Mar 21, 2009

HORRORscope !!!

Disclaimer - All examples found here are taken from what I have seen and heard around me. The names aren’t revealed only because I wish to live a little more !

A Mumbai based businessman, listening to an astrologer, with the support from his wife rapes both daughters for 9 long years !

Renowned hotel chain owner gets life time sentence for murder, again listening to an astrologer !

Child sacrfices, advised by astrologers and many more such stories.

and how many more do we need to finally wake up?

We all love predictions, don’t we? And we also drop down our jaws in awe when some random person reveals our past. There are people watch those astrology shows on TV, and read sun sign predictions that appear in papers and magazines. Some of them including me watch or read just to have a laugh or two, while there are some who take those predictions to their heart, liver, brain, kidneys or whatever and act accordingly. It’s a myth that only the illiterate go to the extreme level of superstition, infact I have seen more of the educated lot sabotaging their lives in the name of astrology and horoscope, or like they call it, the Horrorscope !

I once had an interesting conversation with one of my friends who strongly believed in horoscopes and astrology.

Me : There are instances where the pregnancy of a woman has been delayed so that the child is born according to a specific time. Is it true?
Friend : Ya, it is. It is for the betterment of the child.
Me : What if either the mother or the child dies during the process of delaying? I mean, there are chances, right? Isn’t it illegal?
Friend : Its Fate. If they have to die that way, what can we do?
Me : WTH ? How can you be so ignorant? You are letting them die by delaying the pregnancy and you are blaming it on fate? And in the first place, why cant you accept a child as it is?

What followed after that was a heated argument! I didn’t want to agree to her views and she stuck onto her beliefs !

We all know that horoscopes are written keeping time, date, place, etc. in mind. One small change in the time, even in the seconds, would make a lot of difference in the person’s future according to the astrologers. Now imagine a situation where a nurse forgets to check the exact time of delivery. Or imagine if the clock or watch was slow or fast even by a minute or so. Does it mean that the fate of the child is in the hands of a silly nurse or a stupid clock? Or wait; imagine a child born in the US on the 20th of March at 4pm, which means its 21st in India. Now will the horoscope of the child be written according to the US or Indian timings and date? They say even the place of birth is as important as the time and date of the birth, so if it is written using the Indian timings, how will you incorporate the place of birth (US) in the horoscope? Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Ok, now lets go one step back from birth. Most of the married and the going to get married lot here would have gone through a stage where in the horoscopes are made to match to check compatibility. I have seen a lot of couples living happily after ignoring all these hocus-pocus and customs. On the contrary, I have also come across failed marriages and divorces wherein the horoscopes have played a vital role in getting them together. More importantly, this kind of match making happens only in the Hindu community. I haven’t heard of any Muslim or Christians who possess those fate-deciding papers with them. Don’t they get married and live happily? A year ago, during bride hunting, there was this girl whom everybody liked. Everything went great until our horoscopes were brought to match. Apparently the astrologer commented that there’s nothing wrong in the guy-girl getting married, but the girl wouldn’t be in a position to conceive children. Both parents on hearing this backed off. I wonder where in those papers has the astrologer read about our impotency level. LOL.

I know personally a mother who kept matching horoscopes for her daughter so that her to be son-in-law will get them a boy child !!! The search went on for 2 years until the daughter got married and she was indeed blessed with a boy child. The horoscope- maniac mother fell ill with a dreaded disease soon after her daughter’s delivery; now how did the astrologers miss out on that one!!! hmmm...

We also see people letting the astrologers shape their own career. Some of them change their whole name, some of them add a few alphabets to their name making it hard to read and write, and a few of them have even gone to the extent of changing their parents name! There’s this childhood friend of mine whose whole life turned topsy-turvy only because his father had sought some career advise from an astrologer. They were leading a pretty normal life, and my friend and his sibling were studying in one of the best Indian schools. His father was made to wear some fancy rings, change names, conduct several rituals and was made to visit a lot of temples. The astrologer squeezed the ignorant man of everything, one thing led to another and finally the poor man ended up behind the bars.

I agree there are fake astrologers who manipulate the weak minded to make money and that would be the obvious answers to all my questions posed. The other answer would be to take the positive sides of horoscope and ignore the negative ones. But is it necessary for the educated lot in our country to go behind astrologers for their career advise, or matrimony or even childbirth? Shouldn’t it be you who decide what you want in life? Why do you let a third person manipulate your life with his POV? Your entire life revolves around some astrologers predictions and there are chances that these predictions could go wrong; after all, they are just predictions. If astrologers can predict your marriage, career or even sexual life; if he decides your fate, if he makes you re-write your fate with rituals, if he is letting you draw a picture of your life with his hands, then why do we need God at all?

