Nov 21, 2008

(V)ote for (V) - Lokam

Guess what, I have been nominated under two categories for the Avant Garde Bloggie Awards; for my Jodha Akbar Movie Review and for The Most Responsive Blogger. I am honored and I consider this a privilege. I know how tough it is to make your posts come into the final list since I was a part of the nomination scrutinizing team for A.G.B.A. along with Reema, Smita and Perx.

There are six posts in the Best Movie Review category and there are twelve contestants in the Most Responsive Blogger category. It is upto you to decide the most deserving candidate. Neither do I require a vote based on friendship nor am I requesting my readers to vote for me. Instead, I'd appreciate if you would cast your vote only after considering the efforts of my blogmates too. Let the best blogger win.
Please find the links below :

I hereby wish all my fellow bloggers, the very best.


Reema said...

Ahhh such modesty! U have my vote but in most responsive blogger category u r my rival so no vote :P

Sakhi said...

hu..ha..ha... :)

you and reema, both are my rivals in the most responsive category.. so beware my friends!! :) :D

all the best and you have my vote too!! (thoda juth to chalta hai, hai na!! :P )

Rakesh Vanamali said...

You have my vote in the Most Responsive Blogger category!


Varun said...

I have not disappointed anyone so far and will not disappoint you too :)

You have my votes buddy :)

verbivorehere said...

what do u guess i'll do with all those chocolates in my tummy ;P
and ssoooo sorry for not attending the call..damn the starting prob..i need time! i hope u understand :)
PS - a deal - if u forgive me for not forgive the 'buhahaha's so far ;P
but nemore buhaha wil be taxable with tht i have the source to tax ;P buhahaha

verbivorehere said...

hey ..i dnt say thank u..and since its for chocolates it cant be missed..sorry for messing up ur comment space but i need to put it down! U r the 1st person to gift me "chocolates" even b4 we met (im positive it wud change wen we meet ;) ) can u guess the glee? twas soo sweetly thoughtful of u..thanks a ton!

vishesh said...

finished voting saar :D

Poonam said...

I never noticed. Your jodha-akbar was your first piece i ever read, it is among finals! cool :)

Best of luck!

Smita said...

Vimal, you too????

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

aaah! My rival !!! Thanks for the vote.

@ Sakhi :

aaah! another rival !!! Thanks for the juth vote :D

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks buddy.

vimmuuu said...

@ Varun :

I hope you have decided not to disappoint me first, cuz your other votes in the same category would not be counted :D

@ Verbivorehere :

So, finally did you cast your vote for me or what? LOL. and yes, I know Im sweet. hehehehe.

@ Vishesh :

and I hope thats for me saaaar !

@ Poonam :

Welcome back to V-Lokam. LOL. Long time no see. This is your comment in ages.

Yeah, it was that post that took me to the blogosphere; the only good thing that JA did to me !

@ Smita :

Buhahahhaha !!!! Me too !

myheadtrip said...

Aaahh!!! modesty! thy name is Vimmuuu!! :)
I already voted for your movie review; but my vote for responsive blogger went to some one else...
btw, hope you vote for me in beautiful header ;)

arvind1187 said...

wow congrats dude , ..
man ITs difficult to decide to decide whom to vote for when everyone's campaigning ..

Oxy said...

Done... except for the one where ur my rival... :):)

mirrorcracked said...

Sure, buy me beer and I'll vote for you! :D

verbivorehere said...

something awaits you here

Varun said...

Clear cookie and vote again. :D
As simple as that

Bedazzled said...

The movie vote is urs .. Hope u win :-)


y should I vote for u??
wht will i get if i vote?

just kiddin

dude ur blog is so amazing,simple n funny..i mean its like a masala bollywood movie ..its so simple,easy to understand[even for cavemen like me..hehe]..its not so complex like the other mega-boring blogs which i have seen

[i am afraid i may get threatening calls from the rival parties for this..hehe]...

Anyway the best part of the blog is tht its very entertaining and i enjoy commenting on ur blog.. !

in my opinion the dasavatharam post was ur best among the movie reviews and the OSO and the partner review was the worst!

its a super-hit blog dude!

My vote is for u bro!

V-lokam zindabad!!

baki sab lokam murdabad!!

Rakesh said...

hey since everyone r getting awards...

i think i deserve an award too!!

for "the most irritating commentator"!!

so vote for me also!

grumblings said...

my movie vote if for u and i hope you win in that category :)