Sep 9, 2008

Not an impressive Robot

Endhiran- The Robot (Tamil)

Endhiran is touted to become the most expensive film (140 crores) ever made in India which is going to be made in Tamil and would be dubbed into Hindi, Telugu and English. Honestly speaking, its one of the worst movie posters I have ever seen in recent times.

I just hope the one in the poster isnt Director Shankars idea of a Robot. It looks more like a factory worker than a Robot. This is supposed to be Shankars dream project and if I quite remember from the press releases that came out during those days, Shankar had approached Kamal Haasan a few years back (after the release of Nayak) for the title role. Proper funding did not let the project take off as expected. Shankar then kept it in the back burner and revived it, once his Sivaji became a blockbuster. The role was offered to SRK and a public annoncement was also made by both parties. SRK even offered to produce the movie. Creative differences arose between them and the movie was on the verge of getting shelved once more when Rajnikanth agreed to be the 'Robot'. Personally, I feel Rajnikant looks too old for this role. Shankars initial choices, Kamal or SRK, would have been perfect. There were also rumours that Shankar had approached Aamir and Ajith Kumar for the title role before Rajnikanth signed on the dotted lines.

Eagerly waiting for the music as its going to be ARR's first sci-fi movie. The details of the crew are mentioned below :

Starring :Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Direction :Shankar ( Gentleman, Kadhalan/Humse hain muqabla, Indian/Hindustani, Jeans, Mudhalvan, Nayak, Boys, Anniyan/Aparichit, Sivaji )
Music :A. R. Rahman
Cinematography :R. Ratnavelu
Art :Sabu Cyril
Lyrics :Vairamuthu and Pa. Vijay
Choreographer :Raju Sundaram
Editing : Anthony
Costume Design : Manish Malhotra
Scientific Outfits :Mary E Vogt ( Men in Black, Batman Returns, Inspector Gadget )
Animatronics :Stan Winston Studio (USA) ( Predator, Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor,Terminator )
Stunt : Yuen Woo Ping ( Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Matrix and Kill Bill )
Hollywood companies : ILM, Tippet, Café EFX (Field of VFX)
Hong Kong companies: Centro and Menfond (Field of VFX)

Image and Crew detail courtesy :


Sujith Krishnan said...

The second most expensive actor in Asia should now give way to youngsters for such roles. He should realize from the mistakes commited by Malayalam super stars which has triggered their downfall. Yes, the audience is different, the expectations are different but if Rajini doesn't stop doing such roles sooner than later, he might have to "retire" at a all time low. Amongst the oldies Kamal could have suited well for the rolse but please, not Rajini!

SONEETA said...

well..about the poster,when i saw it i thought it is the pic of some soldier in some iceland with nice looking goggles who is very soft at heart and may be wants to express his love for someone wth dt rose......

Smita said...

You know SRK has already regiestered the title Robot with all permutation & combinations...

Dunno I'll evern watch it or not :)

Reets said...

Well When I saw the poster I did not definitely find anything appealing in it except the red rose. The so called robot image of Rajini looks more like a mine worker rather than a robot and the robot image is definitely much younger than the human version..Rajini does not fit the bill at all, a better choice would have been surya or any of the others from the younger lot... I dont think that a sci- fi movie will ever be understand by the Kollywood audience.Even SRK would have done better as a robot esp wid his six pack abs.Hmm thanks for a sneak preview into sumthing which wud not be less than a disaster. I feel Superstar has already done deeds that a ROBOT does in his usual films, when he comes in human avathar itself rt!!....But one thing for sure the Kollywood audience wud worship their Superstar in any stupid / make believe situations

Oxy said...

Ah, Read abt it.. so thats the poster of it...hahahaha.. thats rofl stuff .. whats that rose doing there..:)

btw out of context, a friend sent me trailer of an upcoming Tamil movie via bluetooth ..even he ain't aware of it much.. he got it from someone else.. its Kamal's.. name is MARUTHANAYAGAM . can u throw some light on it as the trailer is awesome and I am watching it again n again..

Varun said...

I completely agree. Rajnikanth is too old to portray such roles. It should have been given to someone much younger.

ARR and that rose covering Rajni's old face can still save the movie :)

Reema said...

140 crores???????? and for what? a movie? It could have been put to better use. Who says India is poor?

vimmuuu said...