It all boils down to the fact that one shouldn’t believe in astrology or astrologers blindly. The belief shouldn’t influence ones life in a way that he/she end up being a maniac or at the wrong side of the law.

Your future should lie in the best of hands; let that be your own !!!


anitha said...

Looooooseyyyy, you have written on something serious after a long time. It was nice reading it and I appreciate that you have put forward whatever you wanted to.

If I remember clearly, you were supposed to write this last year? Why so much of delay in this post?

Bedazzled said...

ummm.. nice post RK narayan's astrologer's day ?i am not telling u the story .. google it !! ;-) ..i do know that astrology is a scientific body of knowledge.. i don't have enough knowledge to decide whether predictions are real or not .. but i definitely feel that every tom dick and harry might not have mastered this science.. and basing life on predictions is indeed duh ! ..

soneeta said...

very true...there must be crores in a country with the same sun sign/moon sign n how can one news paper tell the fate of that sign for everyone.will everyone have the same fate???hehehe...n people believe it.i only like horoscope if it is written good or else i just say it may be for someone else with d same starsign of mine.
and...about the horoscope for ws one of the prime factor for my parents,luckly not for the guy side(they dont believe it n so thy juz dont have one)..we tried matching it online n some gr8 astrologers who charged a hell lot gave some 10-12 pages all written crap n all negative.i didnt have patience to read all dt.and when parents tried matching some said that itz a good match with everyone was confused n decided to juz forget abt can someone who has never seen u tell all abt ur past ,present n future.

but wht i have heard dt some astrology is based on some scientific calculation...i hv no idea on no comments

Ashwathy said...

Your post contains majority of the answers for your questions. I honestly believe astrology is a science ... if told by people with the right knowledge (especially those WITHOUT a commercial motive), it will show certain things about the past as well as future.

That apart, blind faith is certainly stupid. And I agree, just as you mentioned, I've myself seen couples who get married without any of this horoscope matchmaking and still live happily; and vice versa too. And yes, I've wondered this myself - that Christians and Muslims certainly don't have any of this.
The point is, many people are scared that supposing something happens later on, people will then blame them saying you didnt match horoscopes etc. and the guilt will kill them. I guess as far as marriage is concerned, it depends onn your daredevil come-what-may attitude to it - which I believe a lot of people (or possibly their parents) lack :-)

As for the child being born, the place of birth and its co-ordinates apparently play a certain role in it. I'm no expert, a person who knows astrology (not a quack) can probably explain it better. Having said that, I guess lack of confidence in oneself or one's future is what makes people turn blindly to astrology. "It has to be in the stars," as the saying goes.

All said and done, as you concluded, it depends on one's own faith. Keeping an eye on the astrological side doesn't hurt, but one should know where to draw the line. Period.

Solilo said...

Vimmu, That was an apt and well written piece and it is youngsters (okay you are just 3-4 years younger than me LOL) like you who can make a difference. All this Manglik (Chowwa dosham) thing forcing someone to marry a Dog and tree needs to be stopped.

There are people who rely on Chinese calender do get a boy. As if!

Nautankey said...

Vimmuuu...awesome post dude..hope people get enlightened.Speaking about horoscope matches tell me abt it..looks like I wud get married only when I am 50 :D

@ Bargs "i do know that astrology is a scientific body of knowledge".. Waat? which school science book teaches astrology..astronomy is science and astrology is humbug.It does not fall into the definition of science...may be if u consider harry potter as a science book we can acknowledge it :P

Praddy said...

seriously its horrorscope..and these computers match my horoscope and say it matches just 40% with the gals horoscope! and you need to have a minimum match of 60%!!! @$#$#@$#!!!

Aaarti said...

:)welcome to the world where the Horrorscope rules/ruins many a life!!! infact was talking about the exact same thing last evening wit a friend of mine... She is despo to get married, and had seen a guy last week,but finally they said NO....Madam wanted to go to a guriji who is said to predict and change your and this other friend tried pursuading her against all this [quoted the same two news items] but she was undeterred..

guess, for those who believe, Horror or no horror , their future is written in those boxes!!!

Aaarti said...

@Solilo -
Oh,yes.. a friend's sis's mom in law followed that Chinese calendar to a point where she asked my friend's sis to work towards getting pregnant on certain days, cos if she conceived on a particular day, she would give birth to a BOY!! what a bunch of @#$%!!! :)

Anonymous said...

nice one.. and every word true.

it is fun to read the horoscopes in the paper but must not take them seriously.

astrology is a scientific calculation. we are humans and human error is not just possible it is inevitable. the exact time of birth is a tricky one.

a horoscope might correctly predict upto some extent but shouldn't rely on it for life.

as you have suggested marriages have been successful without bothering about these horoscopes. and have failed with the help of these.

know the limit is the key.

