Mar 19, 2009

On public demand.........

Well, this post is actually, technically, masakali, a continuation of this pervert-branded post of mine. There were a lot of requests (ahem! ahem!) flooding in the comments, mails and sms' to flaunt my new identification mark (I am thinking if I should add this to my passport!).

So here it is people, on public demand, the snaps of my private part that bears the tattoo. (Oh c’mon you guys, my arm isn’t public yet !!) -- (Nikhil : You asked me if I am embarassed to show off my tattoo, na? You asked for it, dude !!! LOL)

Pic taken at home, the next day after inking.

Pic taken by my sis Priya, at her terrace

What is it ? – The red colored design is the horn of a Ram (Aries), which is my zodiac sign. And it also looks like the letter V, my initial and my favourite letter. My best friend Anitha chose this design for me from here.

The experience – Though I approached the place with complete zest, I started having second thoughts, the moment I saw the looooong needle. But believe me, it’s not as painful as how people think it is. There is an initial discomfort, but you would forget all that in about 5 mins. It was more or less like a sharp ballpoint pen run over my arm for 30 mins (that’s how long it took for me). The only place in my body that pained was my butt, thats where my wallet was! Guess what, the damn thing is addictive; the more I look at it, the more I feel like having another one inked. But hell, I cant ! My parents would disown me if I get one more :D

The after effects – You are free to continue with your normal routines. There is a cream that has to be applied for about a fortnight. There would be sensations to itch and scratch the tattooed area, but please DO NOT. You should also avoid working out for a few days. The tattoo bearer would normally be a topic of discussion among friends and relatives for a few days. You get different kinds of feedbacks, positive and negative, dont bother! I have had comments from my friends and relatives stating that such a thing doesn’t suit my character and me, in general. Who cares; I did what I wanted to !!! I was also laughed at for spending a fortune on a tattoo during the recession period :D

And who said tattoos are meant only for the musculars and the tough ones ? Even if it is, I am glad that, for people like me, I have now set an example. LOL.

Added after publishing : Incidentally, same day last year, I had posted on my best friend Anitha here. Happy Birthday Kaira !!!


Ordinary Guy said...

:) It looks great aliya.... :)

sammadicchu aliya.... :) kollam!!!

and LOL about butt pains!!!

Praddy said...

Tattoos rock full stop :-)

Bedazzled said...

The second pic is cool !!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

thats something inspiring.. :)
always wanted to do one but havent done yet..!!

gud design...


Ashwathy said...

lol... u shud sell it to the People magazine Brangelina did with their kids!! :-D

jokes apart, it looks good. the letter 'V' plus aries sign combo is a neat idea.

Rockus said...

Awesome one man! Tempted to have one now!!

Solilo said... looks good.

soneeta said...

nw u realy look like a handsome hunk(atleast in d foto)..
i already have my tatoo design..juz waiting for the time whn i can gather enough courage to face the will definitely do it

Sahaja said...

I gen get scared if i see men with tatoos and all...but this actually looks good!

Reema said... comments.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Many Congratulations! Great looking tattoo! You must feel sky high for having gotten this done! Cheers!

Sakhi said...

personally i am not in a favour of permenant tattoos. but if you are happy... yhen thats whats matters the most! :)

live life to the fullest :)

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

nice... looks good!

Indyeah said...

a tattoo?err.. a permanent one? :D
You have guts! :D you faced the needles *shudders*

How? :O

Cool pics though!:)
Enjoy the tattoo!:D
Thank you for the pics!:D After those group chants of photo!photo!You obliged us :D

Vee said...

Oye Vimmuuu Boi, Awesome. Congrats. This looks brilliant. You can also put Coconut oil if u wish.

And I know what you mean by the craving for more.. I felt the same for 1st six months.. then not much of enthu to go for another one. Basically laziness. But now after seeing this, I am planning to get 2nd one for me.

Once again, Congrats. One more KBK now.

Btw, V is my fav letter too. hehe.

Poonam said...

Nice pictures, Vimal

Another tattoo? whoa

Anonymous said...

Rs.2000* 'Investment' during the 'recession' time for a 'wierd design' on your hand that neither looks 'professional' nor gives you any 'profit' in return... And you have been planning to do this for like ages? Awsome dude... Guess I need to make these 'points very very clear' to your parents!

You seriously need to get married :-P

*Please note that 2000 is the figure given by Vimal and citation is required :-P

harshasrisri said...

u've jus opened a door to craziness... how i long to follow! ;) u are quite muscular. and the tattoo is awesome!

hw much did it cost?

vishesh said...

hmm...I will design your next tattoo(and explain its meaning to you :P )

Smita said...

So it wasn't an abortion, u actuallly had a tattoo done :D

BTW reactions et all reminde me of the time when I hd got my hair going back for it this weekedn yay!!!

Ooops forgot to looks lovely...

Rakesh said...

the tattoo is awesome man!

