Sep 30, 2008

Thanks, Sorry....oh wait, thanks again !

Thanks a lot guys (of course, it includes the gals also. How would I forget you all?). I am really really really touched after reading the concerns left by you all in my previous post. Infact , I now feel proud of myself to have started a blog, for I wouldn’t have got such good responsive friends in a short span. Thanks a lot everyone, thanks for being there for me.

I am also sorry for the telecast (as if it was in my hands!). Till Tuesday; ie, 23rd, I was informed by the people behind Raagamaalika, that the show would start from 28th. There were some last minute changes, (probably, they happened to see these posts and decided to edit all my portions. LOL) that made them shift the telecast to Oct 19th. I would keep you all informed and will upload a youtube video here once I catch hold of the DVDs.

In the meanwhile, I happened to receive a couple of awards (with palms on my chin). I don’t know if I actually deserve all these but they sure did create an excitement (yeah ! yeah ! the usual award receiving dialogues).

I received my first award from Anniyan(Pavan) of a couple of months back and the award had been on display ever since then. Thanks a ton, Pavan.
The Addicting Blog Award

My good friend, well-wisher and V-lokam regular Reets/Reeta gave me the second award. Thank you Reeta.

The next award was by ‘Kismate Blog Konnection’ fellow blogger Oxymoronic. Thank you Oxy boy.

Smita of gave away an award and a 'Blogging Friends Forever' card. Thanks a lot Smita.

The last two awards are supposed to be passed on as a part of the blog tradition. I believe most of them would have already received it by now and in case you haven’t, please forgive me and feel free to grab it from here.

Nevertheless, I choose the following ones to keep up the tradition :
Pavan, Su, Vinu, Apar, Aparna, Archana, Rekha

Speaking of awards, guess all of you are aware of the marvelous attempt by Poonam in recognizing the bloggers – Avant Garde Bloggie Awards. My best wishes to all of you !!!


Oxy said...

Hey you, U r welcome..Yours indeed deserve that... so very carefully I chose the category for whomever I awarded and yes got to know of Poonam's upcoming awards..

And I have been keeping an eye on that post (for ur reply)... Another couple of days if either this or the replies had not come there, then.... I don't know.. Post came now so u r forgiven.:)

P.S. Oct 19th.. way too far, pls remind a day in advance na.. u have my email id..

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Why arent you displaying your awards man? I know that wouldnt get your gf's back, but still.....Smita had already given those to you too, so I dint bother.

The replies for them have also come up. A marquee would appear once again with the show details.

Oxy said...

Will flaunt for sure.. doing a tag, so along with that.. haha.. u wonder na how I am doing tag.. it's on movies so I guess it's ok..

AV said...

awwww.... thnx for d awards dude... i m so touched!!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am being mentioned in a post other than mine or my best friends'. Just kidding. :D Thank you very much dude. I am really honored. :)

Rekha said...

Thank u!!! thanks for ur awards! :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the awards.. am touched.. :-D

Am i supposed to pass it on? or can i keep them all to myself? ;-)

Reema said...


vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Jus read ur tag and commented there. Nicely done.

@ Archana :

Your welcome. You deserve it buddy.

@ Pavan :

Yours is one of the best blogs I have come across. Less of nonsense and more of information. your welcome buddy. You deserve it.

@ Rekha :

Your welcome. Where are you these days ?

@ WTML :

Your welcome. Your calvin, you set the rules. Keep it to yourself if you want to :)

@ Reema :

Thanks Reema. Atlast a congrats for me :D