Indyeah said...

Amazing post Vimmuu!
And yes people believe in thses things..
what horrifies me the most is that while we look at sunsigns in a fun manner and laugh about them knowing fully well that its crap..yet people sit with tomes on sunsigns..manglik..non-manglik and what not!

rubbish all of it is!

and these words show the absurdity of it all

''Now imagine a situation where a nurse forgets to check the exact time of delivery. Or imagine if the clock or watch was slow or fast even by a minute or so. Does it mean that the fate of the child is in the hands of a silly nurse or a stupid clock? Or wait; imagine a child born in the US on the 20th of March at 4pm, which means its 21st in India. Now will the horoscope of the child be written according to the US or Indian timings and date? They say even the place of birth is as important as the time and date of the birth, so if it is written using the Indian timings, how will you incorporate the place of birth (US) in the horoscope? Doesn’t make any sense, does it?''

People go crazy trying to consult astrologers,believe in numerology and what not

the Jumani brothers have become famous like this

Bejan daruwalla
is another name

just weird all of it...and educated people do this..

These things should be treted like a joke and nothing more..

Ordinary Guy said...

i totally agree with you on this dude....
I believe that we should not adher to all this...
Especially in Chennai, so many realitves have asked me to go for a "nadishastra" where they charge you so much... and I have a;ways refused..... :)

reading this article, I get reminded of the following lyrics.
"Kai rekaigal onnum ellai, kaiyil venum dil"..... :) from movie Dhil....

Bedazzled said...

Vinod .. dude !! .. Astrology is the ancient practice and study of the stars and planets. basic body of knowledge is science... and this is not humbug.. its a pity our schools don't let us beyond the realm of history-geography and the physical sciences..what is humbug is the way how people who know Shit about astrology claim to make predictions and dupe people .. all for money !!.. i think we shud ask Aparna G what her take is on this cos i think she's done some research on this !!

Smita said...

Loved the conclusion the most!!!

I have always believed that these are all a matter of belief. One true perdiction can make u a bhakt and one wrong prediction can either make u change the astrologer or can make u a non believer. What is important is that one shouldn't loose objetivity.

I am very fond of showing my palm to people (specially amateurs) but I listen to their prediction from one kaan and take it out from the other....

The incident of that father & tantrik in Mumbai is the most horrible I have heard in recent times...daily newspaper padho and more horrifying things are coming out...What I cudn't believe is that the Mother was herself involved in it...

How blind we can be for money!!!!

amreekandesi said...

Nice post!

Eventually, it is we who decide what happens with our lives. Destiny can be changed.

Talking of examples, i was reminded of all those actors who have changed their names by adding weird sounding double letters, on the advice of numerologists. That never ceases to amuse me.

amit said...

Its a science and a very few people can master it. At the end of the day, they are just predictions. Its all right to follow because sometimes it works. It provides a hope. But, we must know when we are crossing into the insane zone and stop then and there.

vishesh said...

:P I like reading horrorscopes :P But then I believe that which should be done should be done,when it should be done :D

Anonymous said...

absolutely true... !

Reema said...

Totally agree with u! I too have such astro believer as my colleagues. I do believe in the sun sign part of the astrology though.

Vee said...

Yea boy, true. But it would take more than basic education to get rid of Daruwalas n Jumaanis. Cuz even the highly educated ones fall for such cheap tactics. The recent one where father raped daughter and insisted on Mother being present to watch the horrifying act is ghastly act and really don't know what to say. It's all sad and pathetic.

ram said...

Good One Vimmuuu... As you said it's most of the Hindu's who seek the astrologers. Secondly I would say that the astrologers today are aware that people who face problems in life/career only come insearch of them and these astrolgers just play with them and earn a lot. It's good business in Tamilnadu esp. were the politicians of TN also seek advices from the astrologers and act accordingly.

Sakhi said...

India needs to wake up and grow up too!! :( I hope its real fast...

Sahaja said...

horoscopes to me are fun and thats where they end!
We do need to wake up from such things influencing us!! ANything except your hard work wouldnt pay you back!

Archana said...

"I haven’t heard of any Muslim or Christians who possess those fate-deciding papers with them"

In India many Christians do the 'horoscope-matching-before-wedding' dance. Authenticity/ Reliability factor aside, it's rather frustrating.

