Mar 24, 2009

' I ' to the power of 25

Reema tagged me a couple of days back to reveal my 25 random facts and here they are :

Statutory warning : This post contains a lot of ‘I’s’ and can be very boring !!!

1. I love doing tags :D
2. I feel handicapped without my bike, lappie (notebook) and mobile and I wouldn’t feel complete without my watch, deos and my mobile headset.
3. I sing (so whats new, huh?), but I am just an overexposed bathroom singer. Participated in one of the reality shows in Jaya TV (tamil) last year. My songs are uploaded here and you could find it under the tab ‘My version’. But however friendly the person or group is, when asked to sing, I suddenly develop this shyness from nowhere which people misunderstand as fussing :D
4. I just don’t care what people speak about me behind my back. I let the dogs and bitches bark till they get tired. At the same time, I get hurt when I am emotionally back stabbed by any of my close friends.
5. I chose to live in the present and I simply hate listening to those who cling onto the past.
6. I am romantic in my own ways and don’t know how to express it in a mushy way.
7. I get easily irritated which people mistake it as my temper.
8. I often refuse to learn from my mistakes. One reason why I get deceived all the time.
9. I haven’t regretted after taking any of my important decisions and I don’t think I ever will. There are some of them who would have THE REALISATION later; I can never be one of them.
10. I hate it when my creative freedom is intruded. I am open to suggestions but I cannot stand it when they are forced upon.
11. I believe in gender equality. And if physically hurt, I make sure I observe that policy. LOL.
12. I simply love watching movies except those that fall under the horror genre. Why pay money and get scared, huh?
13. I am not inclined towards any sport, either by playing or watching. The only sport I used to watch was WWE, and that too, long long ago. But otherwise, I love those risk involving adventures, trekking and rides.
14. I am obsessed with the letter ‘V’
15. I have a small wooden bear and it has been with me since grade 3.
16. I listen to suggestions and opinions, but I only go ahead with what I feel is right. I have never had conflicts with my conscious.
17. I cant stand people with low IQ and even lesser sense of humor.
18. I am an agnostic.
19. I do not like working abroad just for the sake of money. If it’s a small project and just for a few months, its perfectly fine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t leave India even if I were paid in gold. Experience speaks !
20. I do not have stage fear and appear as a completely different person on stage. But before getting onto the stage, I experience those butterflies and moths in my stomach.
21. I don’t smoke and am a teetotaler. It has been four years since I stopped tea and coffee too. I have been ridiculed a lot for being this way, but I have only felt proud to make that tall claim.
22. I hate seeing hair in women. (Edited, after Reemas comment.LOL) well, except in the head of course !
23. I take time in forgiving people. I am not some machine controlled by a switch.
24. I spend a lot of time on my mobile but I am very bad at responding to SMS.
25. I am a chickenatarian(I hope they bring this genre very soon) but I always prefer veg to non-veg.

I hereby tag :

Aaarti, Alice, Ashwathy, Priya, Varun, Praddy, Rakesh Vanamali, Kanagu

PS : This is the first time I have published two posts on the same day. The one below was published at 6 am and this one at 6.30 pm. This is because, I had accidently published a post today (named Evolution) which was supposed to appear on my birthday.LOL. and to get that removed from your feeds, I had no other choice but to publish this, which was supposed to appear on friday. Oh well, everything is messed up big time now !


Reema said...

# 14...ok now I understand ;)

# 22 u like bald women????? Thats the first guy i have met!

kanagu said...

Chickentarian.... LOL man... :)
got to know more about you.. :)
thanks for tagging me.. already I finished this one and about to post it in few hours :D

Bedazzled said...

The tag spreads its claws yet again ...and again !! :-) .. nice list !!.. lol on the hair part ..u r forcing me to think out of the box ;-)

Aaarti said...

:)Tag tag......vaguely remember doing this on fb... shall copy paste it here o maybe i'll tweak it a bit!!!:)

lol @ the hair part n #12!!

Rakesh said...

4)If the dogs n bitches bark at u next time, run'em over with ur bike!! buahhaha

6)ahemmm..i have documented evidence to prove it

7)try 'itch guard'

8)u should tattoo all ur mistakes on ur body (Ghajini style).it will be easier for u to remember.

10)ok point noted

12) u already watched saawariya!

