Nov 10, 2008

Quirky me !!!

It has been quite a while since Apar tagged me to list down 6 of my quirks. To be honest I love doing tags, which I guess, in blogosphere, should be considered. The first tag that I had attempted was also related to my quirks, check it out here.

This is the best I could come up with and I hope these are quirky enough. I am sure that even my family and the closest of friends would not have noticed some of these odd traits in me.

1) The light quirk
I feel very upset and depressed if the lights in the rooms are not switched on after 6pm. Not to be mistaken with Achluophobia, it’s a feel of loneliness and I imagine that the last person left on this planet is me.

2) The sweet quirk
I DO NOT LIKE sharing chocolates, sweets and ice creams (especially) with anyone. I am ok with sharing food (again not from the same plate), but I give a disgusted look to the person once they intrude into my space with those mentioned. I also follow a unique way of finishing my ice creams, something which should actually be watched to understand and I guess the only person who had noticed that is my sis, Ramya.

3) The fruit quirk
I really don’t know if this is a quirk, but according to some of my friends, it is. I love fruits and I could survive for days only on them. But there is one particular fruit which I don’t like at all, a fruit that is considered to be the king of fruits - Mango ! I have come across people who love mangoes more than their spouses. But I just cant stand the way it tastes.

4) The weekday quirk
I always wished if there wasn’t a Tuesday among all the other weekdays. Tuesdays have always turned out to be horrible and unlucky for me and on such days, I wouldn’t dare take a decision or venture into anything on purpose. I have been helpless a couple of times, but even then, I must have tried my best to avoid it. Also ask me for a favor on a Tuesday, and you would hear NO from me !

5) The photo quirk
90 % of my snaps would have my trademark Donald Duck smile. But things change the moment I wear a sunglass. I would insist someone to take a side profile snap of mine and for some reason, I would not smile. These are only a few of them :

Another quirk of mine is that I take a lot of my own snaps and relate them to famous quotes, which I call ‘Quotos’; check out my orkut album to understand what I mean. Some say I am obsessed with myself and my brother, after looking at those, even claimed that I have N.P.D. (Narcissist Personality Disorder) !!!

6) The tablet quirk
How does a person have his tablets normally? Swallow them along with water ???
Well, I prefer chewing them. Yup, I literally chew the prescribed tablets and only after that I drink water to cleanse my mouth.

Apart from these, there were a couple of other temporary quirks too. For example, years back, I used to stop speaking to friends of mine who drink or smoke and during my MBA lectures, I visit the loo everyday at 10.20 am; majority of the class would have a check at their watches when I get up at 10.18 to seek permission ! Quriky me, I say !!!

I now tag Verbivorehere, Archana, Sangeetha, Whacky, Su and Rakesh. All the best guys !!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the tag! You are quirky!! Hope none of us asked for a share of your food...Next time we will order fries for you alone; hope A does not sit next to you! ;) With diets like GM diet, I guess it is good you can live on fruits alone. Will catch up with you sometime soon.

verbivore said...

vimmuu guess what - u gonna double treat if at all we meet..or if at all neone in my circle meets u! "adi parcel aayittu ayakkum" :)

Smita said...

On the dot of 10:20?? lol that for sure is quirky...

BTW I too hated Mango till last year, in fact I don't enjoy them even now.


sakhi said...

hee..hee..hee... that was a good one!!

If you dont like sharing food from the same plate or not sharing ice creams, wait till you get married!!

And you don't like MANGO!! Wow! I dont like jack fruit (for its odour!)

And you look good with the glares and the side pose (even without your donald duck smile!!)

:) :)

And hey, vimal, i have not done the photo tag yet since i am not comfortable putting the snaps on blogsphere.. i hope you understand!!

Sangeetha Janachandran said...

:) and then silence prevailed :) :) :) :) :)

Stay blessed Vims

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Phew! I can kinda understand everything but the tablet part!

Thats some quirk Vimmuu!!!

Good tag! And thanks for tagging me! Will try to respond to it by the end of this week!



Oxy said...

Lol... Quite interesting.. and like we say KBK few do match up with mine.. However, whats the funda of 10:20.. did some one from other class promised to meet u at that particular time.. tell it all boy..

Nautankey said...

#1.Well if i am in dark I would feel good n even if i am in some maniratnam movie :).

#2.Will check this when we meet next time around :P.Oh i used to lick the top lid of cup ice creams :)

#3.I thought different mangoes taste differently. They are at times not connected at all.Try the ones from maharashtra.

#4.Imagining your dream girl proposing you on a tuesday :P

#5.That happens man..I used to take snaps of myself using the mirror.Heights of desperation!!. just that dont have anyone to take a snap of mine.Lets have a pact I say :)

#6.Tablets...hmm hope i get atleast 1/10th of that liking :)

Neat tag :)

Anonymous said...