I've been interested in it,dabbed around with it, but so far no one has impressed me with anything substantial. I've heard from friends and family, but I remain a skeptic until proved otherwise...

kanagu said...

Very truly said Vimal... I never believe in astrology and horoscope but the people still believe in them and I dont think that the number is reducing. One of my collegue was going to become a father in 2 months and he wants his child to born a 2 days later than the date given by the doctors due to some idiotic beliefs. We can say to them that it is not true. Atlast its up to them to use their brain.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

The news item on the father who abused his children has shaken me up bad! I'm appalled at the manner in which some people can misguide others! I'd rather not say any more than that such crimes necessarily warrant the death penalty!

With regards to astrology, I am a firm believer in the science and its impact on human life....but then again, my belief is subjected to a proper reading which is discerned by careful calculation and unlike the words of some god forsaken tantrik!

But yes, to be stupidly according things to fate while still being able to control the outcomes of an act / event...... is more than being just stupid! I remember our erstwhile family astrologer once making a comment on my reading, "samayam moshamanu, katina adhvaanam venum!"

Now thats what I call real discerning!

Good post Vimmuuu!

vimmuuu said...

@ Anitha :

Thanks ma. Yeah, I was supposed to put this last year. But Im glad I did it now. More readers, na? LOL.

@ Bhargavi :

Oh, thanks for the info. I would be googling it. But again, I second Vinod, I wouldnt call astrology a science. Its looks like its totally made up !

@ Soneeta :

So you getting married? Now, thats news !!!

@ Ashwathy :

"many people are scared that supposing something happens later on, people will then blame them saying you didnt match horoscopes etc. and the guilt will kill them" ---exactly, we always need something to blame, right?

This whole astrology thingy according to me is another way found to divide people. You know, Shudham, dosham and all those fundas !

@ Solilo :

Seriously??? Indians going by chinese calendar for kids? Oh man, those chinese and their goods !

I forgot to write on the manglik part. I had it in mind to include about the donkey marriage! thanks for putting it here.

vimmuuu said...

@ Vinod :

LOL, I am with you buddy! Its just because of my horoscope that Im remaining single !!!

@ Praddy :

Dude, are you going for computer horoscope? Humans themselves make errors when it comes to astrology, talk about those machines made by those very humans !! You will never get married if you rely on some PC ! LOL.

@ Aaarti :

I guess its horoscopes the major reason for many of us to remain single !! We will get our horoscopes rewritten, what say ??LOL, any updates on what the guruji said ?

@ Oorjas :

But what is the limit? Do we have to believe only those that are good? or do we have to conduct all those rituals to prevent the bad happenings?

@ Indyeah :

and watching some of those astrologers on TV is really a treat. Its like they themselves have no clue what they are talking about ! Its sad that a major portion of the educated lot still goes behind all this, blindly !

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit :

Man, you should have tried listening to what that naadijyotsyar said. They are very funny people, I say. They tell you what you were in your previous birth too. LOL.

@ Smita :

Ya, belief. But what do we believe? Only the good ones that come out of the horoscopes? People take desparate measures when they are scared of things like death, etc.

@ Amreekandesi :

Exactly, its in our hands.

I know, now the celebrities have weird zombie like names :D

@ Amit :

The same predictions along with the hope makes us desperate too. Knowingly or unknowingly, we become superstitous and take extreme measures.

@ Vishesh :

You mean, sambhavaami yuge yuge ??? :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Alice :

Hmmm, any bad experience?

@ Reema :

Again, believing is good, but not blindly.

@ Vee:

True. Lately, Im not finding any difference between animals and human beings!

@ Ram :

I delibrately omitted the politicians part as it would unnecessarily start an off topic discussion here. But very true, astrologers loot those who are ready to get looted!

@ Sakhi :

Ya, lets all hope that way. The more we enter the new era, the more we hear bizarre stories!

vimmuuu said...

@ Sahaja :

You nailed it right! People are trying to know their future so that they can rectify it accordingly. Now, who can change destiny? Hard work works and nothing else.

@ Archana :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comments, though we have been knowing for quite some time now. LOL.

Is it true? Chritians have horoscopes and astrology?? Is it the same way as the hindus??

@ Kanagu :

Ya, thats exactly what I meant in this post by my conversation with one of my friend. Delaying preganancy can cause harm to the kid and the mother. Its two lifes involved and those idiots have no brains in realising it.

@ Rakesh 2 :

According to me, death penalty for such creatures are too leniant. They should be made to suffer each day until they die!!

and yes Rakesh, only hard work pays. your astrologer was right, or atleast better than the rest of them who bring out 'parihaarams' for everything.