19) send me the gold if u dont want it

22) bald women with moustache eh??

23) U r a robot?? hmm i knew something was fishy abt u

24) me too. its good.eating chicken kills the moths n butterflies in ur stomach..hehe

Smitha said...

1. Really :)
2. Me too - apart from the bike and watch!

4. Good for you - Thats the way it should be!

6. How sweet!!!

14- Obsessed with the Letter 'V'? Guess we know what your children's names will start with :)

20. Lucky you!

21. I am IMPRESSED!!!

22. I hate seeing hair in women. - Loved Reema's comment:)

25 -chickenatarian ? Me too - They should definitely make this a genre :) And yes - I prefer veg to non veg too..

Had fun reading this!

Ashwathy said...

ROFL @ Reema
LOL @ Rakesh

*grooooaann* you too brutus? c'mon, have pity on me... i've just started my blog recently. i'll bore people away already if i start off with 25 I's !!

P.S: btw #22 u forgot to add 'eyebrows' :-P hehehe
that one comment seemed to have garnered the MOST attention from readers LOL

Ordinary Guy said...

:) LOL at some of the comments here...

@2, same here dude....

@4, :P

@17, :) you will not like me then... :P

@21, wooah... you are the third person I know who does not drink Coffee or tea....

@25... :P that is a new term... :P

Solilo said...

With you on freind backstabbers. I too don't care about anyone but it hurts when close friends do that.

Aaah! as much as I want to live in the present, I often drift to the past in nostalgic phase.

Ha..ha..a still laughing @11.

I love horror and thrillers.

With you on 17 and 20.

Wow @ 21.

22. Err.....what does that mean? LOL

Smita said...


I hate tags!!!

I hate commenting on them!!!

And this is it...u r not getting anything more out of my key board!!!

Indyeah said...

LOL@so many comments here:D
Reema's was awesome:D

!..okay duly noted
*pass on all the tags to Vimmuu*:D

2 yeah i had a clue:)
3 I had NO idea..:)

yeah I dislike it when close or any of my friends talk about me behind my back

:D I am all for nostalgia

10 and 12 absolutely the same:)


24 :D me too

your PS was darn confusing:D

Vee said...

2. DITTO, word to word. Bike especially.

12. DITTO, but for different reasons. Horror movies... it's nonsense.

14. Aaila, Mine fav too.

21. Not at all DITTO. We differ there. And like 180 degrees of difference.

I checked Evolution one and it threw error and I had pinged you for that reason (U were as usual under cover and prolly offline). But chill, nothing is messed up.

Always a pleasure reading you and knowing you more and more (this line added intentionally for RSP)

Rakesh said...

i almost missed no.17.
so u take an IQ test of everyone u meet huh? weird!

Is this an indirect warning for me to stop commenting???

Biju Mathews said...

Ha Ha. I like Reema's digs at you and VEE :-)

Will check the songs uploaded..

I liked 11 :-)

Chickenatarian?? Ha Ha

Nice to know more about you..

Keep Blogging!!

ramya said...

lol @ Rakesh Ettan

bwahahahahah...good one.You somehow justify Jack Sparrow's picture!

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

Do you have any idea what you made this post into??? LOL

@ Kanagu :

Yup, read yours. Thanks for doing it that fast.

@ Bhargavi :

Noooooo, paaaattti! dont !!!!

@ Aaarti :

Whatever! please do the tag soon. LOL.

@ Rakesh :

I shouldnt let people like you inside again! LOL

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita 2 :

So one more chickenatarian. Ok, now how do we make this genre thing happen !!

@ Ashwathy :

LOL. I was just trying to increase your blog friends so that you get tagged often. :D
and regarding this post, dont worry, it will be fun !

@ Ajit :

LOL, you have IQ more than me. so its ok!!!

@ Solilo :

Are you sure laughing at 11 ?? LOL
oh no, the hair things is a loooong story.

@ Smita :

Thats the smartest comment I have ever come across !!! LOL

vimmuuu said...

@ Indyeah :

PS was confusing, na? Thats what I meant by the last line in the post! All messed up !!!

@ Vee :

Too many KBKS boyyy !!!! and yeah, Im trying to figure out what to write for that tag of yours! thats going to make me a lot famous for notorious reasons!!!LOL

@ Rakesh again :

Go away !!!

