Mar 3, 2009

Finally, I did it !!!

........yes, finally !!! It had been in my mind for a long time now. I was waiting for a company, didn’t know how to approach such places all by myself. Enquired about the safest place from some of my close friends and ended up in one. It was dingy, a little shady, but such places are supposed to be this way; after all most of them aren’t under legal supervision.

I was a little skeptical at the moment, a little perturbed, but something kept saying it’s now or never. I’ve heard from people with prior experience claiming that it is going to be painful only for the first time. They even scared me by saying that there would be a lot of blood. Well, it did pain, I wouldn’t disagree but then, the pain is bearable and at the end of it, there is a pleasure awaiting you. And as the old saying goes, no pain, no gain ! Moreover, we had fun doing it, we shared jokes; we gossiped, we discussed about the pros and cons, the skin was played with and yet we didn’t lose concentration on what we were doing. There was also this sense of satisfaction when you know that you finally did something that you longed for.

I am sure people would start judging me for this as it is still considered as a taboo, atleast in India. But I feel these days’ guys and gals do it just like drinking tea and yeah, who cares when there are other bigger issues for people to ponder. I was told that I should’ve tried this a couple of years ago, and, at this age I should be more responsible. My friends even warned that I would end up having A.I.D.S. or related sexually transmitted diseases. I didn’t think twice, or rather, I didn’t want to. But after whatever happened, I repented, which again, according to my friends is very common and something they had warned me about. I had to tell my parents because I don’t hide anything from them. They were mad like all other parents; and also asked me if I was so desperate and frustrated with my life to have gone ahead with it. I wouldn’t blame them; they wouldn’t have expected their son to go to this extent. Now that it remains a permanent scar, I can not possibly do anything. I just love my new tattoo and that’s all it matters !


Ordinary Guy said...

LOL dude.... LOL....:)
where is a photo dude

Smita said...

WTH!!! I know you have had an abortion and you are saying it is a tattoo. Huh! As if we will believe it without a snap!!! Vimal!!! Mom's laadla bigad gaya!

praddy said...

grrr i didnt scare you..i told my experience and i bled like a pig :(

and he is good artist na? and know what my parents werent mad..they jus asked..when is my next tattoo :P

Smita - lol..ROTFL! and its true..he had an tattoo and it looks awesome.

ramya said...

Nice...i knew you would blog about it...but sooo gosh!!!!
i know you wanted people to interpret it differently...but just out of curiosity would you really blog about your .........?????

Chiranjib said...

hahaha.. :D
Illusion! All well that ends well...
But there's a point in Ramya's words.. take heed! :)

Sakhi said...

Arey wah! I hope you don't repent it later but i think one should do what one feels like!! :)

P.S. I hope you made sure the needles were steriized properly (once a doctor, always a doctor!! GOSH, mera kuchh nahi ho sakta!!)

U know you have written the post very well :)

Ashwathy said...

heheh good one :-) yea i remember reading in one of your earlier posts that ur new year resolutions includes getting a tatoo. congrats on being the proud owner of one!
oh and btw, nice build up on the post leading to a hatke climax!!

Ashwathy said...

ROFL @Smita
LOL@ Ramya

points to be heeded, i say - BOTH of them!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Lol! You have a way with words! I knew right from the start that it wasn't the obvious!

Good one!

Looking fwd to the picture of the tatoo!

Anonymous said...

Are you ashamed of showing it off here? :P

Anonymous said...

hey .. congrats..!

now you are really pushing me..

peer pressure you see..

nice build up..

Rakesh said...

Where did u get it man?? On ur forehead??? hahaha...

err..whts does the tatoo say??

"I love Akshay kumar"


is it a picture of a flower??!!

once again...buhahahah!!

SONEETA said...

i knw it....
even i hv always wanted to do it..
so,no more now "JUST DO IT"

vishesh said...


Reema said...

Personally i dislike disfigurement of body of any kind. If I had a choice I wouldn't have got my ears pierced. :D
But I am happy for u! photo please

Anonymous said...

Oru nimashathekkuu... ahem!!! guess that says it all!

