Sep 24, 2008

Part 5 (a) - They finally shot me !!!

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (a), Part 3(b) and Part 4, or else you wouldnt understand a thing !!!

As far I am concerned I had to undergo a couple of sacrifices for this show. I was already under a diet and was working out a little inspite of the torn ligaments in my leg. The diet began well before my first audition, and I decided to continue it so that I looked trim on TV. I stopped consuming oily, junk and creamy foods and had only bland food most of the time. I only had hot water, most of the times, with honey and lemon (this not only helps u in burning fat, but also clears your throat). Eventually, I reduced 5 kgs and I did look trimmer (Gained all that in a months time though). I kept a time limit (5-10 mins), had time slots to speak to my friends and family and some of my friends remarked that I am acting like one of those snobbish celebrities before even entering the show. Stopped watching movies for a week and listened to only those songs that I chose to sing for the show; initially 24 songs and after the practice session, the 9 songs.

It would only be appropriate if I briefed about what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. The shot portions are anyway going to come on TV.

Day 1; July 21st – Though we were asked to reach the studio at 9 am, I made my presence there at 7.30 itself. I was the only person who went there all alone, the rest of them came with their parents. After dressing up, we were made to check our pitches with the orchestra. We were allowed to take the lyrics on stage and I didnt understand why Sb created a fuss on the first day. The judges were Malaysia Vasudevan and Uma Ramanan; two famous singers in the Tamil film industry. The intro song was not included for the judgement and so we were asked to relax and shed all those stage fear that we had. I was called fifth, after Vikram, Aishwarya, Sudhakar and Rajeshwari and this order was followed through out the show except for one round. The host Balaji (he is one of the best RJs in Chennai and now also a small time actor), called my name, “Vimal”. But I insisted him to call me, “Vimal Vijayan”, (for people who don’t know, that’s my full name). I am a little superstitious at times; including my dads name has always brought me luck. The cameras rolled again and I was welcomed with my full name with a little bit of sarcasm from the hosts end (I loved it though!)

There was a short intro on the stage about my whereabouts, likes and dislikes and after that I was asked to sing. Took a deep breath and when the music started, I gulped (yeah! the mike was away). As mentioned in my earlier post, I wasn’t quite happy with the intro song that I chose out of frustration. Unless I am convinced with the song, I wouldn’t be able to render it the way I want. According to the rest of them, I sang well, but personally if you ask me, I wasn’t happy. Well, it’s the intro song; no judgement and no more stage fear !!!

I passed the mike to Gayathri who went after me. Both Vikram and Sudhakar said I sang well and that I was getting worried for no reason. Lets see, its going to come on TV and I cant stop it !!

After Gayathris, we packed up and got ready for the next round. Each round is one episode and so we had to change our dress. This was the only round that I was tensed from the very beginning. 1940’s,(Thyagaraja Bhagavathars Naatiya Kalaye). Balaji asked me if I am all ready for the song. I replied saying that I was and since I hadnt learned music, I was a little worried. He then asked me to think positive and boosted my morale (I don’t know if all that would appear on screen, but the conversations happened when the cameras were rolling). I started off , not very confidently, but somewhere in the middle, I started getting into the groove and I am sure I ended it well. The judges gave some good comments and so did Sb.

Result for round 2 - none eliminated, and I was ranked #3.
After the shoot and before the pack up, Balaji called me separately and injected me with a few good thoughts on confidence. I owe a lot to him for this gesture of his.

Confidence level—increased. Stage fear –nil. I am sure I did the next round- 1950’s(Paattu Paadava) well and according to some of them, its my best performance. Balaji was dancing like crazy when I was rendering it and I hope they show it on TV. Judges were happy too and again got some good comments from them.

Result for round 3 – none eliminated and I was still #3.

That’s it for the first day. Next shoot was on July 23rd.

Trailor for the final part
Judge (after the 8th round) : We have decided to eliminate Vimal.
Host Balaji : How is it possible ? Gayathris scores are lesser than Vimals. Ideally, she should be eliminated, right?


SONEETA said... u hd a nice all went well.waiting eagerly to see it on TV.

Anonymous said...

When does it telecast on TV? I will try and watch it, though I hear that Balaji, contrary to the praise you have given him,is a pest! Not many people like the dude... So, this is an interesting twist..

You are an aspiring singer or actor or both?

Anonymous said...

Also curious about your diet.. Hobbes, you have to mail me diet suggestions, and tips, pleeeaaassseee! :-D

What Balaji did for you, you got to do for me.. Return the favor! :-D

Smita said...

Lost 5 kgs?????

How??? Write a seperate post for that ;-)

Hmmm these comptt can surely be big stress raisers....and that was some trailer that you have left :P

Now write the last post soon or will that come after the prog is telecast???

Anonymous said...

LOL... The veritable filmstar! Say, how about we make our own movie - i'll write the script and you act in it? :D

Anonymous said...

Eliminate yu?? Yu?? Nooooo!
Hey, this sunday at 9??? i'll definitely watch it !!
Lost 5 kgs?? whoa!

