Sep 19, 2008

What do you do are tagged !!!!

I knew I always invite trouble, otherwise I wouldn’t have ended up with this tag ! Its funny and equally weird; I ended up in Aparnas WTML after blog hopping, left a very casual comment and the next thing I understand is that I am tagged. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it, especially when I set my own rules for the ones whom I tagged.

What do you do when..

---You see a man making a pass (trying to woo / flirt / impress) on a woman you like?
Like or love ??
Like – I wouldn’t bother, everyones got a chance !!!
Love – Again, I wouldn’t bother. Whatever he does, she is ultimately mine. (Gosh, why am I still single ??? )

--Some one you like, is not attracted to you?
Try one of those Axe Dark Temptation Deos (the one which has that chocolate man in the ad !!)

--You are attracted to some one, but both of you are in two different cities?
If its love, then I wouldn’t mind going and meeting her once in a while.
But if it’s a stupid one-sided attraction, I would rather find someone in the same city !!!

--You are reading a book, and your best friend wants to borrow it and can’t wait for you to finish reading, ‘coz he/she has been looking for it for all their life?
I don’t read books, so cant relate to this question (Unless, she is interested in my comics)
But if it comes to chocolates, sweets and ice-creams, it’s a big no-no. “Joey doesn’t share fooood !!!”

--You help plan his / her career, and then, they go on to achieve it, leaving you behind, alone.
His – “You too, brutus!!! “
Her – “Please send me your number once you reach there “

My question – What do you do when you have something to tell but no one around to listen ?

Start a blog!!!

The chosen victims are :

AlliRekha, Arvind, Smita, Harsha, Bedazzled and Mystique Dew

And now for my Rules :

  • Atleast one among the above should tag Aparna. She cant get away just like that !!!
  • You are supposed to adhere to Rule No.1 and can create your own rules.
  • You have to add a statement " The one who created this tag is smart but not as smart as the one who tagged me" in your post.
  • You should insert or add your own questions at the end.
  • Rules set by Aparna hereafter would not be considered.


vimmuuu said...

Btw, I am supposed to add this here, its one of the rules (Sigh!!!) :

"Aparna Gonibeed,who started this tag, is a Brilliant woman(yeah! yeah!) and deserves the Nobel Prize (you bet!)"

Anonymous said...

Good one!

But, Noooooooooooooooooo!!!

new rule, new rule - Vimal's rules don't apply!!! :-D

vimmuuu said...

@ WTML :

Didnt you see Rule No.5 ??? Muhahahahhahaha !!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! what a wonderful set of rules !!!!

n ur replies r quite funny!
"Try one of those Axe Dark Temptation Deos"...ROFL

n you too Brutus !!!! Tagged me !!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! Thank you! Brilliance is hardly appreciated these days.. Thank You Vimal.. Oh! You think I deserve a Nobel Prize? Thank You so much... :-D

Anonymous said...

What rule no.5? There are only 4!

Anonymous said...

Unfair!!! You can't take away my rule making powers!!!


vimmuuu said...

@ AlliRekha :

Yup, 'I' too tagged you. hehhehe. So are you the one who is going to tag Aparna ???will ya? will ya??

@ Aparna :

Yeah Yeah !!! and Ideserve one too, for Peace !!!

Anonymous said...

I protest! "Cholbe Na.. Cholbe Na.."

vimmuuu said...

@ Aparna :

Guess whos having the last laugh. Once more :


Anonymous said...

& I've already tagged Smita! So, my dear man, here's a new rule - since the person you tagged is already tagged by me, now, you need to tag 5 more, and you lose powers to make more rules!

Muahahahahahahahhahaha!!! :-D

vimmuuu said...

You just dont get it, do you??...hehehehe..Rule No.5 lady, Rule cannot make any more rules, and even if you do, it doesnt hold good. Muhahahahahhahahahahaha

(and tagging another 5, bachche ki jaan loge kyaa??? )

Anonymous said...

he he ,,, nice tag..
nice answers ..
.but so many tags ..a;most half of the posts i read in last 2 days are tags :D ..

Anonymous said...

*His – “You too, brutus!!! “
Her – “Please send me your number once you reach there “*

hilarious !!

Vee said...

Whooo!!! U r one patient man... How do manage so many tags.. Pheeww!!!

Coming to ur replies: Ok, why are you still single?

