Mar 7, 2009

Nominations for the MovieManiax Awards - 2008

The wait for the nominations ends now. After 2 weeks of rigorous discussions and arguments, eagerly awaited list of nominees is finally ready. Please visit the MovieManiax Awards for more details on the nominees.

There are 20 categories in all :

1. Best Film
2. Best Director
3. Best Actor (Male)
4. Best Actor (Female)
5. Best Actor in a supporting role (Male)
6. Best Actor in a supporting role (Female)
7. Best Actor in a Negative role
8. Best Actor in a Comic role
9. Best Playback Singer (Male)
10. Best Playback Singer (Female)
11. Best Music
12. Best Lyrics
13. Best Dialogues
14. Best Story
15. Best Debut (Male)
16. Best Debut (Female)
17. Best Child Artiste
18. Best Song of the year
19. Favourite Jodi of the year

Now, we have something for the readers: The 20th category is called Most Talked About thing of the Year’08.

Please suggest your nominees for this category. We will pick your 5 best suggestions as nomination. For eg: Aamir Khan’s promotional extravaganza for Ghajini or UTV Motion Pictures’ path breaking films, Farhan’s debut, etc. So, do come up with your suggestion for the same.

The nominations are up in the MovieManiax site and the voting will go live from next week.


Indyeah said...

Thanks for informing us vimmuu:)
off to see it now..the categories look good and the alst one?:D
I am clueless as of now:)

Anonymous said...

will think about it and make a list of my nominations.

amit said...

I think Ghajini was the most talked about thing last year. And thanks for the info. Looking forward to vote! :)

Anonymous said...

Farhan's debut i would say..
good tht u keep us posted

Nimmy said...

:) Will surely participate ..

(Secret -I will bake you a cake,Please give some award to SRK )

kanagu said...

Sorry Vimmu.. I can't vote..
I didn't seen any of the Hindi films last year :(

Solilo said...

You guys! this is fun. I will vote for sure and as Nimmy says please don't forget to award SRK :)):))

Also, Special award from me for Farhan Akhtar ;)

Hey! your new side profile is good.

Sahaja said...

hey been there saw this but i think voting is not live yet

well in meanwhile u r tagged

Bedazzled said...

havent been seeing too many movies .. will vote wherever i know the movie !

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am back! :) So much is going on in the "Sphere" and I have missed all of it. :( Not anymore. :) How have you been? :)