@Nikhil & Vimal
Can i also sing along? duet..? ;)

Vinz aka Vinu said...

i didnt know i am on a celebrity singers blog..!!

heard your song on previous post..
anyways i will sure catch the program for sure..!!

is it required you build up the suspense..??


Varun said...

Wow! The trailer is keeping me on my toes. I'll definitely try and catch you on TV and will be waiting for that post on round 8. I am proud of you :D

All the best!

Bedazzled said...

raagamaalika .. wow thats really cool.. its one of the better music-based reality shows.. my cousin had once made it to round 3 sometime back .. I am not a great fan of balaji thou .. always thot he was very concious to be a compere..I find chinmayi to be good .. she hosts super singer. also there is this cute girl who hosts idea super singer on Asianet ..i didnt know u were a singer :-).. this episode is on this week huh ?

Veena said...

Uhh..lost 5kgs!! I would luv to know about that did u manage to loose so much in such a short a period of time?? I too take honey, lemon in warm water empty stomach, I just don't take any junk food, no oily away from creamy stuff..but haven't seen any difference in me :)!!What was uer diet??

Poonam said...

Whoa! this is an art to stop the story at opportune moment. And not only taht, you are writign trailers for next post...

And I found it funny (yeah i know all about superstition) that you insisted anchor called your full name! Poor fella :P

If you could lose so much weight you could give Talwalkars and Vandana Luthra run for their money :)

Sakhi said...

hey you are going to come on TV!! :) Wow, that's cool! Which channel? Though i dont know anything of Tamil language, i can atleast watch you!! :)

Oxy said...

Whoa!!! Super!!!

And I am tired of waiting for it.

And when would you write the climax? Next year? Huh!!! I want you to mail me right away and then I will talk. Its oxymoronic [at] in [dot] com

I am waiting.

vimmuuu said...

@ Everyone :

I was under the vegetarian version of GM diet. It has always worked for me. Last year, I reduced 4.5 kgs and this year, I did it in the first week of July. I reduced 3.8kgs. Simultaneous work outs, intake of hot water instead of the normal room temperature, reduced quantity of food, fruit diet, etc all helped in further reduction. GM diet works and I am sure anyone who tries it religiously would find good results. The only issue with it is, you will tend to hog a lot once you are out of the DIET. And obviously, you will put on weight, but this time faster than what it was before

vimmuuu said...

@ Soneeta :

Yup. It did go well. more in the next part.

@ WTML :

Calvin, theres something that scrolls on the top here in the blog. That has all the details on the show.

Not an actor, I suck big time in acting. and yes, I would want to become a singer one day!!!

@ Smita :

Its coming before the telecast.Please check my comment for WTML on the show.

@ Nikhil : first contract. and where could I get a better scriptwriter than you?.. but you know what, I suck in acting. give me a chance to sing. I will do it for free :D

@ Priya :

Yup. Hope you saw the marquee in the blog !

Now, do you want to sing/act a duet with me? or with Nikhil ?

vimmuuu said...

@ Vinu :

Hehehe.Kyaa celebrity man...just gonna be on TV for 8 weeks.

I need something to write, na..thats y all this suspense and build ups!!! just one post saying i will b coming on tv would have been enough. but I extended it to to 7 posts now ..hehehe...

@ Varun :

Thanks a lot man. I am so happy that I got so many good friends through V-lokam. Hail Lord Blog!!!

@ Bharghavi :

Yup, its starting this week. Perhaps, his on screen image has made us think like that. He is a very soft spoken person. Theres more about him in the coming episodes.

Wow, your cousin? when was this ??

@ Veena :

Check my first comment at everyone. It really works. Trust me!

vimmuuu said...

@ Poonam :

Thanks blogmate.

Hehehe. Yeah, Iam a lill superstitious on the name. Poor fella, but like mentioned in the post, he called me up on stage with a tinge of sarcasm. you could get to see that in the show.

Check out the comment @ everyone on the diet.

@ Sakhi :

Thanks a lot. Please do watch it. The details of the show scrolls on my blog as a marquee. check it out.

@ Oxy :

Hehehe. Thanks Oxy boy. the final part is coming up tomoro. Please wait. Thanks for the mail id, I, gonna make a mark of that.

Anonymous said...

Oh! he he!! I was too engrossed in your post... :-D

Am going to be tortured into watching M3V this weekend with a few movie makers.. Will influence them to think consider you for their next project.. :-D

Say, try out at the TFA... Google it.. you might find it interesting.. :-D

Smita said...


Three years back I had tried the GM diet. On the day of only salads when my lunch box had salad I almost died of the thought of eating it. So two hefty aloo paratha's it was ;)

vimmuuu said...

@ Aparna :

I heard its an oook movie. I might go for it too this weekend. Btw, what do you do? I mean, are you into movie making or something???

and whats TFA. I googled it. Teach for America and Triflouro Acetic acid was the search results !!!!

@ Smita :

LOL. Im planning to try it once again in Oct. We will do it together, what say?

Anonymous said...

No No.. I have friends who are film makers.. M3V dude is a common friend.. Its a long story..

Reema said...