You chew tablets?? Ugh!! I just lost my appetite!! :D
Nice quirks... The Light Quirk reminds me of this line: The last man on Earth was watching the TV when there was a knock on the door..!! Hehe!

anita said...
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anita said...

hey its fun to read ur little quirks... :) i know more quirks of urs ;)...i better keep my mouth shut...
do u remember couple of times u missed 10.20 & we reminded u :)...
and some days only at 10.20 we realised that u were missing....

Reema said...

Oh I feel depressed if only a bulb is on in a room. I like tubelight better. I looovvveee mangoes! That 10.20 quirk is funny :P

Ram said...

A good one! Few same to be the same as mine! But I 've not seen you staring at me whenever we had ice -creams or food together! Let me try once again!

vimmuuu said...

@ Apar :

It was my pleasure doing the tag. Hehehe, you better not; now you know why I didnt have the fries during our meet !!! and yes, not even to A :D

@ Verbivore :

Hehehe, will treat you for sure when we meet. and like I mentioned in your blog, I owe you a huuggge treat.

@ Smita :

U hated mango too? damn, so that actually isnt a quirk, huh?

vimmuuu said...

@ Sakhi :

Wait till I get married ? why do they have to eat from my plate in the first place? will buy thousands similar to that!! Are you serious? Man, I always knew marriage was a pain!!! Hey, I dont like Jackfruit either, but yes, better than mangoes for me.

And yeah, its ok, I understand. But you would be tagged twice from my end. Buhahahahaha!!

@ Sangeetha :

:) :) :) :) :) Waiting for your version of the tag. Thanks.

@ Rakesh :


Waiting for your version of the tag.

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Oh, really, what are the KBKs this time. Btw, isnt there a tag pending from your end??? Grrrr....!

and sshh...the loo secret, not in front of the kids. LOL !!!

@ Vinod :

You feel romantic when you are in the dark? when you are alone too? I should be careful from next time!!! LOL.

Yeah I do that too. Dont even try snatching my ice creams, you will see the wild side of Vimal :D

Nope, none of the mangoes worked for me.

Me, getting proposed??? The world would end that day, not necessarily Tuesday.

Cooool. Deal, we take snaps of each other and embarass people around us, what say?

LOL, why do even want that fraction bro

vimmuuu said...

@ Nikhil :

LOL, sorry buddy. Drop in whenever you feel liking losing it :D

Yeah, I have heard that story before. But the version was a lill different : The last man on Earth was in a dark closed room when there was a knock on the door. Scary, na?

@ Anita :

Nooooooo....yeah, you better keep your mouth shut. puhleeeez !!!!

I missed 10.20? wow, you guys wouldnt have known what time it was then!!!LOL.

@ Reema :

Oh, so even you have that psychological disorder?? LOL, just kidding. Hmmm, 10. 20 was weird and I am glad that I am normal now :D

@ Ram :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

Oh, what are the ones that you find similar? and dont you dare try that my boy ! Keep your spoons with you !!!

Oxy said...

The KBKs this time are:

I don like mango either, I hate Tuesdays and ultimate one is self-taken snaps and putting it up with 'quotes' (guess u wud have seen by now)

Oxy said...

And I will do the tag soon..:)

ramya said...

Yes,i know for a fact that just like "Joey" "Vimal doesnt share food!" especially sweets.He might chop the hand if as much as a finger moved towards his plate.
i remember when you were down with jaundice you were refused any sweets.and ammayi used to pile me up with sweets and would look longingly at her and give me such death stares !!
remember one such day i was given "sharkara upperi" and one accidently fell on the floor and i trampled it,even then you grabbed it and popped it into your mouth.....rofl..that was just pure DESPERATION!!!!
there are more quirks to you than anybody i know.
Dont make Anita shut up...kitnonka munh bandh rakhoge???

Reets said...

Nice quirky observations.... Well if u ask me, its kinda difficult to list ur quirky traits....phew... tough task.....hehehe..the tablet one ... I was aware of the others except that one!!...well a small sugegstion, keep adding on to this post whenever more quirkier things are detected....:)

Bedazzled said...

hee hee... a very quirky you indeed...i did notice that a lot of daffy ducks were gracing your orkut profile.. r u sure u didnt try to steal A's kinder and not the toy? agree about mango .. i dont like it either..

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Wow, we shouldve been kumbh-ke-mele type twins!!!

@ Ramya :

I knowwww (monica style), you were such a sadist !! Having all those in front of me when all that I could have was curd rice and the likes. Hmmpph!
and how could I forget the 'sharkara upperi' incident.LOL. I shouldve been so desparate that day !!! and maaaley, should I start on your quirks???? Buhahahahaha. better let Anitha shut her mouth.

@ Reets :

Im already over exposed with this tag. and you want me to add more??? A psychiatrist landing on this page would offer free counselling yaar, C'mon !!!

@ Bhargavi :

Daffy ducks! LOL. That was a nice one!! Well Im still single and it isnt wrong, na?