@ Biju :

LOL, yeah yeah, those guys are sure having fun !!!

do check my songs and let me know.

@ Ramya :

That bugger is younger than you. Dont give him all that respect !!! LOL.

Rakesh said...

i dont mind getting respect & money frm my fans.. hehe

ramya said...

@ Rakesh (Yeah we can drop the etta if u r younger)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I can empathize with # 14 - the obsession part! I keep telling some of my pals that when I run an empire out of maybe a 100 floor monolith which will serve as my HQ, I will name one floor as Floor R! Now, I now that pales your obsession ;)

Thanks for tagging me

And what was that thing about charging me for the autograph????????? Really? ;)

Sakhi said...

I too get irritated and is mistaken for having a bad temper, but it comes handy when you dont want people messing around you! ;)

Sakhi said...

ROFL @ Reema's comment!! :D :D ;)

soneeta said...

1-about watching horrer movies--u even get scared when someone does a "boooh" behind ur back
2-abt bad at responding to SMS--I have never heard u saying"hello".always ur phon will b bc or u will b slepping n it keeps ringing endlessly
3-about the hair thing(pt 22)--i heard abt this from a friend...hehehe

Suda said...

@#22 LoL :D

Do you remember me??? BAH, I am asking this question to every non-WP blogger lately!! Sigh!! :D


Vinz aka Vinu said...

obsessed with letter 'V'

me too...!!


vishesh said...

yappy yappy birthday(saw the third post ;) )

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ Reema's comment

and... I'll never, ever, evvvvvvver forgive you for tagging me on this one!

(v)i'll (v)take (v)my (v)time (v)and (v)do (v)it (v)someday ! (v):P

Anonymous said...

u have ne idea to the train of thoughts as I read ths post?
And since I got to eat a delicious baskin&robbins icecream
I smiled, smiled even more at the comments and chose to keep quiet
But guess what I still cannot help blinking at
#6; #9; #11; & #22..the prob is I guess my mind started reading
it together in the reverse order.. ROFL!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought on Point 2, u missed something..emm... something which starts with a 'G' and ends with a 'S' and has 'IRL' in between? Err... I hope I wasn't too obvious :-D

Anonymous said...

On point 3 - I can understand when u say u are overexposed.. But you sing too?

Anonymous said...

Point 5 - A good way to ask your Ex-GFs to STOP CALLING!

Anonymous said...

Point 6 - Now you know why I clways called you a 'pretty little girl'

Anonymous said...

Point 8 - Or may be it is because Girls DO learn from their mistakes :-P

Anonymous said...

Point 10 - you are insulting ALL who have heard you singing at home ;).. Aah well, that list consist of only me? :(

Anonymous said...

Point 12 - yeah, but you dont mind spending 2000+ bucks (citation pending) on a tattoo and scare others... Doooooodee....

Anonymous said...

Point 12 - Err... did you forget our favorite sport? 'Enthu... Onthu... Enthonthu... Pacha Onthu..." Don't you dare to lie macho man!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was supposed to be Point 13...

Anonymous said...

Point 15 - [Again] Macho Man!

Anonymous said...

Point 16 - So how many GFs have you had so far? ;)

Anonymous said...

Point 20 - Dont fail to shit next time before you get on to the stage

Anonymous said...

Point 22 - Wish you a great married life!

Anonymous said...

Point 25 - You mean you prefer veggie chickens to non-veggie ones?

Anonymous said...


Rakesh said...

@ The Anonymous dude or dudette or whtever on Point 25!!

I think he only eats 'organic chickens' tht eats natural worms n grain stuff instead of chickens tht feed on nuclear waste!

Aaarti said...

Whatevera???? hullow, ennna!!!!hmfph!!! :P

Aaarti said...

errr. whats up with this Anonmymous chick/guy??? some deal to leave so many comments?? or is that u posting as Anon??? ;)

Archana said...

I have a small wooden bear and it has been with me since grade 3

Awww... That's sweet!

Hope you had a blast on your birthday!

Anonymous said...

@ Arti - Guy it is... Well on the number of comments, there is a secret deal between me and my old roomie Vimmuuu ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ Rakesh - You sure? 3+ years I stayed with him and haven't managed to figure that out ;-)

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2 :

Never, I have done worse things than that. For example, insisting on my brother getting married to someone whose name started with V. and he did !!!