Aaarti said...

dei.. photo putting, then u getting more ooh aaah commenting here...!!

it does look good
next time dont go alone..
Praddy n me shall come..!!! :D

Anonymous said...

That is cool indeed. I got one myself last holidays. Its a peace symbol on my back just below the neck.

Aren't you going to put up a picture.

Btw, that work on the MovieManix awards is cool

Anonymous said...

something didn't smell right from the beginning. Ah, i realised it was the smell of ink and blood! :P

Indyeah said...

LOL!what a way of telling us!
like the others I chant too

Anonymous said...

How dramatic!!! You must post a looks great and must be shown off!! :)

Srinivasan said...

Dude if u repent for wat u have done which remains as a permanent scar then that can be removed by peeling of the skin where the scar remains. If u dont have guts then tell that to me i will definitely do it for u after all its peeling of ur skin and i dont want any scar on u..... ha ha ha LOL

Solilo said...

Vimmu, I knew it was a tattoo but if this blogger was a girl then I would have thought *ahem* *ahem*

Naadakam itrakka vendaatto!

Varun said...

We want the picture! We want the picture!

You can try writing scripts for RGV :)

Anonymous said...

Ah,you just increased my pressure and heartbeat..Don't ask me what did I guess other than tattoing..

So,what did you tatto?Name of your love?Or a skull or a gun??? Put a snap

Anonymous said...

LOL :)
good build up :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Ajit:

:D It will come.

@ Smita :

LOL. Moms laadla bigad gaya !! How true !!
and abortion and me??? ewwww....

@ Praddy :

But I heard you cried like a kid. even aaarti was saying so ! LOL.
Btw, thanks for supporting !

@ Ramya :

Pervert ! I didnt mean anything else !!! :D

@ Chiranjib :

LOL. She is my sister, and I dont listen to her. LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Sakhi :

Doctorrrrrrr....y..y..but y??? :D

@ Ashwathy :

Oho, appo post okke aracha kalakki kudichittundalle?? LOL. Thanks.

and dont listen to Ramya, she is my sis, I dont listen to her myself ! LOL. I know she is reading this !!!

@ Rakesh 2 :

Whats the obvious that you are talking about? I dint meant anything else ! LOL.

@ Nikhil :

No dude. Why should I ? LOL. Will post the snaps soon.

@ Oorjas:

Ohhh, great. Go ahead. It isnt as painful as people think it is.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

You still mad at the Stars scream awards, arent you?hmmm..

@ Soneeta :

I am sure you wouldnt ! My dear friend, they dont do it with a feather and I know how paranoid you would be when someone approaches you with a syringe !

@ Vishesh :

LOL at whatever you meant !

@ Reema :

It isnt disfigurement at all. It just enhanced the looks of my hands.LOL. yes, photos soon.

@ Verbivorehere :

Pervert ! LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Aaarti :

Yes yes, photo putting photo putting very soon !!

and next time...are you kidding me??

@ Rakesh 3 :

Wow, you have one too? So we are tattoo buddies! LOL. Photo will come soon.

@ Harsha :

Smell?? You have gone one steap ahead, man !! LOL.

@ Indyeah :

Yes, yes, photo photo coming soon!

@ Apar :

Yes, photo will come soon.

vimmuuu said...

@ Srini :

Welcome to V-Lokam and what a way to drop in your first comment here.

I am going to recommend an increase in target for you. Wait and see !

@ Solilo :

LOL, chilappol okke inganathey naadageeyada nalladaaa!!!

@ Varun :

LOL for RGV ! Its got only that standard, huh? LOL.

yes yes, photo coming !

@ Nimmy :

Pervert ! LOL.

Details on the tattoo would come up soon.

@ Kanagu :

LOL. build up konjam overaayidichhu nnu thonnudu!!!

Vee said...

I am proud of you my Boy!!! Join the club...

And whatta way to describe it.... loved most was this line: The Skin Was Played With... Uff Yoo Maah

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

yeah, we are all the tattoo buddies. Guys with Guts !

and boy boy..anywhere but here ! LOL.