...ah..i guess now, u know the reason y i don't use wallets! hehe

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit :

Thanks Aliyaa.

Enikku chandi vedana, ningalkku chirichu vedana, alle ? LOL.

@ Praddy :

Yeah. Tattoo bearers also rock. one more full stop ! LOL.

@ Bhargavi :


@ Vinu :

Thanks. You still have time. Do it before you get married. LOL.

@ Ashwathy :

LOL. Not a bad idea, but I would have to give THEM cash to make it appear.

Thanks. you want one??? LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rockus :

Thanks. Go, get one soon and show off like me. LOL.

@ Solilolilolilo :

Err...hhmmm..thanks :D

@ Soneeta :

I just cant imagine the plight of the guy who is going to tattoo you!!

@ Sahaja :

LOL. No one gets scared of me !! :D

@ Reema :

I know. I know. Infact, we all know !! LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks. and yeah, its a great feeling!

@ Sakhi :

Thanks ji. and I believe in the same philosophy - live life till the fullest !

@ Chiranjib :

Thanks buddy.

@ Indyeah :

A lot of expressions in that comment. LOL. Thanks.

@ Oxy :

Thanks boyyy. yeah, I forgot about the coconut oil part. ooopsie !

What are we going to do with all these KBK's. LOL. I should have been your twin brother !!! Kahaani mein twist, huh ? LOL.

and yeah, get a new one. Prolly, that would inspire me again.

vimmuuu said...

@ Poonam :

Thanks blogmate. No no, not another. I would have to leave home for that. LOL.

@ Anonymous :

Yes, the citation is much more than that. But Shhhh......

Ok to quote on your quotes - I agree its an investment, but I am not affected by recession yet. So its ok. I chose to live in the present, dude. Weird design - Iam sure, no one would agree to that. Check all the previous comments.LOL. Professional - Tattoos are never meant to be professional, unless im a wrestler. LOL. And moreover, I dont think any of us show our biceps and work in offices. Do you? Profit -- hmmm, buddy, I dont love my body expecting any profit. I wished one such body art to be a part of my body, thats all. Its like having a mush, or a beard. Are you expecting any profit from that?? LOL.

@ Harsha :

LOL, glad I opened that door. cost, huh? offline dude, offline. Thanks, but im not muscular at all. camera techniques !! LOL.

@ Vishesh :

Woah, thanks buddy ! Next tattoo is definitely going to be one your design!

@ Smita : can I have an abortion ????? U need coloring in your brain. LOL !!!

Thanks, but errr...lovely ???

@ Rakesh :

Thanks man. So you dont want the wallet????

Anonymous said...

Alright, I change my stand. Please teach me how to be you. Coz recession has hit me, I am trying to act professional, I dont have cash, I am married and I havent seen happiness for long long time. So if I am not even able to think of doing something of this sort. Seeking your help.

Anonymous said...

And in actual sense, what do you gain from a Tattoo anyway?

verbivorehere said...

guess what first came to my mind as i saw it.;P ;P a twisted devil in V ;P ;P enthaannariyilla enikkangane thonni ;P ithoru rogamaano doctor?

Nautankey said...

What a man...that makes u a true metrosexual. Still u have published ur private part on the blog..shame shame puppy shame :P :P

Ashwathy said...

me want one?? hmm... i m mulling over it. let me see... will keep it on my to-do list.. sometime in the not-so-distant future lol :-)

Smita said...

Lovely accha nahin laga???

Theek hai, let us say it is beautiful :-)

myheadtrip said...

As I told you tattoo!! hmm *sigh* some day soon :) ;)

Praveen said...

muscle illennu aara paranjee....aa padam kandittu kore undallo:P

amreekandesi said...

That's a cool looking tattoo you got!

vimmuuu said...

@ Anonymous :

LOL. Happiness is within yourself my child. Dont go elsewhere seeking it, you will be lost !

Ok, gain and profit are the same my dear. I have already given you the explanation for that!

@ Verbivorehere :

LOL. Thats a tribal design, well thats tattoo language. But yes, ningalkku oru rogamundu !! LOL

@ Vinod :

(Blushing) and your commenting on my private parts !!!

@ Ashwathy :

oh, vayasaaankaalathaano ini ippo kuthaan pogunney???

@ Smita :


@ Apar :

Thanks. Sure, call me too!

@ Praveen :

Adokke camera technique aanu maaaney !!

vimmuuu said...

@ Amreekandesi :

Thanks buddy !

Ashwathy said...

sheda! athalle paranjathu NOT-so-distant future ennu! allathe sometime in the far future ennalla.

Anonymous said...

But you haven't explained it well PAPA....

amit said...

I really like those dragon ones. I have been toying with the idea.
Anyways, this one looks cool.

Biju Mathews said...

Great design!! It looks good!

Keep Blogging!

camobel said...

The chap is definitely just, and there is no doubt.