@ Sujith :

Very true. Rajni should start acting his age now.

@ Soneeta :

"pic of some soldier in some iceland with nice looking goggles express his love for someone wth dt rose" LOL !!!

@ Smita :

Yup, heard that news. SRK has gone crazy; has been a lot insecured these days !!!

@ Reets :

"I dont think that a sci- fi movie will ever be understand by the Kollywood audience" ..exactly, that could be reason why Shankar approached Rajni. The movie would surely create its hype if Rajni is part of it!!!

"Even SRK would have done better as a robot esp wid his six pack abs" when have you seen a robot with six pack abs...tell me, tell me !!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

I know..whats a Robot doing with a rose? I just hope this isnt a Robot love story !!!

"Marudanayagam" is Kamal Haasans magnum opus which was shelved, again due to lack of funds. The Queen of England herself inaugurated the movie during one of her visits to India(check out the link below). It was slated for a release somewhere in the late 90's. Kamal intended to produce the movie himself and the trailor, which you had seen, alone costed him 1 crore. There was a lot of hype regarding this movie in all the Tamil channels during those days.
In a recent press meet, he expressed his desire to revive "Marudanaayagam" from the dusts after his new project "Marmayogi" gets released. Going by the trailor, I feel this movie would have been one hell of an experience. Kamal sure is a visionary !!!

Check out the links, you will get a better idea :

The Queens visit --

Marudanayagam character --

vimmuuu said...

@ Varun :

Check out my reply for Reets comment. That could be the reason, no?

ARR will surely rock !!

@Reema :

I know ! where do these people get these money from ? I dont think its hard earned!!! If my facts are correct, Kamal Haasans latest movie " Marmayogi" which is in the preproduction stage is supposed to be a 160 crore movie !!!

Oxy said...

Whoa!!! I had no idea of all this. checked the links and I am quite sad to know it was shelved.. Man, this should be made.. Indian film industry is so fucking rich.. can't anyone help out Kamal for this?? I wonder..

Anonymous said...

even i dint like the poster... that indeed looks lame and anything but robot..
but i have high respect for shankar..he would surely come with something different. ..
and musci.. Ar rehman always rocks :D

rakesh said...

dude thts not rajnikant!...thts a robot dressed up as rajnikant! hehe..

An old cybernetic organism,living AGING tissue over metallic endoskeleton!..

i think Rajni is gonna play a south indian terminator!


rakesh said...

hey who told robots dont have six packs like those of SRK's.. hehe?

Arnold was a six pack robot..wasnt he?


rakesh said...

i heard tht Kamal Hassan is goin to incorporate those "Marudanayagam" scenes in his movie "Marmayogi".He is sort of making tht a part of his "Marmayogi" script.I really wish he doesnt do tht and i hope to watch them both as seperate movies instead of 1 movie.
I even heard Kamal suggesting tht he is waiting for the right technology so tht even if he is gonna start up the project again,it doesnt look bad on screen bcoz of the time lapses and quality of the images..anyway i hope kamal hassan makes such good movies and once again prove tht he is the "UNIVERSAL HERO" rather thn stupid rajni kanth who seems to have forgotten his true age completely and who is still running around girls [grand children] with a "red rose"

Anonymous said...

well... expectations can be dangerous... and it is showing already...
Rajini is becoming old... and all but him are noticing it. prolly he too'll recognise it only when even make-up-technology fails on him... :P

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Seriously !!! They spend crores on movies like OSO, Race, Singh is Kiing, etc.

@ Arvind :

I am beginning to get a feeling of Shankar is planning to surprise us with the final product. Lets wait and watch.

@ Rakesh :

LOL. Arnold is sure one Robot among us. Reets should be happy reading your comment.hehehe. As far as I know, Marayogi is a movie that takes place in the 6th century and Marudanayagam in the 18th century. There would no way for him to include those scenes of Marudanayagam in Marmayogi. But I guess, his make up would remain same for the movies. Anyway, waiting for both the releases.

@ Harsha :

Where were you man???

Its not only with Rajnikanth, but with the people who admire him. One of my colleague was mad at me after reading this post. He didnt like the way I remarked about his age. People in Tamil Nadu are waiting for an opportunity to place an idol of his in a temple with the regular Gods.