P.S. Thanks for not tagging me. :) I enjoyed last one though but once a month is fine.. :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Arvind :

and what are you waiting for?? You have two tags to finish!!!

@ alphabetworld :

Thankgod your ok. After reading your latest post, I got scared, u see :D

Btw, chiricho, chiricho, nillam kuthi chiricho, idu poley nammalum cheyyandadalley..hehehe

@ Oxy :

They are fun boy. You dont do the thinking, na?

I have asked that same question myself so many times. I am not Karan Johar, neither am I Sunil Shetty, then y..y?????

I decided to tag the rest of them this time. But check out the comment I left in Smitas blog. Muhahahahhahaha (aparnas influence)

Anonymous said...

Nice rules :) And Aparna deserves the Nobel prize?!?

vimmuuu said...

@ Myheadtrip :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

ahaaa...another fan of Aparna !!!

Varun said...

Nice answers. But your new rules take the cake. It has given me a lot of ideas.
I am also a poor soul tagged by Aparna :(

Reema said...

"Joey doesn’t share fooood !!!"

LOL :D loved the episode and by the way that applies on me too!

vimmuuu said...

@ Varun :

ya, Poor soul indeed; you cant tag her back because of the rules set!!!

@ Reema :

I knowwww(Monica style).
Ahaaa, at last someone like me who 'respects' chocolates, sweets and icecreams.

Jeeshan said...

This seems like fun. I kept on going from one link to other, till it became a chain...kool :)

Reets said...

*His – You too, brutus!!!Her – "Please send me your number once you reach there"-- cool being ur true self.....Thanks to Aparna for tagging u on this.... the answer to the last question was good.... ur blog... and good that u started it otherwise wud have missed out on something interesting in life

Anonymous said...

"& the Nobel Peace Prize for '08 - 09 goes to....... VIMAL!!!!!!!"


Now, can i change the rules? :-D

Reema said...

No!! no chocolates. I dont like chocolates.

vimmuuu said...

@ Jeeshan :

Welcome to V-Lokam.
Thanks for dropping by. Y dont u try this too....but dont forget to tag aparna!!!

@ Reeta :

Yeah! Yeah ! Thanks to Aparna.Grrrr....

@ WTML :

No way buddy. I wont rest till u get tageed on this!!!

@ Reema :

No chocolates, you should be kidding me??

Vee said...

I checked that... U bugger.... If she tags me, u r gone for sure, I will hunt u and would strangle u... if she doesn't then I guess u ll not spare her, and would strangle her. :) Let's see

Anonymous said...

Well, we share our first names.What do you expect?? :) ;)

Bhargavi said...

oops .. i think i missed most of the tag-fun.. my blog was on vacation...and since she is not feeling patricularly funny/witty right now , she's goin to attempt it tommorrow ;-)

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy : one death is certain. and I hope its me !!! Tagging you is to die for !!!!

@ myheadtrip :

So you are another Aparna???

@ Bedazzled :

Cool. Do it soon. Let me see your version and please do tag Aparna.

AV said...

i really think Buhahahahahaha cud be one reason for u not finding a gf till now.. :P may b u were destined to make ur parents happy by letting them select a nice girl for u.. :)

Bhargavi said...

well ... have completed the mission ..;-) and tagged Aparna also ..

vimmuuu said...

@ AV :

Could be. Well, there was a time when I was doing the hunt. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I got tired and let my folks do the hunting :D !!!

Btw, how do you link a URL with a word here in the comment section ??

@ Bedazzled :

Thanks for doing the tag. Yet to read them and yes, thanks for tagging Aparna too. But you havnt let her know that she is tagged yet !

Smita said...

Cool answers :)

Thanks for tagging me. Will do it very soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet revenge awaits, one of these days Vimal... It might be just around the corner, so, beware!

Ok, so, how do I do this now? 2 people from your reply have tagged me, with different rules & different statements!

I declare house of parliament closed, and regain all my powers as original tagger!

AV said...

write it in html dude... it wud work.

mystiquedew said...


Et tu Brute???I'll write now...

Nice one.. :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

We are all waiting for the Smita-ish answers!!!

@ WTML :

Everythings over ! Now peace between us, what say???

@ AV :

err...and hows that done?

@ Mystique dew :

Saw your version. Thanks for doing the tag and thanks for following the orders, though you havnt done it fully (the statement which you are supposed to include).