I dont get it. July 23rd?? Has this already happened and u r telling the story in flashback??? I have read some parts of ur story since I have started reading ur blog..i may missed part 1. please clarify it again.

vimmuuu said...

@ Aparna :

ohhh...all the best !! Tell me how the movie is. Btw, are you in chennai ???

@ Reema :

Yup. The shoot was on July 21st, 23rd and 24th. You should check out Part 1, the first sentence speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

when does the show come on tv? and u lost weight?! I envy you....5 kgs wow!! Nothing works for me :( or so I think

rakesh said...

hi vimal bhai!!
i dont get jaya tv over here!!

can u record tht and save it on youtube so tht i can see ?

hehe..u made them say ur full name..i thought u were goin to make them call u "vimmuuu" instead!

reminds me of tht scene in spiderman where spidey makes the referee acknowledge him as the "human-spider" instead of spiderman..hehe

anyway bhai u will definetly be singing for my animation movie someday! all the best!!

Reets said...

Hmmmm... Well I had begun my countdown to catch u on the silver screen right from when the shooting got over and I just cannot believe it that finally THE DAY is just 3 days away.. Just too excited and eager to see u make it so far. Well if u ask me winning or losing is just a part of the game, please do realise in any shows like this there is always an element of favouritism which rules and people who have got the right kind of contacts usually win irrespective of whether they were the best!!!For me ur already a winner as I believe that in music classical training might only be a confidence booster ,more than that it's always the passion and commitment u have towards ur music that counts and u have loads of tat:)Bonne chance to u for your singing .Further comments after seeing u on tv... Well as far as I am concerned ur already a STAR and A WINNER!

AV said...

hey.. sorry for d late response... cudnt access net yest.

so finally u come up wid the shootin gpart, n yet incomplete! trailer?!? idu too mucha theriyala? lol.. u might as well hav completed d story. lol.

u know wat? i seriously think tat d trailer is jus to mislead us n throw us offtrack.. n i m not falling for tat dude! better post d rest soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

Yup.. Am going to Sathyam or Inox on Sat morn for the show.. hopefully Satyam..

This is not a place to be discussing TV schedules, but the show that comes after yours on Sun morn on Jaya, called 'Chandru'.. Lemme know what u think.. :-)

P.S - I can't seem to scrap u back on Orkut!!! :-(

Bedazzled said...

Cool .. so we'll get to see you on the small screen. Is this your first or have you appeared in other shows as well ?.. so whose songs do u sing the most ?
About my cousin.. maybe a year or so back..

vimmuuu said...

@ Apar :

Didnt u notice the marquee in the home page? that has the show details. Check out my first comment @ everyone for the DIET details. Im sure it would work for you, try it out.

@ Rakesh :

Making me call them, why didnt I think of that?? and thanks, when are u out with your animation movie ?(let people here take u seriously..hehheheh)..Thanks for the offer. I will sing free.

@ Reets :

Wow. Thanks reets. You are my biggest fan ever.hehehehe, not to forget your sis and mom !! I just hope I did well in the show. I dont want to let anyone, especially after all this build-up here. hehehe.

Thanks for the awards. will display it soon.

vimmuuu said...

@ Archana :

Hehehe. sooorry....will come up with the final part today.

@ Aparna :

Sure, will watch. Whats it about? and is the show related to you in anyway?

@ Bhargavi :

This is my first experience on TV. Part 1 of this series has all that details. Have sung for college culturals and it stopped with that. Im basically a very shy person, u c (blushing).

Anonymous said...

i would definitely watch it ...
but as i asked u last time ./.cant u do anything about it..
there's no point in keeping the scores if they dont follow it ..
cant u sue them .,.

Reets said...

Moi...Ur biggest Fan... nice desire....!!!Hehehe am not ur fan am a fan of ur music....Point to b noted... cos ur voice rocks!!

Anonymous said...

not related to me.. but, i know the director of the serial.. and it is inspired by the real life story of a TT player

Anonymous said...

Oh come on dude! You are building too much suspense. I am not able to take it. I get all sweaty as if I am the guy who was present there. Very nice description. Why don't you consider becoming a writer? :)

rakesh said...

so r u goin to upload it on youtube or not??

Anonymous said...

Ahem...good question!

Aargh! Nikhil doesnt kno malayalam...i'll sing wid ya! :D

Acting tho...well, am i allowed tu toss a coin for that ? ;)

Smita said...

I have something for you :-)

Do drop in at

vimmuuu said...

@ Arvind :

Sigh!!!!! Whats the use ? Thanks buddy for being there.

@ Reets :

Bloody hell :D

@ Aparna :

Oh, will watch it.

Btw, about the opportunity you mentioned in one of your earlier posts...pleaaase do influence and I will get you, hmmmmmm...Psst, Psst, what do you want?

@ Anniyan :

Its out. Its out. Sorry. and me a writer, I thought I sucked at it.

Ohhhhh wait, was that one of your sarcasms???? Ahaaaa...

@ Priya :

Hehehe, gr8, im finally getting a female voice.

and does that coin have the same sides (like in sholay) ???? Then, damn, I know what the result is [;)]

@ Smita :

Heyyy...thanks a lot !