@ Sakhi :

Actually, yes! Now, why didnt I think of that ??

@ Soneeta :

Everyone gets scared if someone plays peek-a-boo !!! and my phone, its always busy, thats why I dont have time for SMS.

@ Suda :

Of course, I remember you! Welcome back and this is your second comment in my blog. LOL. I thought you were on hibernation ;)

@ Vinu :

Join the club !!!

@ Vishesh :

Good god, there is another two weeks for my bday !!! That was by mistake !!! oopsie !

vimmuuu said...

@ Priya :

LOL, I was just trying to keep you active in the blogosphere !!!

@ Verbivorehere :

You got it??? and you already used it ???? LOL. Ok, nothing was intentional and if you felt it that way, it is not coincidental. LOL.

@ Anonymous :

Sigh !!! Thanks for increasing the number of comments here!!! Btw, I will be doing a tag on 100 questions in a couple of days. All the best !!

@ Aaarti :

Thats not me for sure. LOL. He as he had mentioned is my ex roomie, who doesnt want to reveal himself. But if you check one of my earlier posts, you will know about him. and like he says, there is no such contract between us.

@ Archana :

Yes, I had a blast on my birthday; last year. My this years bday is yet to come!

Praddy said...

wonder when you get so much time to do such a big tag and why u evil one..u know i hate doing tags..:P

lol @ the hair part
how much u paid to anon to increase the comment count in here?? :P

heyy i did something similar long am excluded..yippie yaay :D:D

Poonam said...

53 comments already!!

I always knew V was ur fav alphabet, is it bcoz your name starts or er..its always nice to see Vee fawning over you in comments (Vee, yeah I noticed what you put up for our benefit)

I too have no vices, I am not addicted to anything nor tea or coffee. I too take time to forgive. I won't leave India even if paid in gold. Few months onsite project is just about fine. I had thought of writing about other points, but forgot when I came to write comments in this new window. That's why I ahte blogger. :(

Anonymous said...

come a day late and find such delighting conversations..

LOL at the comments.

Anonymous said...

@ Praddy - You are slightly wrong there - he infact pays me for NOT writing here. So I whole hearterdly accept the money in advance - and then write ;-)

Anonymous said...

And dude (Vimal) - You put a 1000 points on you and I will have almost double the number of comments for you :-D. A roomie is bad - an Ex-Roomie is worse :-P

Anonymous said...

blogging at 6 am??? I havent seen 6 am for the past 1 yr :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Praddy :

I didnt read anything thats similar to this in ur blog. So you better follow the tag tradtion and post it soon :D

@ Poonam :

Too many digs on me and him!!! LOL !! Im just waiting for an opportunity to take revenge, but you girls are way too smart !! Hmmm...

No, dont hate blogger. theres a tab here in the comments column (the third line from the top/ left side of the screen/parallel to this comment section, phew!) that says "show original post", click on that and you will get the entire post in this window itself to simulataneously comment. So now can I expect one more comment from ya ??? LOL

@ Oorjas :

LOL, Im happy you are finding entertainment here :D

@ Anonymous :


@ Remya :

You should see, its fun !!! LOL

amit said...

I haven’t regretted after taking any of my important decisions and I don’t think I ever will - And I thought I was the only one! :)

Anonymous said...

#15 abt the wooden bear --> enikku orma varunnathu kadinjool kalyanam dialogue annu from urvashi ;)...

Ashwathy said...

LOL @ Remabh
don't tell me next he will pull out the toothbrush he used when he was 3 yrs old! hehehe

Anonymous said...

hehe - I don't think he has seen a toothbrush since he was born. He somehow hates brushing his teeth or taking bath and the like :-P

vimmuuu said...

@ Amit :

Oh, and I thought I was the only one. LOL

@ Remya :

Thanks for reminding me!! LOL.

@ Ashwathy :

I will take a fotograph and send it across.

@ Anonymous :

Mattullavaru endaa parayaa ennu kaathirikkyaa le..???

Anonymous said...

u r still afraid of horror movies...hehehehe..
n LOL @6 ..did anyone say tht ur nt romantic eh ? ;)

n y 24 !! !!

Anonymous said...

Ninte surname LOL ennano? The number of times u have used it... Phew!

Anonymous said...

do i have to do this...?!?!? but on an afterthought i am so bored that i will do it... !