Vee said...

I have mine shown to the world.. It's everywhere on net... So Vimmuuu my boy, Show it

And @Rakesh Bhaiya (Brother from another Mother).... u too.. Show it.

Vee said...

Yeah Yeah anywhere but here.. there are some jealous eyes eying all the time.. hehe.. Lol...

Ashwathy said...


athu sheri. kulumaal paattu kettu ennalle paranjathu? pinnenthina ennodu paranjathu 'hope to see more of ur comments around here'. u've dug ur own grave :-D u have my deepest sympathies tho...

as for that comment on sisters, watch it, buster - them are fighting words! i m a sister myself. and rest assured, my bro wudnt complete that sentence if he were saying it to me!! of course it helps that he's younger to me tho :-D

Poonam Sharma said...

This was a shameless attempt to senstionlise :P I was not taken in even for a second, for I knew it had to be about your tattoo. Why are Reema, Vee asking for pic, they have seen it, haven't they? Or I am late again for the post?

ramya said...

@ Ashwathy

Thanks for standing up for me!
Given the circumstances he knows very well he wouldnt get his rear kicked for blatantly proclaiming that he never listens to me, previously he wouldnt have even dared to mutter that under his breath...
you see i live miles and miles away from him... the other side of the world actually...
Well he didnt listen to me this once when i warned him a tattoo looks good on a well sculpted arm and not a flabby glob of flesh that his arm is...

@ Vimal

I hope you are treating your blog friends to some air brushed pictures of your

Ashwathy said...

hahaha score one for sistes' united! he had that coming all along. lets see him pretend not to listen to THAT!
hmm maybe ur bro wants to try things the other way round... use the tatoo as a motivation to work on his arm? :-P heh

Reeta said...

Hmmmmm...The way u have written it.... kollam kitto.... too dramatic... why don't u try ur hand at writing something fr movies... guess u hv a bright future in that line...anyways the pic of ur tattooo is missing ...

Nimmy said...

Me a :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Will be posting the snaps soon. The awards are more important now !

yeah, jealous eyes !! LOL.

@ Ashwathy :

I thought that kulumaal paattu was only for you, adu ennikum applicable aanu alle? entaammo...

adey, aa pisaachu enne kaalum cherudaaa. aval palatharathilulla veembugal ilakkum, onnum nambandaa tto !!

@ Poonam :

Shameless, what??The write up?? I didnt mean anything, honest !! Pervert minds, I say! LOL.

No, you arent late for the post. I guess they just wanna have some fun with the pictures. LOL.

@ Ramya :

Swantham ettaney inganey naanam keduthaan ninakku yaadoru madiyum illaaale. I want my Vishu kaiineettam back !! Now !!! :D

Adey, tattoo cheyyaan ithiri dhairyam venam. asoooya pettittu kaaryamilla maaaaley ! pinne, arms, adokke verum oru myth-aa!
and dont even let me open my mouth on the flabs! Remaining Mouth zipped is better for both of us.

Btw, nammal endinaa thalooodaney?? LOL. Peace !! Peace !! nammukku, as usual, mattullavare kaliyaakkaam. LOL.

vimmuuu said...

@ Ashwathy again :

aaha ha ha, endoru sandosham, endoru sandosham !! avaley viswasikkanda tto, aval eppo venamengilum side maarum ! LOL.

@ Reeta :

LOL. These kind of scripts will not be taken by the normal movie makers. The pic will come soon.

@ Nimmy :

LOL. you not ??? who is not, actually !!!

Bedazzled said...

the beginning made me picturise something else .. ALAS !! its just abt the tatoo ;-)

Ashwathy said...

hahaha aalu kollaamallo! u call her kutti pisaachu before me and then u tell her nammal thammil enthinanu adi?? u r not international, u r out out of this world. pattiya ettan thanne!

amreekandesi said...

You naughty naughty guy! That was an interesting buildup!

Anonymous said...

I know this was coming all along :P ..
draama !!!
You are never away from it :P
congrats for ur tatoo dude :P