhibited on April 18th last year. The managers had to drive them out of the auditorium for their misbehavior and they are missing since then. There are reports stating that a couple of Hindu activists were outside the auditorium waiting for them. Sigh! Some people never learn! The center stage was then taken over by the former lovers Salman Khan and Aiswarya Rai Bachchan after a lot of persuasion from Big B (remember the movie Babul !!). They shared an awesome chemistry on stage and there was harmony on stage at last. But all the eyes kept looking at their respective partners; one could see a jealous and fuming Jr. AB and an ever-smiling (?) Katrina Kaif. Actor Viviek Oberoi tried getting into the stage to meet Ash; but as usual there is always our Salman to defend. Viviek was later admitted in the Madras Medical Mission and is currently in a state of coma. But however bad the situations were, the Vilm Fair Award nite was one great experience.

Shaahid Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Kareena, Govinda and Mallika Sherawat sizzled the stage with their gap fillers. There was a surprise performance from Salman Khan who left his hosting mid way and went to dance with his ‘partner’ Govinda. Sweet chap that he is! Saif Ali Khan experienced a wardrobe malfunction during one of his performances, which left him topless on stage. This revealed the name of Saifs other costars including Priety, Rani and Bipasha tattooed on his back. However, one star had kept away from the entire function, as he was not nominated for any of his movies. It was none other than our Akki. The ‘Welcome’ star claims that he had contributed a lot of revenue to both the industry and the government by giving five huge hits and by paying 26 crores as Tax respectively and still had not received even a nomination. He further adds that he is not going to be a part of any of the award functions from now on, as he no longer believes in them. Guess there is always one such celebrity who turns up against awards!!!

Even the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh was seen sulking at corners as soon as the awards were announced. None of his movies got nominated as expected, atleast in a way he and his ‘friends’ wanted. Towards the end of the show, he made an announcement that he would remake all his hit movies till date with younger looking heroines. Shah Rukh being a sport and who is known to laugh at himself came up with a reason for his announcement too. It seems the scriptwriters are finding it difficult to create a new role for him and is presently being cast in a couple of movies in a cameo (Bhootnath, Dulha Mil Gaya, Hindi remake of a Malayalam movie ‘Kadha Parayumbol’). He further adds that he also plans to make a sequel to DDLJ and this time Raj would be falling in love with Chutki (Pooja Ruparel), Kajols sis in the movie, after he and Simran get married. Well decided Shah Rukh, now we could get to see you as a Baazigar or a Rahul/Raj again! Well, however bad the stars felt, the Vilm Fair Award nite was one great experience!!

And so the award goes to….

Taare Zameen Par
Sriram Raghavan (Johnny Gaddar)
Akshay Khanna (Gandhi My Father)
Kareena Kapoor (Jab We Met)
Vinay Pathak (Bheja Fry&Manorama Six Feet Under)
Shefali Shah (Gandhi My Father)
Darsheel Safary (Taare Zameen Par)
Shankar Ehsaan Loy (TZP& Salaam-E-Ishq)

Prasoon Joshi…Maa (Taare Zameen Par)
Krishna …Moula Mere (Chak De India)
Mayyam Toller …Mayya Mayya (Guru)
Om Shanti Om
Ram Gopal Varma

Vilm Fair Awards is purely based on the imagination of the author and any resemblance to any of the events anywhere in the future is only coincidental. (Phew!)

Special Thanks to :
Award Design : Anitha
Nominations : Reeta
Judges : Vinoj, Selva, Pradipta and Ananth
Proof reading : Vivek


Reets said...

Hi Vimmuuu,
It was indeed a delight to read ur article on the Vilm-Fair Awards 2007. How I wish I cud have been a part of the grand fiesta.... ;)hmm... Its ok... Hopefully I can make up for what i missed in the awards function next year.The write-up is indeed amazing and it gives me a live picture of what actually went thru... Kudos to ur good work and Congrats to the winners-:)

rakesh said...

boooo..booooooo...this vilmfair awards sucks!!!


where r the critics awards???
this is just a biased unfair award!!!!!

Anonymous said...

parf ad athuga:)