Btw, I didnt steal A's toy, it was Aaarti. I hope she doesnt read this, she would squeeze me !!!

ramya said...

hey dont get started on my quirks....remember its not our fault we are part of a dysfuntional
Kuttan would be more than delighted to add some more to my list of quirks.

Anonymous said...

really cool quirks buddy..

you seem to have a nice space up here :)

And yeah thanks for blogrolling me
will definitely come up with this tag this weekend

Aaarti said...

Cool tag except for the one abt pillls.. feeling pukey already!!!:d

how u doing sire???

Aaarti said...

hahahahaha..just read ur comment to Pattti... i dint steal it ok, only Pradeep did..ask him.. go go.. go man!!!!

Varun said...

1 - Same with me too. I want my room to be illuminated always.

4 - I somehow fear tuesdays too :) Not sure about the reason.

6 - I can never do it... No way

Anonymous said...

OMG ..u chew the tablets ..yuckkkkkk... I used to turn the house upside down even while swallowing them ..
something is wrong with ur taste buds :P ...
I take a lot of photos of myself too :D .


i guess i am abnormal too..

i used to chew tablets with honey.
First i would powder the tablet,then mix it with honey and then eat it..yummmmm..

U dont share food huh??
i dont even share my tablets!

i hate sharing my water bottle with the "bottle-sucker drinkers"!
eww!!..i literally throw away my bottle after tht!
yes i am very mean!

Anyway whts with ur mango-phobia?
did u eat a mango with worms whn u were little?

Anonymous said...

You dint even share your food with Aakash!!! That plate of French Fries was just next to you..!! :-)

Narcissist, that's what you are.. but, you are photogenic, so no harm done, i guess..

What's with Tue? You mean, if Nikhil calls u to Bikes on Tue, you wont go??????

Its good to be back!! Muahahahahahahaha


hey wait a sec...i think i have seen in one of ur posts were u mentioned tht u drank "slice"!!!!!
isnt tht a mango drink?

so u drink mango and not eat it.huh?
weird man!!

Anonymous said...

very quirky indeed! when can i ask any help when u'd offer it for sure? :P
1020! :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Ramya :

LOL. thats true, it all happens in the family !!!

You have developed new quirks? or the ones that only Kuttan would know ;) I guess I should have frequent conversations with him !

@ Whacky :

Should I be thanking you for complimenting my quirks ? LOL.

I read your version man, you did it pretty quick !!

@ Aaarti/Seat No. 10 :

Ok, now you are the second person affected by that quirk of mine !! They are tasty, try them once and let me know !!!

and dont you lie you seat No.10, I have everything on video :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Varun :

Great, so I aint that weird !! and just give no.6 a try. What if you like it that way? :D

@ Arvind :

U have a problem in swallowing it too?? LOL. They are medicines, not lizards !! You do eat too many apples, dont you? :D

@ Rakesh :

Hmm...Medicines and sweetener, now why didnt I think of that?? but what if creates a side effect. Its all about chemicals :D

and you wont share your tablets???now, how dumb is that!!!

I hate mangoes, yeah, but Im ok if its in the form of juices or ice creams(how can I avoid them). Btw, that post which you were referring to, I didnt drink slice. I drank glucose, remember?

vimmuuu said...

@ WTML :

Welcome back Calvin!!!! I missed that laugh. Buhahahahahaha :D

Now you know why I didnt eat the fries the other day !!! I was not offered a plate of my own. But again, as mentioned in the post, Im ok with sharing food. But not with sweets and ice creams.

Narcissist? now, thats the third person whos calling me that. Grrrr.....

If Nikhil calls me to Bikes, be it anyday, I wouldnt be going. I dont drink and then what else would I do there, watch Nikhil throw up. ooops! sorry Nikhil, Buhahahhahaa! Great to see you back again.

@ Harsha :

Except Tuesdays buddy, anything any time you ask, consider its done !! :P

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Mista V

Hows going?
Btw....I've responded to your tag!

Dont miss the last paragraph in the post! ;)


& Do have a good weekend!


Sakhi said...

Well i never said marriage was a pain, but yes, it does need a lot of compromises on the personal level and then likes and dislikes change or have to be changed!! :) ;)

And thanks for the understanding, but tagged twice??? boo hoo hooo!! :)

Anonymous said...

Apart from these, there were a couple of other temporary quirks too. For example, years back, I used to stop speaking to friends of mine who drink or smoke and during my MBA lectures, I visit the loo everyday at 10.20 am; majority of the class would have a check at their watches when I get up at 10.18 to seek permission ! Quriky me, I say !!!

Nice one. I guess everyone has something quirky about themself. :D

soneeta said... post.i saw it only today because all these days i was out of town n nt in touch wth internet.well,now looks like we have come to know u a bit more clearly. n d best thing is,we knw whn to ask u for a help so that u cannot say a no ;)

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

Cool and some of them are weird! But you know, not that much uncommon! I have seen these qualities in others. As a package, you stand out, though!