Biju Mathews said...

Great post!!

I'm one of the nerds who has been the laughing stock of people around me to believe in astrology. They secretely ask me about them and often show me their palms. I've always told them that astrology is not about prediction. They fail to understand that sometimes a belief is also determined by the collective behaviour of a complete generation. I strongly advocate that astrology's greatest gift lies in its insights into human behavior. When I say "insights" I actually mean information that reveals more about the individual. A deeper intellect of his or her core needs and beliefs, a basic trait with the habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior. It is a pattern and the basic traits are the same for all Arians, like you for example. All Arians have short temper for example and they also are very impulsive. These insights can be integrated with my daily interactions with you and make room for empathy everytime you get boiled up. This helps very much to keep relationships. Now you would say that not all Arians get upset very easily. Emotions are usually controlled by the Moon and if for example you have a Libran Moon you may be more peace loving. So and so forth..

I'm sorry to change your convictions but what I meant to say is that never believe an astrologer when he predicts your future. All he is doing is "predicting." He usually follows the principle of "seven."

Example - List out the first seven years of your life, add joy, a change of place, death of a family member corresponding to those years and mark them in a paper. Now to the year which had a death in the family add seven, the resultant year could be bad for you. This is just for fun, try it!! You will be amazed by its accuracy..

Knowledge of various view points make a humn being but never trust anything blindly!!

You write well and I'm adding you to my blog roll.

Keep Blogging!!

Anonymous said...

ahem! are you hinting at someone in the chennai bloggers group? ahem! i remember how everyone was in rapt attention when a certain someone was talking about astrology and everyone said, "me next! me next!".. ahem!

but on a more serious front.. i think its interesting.. it should not decide anything for you. a tip is: someone who is very passionate about astrology won't charge you any fee for predictions..

i don't believe astrologers who suggest things to do to 'rectify' the situation.. and astrology is best used to understand our past..

but, astrology, according to culture studies, is a culture.. and it is ours..

Poonam said...

So u n Aishwarya Rai have something in common. Have been impacted by horoscopes. She married a tree for her horoscope said she is manglik and you coudnt marry the girl because horoscope predicted non-productivity lol

Bt you can create horoscope with any place in the world, all u need is lingitude and latitude buddy

Me dont interfere wid dis horoscope thng unless it does no harm.

Smitha said...

Vimmuuu - loved your post. You know distresses me most is that educated, well aware people still believe in such stuff.. I actually know of people who planned their child's birth according to 'good and auspicious times and stuff' and the child turned out with disabilties - apparently due to lack of oxygen because of the delay in birth... And these were not semi-literate people in villages - but a very well educated, well off and a very cosmopolitan family...

vimmuuu said...

@ Biju :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment.

and that was one comment ! Thanks for sharing the principle of seven. My lucky number is supposed to be seven. LOL.

Thats what even I had mentioned in one of the replies here. People blindly believe these astrologers when they claim that their destiny could be changed by listening to them, which is totally uncalled for.

Thanks for blogrolling me!

@ Aparna :

So you comment only when there is a topic related to you? LOL. Btw, it wasnt a dig at any of the chennai bloggers. LOL. I wanted to post this last year, but couldnt.

and I second your thoughts, anyone who gives you suggestions to rectify, isnt an astrologer. One cant change destiny, can they ?

@ Poonam :

Please dont compare me with Aish! LOL. She married a tree at first and now she is happily married to a donkey ! LOL !!!

ya, stay away from it!!

@ Smita 2 :

Holy Cow! Thats a bad situation, seriously, such idiotic parents !! and that too educated !

Anonymous said...

da... ividuthe chila comment kandittu enikku pulichathu chilathu parayaan thonnundu....

vimmuuu said...

@ Anonymous :

Enikkum thonni maaaney !!!

Sanjana said...

Just managed to peek a boo into ur blog and noticed that u hv written quite a lot of interesting stuff...

optimist said...

Astrologers don't have any accountability for things not turning out the way predicted and therein lies the loophole of this entire system. I wish the legal system makes some room for penalising them for not delivering on predictions claimed by them to be true and i'm sure that would reduce some clutter! Its a "believe at your own risk" prophecy. People are just looking for cures, remedies, some kind of a "formula" that guarantees a peaceful life ahead. They want to be told what will work best for them. I think the way out is in: (a) not blaming something or somebody when things don't work out the way they were planned to.
(b)taking responsibility of our own actions.
Those who are able to do that will always be better off than those who will keep searching for nirvana, that constantly evades them.